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Nancy Pelosi’s days in Congress may be numbered: Kennedy

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FBN’s Kennedy on why House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) may lose her position in the House.
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Silence Dogood (2 days ago)
Enjoy your time in office Al Green. It's your last.
Albert May (3 days ago)
Polo y is a demon rat ooops sorry a democrat👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹
kev lar (3 days ago)
Al Green should have stuck with music.🙄
kev lar (3 days ago)
DUH she's like a hundred years old..... it's like world's oldest person's days are numbered .
sleepytickle (4 days ago)
Al Contrar my dear; The 'perma-nap,' as you put it, is the ONLY thing that will get her out of that chair. You have to remember she has lots and lots of 'old $$$$$' That is why she is STILL there. They would LOVE to have Ellis, from Minnesota as the leader; but Ellis would have gotten thrown out of Starbucks as well for trying to use their restroom without buying anything. The old saying, "Money Talks, Bull Shit walks" is still very , very true. Also, it is past time conservative blogs start addressing these 'REAL REASONS' which define Lib Tard stances on issues such as Immigration, Racism, Income redistribution, Trump impeachment. This constant, 'Tip-Toe Through the Tulips' approach needs to give way to uprooting the garden, or it will NEVER-EVER happen.!!!
George Mecek (4 days ago)
Green, Polosi, Waters and Feindstein all need to go away . Take all their stolen money from taxpayers and have to spend it on defense lawyers keeping them out of prison !
Mark (4 days ago)
I still say Nancy got some disease like syphilis having pizza party sex with the Clinton's..we know she has been smoking the Obama crack pipe and drinking his Kool-aid. Even Shuma has lost his brain.
Racer D (4 days ago)
And they wonder why they lose elections, the stupidity just keeps coming, its like a gift that never stops giving
S K (5 days ago)
God bless Nancy Pelosi and all of our honorable leaders. Dump going down - Guilty of obstructing justice - Cheated his way into the presidency and you know it!!!! What an ugly fat bufoon!!!
Don Milligan (5 days ago)
do the demoncraps do anything ? what is there job? do they have a plan to make America great again after they have almost completely destroyed America? does anyone know one good thing they have done? are they all useless scumbags? is there one good demoncrap? are they all child molesting demomic filthy cancer to America? why should there be a demoncrap? what is there purpose? what do they get paid to do? are they all millionaires? how much of our money have they stolen from us? is there one of them that is a true Christian? do they think there evil deeds wont be known?
Don Milligan (5 days ago)
puppet Pelosi is a leader? seriously she would get lost just being a follower totally lose in space
Norbert Mongeon Sr (5 days ago)
carlos cermn (5 days ago)
This Lady (Pelosi) is truly a CLOWN in U.S. politics....if She is the head of the Democratic party I can only wonder about other leaders/members of the same party!!! Regards from Australia.
Phil Wise (6 days ago)
PLease be removed from power. Please please please.
mc pedigo (6 days ago)
Meds and alcohol nan admit yourself.
Eric Bauer (6 days ago)
Everyone's days in congress should be numbered to two terms, then get a job like the rest of us. Also, anyone over 70 that's elected or going to run should have a mandatory dementia screaning; this is especially true of Pelosi!!!! Remember Regan, he started showing signs of Alzheimer's near the end of his presidency, "I can't recall" was his famous line.
Luca Brazi (7 days ago)
She is a Bond villain. Pelosi galore
John Thompson (7 days ago)
Nancy Pelosi take Maxine Waters , Al Greene and Chuck Schummer with you as you walk out the door.
Cánh Thép Channel (8 days ago)
There is something mentally wrong with this woman! Someone needs to take her out of the public eye as quickly as possible!
Dre Paris (9 days ago)
Democrat crony
Mike Craig (9 days ago)
Nancy Pelosi all ready had here Number 666.
angie diguls (10 days ago)
Pelosi's Depends are leaking
Hephaestus (10 days ago)
Crumbs Pelosi-13 ? She prefers MS-13 than any American citizen. Crumbs Pelosi-13 should go...actually.... should stay She is the best weapon Republicans have... hehe
Anti-demo-rat (10 days ago)
Largesse1000 (10 days ago)
She needs to go away and die somewhere. A bitch powermonger.
Thomas Murphy (10 days ago)
Somebody please tell me that Trancy Nancy doesn't remind them of guy founding the Heaven's Gate Cult. Yeah, the ones that followed their leader and are now riding on the Trails of the Hale Bot Comet with him.
Thomas Murphy (10 days ago)
Trancy Nancy puts more spin on shit than a Frenchman.
Freedom First (11 days ago)
Pelosi is out of touch with reality and the human race.
Oldliver Goodhag (13 days ago)
They need to tie Al Green and Maxine waters together and55 gallons of cement and drop them about 300 miles out in the pacific..
Lorenzo Maximo (13 days ago)
Nancy Pelosi nuttier than squirrel shit.
Jon sto (16 days ago)
wow people, about Pelosi... have you folks never seen a really Sloppy alcoholic before... I mean it's obvious the lady is hitting the sauce hard
Dwight Mannsburden (18 days ago)
There is only one way she will be gone and that is when they carry her out toes up. I'll believe it when I believe it
Will Will (20 days ago)
Rebekah Kissel (21 days ago)
NO!! Keep her!! She's representing the Dems and it shows their true pathetic selves. It's gold
sportdutch (22 days ago)
RMPsumma (22 days ago)
We can only hope her days are numbered.
Bill Smith (22 days ago)
I hate to see her go. She's the best politician the Republicans have to win more seats.
e r (22 days ago)
Soon Pelosi will be voted out and replaced with Maria Perez, a sanctuary illegal immigrant.
roadhog19 (22 days ago)
Nancy pelosi is the perfect example of what early stages of dimentia looks like.
Marston Davis (23 days ago)
She keeps getting re-elected...what does that tell you about the people of San Francisco. They want a bat shit crazy witch to represent them. Just a mirror of her constituents.
Thomas Clemens (23 days ago)
Nancy pelosi sucks balls.
David Ohrn (23 days ago)
Pelosi is lucky...waters is still in Congress. Makes Nancy look pretty good (lol)
J Polar (24 days ago)
Throw old clay face out on her ass. Good riddance blow hole.
weasel Boy 2.0 (24 days ago)
Pelosi in a pickle ! Have you'll seen her stuttering all doe eyed and goofy, more like there's a pickle in pelosi.
t-bone taternut (24 days ago)
Pelosi needs a shock collar......fix her right up
John Lee (24 days ago)
Republicans do not want impeachment. Two more old bags: pelosi and waters are the biggest are the only ones intertwined in this garage. Oh yeh, don't forget oldddd poopie pants sanders and whiner , Hillary. What a bunch of crack pots
Rose Marie prudhomme (24 days ago)
Anyone who can hold her fingers in 4 finger V should b worth ‘something’. But what? ( pelosi). The Queen of Spades is still on her throne even though there is a medical appliance on every body part (except her mouth)! (hillary). Hard to keep their crimes from overlapping.
David Boatman (25 days ago)
California is turning RED tired paying way too much for taxes & on gas! John Cox can fix this problem by repealing the gas tax and drain the Dem swamp!! I've had it with the Dems of California!!
J M J LUBBOCK (25 days ago)
Nancy Pelosi is the very best study subject for dementia. PLEASE GET OUT AND VOTE AGAINST THE LYING DEMOCRATS IN NOVEMBER !!!!
Bite Mee (25 days ago)
Nutty Nancy needed to go away years ago but the morons kept her in power.
Gary Sicemore (25 days ago)
After giving it a lot of thought. I hope they keep these idiots makes a sure win for Republicans.
THE MAYOR (25 days ago)
Mark Jacob (26 days ago)
Nancy Pelosi & Maxine waters two peas in a pot..both wacko crazy 👿🤡
Mark Jacob (26 days ago)
She crazy 👿🤡
David Mester (26 days ago)
This is nothing but a capitalization of the fake left/right neolib neocon one up mentality. This is old hat, and people have had enough. It's just more distraction. It does not help anyone to understand what's happening in government.
Hard Rocker (26 days ago)
Shes evil witch
Richard Richard (26 days ago)
she's such a ignorant corrupt fool.
Mary Drueke (26 days ago)
love you kennedy keep up the good work
Malamute Aerospace (26 days ago)
Maxine and Green. 2 Ghetto Yard Apes with no clue.
Janka Janssen (26 days ago)
Al Green is an embarrassment to Texas. He's a moron.
Larry Tackett (26 days ago)
crazy Nancy I guess she's the best California has to offer speaks bunches about California .
Stella Caldwell (26 days ago)
Nancy, you can’t Impeach a Innocent President. You Democrats and Democrat Republicans. Because you all Hate President Trump and that is Discrimination and Racist To Impeach a President Who Did Nothing And You Democrats Don’t Want President Trump To Succeed Which He is Doing from The Time of his Inauguration. President Trump is Very Successful and Doing A Great Job Being Successful. President Trump is The Best President Since President Reagan Was In Office. President Trump is Working And Helping The People. The Democrats and Democrat Republicans Has At No Time Worked Or Helped The People To Have A Better Living, They Are Too Busy Hating President Trump. The Democrats Has Done Nothing To Help The President Make America Great Again and Make America A Better, Stronger and Safer America or They Never Tried To Help America Great Again They Are Too Busy Lying and Hating President Trump Who Has and Still Is Making America A Better America. The Democrats Are Too Busy To Hide All The Illegal and Criminal Crimes That Hililie Has Done. They Are Not Investigating Hililie On Her Dossier That She Had Dealings With Russia and Putin. Would That Be Called Collusion With Russia? Hililie showed her Russian Hat and Put It On At Yale College. Hililie was pretty Proud Of The Russian Hat. I can’t understand why any College or Place Would Be Proud To Have Hililie Who is a Corrupted Criminal and a Liar. Hililie does not have good Credentials or Reputation with Her Criminal Crimes, Coverups, Corruption, Lies and All Of Her Illegal Activity’s That Hililie Gets Away With and With Her and Billary Above The Law and Will Never Be Accountable Or Prosecuted For Their Illegal And Criminal Crimes. I have no Respect or Care At All For Hililie and Billary. Also I Don’t Have Respect For Hililie’s Daughter Chelsea who also gets away with Her Crimes and like also her mom and Billary using The Clinton Foundation For Their Own Personal Use.
Chuck Taylor (26 days ago)
Why do Blacks in politics seem to have an IQ just above that of a rock.
Chuck Taylor (26 days ago)
Democommunists. All you middle of the road liberals ready to join the new alt-left radical Socialists who will tax and take all our income to give to illegals and welfare lifer freeloaders? That's your new party liberals! Take it or leave, but it is what it is.
casperpffp pobob (26 days ago)
not about hard on trump, it's about working together nancy, the swamp is swirling ready to flush, by-by nancy jackass pelosi
David Peterson (26 days ago)
I remember nancy! isnt she the woman that said ms-13 was divine?
Andromeda451 (26 days ago)
wishful thinking... on another note how about any time the debt exceeds GDP by more than 3% congress is not eligible for re-election. Mr. Buffet proposed this as a fix for pols inability to resist dipping into your wallet.
Richard Head111 (26 days ago)
She is embarrassing
John Smith (27 days ago)
Goodbye skeleton! You ugly long neck raptor bitch Pelosi!
Hunky Dory (27 days ago)
pelosi hasn't had a pickle in many,many years and that is why she is so bat shit crazy.
Hunky Dory (27 days ago)
Listening to pelosi speak is like listening to Professor Irwin Corey.
Hunky Dory (27 days ago)
Don't dump her liberals,she is the Republicans greatest ally!!!!!!!!!!!
Vintagelicks Guitars (27 days ago)
Nancy Pelosi is filth and any Californian who votes for her is filth by proxy.
Richy Rich (27 days ago)
john james (27 days ago)
looks like a drowned rat..
Marquee Mark (28 days ago)
Hell, she cant even clean up her shit hole district in San Fran
werksdesign (28 days ago)
Nancy Pelosi is showing early signs of alzheimers.
George Thompson (28 days ago)
the 1991 noahide law gives free health care to all christians,...thank the zionists in our government,....Free health care !
George Thompson (28 days ago)
these DNC fuktards dont get it,...we are done with you shitbags of greed,...when trump is a better choice than a Demtard,...then its time for a third party !
Rodrigo De Triano (28 days ago)
i feel sorry for the husband, imagine having to shag that skinny wrinkle old dog
V N (28 days ago)
Impeach Obama and fake news!!! It's worth it!!!
Jake Bob (28 days ago)
You’ve all heard of Bela Lugosi from vampire movies. Well, his sister is Bela Pelosi that piece of shit who pretends she is a human being who fucks over all mankind from Congress. And all you “followers” of this piece of shit needs to be re-educated or a stake driven through your dark hearts. You ignorant bastards, the choice is yours.
Ray Walker (28 days ago)
Pelosi is of no use to anyone..
P. Hamilton (28 days ago)
They should never have let Nancy out of that Mental Institution....
twoyears23 (28 days ago)
Nancy Pelosi will leave government and American society forever. JUSTICE comes (LEGALLY) and a straight jacket awaits her! All this in the very near future.
Busty Debutante (28 days ago)
this ugly cronie should of been gone years and years ago
susan jackson (29 days ago)
Kennedy, thank you for being on TV
Colin Faust (29 days ago)
What district in Texas elected this idiot Green? What an impossible moron.
robbie Sharp (29 days ago)
I love Kennedy!
ribmeat hamhock (29 days ago)
about time. she's been a corpse for how many year's now?
toneman335 (29 days ago)
We can only hope
Randell Porter (29 days ago)
Nancy Pelosi is MS-13's Congressional friend.
Mommy (30 days ago)
Kennedy, you're adorable! I think you just might be the next best late night comedian talk show host. You could easily take Jimmy Kimmel's place.
Emeka Oputa (30 days ago)
Nancy Pelosi I hope she looses in the mid terms.
Erin H (30 days ago)
Nancy Pelosi is like a retard. She is an animal. Just like the people she is protecting. She speaks diarrhea. Right out of her mouth, just like Obama. And Hillary Clinton? Fuck you, Nancy Pelosi.
e james (30 days ago)
pelosi looks like an aushwitz survivor
Paleo River Scout (30 days ago)
Pelosi is a filthy retarded cunt with dementia
Xi Xu (30 days ago)
Don't vote Dem.
Old Timer (30 days ago)
You look at & here these no sense of logic liberal whacks they all belong in a mental nut ward...

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