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For Those Hurting from the Cryptocurrency Market Drop

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I have some perspective that you may not have considered, as well as some stories about my own crypto history you haven't heard.
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Amanda Johnson (3 months ago)
At 1:25, I believe I meant to say "45 days," as opposed to 90 days. Sometimes I learn things like 90 days and 3 months are the same thing. ;) Cheers, thanks for watching.
Max Freedom (7 days ago)
ATTN: Amanda (and all subscribers to this channel) URGENT MESSAGE: There appears to be a scammer on the channel (posing as Amanda) attempting to defraud subscribers. They are using the following deceptive email address: [email protected] Here is a copy of the bogus email that they are sending out... "i have the latest 100% real-time software update that can generate 1.5 BTC every day and soon mined bitcoin with this software so you can mine bitcoin and can invest with bictoin while bitcoin price drops high, i can help you if you are ready to learn i will teach you how to mine and generate money directly from your bitcoin wallet. I await your reply."
J G (1 month ago)
Hugely insightful! Thanks for this post !!!😌
anonymous triplesix (1 month ago)
hi Amanda :). Could you make a video or maybe atleast just tell me what you think about, why existing powers WONT stop this (r)evolution of money? Could you give me reasons that would make sence when telling them to people you wanne convince to enter this space ? I only have reasons that really would sound ridiculous in everybodies ears except mine and a few others. yet they are truth...
Kevin (2 months ago)
I Love you.💓❤💓❤💚💝💕😘💚☺💜
inna shashkova (2 months ago)
Actually SKRIK by Norwegian painter Edvard Munch :-)
Mc Lovin (16 hours ago)
She is the female Jeff Goldblum
Alma Taylor (7 days ago)
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Jordan Coinmama (9 days ago)
Hi Amanda :) How could we reach you regarding a potential business collaboration..?
Amanda Johnson (7 days ago)
Jordan Coinmama Dm me [email protected]
BluGyal (9 days ago)
Nice to see another woman in crypto sometimes it seems like a boys club...
Amanda Johnson (7 days ago)
BluGyal Dm me [email protected]
CJurasin (7 days ago)
Nice to see you back again Amanda.....especially when you said you were ending your channel a couple years ago....you were missed....(PLEASE do more)? As far as your topic today.....all I can say is HODL, people.....HODL!!
Amanda Johnson (7 days ago)
CJurasin Dm me [email protected]
Max Freedom (15 days ago)
The Big Crash may be early 2020. Five to 10 trillion market cap.
Amanda Johnson (7 days ago)
Max Freedom Dm me [email protected]
K8UR Channel (15 days ago)
AJ - I need some positive crypto talk. Please come back. Mitch
Mad Teros (16 days ago)
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The Undaunted (16 days ago)
I wanna hot chick to lower my expenses with too!!!!
The Undaunted (16 days ago)
Whomever didn't buy Facebook at 17. can't deal with BC at 8K now! Don't deserve rewards, don't talk shit later.
Max Freedom (20 days ago)
What is the best... Cryptocurrency Portfolio Manager ??? Has anyone tried... M y C r y p t o . L i v e Any other CPM suggestions?
PromotingTheBeat (23 days ago)
2:17 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Scream#/media/File:The_Scream.jpg
Michael Lagonia (24 days ago)
Killer eyes & bangs sweet cheeks
she is so beautiful. omg
Amanda Johnson (25 days ago)
Bitcoin für Deutschland thanks dm me [email protected]
Pete Diaz (1 month ago)
Hard to focus because of the beauty.
Amanda Johnson (25 days ago)
Pete Diaz dm me [email protected]
Doug thfret (1 month ago)
Excellent video! The message is spot on and timeless, actually. Great job!
Amanda Johnson (25 days ago)
Doug thfret dm me [email protected]
joyisaware (1 month ago)
thank you cryptogoddess ~∆~ the plants that hodl firmly to the ground will flourish !
Amanda Johnson (25 days ago)
joyisaware dm me [email protected]
Pixelhawk (1 month ago)
This is excellent advice that applies to all aspects of life. Sacrificing comfort and delaying gratification may not be the norm in your pocket of society, but it has to be for your phsical and financial wellbeing.
Amanda Johnson (25 days ago)
Pixelhawk dm me [email protected]
Infinito Partners (1 month ago)
Dear Amanda, We'd like to discuss advertisement opportunity on your Youtube channel. Can't seem to message you on email or Youtube If you are interested in collaborating, please send us a message on: [email protected] I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Have a fantastic day.
Thomas Harpointner (1 month ago)
Stumbled across your video about 6 weeks late. All great points. Think we're all good now! Lol 🥂
Amanda Johnson (25 days ago)
Thomas Harpointner dm me [email protected]
kaminatorXD (1 month ago)
Its always funny to watch older crypto videos where people talk about dips. The dip is over, just let the coins rest and watch the price recover. Patience is key.
hangman057 (1 month ago)
Hot smart chick! SEXY!!!!
Joe Biden (1 month ago)
Amanda B. Johnson you will end up in Jail to promote ponzi scheme coins ! You time is coming !
TheSprinklerNinja (1 month ago)
Google was shadowbanning you from me, I've been following crypto news on yt for 2 years and this is the first time you came up in my results☺
Major REX (1 month ago)
Great video.
anonymous triplesix (1 month ago)
Every sentence you speak , you back-up with your eyes. amazing!
shutin (1 month ago)
This is ACTUALLY a great video, so necessary. Thank you!
Great Big Things (1 month ago)
So basically... HODL :DDD
Bojana Mijatović (1 month ago)
Hi Amanda, is there any official email where I can contact you? Thanks
Menho Donoghue (1 month ago)
take the road less travelled!!!!!!!!!! Do you think we will see a trillion dollar market this year?
Bj Scribble (2 months ago)
You Should REALLY make some more Videos (alot more)!!!!!! :) I watch alot of dudes talk about crypto haha and I gotta say that was a very refreshing change!! love your old videos too! u should make some more ;) Your a great speaker and definitely a calling for you
buffalobills91 (2 months ago)
You are totally right- its soooo hard to resist that lizard brain. Great video as always Amanda. Sorry for all the weirdo creepers in the comments.
JUCZ TRACKS (2 months ago)
This is a great video.....I had to watch it twice because I was thinking about some point you were making and I had to come back and listen.
JUCZ TRACKS (2 months ago)
This is a great video.....I had to watch it twice because I was thinking about some point you were making and I had to come back and listen.
1337Turbogurke (2 months ago)
I used to live in the red, but since ive learnt to manage my expenses i feel alot better.. Besides apartment, electricity and that shit i only take 70€ each sunday off of my bank account.. 10€ for each day.. my halfway broken iphone 5S has a prepaid using 4€ a month.. tanning shop > 10€ a month.. 15€ Gym.. Feels so great to avoid all that bs that people want you to spend your money on ! < my english sucks penis
Adam Powers (2 months ago)
Thanks for the great advice.
Crypto Conversations (2 months ago)
Nice video
Regragui Lachhab (2 months ago)
are you married Amanda ?
Regragui Lachhab (2 months ago)
Finally Amanda is back :) i like you Amanda
Apakuki Nayacakalou (2 months ago)
Great vid! Lizard brain comment wins the internet today :-D
Justin Belt (2 months ago)
Wow! Really terrible advice!
J R (2 months ago)
Now I’ve seen it all! Why are you giving any advice, solutions, condolences or directives on Crypto? Crypto is a scam and you are not helping. Get off.
Boa Noite, Amanda. Que Deus te Abençoe!!!! Sucesso !!!!! :)
alan b (2 months ago)
Vechain. Get to know it. It’s all you’re going to hear about in 2018. Adoption is here.
Chris S (2 months ago)
Glad to have you back😘
K8UR Channel (2 months ago)
Remember? https://youtu.be/OwG4d17zzuA
K8UR Channel (2 months ago)
IF you believe in Crypto..., please make another video. Rally the troops. IF Bitcoin buyers Millennial weenies are all being psyop-ed by the MtGox dude selling his stash, how do they explain ALL cryptos are following the same Bitcoin price curves? I consider this our stand against banksters. Our stand against Central banks, corrupt fractional reserve fraud and our duty to live without being debt slaves. IF you believe this too - make that video now. Changing the World requires destroying this corrupt banking system. They finance ALL wars.
Wingman22101 Live (2 months ago)
Buy low and sell lower!
Dingo Nuts (2 months ago)
Amateura! It's a speculative asset not a dividend growth stock or a rental property, you're supposed to manage your risk by cutting your losses quickly so you don't blow up your account. Then you buy back in at a point in the future after it's shown signs of bottoming out. This is basic shit if you want to succeed in trading over the long run. Good luck with following this advice.
Elisabeth jacob (2 months ago)
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Nick T (2 months ago)
Ya and the past doesn’t have the same news as it has in the past few months so the past is absolutely irrelevant. Crypto is a world where people who don’t understand investing, cash flow generating value and market analysis love to ‘invest’....... makes sense I️ guess lol Now if you analyze the industry 1) unregulated 2) hacking of crypto accounts and stealing cryptos 3) fake ICO’s 4) bases taking money and vanishing 5) companies banning them 6) countries banning them Oh yeah it’s the future as it stands lol Sounds like religious people who say gotta have faith in God even though nothing supports it
islandsound (2 months ago)
Fuck, this is good. I live the rat race and it sucks. I have investments in the market and make money on the side from it but, spot on here for sure. Long term is the best term so no worries, I've been here before and was paid off well in the end and will be paid off well again for my patience.
Easy Eagle (2 months ago)
Sacrifice is something most people have very little experience with. Perspective is another. Hold tight! Fight the temptation to sell your future.
Andy T (2 months ago)
4:40 comment...long game, couldn't agree more!!
Home Run Crypto (2 months ago)
beautiful smile and beautiful positive energy. thank you!
K8UR Channel (2 months ago)
More Crypto please! Getting out of Bitcoin is like Bending over for Globalists.
free thepeople (2 months ago)
ive done nothing but buy this shit and loose money in my opinion its a trap my 50k is down to around 6 and I'm done shoveling money into this crap I got a shitload of worthless alt coins if the market ever comes back il be great but it dosent seem that its going to happen I'm dumping the rest of my eth for more alts tday fuck you cryptocurrency do not invest unless u dnt mind loosing every fucking dime
aisha sarwar (2 months ago)
Thank you very much for this sensible and wise advice.
Marcus Lawson (2 months ago)
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mattjordan730 (2 months ago)
Good video, awesome that you were able save like that, harder to live that way when you have a child like I do though.
mattjordan730 (2 months ago)
I just sold all my crypto for Toys R Us Stock. Hope it pans out
cigar dude (2 months ago)
I could watch her all day.
ninevolt (2 months ago)
You looked so tron / 3jane when you had shorter hair. I love it! <3 Stay beautiful and smart! You are drop dead gorgeous! I am not sure I have ever seen any girl as cute as you, ever... and the fact that you know cryptos. *sigh* sorry... don't mean to be rude... --neo
Turbo Man (2 months ago)
Amanda, thoughts on Privacy coin futures do to regulation FUD?
TeleTubby9 (2 months ago)
Your nice to look at. Me...I look like a TeleTubby.
Nadile Sanpow (2 months ago)
Don't need for them to explode now but a couple of months or year or two. I figure my grandchildren will love me. Down 87 G's now on my ROTH. Thank you for this video.
1337ghomri (2 months ago)
You look like Jennifer Jacobs
waykiwayki (2 months ago)
I live off grid - no bills - old car - but large bags of crypto :-)
Joe Mel (2 months ago)
Amanda looks like my sister in Canada, the difference is, my sister hobby is horses (guardian) and not crypto, which is sad cause she could have some for her retirement in 20 years or so
Vernon Ray (2 months ago)
Oskar Bravo (2 months ago)
Now is the time when you DOUBLE DOWN on Crypto, not sell it. If you want to generate wealth, you have to take risks. Boats are safe in the harbour, but that's not what boats are made for. Bring on the choppy waters!
Flick (2 months ago)
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theartofevolution (2 months ago)
Good video.
Claude Marais (2 months ago)
You're gorgeous.. hodling baby yeah..
Stanislaus Kaczkurkin (2 months ago)
You and I think the same. I was here for the last dark age and I made the same buy high sell low trading mistakes in my beginning. Now I just Hodl for my retirement. I can see that this "game" doesn't require nerves of steel. It just requires patience and waiting for these dark ages to load up on. Don't buy during the rising trends, just watch. When it peaks figure out if you can improve your position by a re-investment or if your better off by just Hodl'ing. But don't sell your future. Wait for the 80% plunge before you add more to your stash. Take them from the weak hands knowing that the dark ages will come to an end. Anyways, awesome video. You are very inspiring and have the same fails and strengths I have acheived and overcome. Keep up the great videos.
Farzher (2 months ago)
also, don't invest anything before paying off all possible debts you have (student loan, car loan, whatever). and never invest money that you can't afford to lose
Blockchain Gael (2 months ago)
wasuwasuwasuwasuuuuup gurl?!??!!woopwoop Good to see you back @ your vids & such :)
Ryan Humphrey (2 months ago)
Excellent advice...
Long time no see, welcome back.
tsinda alpha (2 months ago)
If i practiced your videos you made back then on daily decrypt i would have been a millionaire today . You're a crypto legend Amanda. where is your energy tho ??? what happened to you ?
Gnome Miracle (2 months ago)
I have a cappacino as a reward every so often
killboy20100 (2 months ago)
your super cute!!!
emmm70 (2 months ago)
Maybe you can consider to sell it now and buy it cheaper in a month. -----------------
Tim Ulrey (2 months ago)
Your words reflect my thoughts on the correction and having gotten in around October 2017. Keep rockin, girl. Also, it's called "hind brain"
d8niel77 (2 months ago)
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theplayernkc (2 months ago)
I have yet to sell any of my Bitcoin. I just got into it around Dec 9th 2017, not the best time to start lol. I did take some Bitcoin and trade it for IOTA and Ripple, but I traded those back into Bitcoin when they doubled in value. I do mine Ethereum and I take that and exchange it into Bitcoin. I also bought a 2 TH/s Bitcoin mining contract through Hashflare, it started out decent, but now it's not too good. When it started I was getting 0.00027434 a day after fees and now it's down to 0.00005553 a day after fees. I might have to start paying them before long.
Roy Wessbecher (2 months ago)
There you go...
Armando Garza (2 months ago)
The best woman in crypto!
ZoTrAcK (2 months ago)
I don`t know how I found your channel but I love your optimism! Subbed
Yasam Farooq (2 months ago)
Wow shes hot😍😗
Marty ES (2 months ago)
Your invisalign is very nice
Marty ES (2 months ago)
I'm hurting from watching this video
Sunny Jessy (2 months ago)
I think GIG9 ico is going to be a big one . Great team from Oxford University. Just visited the website . Whitelist is open to win generous bonus .
Cyrus Talladen (2 months ago)
#cryptotherapist 😂
Natan Zipper (2 months ago)
I will overcome my lizard brain
Nocturne (2 months ago)
What is a crypto?
Cryptofox (2 months ago)
I'm in crypto since 2013, in my own experience looking at the future, I'm invested in 2 coins BTC and IOTA
B Plancher (2 months ago)
You are sexy .
Jacob011 (2 months ago)
Amanda B. Johnson you're so quirky! I like it!

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