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How Dash Reached Consensus For Bigger Blocks Within 24 Hours

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How can network-wide decisions be made when no one is in charge? Evan Duffield, lead developer of Dash, believes he's coded a governance solution for cryptocurrency. His "two tier", "masternode" model has just been used to decide that Dash's next version will double its block size cap. Check out our new channel! http://youtube.com/dashorg Connect with us! [website] http://TheDailyDecrypt.com [tweets] http://Twitter.com/TheDailyDecrypt [facebook] http://Facebook.com/TheDailyDecrypt [podcast] http://Soundcloud.com/The-LTB-Network Wanna sponsor a show? http://TheDailyDecrypt.com/Sponsorship Sponsor: The Merkle - http://themerkle.com Show links: Evan Duffield block size proposal: https://www.dashwhale.org/p/2mb-blocksize Dash's governance process, more detail: https://www.dash.org/evolution Dash wiki: https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/display/DOC/Official+Documentation Further information at Bitcoinist: http://bitcoinist.net/dash-doubles-block-size-in-less-than-24-hours Music: 'Incincerate' by Sonic Youth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rP3ovD8ZSS4 Contact us: http://TheDailyDecrypt.com/Contact Tip us! See our addresses for Bitcoin, BitcoinDark, Bitshares, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Neucoin, Nubits, Nxt, Peercoin & more at http://TheDailyDecrypt.com/Tip-Us ProTip ready: 1u9ZrWbVFkaYJ89VL3ynarQb5HUKW7zKB
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Text Comments (41)
Rodrigo Araujo (1 year ago)
if the devs has more nodes than ordinary people to vote . Dev will always win so its centralized
project10bball (2 years ago)
why was it 33%? shudnt it be 50% or greater?
sneaker321 (2 years ago)
+project10bball 33% of all masternodes must have to vote (Yes or No). And the majority (= more than 50%) of those have to vote Yes to accept the proposal.
prospero (2 years ago)
I don't know what she said , but I feel countries should only go to war over women like her.   Stack silver.
Pierre Barnard (2 years ago)
Amanda, you are awesome. I am a fellow Bitcoin enthusiast trying to build a blog/website. Please have a look and tell me your opinion. www.firstforbitcoin.com. Keep up the great work!
Curt Howland (2 years ago)
I expect that Bitcoin block-size increase would pass if the blockchain hosts were asked.
Robert Stanfield (2 years ago)
I really like the virtual corporation or professional atmosphere of dash, but I've seen comments saying there it's a scam and they instamined a lot of dash. It sort of makes me think it's less legit which defeats the purpose of why I found dash appealing in the first place.
project10bball (2 years ago)
+Robert Stanfield who cares if the founders mined alot at the start? that's actually good in that their incentives line up..they want the price to go up
Robert Stanfield (2 years ago)
+The Daily Decrypt Thanks for the link. I read more into it and it seems like an honest mistake.
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+Robert Stanfield Yes, there was an instamine. I asked Evan about it at a conference in Mexico City recently and he gave a pretty thorough response: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNZcO2vm7Jc
+Robert Stanfield If you pay me I can say that about Dash too. If you are interested then search for the official reply from Evan Duffield about the launch of the coin.
Matthew Reece (2 years ago)
I thought Friday was Amanda-Playing-Another-Character Day.
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+Matthew Reece You are one observant fella! Yes, I'd toyed with that idea myself, but wasn't feeling it this past Friday. More guest hosting is still a probability at The Daily Decrypt, however. There might even be a new one who's considering coming on the show at some point -- her name is Delilah. We'll see if she comes around.
Bitcoin (2 years ago)
nice one, i like so much dash
wanwan (2 years ago)
Bitshares has a more advanced governmental system already
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+wanwan Please, will you share more on it? I studied it a bit when it was 101 delegates using DPOS, but now that it's shifted to something different, I understand it less.
Tyler Chamberlain (2 years ago)
I'm really not a fan of the idea of monetary governance, even (especially?) in a democratic way. I'm a believer in a more Darwinian idea of currency competition, where the best-designed system is adopted based on market demand rather than consensus of a majority or special few. Still, interesting to see these competing altcoins develop. Time will tell which system is the best.
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+Tyler Chamberlain Perhaps more than one system will be"best"? That's what enthralls me most -- perhaps like shoes and cars and dog breeds, there won't be just one go-to in currency, either.
halfasheep (2 years ago)
....have been investing in DASH
ConsideringPhlebas (2 years ago)
Just sold all my Dash for a half decent profit. I only wish I'd had the capital to buy more of it below 600k. ;)
Thomas Kirwan (2 years ago)
Just as a side note, I have been enjoying your musical choices for your videos lately.
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+Thomas Kirwan Thanks! We enjoy selecting them and have compiled a soundtrack on the front page of our YouTube channel.
BCHIN (2 years ago)
Just bought my first bit of dash. I want to run a masternode but $5000 is a bit much.
Road Fox (2 years ago)
I know of this one: https://dashtalk.org/threads/splawik-s-super-shares-service.3195/
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+Road Fox Oh, that's right, I remember hearing that people were pooling their Dash to run a shared masternode! Pray tell, what are the names/links to these pool sites?
Road Fox (2 years ago)
+Backwards If you trust some people you could pool your DASHs and run a masternode you will share. There are actually functioning pools that already do that.
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+Backwards I have seen people asking around their forums if the collateral required to run a masternode will be lowered. It will be interesting to see if that happens -- seems like it would build the infrastructure further.
Tomek Samcik (2 years ago)
So intellectual !
Tomek Samcik (2 years ago)
+The Daily Decrypt Love your daily decrypts
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+Tomek Samcik much appreciate
sharperguy (2 years ago)
DASH price is skyrocketing now. Their ideas are really interesting, but I would like to see what other developers say about how secure their masternode network really is.
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+sharperguy Do share any further research you find.
screwityoutubization (2 years ago)
Wait, am I understanding that if I create a DASH inspired event where people would be taught about DASH that I could get funding to do so?
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+David de Kloet Yes, precisely, For 10 episodes. And they do pricing in Dash only, so if Dash price fluctuates up or down in relation to something like dollars, the cryptocurrency that's paid out from the blockchain remains the same.
David de Kloet (2 years ago)
+The Daily Decrypt So you got 150 DASH for the sponsorship? Cool!
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+screwityoutubization If you pay the 5 Dash to submit the proposal, and if the proposal passes the vote, then yes. The Dash blockchain then pays you automatically from its next "superblock." You can see all current budget proposals on a few websites that I know of, like http://dashwhale.org/budget.
screwityoutubization (2 years ago)
I hold a lot of DASH, due to Amanda. When will we see DASH taking over for btc on the deep, dark web? I sure hope soon.
Earthman Surfer (2 years ago)
+screwityoutubization - I hold Dash and XMR. They hedge each other. Technology speaking, XMR is superior. But who knows what the masses will choose. Always good to diversify as we can't predict the next AOL, lol.
CiP (2 years ago)
+screwityoutubization Keep dreaming.
Whats Wrong (2 years ago)
Do I have some Dash cash? Why yes I do, and when I get into some better service, I will send you a little of that!
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+Whats Wrong We are only too happy to receive it: http://thedailydecrypt.com/tip-us. Thank you!

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