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Best Live Streaming and Video Production Home Studio Gear, Equipment, and Software?

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What is the ideal arrangement for a home office live-streaming studio including all the equipment, software, and gear? How do we connect all of it for maximum performance? Will you please take a look at this tutorial because if you are trying to make a studio at home that you can do for high-quality live-streaming and video production, this might save you a ton of time and energy just seeing how I do it, instead of having to research it and set it up yourself like I did? If you prefer to read, visit https://steemit.com/dlive/@jerrybanfield/03690a30-6410-11e8-b143-ffce16c65548 Best Live Streaming and Video Production Home Studio Gear, Equipment, and Software? I spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours that if I would have just seen something like this, I could have skipped all that, just bought the equipment and set it up how I saw it. I looked and looked, but I never found anyone who gave me a studio setup that is fairly easy to set up, that has very high-quality audio with it, that has a beautiful picture with chroma key, that's got multiple monitors that are perfect for going back and forth for chat, that also can instantly drop over to the phone like this. I can instantly drop it over like this to a phone if I want to show you something off of my studio or walk around the house, or something like that. I've never seen a setup that's this amazing fully explained. Maybe that's because I don't watch a lot of other people's videos. I looked, it's hard to find, so I hope this is helpful for you. If you would like to get any of this equipment, will you please go to Jerrybanfield.com/resources because if you are like me, you will feel good knowing you have got a list of everything in one place and having the opportunity to help me whenever you go to buy something by using some of these links here, which some of them are affiliate links where I will get a percentage of the sale while you will pay the same price? Are you ready for a tour? First, you want a green screen behind it because it allows you to have a much nicer background. You can just stick your face on it like I do. I got my face right on it and it's really nice. I don't have some ordinary curtain behind me. This gives me a lot more room to present and teach things. Then, I've got four different monitors that are optimized for live streaming and live interviews. Here's how it works. This primary monitor is a BenQ monitor and that's important because one of the biggest differences I found with my studio setup is using this gaming monitor with an HDMI output. I've listed this on the resources page on the website as this is one of the best things that has helped me. This makes a huge difference because what this allows me to do is leave everything in position. I have a capture card down here, and anything I put on that capture card directly goes into Wirecast and I can record it. That allows me to live stream video games and to use Windows or a Mac on this monitor. It allows me, if I want to, to plug in an external device. This gives me complete flexibility with whatever I want to record and live stream, and then it all stays on the exact same monitor. Continue reading at https://steemit.com/dlive/@jerrybanfield/03690a30-6410-11e8-b143-ffce16c65548 Love, Jerry Banfield
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JEFFGUITAR (18 days ago)
Ah man I would love to Livestream and get into it all, but this simply scares me. I guess this isn't noob stuff 🤔🤯
JEFFGUITAR (18 days ago)
Just wondering what drugs are you on 🤗👁️😂
Jack Choros (18 days ago)
Jerry, I love your work! Wondering if you could make a shorter video that includes starter video gear too! I have ideas for channels but I'm not ready to spend $10k until I know I can build an audience and sound confident on camera. Keep up the good work! Also, I've heard you talk about your standing desk many times, but I have a disability and can't stay standing. I'm wondering if you have any other tricks to follow for showing people your energy on camera. I'm interested in your Partner program but don't have the dough this second. But eventually I hope to work with you.
Tomas George (20 days ago)
Solid video Jerry!
The Big Lenny Fan Club (20 days ago)
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