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HUGE Crypto News: Bitcoin ETF, Coinbase & SEC, Binance Trading

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WILG Music (11 days ago)
Wow look at then bull !! Damn so amazing ! Wow so much money ! Wow !! What a bull run
Don Gen (11 days ago)
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The Chosen One (12 days ago)
Hey Brad. Love your work. Brad have you checked out the relatively new fully autonomous crypto trading platform called DROPIL? I’m loving it. If your interested in checking it out the ticker is DROP. Keep up the good work!
Cezar Calin (12 days ago)
What do you think, in your opinion, will happen to all the tokens that people bought and will be considered as securities. Thank you
impala6464 (12 days ago)
I see the bull market coming! I'm in position!
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David Bermudez (12 days ago)
WWWOOOOO HHHHOOOOO the Bulls are returning
C. Ben Mansour (12 days ago)
We're still in a bear market guys
David Bermudez (12 days ago)
C. Ben Mansour Technically yes you are correct
Loren Bartlett (12 days ago)
Good news comes out daily but the market keeps moving sideways. The last few times it looked like it might hit a 500 bil market cap that Mt Gox asshole crashed it.
Perumal Saran (12 days ago)
reyes martinez (12 days ago)
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Jermaine Humes (12 days ago)
All good news but i wouldnt of thought that regulation implementation is something that will happen overnight. Sounds more like we'll be waiting till end of year for this new institutional money to start pouring in
Lincoln K (12 days ago)
so strange how the market is still doing nothing after all these good news...
Grass Hopper (10 days ago)
Fernando Rojas being a security is not a big deal. It only has implications in the US for which trading platforms would need to obtain a securities licence to sell crypto. Coin base now has this licence. Bitcoin would also go down in a large sell off as most platforms have coin pairing and not straight out fiat to crypto purchase. I would suggest the SEC will concentrate on setting rules for new ICO's to create a precedent for the future and re-word current coins as utility tokens thus preventing panic in the market.
Fernando Rojas (10 days ago)
How is this good news? He mentioned that bitcoin was not a security but other every alt coin has the possibility of being a security . The market will crash and money will be put everything in bitcoin . Bitcoin will only succeed
Grass Hopper (12 days ago)
Dj Robbie Rush yes but due diligence to work out all legal grey areas takes time. A bank to enter this market would need to be 110% sure and be backed by a very brave money insurer
Dj Robbie Rush (12 days ago)
Grass Hopper once regulation is in place then yes it will rise but as you say it could take many more months for these regulations to be set in place but it seems like the big institutions are preparing for it
BuyCryptoPig (12 days ago)
Dude. Tron just got added to nasdaq
BuyCryptoPig (12 days ago)
I saw a twit saying : TRON is exposed to forex market (100 fox brokers) via shift Partnership. Trx will be bridging the gap between traditional fiat currencies and cryptos . This will increase its liquidity not only the crypto-markets, but also the traditional FX markets.
David Bermudez (12 days ago)
BuyCryptoPig BOOM

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