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Paul Ryan is a defender of the deep state: Rep. Gaetz

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Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) on how House Speaker Paul Ryan backed Rep. Trey Gowdy’s (R-S.C.) statement supporting the FBI spying on the 2016 Trump campaign.
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MrCantstandliberals (4 days ago)
the last two republican speakers have been a disgusting deep state maggot
Rich M. (4 days ago)
Thank you Matt Gaetz! Paul Ryan was a sold out piece of crap long before Donald Trump was elected! It was obvious then and disgustingly obvious now! He needs to be removed as speaker, now! He's no friend to Trump! He's no friend to Congress! He's no friend to the Republican party and he's no friend to conservatives! He's also helping Rosenstein stall the release of documents to Devin Nunes and the oversight committee! Get rid of this rhino turncoat!
Dorothy Gillette (4 days ago)
Paul running for potus hahahahahahaaaa thats funny do it trump will step on him .
Tom Jones (5 days ago)
Keith Stapley (5 days ago)
Paul Ryan is owned..plain and simple
Mike Gee (5 days ago)
Ryan should not be allowed to just walk away when he feels like it. President Trump should sack ALL these lying, cheating crooks.....NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
McConnel Ryan McCain all of the need the das boot now!
Edward Stack Sr (5 days ago)
The swamp is full of rats from both parties.
Diwem Diwem (6 days ago)
Paul Ryan Lindsey Graham and others are all turn coats they along with democratic Muslim party are trying to destroy the President with properganda with the MSM all crooks.
mikean1123 (6 days ago)
Rich M. (6 days ago)
Paul Ryan needs to step down now! GOP speaker of the house! What a joke! What a disgrace! He has never been behind our president and has undermined him since the primaries, thereby thumbing his nose to every Trump supporter! Ryan and every other Rhino needs to go! The swamp will never be totally drained until that happens!
Linda Nitzschke (7 days ago)
Hey, Ryan...what the hell are you, a man or a mouse?!? Come now, squeak up!
Charles P (7 days ago)
I wish Kathy Griffin would hold up your severed head, you need to be removed from office physically. Your deep State bastard I hope your kids just despise you as a man I wish you nothing but tragedy.
A P (7 days ago)
Ryan is a scumbag , god damm his children to hell for his lies and treason
Jannette Bendavid (7 days ago)
Paul Ryan the Rino is anti Trump, some one should throw him of his office!
Peggy Mills (7 days ago)
You,, Paul Ryan need to be gone!! What are the Republican's waiting for
Konaalii Alohaohana (7 days ago)
Paul Ryan is a TRAITOR to American Citizens need to be FIRED. Dump Sessions, Rosenstein, Mueller, etal.
Randall Lannon (7 days ago)
Paul Ryan is a TRAITOR!!!!!!!!
Gandalf (8 days ago)
I want to know: is Paul Ryan named in the IG report?  Here are the Republicans who supported the coup: Ryan, Gowdy (maybe), McCain, Flake, and Corker.  There may be others but we'll have to wait and see.
Ed Felty (8 days ago)
Who will take over for Ryan, McConnell?!?! 😡
Ed Felty (8 days ago)
Manuel Adinig (8 days ago)
Wanda Roderick (8 days ago)
I have no respect for Trey Gowdy anymore Conehead has stabbed America in the back wow the whole time he is behind the Deep state
Wanda Roderick (8 days ago)
Paul Ryan is a traitor and he deserves to be in prison right along beside Hillary put the scum in there America has lost respect for this stinking slime he stinks to high heaven and Jeff sessions two in the same cell with Hillary and Ryan and the rest of the slime
Kim Coughlin (9 days ago)
Deep state poshit...snake
Dwight Storey (9 days ago)
Mate Gates your doing a great job glad your from fla . my area .
Caroline Siegel (9 days ago)
Pauk Ryan took money from Clinton to sabotage Trump's campaign. wouldn't be surprised if he took money from Soros. to destroy his own party.
Caroline Siegel (9 days ago)
Ryan is leaving. but he will make sure he will stab his own party in the back. traitor.
Mary Johnson (9 days ago)
Paul Ryan is finally saying he is not going to cover up for Trump ‘s wrong doing because Mr.Trump is making the Republican Party look bad and the mid turn election is about to happen
From the beginning of Trump campaign, we know that Paul Ryan wasn't happy about Trump running for President. He never support hi publicly, he didn't invite him to one of the event ( I don't remember which one) because a guy name's Bush ( I'm sure he was from the Bush family) posted a video from 10 or 20 years ago when Trump was a PRIVATE citizen saying thinks about women. Paul Ryan right away jumped on it, and instead of defending the republican candidate Trump he refused to invite him to that event.! Because of want Ryan, we knew that MOST of the Republican led by Paul Ryan didn't want an outsider to take over even though Trump was a republican candidate but he didn't belong to the elite. We back concluded that Paul Ryan and some of this week party will attack Trump on every occasion. But Thank GOD Trump was elected regardless of all the opposition from his party. Before Ryan it was the traitor Mc Cain, now it's Paul Ryan siding with the racist liberal! We the people will NEVER EVER forget what some of the Republican did to this great President went time comes to vote!!! We the people assure you that after Trump 8 years in the white house , he will be the last Republican president because the Republican party is no match for the liberal machine , The Liberal machine will "eat" EVERY republican candidate,. The problem with the republican party that they have a big ego. They should learn how to back up their fellow republican candidate and senators . Look how the liberal back up every one of their party even if he/she corrupted . thief, liar , racist, dictator, The left always defend them and they don't give a shit what the republican will say!
Gypse Guera (9 days ago)
Thank God Matt Gaetz,Nunes and few other Freedom Caucus members. Trey Gowdy has been Paul Ryans Puppet all along. Thats why Gowdy screwed up the Bhengazi Hearing and put on an Academy award winning performance doinghe. He was able to help Hillary not get Indicted and sucker us into believing we could trust him. We made Gowdy a Star,not knowing was a Deep State Operative. Degenova says Gowdy,went to lunch with Rosenstein and out of that working lunch hatched the scheme of what Gowdy would say about Spying into Trump's campaign. I knew Ryan was selling us out,but its heartbreaking to know that Gowdy is a Shill also. Gowdy should be drawn and quartered.
but thep (9 days ago)
Paul Ryan is Anti-Trump. Kick him out of Congress.
Christian Capitalist (10 days ago)
Spread this everywhere
Pablo Koinonia (10 days ago)
Gaetz is brilliant - Ryan is a saboteur and scum
Beyond_the_Infinite (10 days ago)
Rep. Gaetz is one of the few decent Republicans left. RINO Ryan is a total sell out.
MAGA Brexit (10 days ago)
The Clinton cabal runs deep on both sides of both parties. The cabal runs worldwide and all monies paid through Clinton Foundation. But do you know something, it's all coming to an end very very soon. Hang the pedos, life imprisonment for the traitors.
John Thompson (10 days ago)
You must understand that right now President Trump is still working with the Congress and the Senate that was and is appointed by Obama. After November I pray this will all change in favor of President Trump and the American People. Vote Americans Vote
Artemas Ward (10 days ago)
awards include: the Bronze Star Medal with Combat "V", Purple Heart Medal, two Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals with Combat "V", Combat Action Ribbon, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal with three service stars, Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal, and Parachutist Badge.[7][27][21 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Mueller#Marine_Corps_service
Artemas Ward (10 days ago)
“If our leaders seek to conceal the truth, or we as people become accepting of alternative realities that are no longer grounded in facts, then we as American citizens are on a pathway to relinquishing our freedom,” he said in a commencement address at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Va. Rex W. Tillerson May 16th 2018
Dorian Greene (10 days ago)
That motherfucker better be going to fucking jail when they unseal these indictments! Paul Ryan was caught on tape saying that he will never support TRUMP. Why the fuck havent you motherfuckers been got rid of that bastard!.He wants nothing more than to see our president jailed! Paul Ryan is more pussy than his wife!
Ira Smith (10 days ago)
Lmao..... 1st Gowdy, Ryan backing him up,,,, Trump lovers are really absent from reality. There is no spygate dumbasses!
Bev Power (10 days ago)
Slimed and two faced Gowdy and Paul Ryan ."Go hide your faces and leave now please
dominic pelle (10 days ago)
**It seems to me that anyone who doesn't want to bring down the American system of a free press, judiciary and the intelligence agencies is a member of the deep state**
Philo Kvetch (10 days ago)
Paulie "The Prick" Ryan - Hey, they're mobsters, let's name them accordingly
scott bowling (10 days ago)
Well, Paul Ryan has turned out to be a piece of shit.
Improv Master (10 days ago)
realize Obamas FBI, CIA and NSA were/are spying on EVERYONE...they probably have some dirt on Sessions, Gowdy and Ryan.
Improv Master (10 days ago)
Ryan was the weasel that ran with Romney, enuff said.
Paula S (10 days ago)
I think that Paul Ryan has a deep-seated hatred of Trump - rooted in jealousy -- same goes for John McCain. Watch Paul Ryan in YouTube videos when Trump speaks. You can almost hear Paul Ryan gnashing his teeth. He has a frozen smirk on his face the entire time. His dentist must be working overtime to help Paul Ryan's tooth-gnashing and its associated pain. The only time I saw P. Ryan happy around Trump was after the tax-slashing wins for the Republicans - & for Paul Ryan.
Garry Moore (10 days ago)
Maybe Paul Ryan's, three teenagers should School Their Daddy on being an American Patriot. Instead of being a Liberal Deep State Democrapp and try living Outside of the Swamp..............
Jag Garcia (10 days ago)
This jackass is mot working for transparecy... He is worki g for the creation of Trmplandia.....
Jag Garcia (10 days ago)
Amazing how Republicans are cannibalists and are eating up each other with the help of FOX.
Russell K. Bonney (10 days ago)
Paul Ryan has been coopted by a DS honeypot trap. Research who his Democrat wife is and how he was ensnared to meet and marry her.
brian champney (11 days ago)
Because you are full of shit Gaetz, we know it. You people look so foolish talking about this deep state shit.
Jack Hughes (11 days ago)
Dreadful pair of humans!
Kiprose 22 (11 days ago)
Harder Harder (11 days ago)
After the election, I remember Paul Ryan sitting next to Trump pretentiously smiling about joining the President Elect to make America great. I knew then that Paul Ryan was a big hypocrite
Mike Reiley (11 days ago)
Ryan is a anti American trader.
Christine Holloway (11 days ago)
I couldn't believe when I discovered Lou Dobbs back then .No one was talking about this issue but him! A man ahead of his time.I've been listening ever since. Thank"s Lou!
Christine Holloway (11 days ago)
We need a new Speaker!
Marie Saqueton (11 days ago)
Paul Ryan is a RINO, too bad he would have gone far in politics, but he ruined it by affiliating with the LEFT.
Marie Saqueton (11 days ago)
D.R. Lane (11 days ago)
No chit cherlock
Ro Mary (11 days ago)
Mr. G go get em!
Ro Mary (11 days ago)
Surprise ,surprise, surprise paul ryan ,part of the problem
Americans First (11 days ago)
Paul Ryan has always been a traitor.
chris longhammer (11 days ago)
fox has ruined their own party
The Truther (11 days ago)
IMPORTANT ! In the UK some Journalists have been saying the " Russians " who helped Christopher Steele write his dossier and " seam real " were the RUSSIAN Skripal Father and Daughter who were then poisoned .Think about this ,.... who would want them not to talk about the Dossier > The Dems or Fusion should be investigated NOW
Joseph Jones (11 days ago)
Ryan's true colors are being exposed. Such are the times we are living in.
tractor (11 days ago)
Ryan is a RINO. Just like McCancer, sen of Arizona .
Lao Han Tun (11 days ago)
Paul Ryan is a snake with prince skin.....mother rubber....
SonyStory (11 days ago)
Paul Ryan should be impeached with no pension
Patsy Cox (11 days ago)
Paul Ryan needs to GO.HOME. HE IS A Republican RINO. He is a real LOSER!!!
jo phoenix (11 days ago)
Paul Ryan married into money and he carry's the touch for CHEAP immigrant labor for a bunch of ravishers who will simply migrate to a better country with all the riches they looted from a polluted America over whelmed with illiterate slave workers!!
Joyce S. (11 days ago)
Any honest republican today in office, would not be stepping down! Ryan and Gowdy had me fooled! Glad the truth is out!
Joyce S. (11 days ago)
President Trump must sign an order to release the documents! Why hasn't he done this? Gaetz is a good man. Dobbs is a great journalist. Thank you gentlemen!
Steve Cousins (11 days ago)
What is the deep state? A term made up by Qanon and Fox news? Lou Dobbs was once a respected journalist but look at him now. Old age takes it toll. Sorry Lou.
Beastmode - (11 days ago)
Get em outta there! Drain the swamp!
Tim Sullivan (11 days ago)
Eddie Munster is busy passing his resume on K Street, he’s not for America or us. Good riddance. I wish Steve King of Iowa was speaker.
michael Evans (12 days ago)
not only defender, leaker and whistle blower to them as well...
Nikulas Sphirro (12 days ago)
Its been obvious ever since the opening if congress.Ryan is a swamp dweller!
oscarfelix1952 (12 days ago)
Paul Ryan didn't get his candidate, Hillary Clinton in office. Lame duck, do nothing, saw the writing on the wall. Wish I could give him the last boot out the door. And by the way Romney, consider the political climate not in your favor either! Maybe the two of you can re-bond on a camping trip together and map out your strategy for 2020, heh?
cyc7lops (12 days ago)
The Republicans want Trump impeached as much as the Dems. Trump got their tax cuts through, so now they want him OUT. They DO NOT support Trump; they are Deep State, as is Jeff Sessions. Sessions was/is for Clinton, not Trump.
Doug Carter (12 days ago)
AGREE 200 % A rat if ever there was one..... one reason why.... He anti -trumped Trump as much as he could UNTIL HE GOT ELECTETED POTUS then he turned into a real Hypocrite weasel words, doublespeak grovelling to trump. If he was any sort of a REAL man he would have fronted trump and said, I can't back you 100% so I am going to resign as congress leader BECAUSE A POTUS should have the backing of his party and loyalty, which is the norm in any team effort. BUT NO he isn't running again but he stayed on.......more reason to quit his Post !.,.. must be a lot of PERKS if the rat stays this term out. PIGS at the Trough again syndrome. Why do I call him a Rat...apart from abovementioned..... a Rat leaves a sinking Ship..... as he thought was going happen to Trump. He knows the DEEP STATE he is part if it and anticipated Trump was going to be impeached. I would classify the peasant as a SOROS/KILLARY CLIT-OX backer of the 1 world goverment ran by the elite. You know the one.... open borders, free trade, conniving to overthrow sovereign countries, have their leaders murdered replaced with their puppets presidents etc, start proxy wars Divide and conquer quote KILLARY, Gadaffi, Libya.....we came, we saw, HE died ....all because Gadaffi wanted to sell HIS COUNTRIES OIL ASSESTS in other currencies NOT THE USA PETRO DOLLAR. Can't have that 'ol chap...jolly not good the peasants wanting things for their own good. Tut tut..... pour in money, start a rebellion, get Gaddafi killed. Any DECENT person in this world would acknowledge the SHAME of these actions, Afghanistan, the overthrow of a elected presidents, Iraq WMD LIES, Lybia, Syria,Yemen.... thank god the Russians stepped in otherwise Syria would be in the same mess as above countries are! A rat is a rat is a rat.... you can't call anything else.
Abel Flores (12 days ago)
The higher authority you are given on this earth you will be held to the same level of accountability, this is what God says.
stevin47 (12 days ago)
Pedro Zaragoza (12 days ago)
Fake news.
Pedro Zaragoza (12 days ago)
What happened to Dobbs? What a sell out. He doesn’t care about facts, reality or the USA anymore.
Jay B (12 days ago)
Thank you Matt Gaetz. You, Jim Jordan, and Devin Nunes are the best.
I_Lean_ Right (12 days ago)
Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham and John McCain are all connected to Anti Trump movement. They all must to
Q Jones (12 days ago)
Not business news. Surprise!
Russ G (12 days ago)
WTF would anyone expect from Speaker Paul RINO?
theburners32141 (12 days ago)
His eyes tells you he’s a fucking rat. The eyes tell you everything you need to know.
Jessica Greene (12 days ago)
Hey Trey Gowdy, did you enjoy the dinner with Rod Rosenstein the other night? and How is the negotiations with MSM networks going for your new job?
Jessica Greene (12 days ago)
Sorry you didn't get the memo. The United States has a new organizational chart... 1. Robert Mueller 2. Rod Rosenstein 3.The DOJ (except Jess Sessions) 4.The FBI 5. The President of the United States *Not represented on the list but whom actually is running the country, the intel agencies led by the CIA.
Jeff Panetta (12 days ago)
😴😴😴😴 yawn... man, this shit is getting tiresome already! Gaetz will also go down in history as a traitor. Why do I even watch this asswipe?
strange times (12 days ago)
Great title FOX! Accurate!
Caterina Martino (12 days ago)
He must be getting a big kickback
Russell Smith (12 days ago)
Fox is such a joke.
David Ruiz (12 days ago)
It's crazy how divided and stuck we all are with our "teams".
Anne Wiseman (12 days ago)
Get out Paul Ryan. You are not one of the good guys. Hope you go to jail with the rest of them. We want you replaced by Jim who is one of the good guys.

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