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Time to Sell?!

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Text Comments (354)
Vanderval Borges-ADM (21 hours ago)
EGX... nice coin, listed on the cryptohub.online.
Gordan Sladich (2 days ago)
Q3 we have to wait before markets get up? Can Litecoin be $1000 in 2019? LNHrzPF5q7TifSwKuvfRAa47Jiv6Z7ZJLj
grats gravelsins (2 days ago)
Office? no office MU2GsFBFdNEtgRaHrReycvag9Co9UBpM2z
Goozy G (2 days ago)
Tnx for the hard work... LiGtbMp4VwrpbhkNy4fAkzzz3vaR5VgVuq
Kim Davis (2 days ago)
Should have sold cryptocurrency into tether when Bitcoin was playing around $9000ish. Didn't darn. I personally wouldn't do it now. I hope Ripple does go up because I bought it way back when it was $1.29 been hanging on since.
Jax Teller (3 days ago)
What does everyone use for Pundi X charts? They aren’t on trading view
James McCormick (3 days ago)
Zack who's house are you at you don't live in an appartment
Jhoven Corres (3 days ago)
Hey Brother I just wanna say I consider you a staple of these crypto times like IVAN ON TECH! You guys are appreciated during these down times! Thanks Zach N Moon Already! LTC ADD - LZ4K4Y1qKNewzCCy412BPvCAtrKvoBGh8L P.S. HOPEFULLY I CAN CATCH YOUR NEXT LIVE SHOW! N I HOPE YOU'VE BEEN READING MY COMMENTS! HAVE A GREAT DAY GUYS N KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! SINCERELY, JC
LONGIEMIKE32 (4 days ago)
good stuff Zach, Party on!0x7818e2d1d168a700f39a629d5524ea62e7ca35de
chris bryan (4 days ago)
0xf1066462e2b98942d541E820d6421848390DA1Be am i too late? lol want to put into my ethereum.
Kelly Lynne Peterson (4 days ago)
I am holding money and buying in more! Ltc: MBfk8YQJD99QBtabLMi23awd3Me1sw1x8E
Chris Burger (5 days ago)
every one sell
David Czajkowski (5 days ago)
Moving up but it’s an uptrend only till we break 7.5k...then if we break resistance set by previous highs..yes, then there’s a bullish sentiment, but it’s not until we break and close above 11.5k should anyone in this space be saying the words bull-run. We’re in a bear market right now. Unless you’re long term, and have ur back turned to daily prices, fundamentals mean nothing...the news and FUD all bs. It’s all been in the charts.
Omar Tabib (5 days ago)
bogdanoff is behind all this!!
STEVE GROVE (6 days ago)
Never sell the dip, thats what I have learned over last 4 months in crypto. LTC: LNUJJimzAvJ7EVo8bBAWq4zB2R5ZwDURZ
Yamairo Maynard (6 days ago)
love your videos. LPrna3opaCysJCpUKoyJo2znrdZ9cn867w
Damien hookey (6 days ago)
ETH wallet 0xa6992f30e002714701eb2b6503b24fedcd672328 ethuriam wallet . down to 300 from 3000 outlay at this time
Damien hookey (6 days ago)
LTC :LUgcsrpuYAtcqUadgBdN8n8sF9eA6wNZXi hard ball game this is but we are here for the long hall
Technology Artist (6 days ago)
PundiX staking % is going down over time.
Jey Nish (6 days ago)
Best Channel!!! Video about Quantstamp??? LTC: LbakWWnbAuVYeWaezL2YSgyMkoGYjqfM36
Seth Gendron (6 days ago)
Thank you for all you do 0xAa8c50aE1E5c901707479A47234e3AD9866dF412
Clare Roeper (6 days ago)
ress Label Created 0x45Ee22F6047C48B3bb49062a54BCA7c004f55Eb6
alastair (6 days ago)
Crypto currency is slowly diminishing only fools think its going to skyrocket back to what it was. Im glad i got out when i did. U say weak hands. I say smart out
Cali_Life Style3 (6 days ago)
Just a couple weeks ago you was calling everyone a dumbass for saying bitcoin going under 5k and look at you now wanna a tissue for your tears you pussy!
Ye80s (6 days ago)
Are you a democrat?
Tanner Clements (6 days ago)
Love and appreciate the channel. Ignore the hatter's. LN6kHgc4KvgraMPGLnndUhGoJ8gxe2AQ7q
Time buy gentlemen! Time to buy and ride the surge, eventually.
Crypto Rican (6 days ago)
Thank you for the opportunity! 0x5162727AD584b3626631a00DB4dC9730046401bA
Bjorn TheBearOfCrypto (6 days ago)
I'm here in L.A...meet up!
Crypto Mike (6 days ago)
Grwat Show 0x9DB81b8ff9A71D09FdA2B87e4045b92407d073E2
Jim Mason (6 days ago)
0x7b7F926c6A13C98E5294A69436E9B2a5d594aAc5 great show
Mary Lancaster (6 days ago)
LfGoutJ1n1f797Aos3VNpKB3zTVjMnNDsk Why would you sell anything at these levels unless you don’t believe in crypto and block chain?
cryptohezzyy (6 days ago)
dont cry bro the bitcoin halving is in 2020
Busa Marius (6 days ago)
did you invest in IMT? moneytoken? MQwS5q6PzWXrrUxh9cHEGdGFP2JknyZvrQ
KILO (7 days ago)
This dude doing legit giveaways props man, u just got a subscriber and liker lol
Nick (7 days ago)
Dropped another 20 billion now. This continues to fall every 2 days.
Noh Digouhty (7 days ago)
Good luck with the Pundi recovery! MPtsr759iz82BcRtoaapQzsMqB7V7x2g5K
V P (7 days ago)
Why didn’t you stay in BEE token apt rather than an Air BnB?
Matthew Higgins (7 days ago)
Buy the moon and sell the dip! Impatience is costly! LVFGKQuzBpLJmWY2xWboU9aCiHeyHxua5E
Have you heard of NYiGDE? I was struck by their idea. I see so many pluses after the implementation of their project. I think they deserve support! Https://token.nyigde.com/en/
Matthew Higgins (7 days ago)
McAfee meant to say 5k bitcoin by the end of June not 15k!
Curtis Sivley (7 days ago)
Uh oh. Sum ting wong... you should’ve tethered
CN Neu (7 days ago)
Hi Max, bad news from BTC ... LTC: LeXamgLKtAuRSvsno2MHqftHegDWGorWqv
JC Juaneza (7 days ago)
I really hope this is not the end LTEcspBUYFRFDH8qnfAecZpit84Lhz9CpM
Michael Knight (7 days ago)
The market is going to s***!!! I feel for those who took out loans and used credit cards to purchase crypto!! Lol what was you thinking?!!!
Adam Lynn (7 days ago)
crystal ball? According to bitcoins astrology it will have a rough time until september, im gonna lay low and hodl until then
Manogr (7 days ago)
If you don't sell you never loose! Stay strong everyone! Lgbb4FkBttS3n5Uz4LPNjnuWm8Bvspp6VY
Daniel Kingston (7 days ago)
Like button smashed LXnLLysxg7KZBz5ZVPBvZtLf76HnSLpH8y
d12707 (7 days ago)
Its certainly a manipulated market, dont see a recovery this year. LcJCPP7AmaSXVgvVPBS3MXcDWUE7KeWUdK
Sleepy Puppy (7 days ago)
No sir it's time to buy! LeyPCKLJLaA8t3scjBekTxQVU1JQWW7FqS
axisbabi (7 days ago)
cool seeing you talking way more chill, good choice leving the soda at the office :-) thanks for the grate info ^ may be yo can share what's the signal software so we can get our hands on it too :-D
OTT2OWN (7 days ago)
When you buy into tether,isnt that a taxable event?...
OTT2OWN (7 days ago)
Think long term,avoid the capital gains tax,think solid projects.Ada,Quantstamp,Ltc,BTC,Ethereum,Neo,Ethos,Etc.
Tahir Naeem (7 days ago)
how do you get the Airdrops for Pundx or other coins ?
PathologicPantomime (7 days ago)
Oh and if you're still giving out some of that juicy ETH, my bag is always open=) ETH: 0x47d87697f73997c8cd9eb44c3e0bad109cb1375e
dodgerfreak0834 (7 days ago)
Bitcoin back to $1k it was all a manipulated pump and dump by the exchanges
PathologicPantomime (7 days ago)
Ride the wave down, ride the wave up. LTC:LVTM1ejhXsq2bTfmp6xkvTiszxVmAhG8rV
Henri Täht (7 days ago)
10 dollar ripple :D
Robert G. (7 days ago)
Thank you for your daily update Ltc: LSdHLwqee6ArBGB2kAmCwnSzdpsVSzyJ4f
weezenberg (7 days ago)
no1 wants to see ur face for 30 minutes, what new info and coins can u tell us about
Shrappnells (7 days ago)
You should called it, time to tether?
Massimo Sircana (7 days ago)
EOS is crap on the long run
The Cryptoz (7 days ago)
the market is sooo unpredictable thia time. LSYbnNRSAMMfaVJFo7xE9dcjBMjPgYU5Yq
Nelson Tapia (7 days ago)
Come down to Orange County so I can buy you a beer!!! LX1zM1C7957cxmJ8LgujKkEuFKWFP7EuXW
blazing149 (7 days ago)
Could go Up, could go down, could go sideways, red red, green green, :( MWv9HUqu4aPyP1kYjDJN7GcqL6MeVtmckX
B B (7 days ago)
lol love that live give away! supporting your supporters! awesome LSmVyMa3NjbbK9qKzdPV3xvAuguHVm5oNK
ben B (7 days ago)
sooner or later market will bounce back up so dont stress... LfwLPr4txyedWvwXxAKbbLwsJxJ8qms5Eq
SMASHY SMASHY LOL ZACKY 0x304165d80d1946ACD6BD46e5820EFF1e198613E4
dang I want some free ethereum I missed the live dang funny Zack send me some ETH or LTC MBqyZPT9UJhF43Bymza1vJJxscB5famgnU 0x304165d80d1946ACD6BD46e5820EFF1e198613E4
bfishin3 (7 days ago)
Awesome thoughts on giving back. So many uninformed people getting their a$$es handed to them by whale manipulation. Hard to keep crypto from getting the stink eye by people ranting about this stuff. MUBwNCGFC6DekigWxbL7NzHXz41yTqgYyq
Tim C (7 days ago)
Just keep buying on the dips! LTC MGFf755oHdJfJwXN3LrjwjuiAFakoznFhJ
Wei Lu (7 days ago)
Great info. Thank you !!! 35szc7JHZy6iXsaJLbgMsWjxvXMhrbCSWT.
Kirth Gersen (7 days ago)
Alexander Vishtak (7 days ago)
This whole "buying opportunity" sicks me out. But ETH giveaway was funny. Seemed like you are getting rid of your crypto. xD
Moayad Hamdan (7 days ago)
Thanks.. LN23z3xM4seH4sm9X1f9eLs1cWRhFUKe8a
Mike Parker (7 days ago)
We lost another 15 BILLION from the market just since you made this video 11 hours ago...you still HODL'N???
neogeojr (7 days ago)
Everyone needs to stay positive and chill out. DAH!!.....I missed the live feed. 0xDF7EA7b4D77Cae699Ce919Fd41266132Fc1b463A
Agent Justice (7 days ago)
If you look at the 50MA and the 150MA on a daily chart over 6 months you will see an upcoming uptrend. You will also see a bullish flag at its third support. I predict a launch in the last week of June, first week of July
Benjamin Knotts (7 days ago)
Investor puts in $20 billion $5b here... $2b there... Smaller investors pour in and keep pouring in... Investor begins to pull out their investment, $5 billion and smaller investors think they see the bottom and put in more money. Investor takes out another $5 billion, smaller investors think it hit the bottom again, put in more money. Investor keeps taking out profits, and the cycle goes on..
Sherwinator (7 days ago)
Sherwinator (7 days ago)
Rico Suave (7 days ago)
July 15 turn around point
Rico Suave (7 days ago)
0xB22cDc474a9Bec5016fF4B02c052124975BE929F eth addy
Rico Suave (7 days ago)
Just invested 900 into ltc
Punsy (7 days ago)
wow, he sent someone 0.2 ETH... big man!!! What an awful youtuber... he knows nothing.
Darrell Aubrey (7 days ago)
0x243Feb4A73b812F67C8459d08aB37C6b7e4f6C42 Thanks Zach!!!
Jesedex (7 days ago)
Pick me pls Ltc: MDu9kf27zLHojy2ZpSfoHQLiGXt7ctp34w
Jesedex (7 days ago)
Pick me senpai
Street Assassin (7 days ago)
weedyganzalays (7 days ago)
Great show as always CCN! LcFiE9TSXbMN5E8aDj8aEDFxdgUUmNov7g
Vy Dinh (7 days ago)
Yeah bad day MKvE4SsrZS8WYnYFektyGgoWs1MP5BJjJa
Patrick Dennis (7 days ago)
Have patience
california dreaming (7 days ago)
great channel bro, keep it the good videos coming. my etherium address is 0x03c14ae9537442Cb0F5a431F25121c8D6fc4C6aD
ogrim weu (7 days ago)
ppl that say btc to under 5k are crazy LQcauRgGGQ4aDgUiuoSsNFGtPrHFLDyL9y
青唐辛子 (7 days ago)
fcoin(ft) is ath now i get x40 now. zip is a lot of growing potential. you can check those coins which may blow your mind.
Paul Figueroa (7 days ago)
Can you do an update report on NEXO. price has dropped and seems like a sweet buy
James Watercooler (7 days ago)
Neblio 5$
Paul Figueroa (7 days ago)
0x31f5e8ed117dd5c2c5ea863d863d859fbdef22603167 I like free CCN money. hook a brotha up
Vegan Dad (7 days ago)
hashflare investment is really up in the air. What ya going to do?
shahid hamid (7 days ago)
To me RIPPLE is the real deal . Vast majority of the rest are just bogus projects which won't be around in 5 years time . M9Sy9Aft9K944YFJyrDjxGdh2XNQEoxsfy
Michelle James (7 days ago)
0x83436a61368cacea8475656c6bcf1142b4100897 Love love love your videos,! Thanks Zach!

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