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All Electroneum (ETN) HODL'ers WATCH THIS!

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Disclaimer: *this is a info channel, i am not a licensed financial adviser & I do not provide personal investment advice. Any prediction made on this channel should not be taken literally and are made based off my own research on a particular company/ coin. I am not affiliated with any crypto company in any way.... any news, prediction, update that is posted on this channel was done through research. All information found here, including any ideas, opinions, views, predictions, forecasts, commentaries, suggestions, or stock picks, expressed or implied herein, are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only and should NOT be construed as personal investment advice.* Want to trade FOREX & Crypto w/ me? https://www.facebook.com/Ricosuaveaforex https://www.facebook.com/Ricosuaveaforex
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Text Comments (37)
Crypto Doctor (1 day ago)
Dude, one word... STEROIDS!!!!
Crypto Suavea (18 hours ago)
2 words, Hard work!
Nash Cryptos (2 days ago)
Great content !
Kirk Boswell (3 days ago)
Hey I've been mining ETN with the mobile app for several days now. I have like 18 pending coins. How long before they will move to the wallet? Thanks in advance.
Alexandru Bolovan (4 days ago)
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Deeplove K c (5 days ago)
I am buying more and holding my ETN
Jason Lennon (5 days ago)
I'll likely die of a heart attack before cryptos go up again
Crypto Suavea (4 days ago)
lol! watch my latest video you can still make money while market is up or down.
Someone Seller (5 days ago)
etn will be one of the mosts succesfull coin
Crypto Suavea (4 days ago)
just requires some time, when the tide comes we are gonna see the coins who were swimming naked & etn will rise since its had proper preparation.
Richard Sharkey (5 days ago)
Useless video by some nobody. Nothing but talking about videos you watched(LOL) and blabbering. Nobody wants to see your face while you play stuff from electroneum's site(LOL). Please stop polluting the internet with such garbage. Have a nice day.
ThePulse36 (3 days ago)
Richard Sharkey At least he is trying to help people with the crypto information no matter if you cosiderate his stuff as garbage at least he is doing something . In your side, I don't even see a video of yours trying to help a person . Remember someone's garbage can be your treasure 🙂 God bless you and your beautiful family!☺️
Crypto Suavea (4 days ago)
poor guy huh,
Carlos Muñoz (4 days ago)
Haters = Losers !
Crypto Suavea (5 days ago)
you have a better one man, think you need it!
Michael Thomas (6 days ago)
LIke your videos. Your smooth and laid back!!
Crypto Suavea (6 days ago)
Michael Thomas thank you very much Mr. Thomas !
Electroneum is going to be the future of cryptos. Big things are happening behind the scenes. ETN Knights approve! Keep up positive vids:)♡
Crypto Suavea (6 days ago)
Jacqueline Kussow Sroka does this mean I can join the ETN knights Telegram 🤔
Dejan 8 (6 days ago)
Great explaining man. Subscribed
Sallu Mia (6 days ago)
Mine ETN using CODE - 539788 and earn upto 2X. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.electroneum.mobile
Simon Bill (7 days ago)
ETN will be huge in 2019* 👍🏻🚀🚀🚀🚀💥💥
Nash Cryptos (2 days ago)
hope so
Costache George (2 days ago)
2019 maybe i will rich 😂😂
Brent Ewins (7 days ago)
Hey, its great to see a fellow ETN enthusiast sharing their view on such a valuable project. And your so right about the perceived value being a emotional blinker for so many people. ETN is the one crypto that I believe does what it ses it will with transparency and outstanding vision. Once the masses get a hold of this it WILL moon and in doing so it will surpass many of the tech savvy coins in the process. Why? because it's a user friendly solution, its simple to understand with the decimal placement and most of all other cryptos are going to look down the road of the patent application as a way to gain exposure through our user base. This is a genius idea and the mobile miner is the key to financial freedom right now. People will get on board and big time. I will be buying as much as I can right now so that down the track I can have a comfortable retirement. Once again keep up the good work mate.😎
Crypto Suavea (6 days ago)
Thank you for that kind comment, yes sir It will be!!!!
Kalecimus (7 days ago)
Great opportunity to buy, just keep buying. Electroneum is not in any major exchange yet, just wait until we get to binance and bittrex!
Crypto Suavea (6 days ago)
oh yea imagine a hitbtc or binance we will see a lot more buyers and spike in price
Cryptroneum J (7 days ago)
Nice video! I am hodling ETN through thick and thin!
ahmed makki (7 days ago)
Look at pundix payment system....im invested in both
The Nitruc (7 days ago)
Yea I dont think most stores want that big POS till because it takes up too much space. Its huge. Plus they dont want 2 POS machines because they have to keep the old one we use debit and credit cards on. ETN can be integrated to the Tills that are already all over the world.
Crypto Suavea (7 days ago)
ahmed makki I have actually I’ve seen the product and do see the potential in both. Who knows what will happen
tom thomas (7 days ago)
i believe in etn and always try to tell every1 but they dont wana know, guess they aint ready yet
Super Scribe (7 days ago)
Its just sad when you didnt want to sell ever, but then one thing led to the other and now im down 50% so i am so sad.... BUT ETN DONT FAIL US!
SSgt Of Marines (7 days ago)
Crypto Suavea what are the names of the desktop crypto wallets you use? thanks ETN TO THE MOOON SOON
Crypto Suavea (7 days ago)
SSgt Of Marines do the one you see down below is the toast wallet for XRP, I don’t really use it much, I use Exodus if I’m trying to move cryptos around
dfdfsdfsd (7 days ago)
Hello! Thanks for your video! I'm new here. I invested today about 200$ in Electroneum but I got just 1 referrals so maybe someone can enter my code in the ETN app? Thank you very much! My code is: BC779D And once again, thanks for supporting this amazing project!
Crypto Genius (7 days ago)

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