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WHAT ΗAPPENED TO CRYPTOS LIΚE ELECTRONEUM - WILL ΤHEY RΙSE ΑGAIN? ➥ HOW TO INVEST IN CRYPTOCURRENCIES - http://bit.ly/2CJ8a7I ➥ NEED BUSINESS PRODUCTS OR TRAINING? - http://bit.ly/2sM5LVE Curiosity Ρiqued? Watch more videos and documentary here on my channel. Also, check out my hosted website for more great topics like this one here!
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Text Comments (174)
FuccYou PayMe (2 days ago)
*sound the trumpet We say it's dead because we can read. 300k volume with 7 billion coins. 3.5 mill 24hr volume in cryptopia...McAfee shill..then fugazi. Once they started their cluster fuckery the volume is bye bye ..the longer they wait the less money it gets. Miner will still be adding coins...venders will get free coins....where is the value in a currency coin when they get it free. Dead. R.I.P. ETN
jjjjjjjjjj (1 day ago)
you are one hell of a dumb ass
Elena Pereu (3 days ago)
Code 2FD986 for ETN.
Samarth Agrawal (3 days ago)
Etn Prediction end of the year what are your opinion
Pun Jab I (3 days ago)
Other coins have weird CEOs and do absolutely nothing after years of being in existence. ETN is actually doing something.
Alexandru Zamfir (4 days ago)
Add this Code please: 43ABEF
Agustin Vasquez (5 days ago)
check out silent notary
Unlimited Uploads (6 days ago)
Asic miners for cryptonight, ETN stayed cryptonight, and Monero changed to Cryptonight V7 now that miners has mined a crapload of the ETN with asics that does 220 kh/s w/e a RX580 does 0.7 - 0.9 kh/s or 700-900 h/s if you prefer that. basically one of the asics r the same as 300 rx580's. and aslong ETN is staying like this it wont go back up. this is also old news so ur just outdated.
David Hall (7 days ago)
I thought you were some kind of Christian. What's with all the profanity??
Jesus Christhole (7 days ago)
Their mobile mining isn't even real, it's simulated. Another shitcoin that will be flushed out
Andriy Roma (7 days ago)
So where is a CRITICAL BREAKOUT? You are full of shit. All you do is speculate. I only feel bad for your subscribers that listen to you. In reality you have nothing voluble give to your audience, at least some youtubers do TA, but you can't do shit, just speculate. JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE A LOT OF SHIT COIN, IT DOES'T MEAN YOU CAN PROMOTE TO PEOPLE IN HOPE IT WILL GO UP
pd craft (7 days ago)
Go spend time with your kids...
Nathaniel King (7 days ago)
You know Apple ban mining apps rip etn
Ryan Ferry (7 days ago)
I have been down on ETN ever since the mobile Miner was just gimic.
Vlastimil Čech (8 days ago)
Wow thanks you can check my excel :) a lot of work and links graphs etc about ETn grow in time: https://twitter.com/cechv2/status/1006507391205171200
rob andone (8 days ago)
ETN is a shitcoin
Foomanlol (8 days ago)
All these justifications is just to make people feel better about their investments. The only thing that matters about ETN is the price and the price sucks. It doesn't matter what coin your are invested in as long as it makes money. Why did Michael Stoillare choose ETN to associate with? Because its a hype coin with lots of moonboy followers just like verge.
Mr. World Free-Man (8 days ago)
All they have to do is market "free money to pay phone bill". to the welfare queens, and baby mommas and the price will surge for good.
Biff Bifford (8 days ago)
BTC is going to $4,xxx later this year. Wall St and the BIG banks will drive it there. It has already been decided. PS: investigate Jamie Dimon.
Tony Tony (8 days ago)
ELECTRONEUM is dead dude, my 150 Euros is gone, not to much, Im ok with hes dead..
S M (8 days ago)
very very dead coin
Crypto Doctor (1 day ago)
Wrong!!! It's a very, very, very, very dead coin!!!! ETN is not, not dead!!!
Jostein Jørgensen (8 days ago)
What about the fiatmoney you gain from the cryptomarket in des/jan. If you convert from crypto to fiat...over to your bank account, are you supposed to pay tax on them, before you buy more...lets say 3 months later?
Martin Thomsen (8 days ago)
Users, users , users - once contracts take effect we will go to the moon, 100 mil users guys ETN!
Eduardo Estilar Jr. (8 days ago)
No one gives a f$%ck about steem.. LOL god bruv you are clueless, really. Join Steemit and see how much cash is to be made and how many make tons., PS Steem is down NOT UP another BS 'analysis' by you. Lay off the drugs bruv ;) and stop smoking and talking SMACK!
Steem Eos and NEO are not following the 'graphs' ????we call it a trend FYI and secondly you must be on good crack cocaine they are all down to say they are going up when every coin is DOWN one can only assume you are high or on some other planet. PS binance coin is the only coin holding its ground the rest are ALL DOWN wake up son!
Michael Thomas (8 days ago)
Check your email. Subscription paid!
The Nitruc (8 days ago)
How is handing out free ETN to mobile phone users going to make the price go up. If the only use case for ETN is to give people a discount on there bill then that creates a mass amount of people just selling etn for gains to put towards their phone bill. Sell orders do not bring the price up. Buy orders bring the price up. People are not buying it to get that discount. Doesnt add up.
NEXT TV ROMANIA (8 days ago)
86A97F use this code on mobile mining for 10 ETN free !
ETN 2 moon (8 days ago)
Top 10 in 2 years
Sirzippy zipps (8 days ago)
I love etn even tho im at an huge loss now. But i know that it will be an winner in the end! I just had to invest more in to it!:)
MK (8 days ago)
"I love etn even tho im at an huge loss now. But i know that it will be an winner in the end! I just had to invest more in to it!:) " congratulation you just defined the definition of insanity....................""Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"
Metal Piece (8 days ago)
BIX BNB KCS ONT. Only coins I fuck with Now.
Sarif Uddin (8 days ago)
check peepcoin out
MK (8 days ago)
ETN = JUNK ......Ed was right great call ED
MK (8 days ago)
Way back then I left a comment on that video that, "ETN will be lucky to be worth 35 peanuts by the end of March." Can you buy 35 peanuts with .01 cents?
John Thompson (8 days ago)
RJ Markoe its noobs like you that have no business in the crypto world. So many of you fell for that $35 by March BS. I knew from day one this was a 2 yr minimum project. So you bought in December & thought you would get the Lambo before the summer lmao
RJ Markoe (8 days ago)
MK that's nice for ed but how I plan to make my gains is from holding this coin not Flippin it. U and Ed can go circle jerk each other while discussing ur next coin.
MK (8 days ago)
I know it is very painful to know you are holding worthless shit coin.......Maybe ETN will open a therapy group for all you sheep who held this shit coin to 0, then CMC de-listing......RIP ETN..............Everyone can sit in a huge circle and suck your thumbs, rock back and forth and share your stories of how much you lost............
John Thompson (8 days ago)
What I want to know is, can you get ed all the way in the back of your throat?
Check out the new website. Huge things coming. And for those that think etn isn't going anywhere has obviously not been paying attention!!!
phillymorris (9 days ago)
Etn ain’t had a good time lately, but I can’t help think blocking and banning people with concerns is going to raise the fud ,! Richard needs to be more present
Just MeMe (9 days ago)
The cell phone generation dove into Electroneum. "Long term" is a week. Bitcoin went to $1000, back down to $100 in 2014. The skittish cell phone kids are exiting. Meanwhile, Mick from "AllAboutTech" said that Electroneum is catching fire in India. Handing out mass samples to un-banked parts of the world was the business plan to begin with, not pleasing soy boy drama queens in America.
thomas luck (9 days ago)
I'm with you, Daddy, hope we're right
Tomas Velicka (9 days ago)
I think its really big manipulation on btc especially when it comes to suport levels....i really do lads..who the hell can dump a big portion of btc at 6.6k at the edge of suport line?...
Devin Salmon (9 days ago)
After the market bs this year I doubt we get a q4 rally even a tenth of last years.
R C (9 days ago)
steem is crap and so is EOS
Vas1984 (9 days ago)
People need to calm down. EOS is down more than ETN % wise in the past 24hrs. The market will recover.
Vas1984 (8 days ago)
Vanguardas Vucava , You must have a very busy lifestyle to have the time to watch "shitcoin" videos. Not like im relying on ETN alone. I have heaps of other coins in my portfolio so im good either way
Vanguardas Vucava (8 days ago)
EOS surpassed its all time high during the bear market. ETN is down 95% as Kent says. Don't compare your shitcoin with EOS. EOS doesn't deserve it.
Kent Mccroskey (8 days ago)
ETN is down 95% from it's highs. Good projects aren't bleeding like ETN.
Jim Nielsen (9 days ago)
Cryptos are fucked for the next couple of years to come. Bitcoin just broke through the long term uptrend. The market is fucked. If you want to make money now, then sell what you got and open a short position.
adda plaster (9 days ago)
Electroneum is kinda dead. But give it 3 years to go up
Joe Amor (9 days ago)
adda plaster how can it be dead? They havent even launched their platform yet to their target audience. You have a very uneducated opinion, just like all the other stupid comments with no substance.
Deplorable Patriot (9 days ago)
I purchased some EOS the other day just to watch it fall the last couple days! Smh
atiyeh american (9 days ago)
Be honest, Are you Uber driver?
atiyeh american (8 days ago)
maybe, he only pickup one person in front seat
RJ Markoe (8 days ago)
atiyeh american how is he an Uber driver with car seats in the back?
Steven Howarth (9 days ago)
Pure speculation, nothing more, nothing less.
Andriy Roma (7 days ago)
rain beturns (9 days ago)
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Altka MNG (9 days ago)
KuCoin 2018 Russian World Cup Champion Quiz Promotion Round ONE! Join us and win 12 BTC! https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=1Nt8M
Stephen (9 days ago)
Thoughts on Ripple xrp
Ricardo Dasilva (8 days ago)
Good time to buy ... and hodl and hug it like a baby for the next 5 years
Joe Amor (9 days ago)
Ive only got two nipples
John Thompson (9 days ago)
RUwatching ripple is a shit coin of all shit coins. Glad I dumped mine at $3.00
RUwatching (9 days ago)
Now this will be a game changer and the moon and beyond
Christopher Koumi (9 days ago)
Nice video. Electroneum strategy can not be faulted. 1.7 million users already.
phillymorris (8 days ago)
Erm, it doesn’t matter how many users you have. If companies don’t sign up because they don’t trust the tec and the company it has no use!. They have already lost 3 deals
U forgot that there is no marketing and no bigger exchange. I think this things are very important! I like your videos !
Notonebuttwo Othman (9 days ago)
I don’t know why would anyone ask you to talk about a specific coin ! You don’t know shit
Kalecimus (9 days ago)
For those who think Electroneum is a dead coin, don't they realise bitcoin did all sort of funny things before it took off?
Just MeMe (8 days ago)
Thin skin, sorry. No conspiracy. Not sure why ETN's future hangs on a Samsung deal. They already inked several "carrier" deals, like XIUS. With ETN I assume the Rothschild "bankster" deep state, like the China deep state, may pump ETN as well. They are based in London. "Sir Richard Ells" sounds like another script, but one that pumps it to lofty (though, artificial) heights; just as the Chinese may pump TRON and NEO for political control reasons. The U.S. and U.K. collaborate in their false flag operations. I think "Sir Richard Ells" is an MI6 actor. MI6 works with NGOs like Serco and Rothschild cut-outs. There was an MI6 actor uncovered at the Charlottesville psy-op, for example. Charlottesville was 100% psy-op. There probably were only 10 people there who weren't on a government or NGO payroll. Astro-turf City. "The BCI Conference", in fact, might be a "bankster" cut-out operation. On the more skeptical side, I would like to see that "patent". Where's the link to that "patent". More fluffy script, perhaps? Regardless, if ETN is designed to suppress 20 coins like it, so be it. As you can see, I'm in no way emotionally attached. I'm just getting inside the heads of the deep state reptilian class. If you watch Bix Weir _et al,_ EOS has a deep state funk to it as well; the deep state pedo-perv funk.
MK (8 days ago)
LOL.........smart move to change the subject and topic off ETN. I am done here anyway. Good day All.
Just MeMe (8 days ago)
Well, the deep state is certainly the "banksters". My thought about TRON and NEO is, the Chinese dictator might want to use the state to pump-up the Chinese "heavy hitters" to maintain some type of currency control. I expect the Chinese deep state to pump those coins. China and Russia are two of just a handful of countries not beholden to the Rothschilds. They should be pumping the snot out the Rothschild-killing crypto currencies. I'm betting they will. Korea, too.
MK (8 days ago)
"Just MeMe " so knowing the "Deep State" has their hands in the pot. What do you think would happen if Samsung or any other company tried to team up with ETN? the Deep State would go to Samsung and say if you work with these guys/ETN we will have to expose you for collaborating with known criminals...........................
Just MeMe (8 days ago)
Yes, the narrative really beat you over the head. If Stollaire slips away with just a wrist slap, we'll know it was the deep state Neo-Bolshevik "bankster" pimps at work.
Tommy LogancityO2S (9 days ago)
umm the same thing that's happened to everything else.
Random Guy (9 days ago)
Omg Crypto YouTubers don't know shit
Kiran (9 days ago)
Etn is time wasting
Joe Amor (9 days ago)
Kiran you are the definition of a time waster
John Thompson (9 days ago)
Kiran then why you wasting your fucking time watching an Etn video, then wasting more time to comment? Now you have to waste more time to respond to my post, then to respond again after I respond to your response. lmao
William Leather (9 days ago)
less risk ...stay close to the top 15 cryptos on the list. . . ( Tron , Ripple , Cardano ) . . good luck to you. . .
Vas1984 (9 days ago)
I agree except for tron
jm8691 (9 days ago)
It's hard for me to take people seriously when they use non-words like 'eckspesshaly' and 'irrugardlezz'.
We will see a shake off of these overvalued coins Invest in technology and gamble on some fresh currency coins
jjjjjjjjjj (9 days ago)
Ant C (9 days ago)
Modum looks good too
Dejan 8 (9 days ago)
Beting against ETN is same as beting against smartphones. That monster is growing in thousands of users daily. And one day you will just wake up and see it in top 5
Foomanlol (7 days ago)
John Smith, yes the whole market dumps, then a decent amount of those coins at least respond and recover some during an uptrend. ETN just gets worse and worse. Look at the chart. It looks exactly like a chart that people have lost interest in the project, its been flat lined for months.
John Smith (7 days ago)
Foomanlol Lol the whole market is going down if you didn’t notice smart guy l
Foomanlol (7 days ago)
John Smith, what does it do that other coins don't? Oh that's right, only goes down in price LMFAO.
MK (8 days ago)
ETN #100 about to drop out of top 100.........you guys are funny as hell........RIP ETN...........Que horns..........
John Smith (8 days ago)
s trav Do you believe everything you read on the internet? Myself and others have tried it ourselves and have seen that the tech does in fact work
THE R J (9 days ago)
I predict Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, or one of the other Top 10 coins & Electroneum, will sign a partnership deal, because of the instant payment and subscription patent, Electroneum have, and can install any other coin on that platform, will become a Huge deal to other coins, because thats whats needed, to become mass adopted. I predict, This will happen after the BCI SUMMIT.
Shawn Shirley (9 days ago)
The fudders that say it's dead make off the wall comments backed by nothing. Please do tell, why is it dead? I want to hear this. But be careful what you say because your ignorance can and will be exposed :)
MK (8 days ago)
1. incompetence from day 1
Chaz Scott (9 days ago)
The coin is not alive. =) lol.
Phone Only (9 days ago)
Of course they will lol. overall more and more money will always be flowing into crypto
EFX on NEO. Big things coming
pepper rock (9 days ago)
what your opinipn Restart Energy (MWAT)? can you please check out
SSgt Of Marines (9 days ago)
ELCTRONEUM Enables a new 3 trillion dollar market: https://electroneum.com/
s trav (9 days ago)
Lol. 1 cent. Allot has happened with etn. They forked and it was a big mess. Bug after bug. People not getting their mined coins. Everyone is pissed. It’s a failed coin
Not FaZe Worthy (3 days ago)
Why not just reset the difficulty? Instead of wasting everyone's time and tellimg people to mine at a loss for now? we will not be their every time they mess up to help
Do you understand why they hired the renting power? if not a tip : to drop the difficulty faster so transactions and the blockcahin as a whole to go back to normal faster
strange thought, me and everyone else I know interested / invested in ETN never had a issue, after the fork the difficulty was sky high due to the ASIC miners and thus transactions were left behind , after the difficulty dropped and transactions blocked picked up everything worked fine, what I can see in twitter and FB post is too much impatience and little understanding
s trav (5 days ago)
+Heretus L' barra an'ar i’ve been following ETN for a year. Have you seen the Twitter responses after the fork? it’s all upset people who never got the coins mined,almost every post on Facebook and Twitter is from people upset because they didn’t get their coins. I’m sorry it’s a failed coin. I love investing in risky new projects but this one has proven to be a turd in every way.
Not FaZe Worthy (5 days ago)
Heretus L' barra an'ar Who the hell expected lambos? You call renting power from nicehash succesful?
Suspect Two (9 days ago)
I'm still waiting for the critical breakout...in a day or two.
Andriy Roma (7 days ago)
Digiclear 333 (9 days ago)
Ncash is a great buy at this price
P A (9 days ago)
ETN will be huge in the end...
Saying you have deals is totally different than actually having them
Foomanlol (4 days ago)
Dude, Titanium said they had all these partnerships and deals and turns out they have nothing. Its easy to get a patent if you have the money, and it could be a useless patent for all we know. What are the details of these business deals anyways? If you want business deals and partnerships, look at Ripple.
Rünno Randmaa (5 days ago)
if u look at cryptospace every1 got their little partnerships brewing, that is nothing special. ETN is centralized and insta payments for centralized networks are nothing new aswell. that PoS part to every coin is laughable argument.i mean u gotta be trolling right? have u heard any decent coins out there did fishy marketing schemes with fake mining, only to get people "joining the network" aka user growth? where is the used case gonna be? what is gonna really create demand for ETN? nobody cares about centralized insta payment networks, because it already existed before bitcoin even,without crypto model.it doesnt solve any real life problem aswell.lets be real, still a shitcoin u can ask any1 who has decent knowledge in crypto space about ETN, they will tell u the same
So having (already) signed 11 business deals and have a patent for insta payments that apply to every PoS and every coin out there and having a usage growth that surpasses Facebook has "nothing special about" ok , can you please tell me of another coin that has already signed business deals so I can buy in now that the market is down ? Thank you
Rünno Randmaa (7 days ago)
etn is like every other shitcoin,nothing special about why they should be big.if market blows upwards , everything gonna get pumped.
Ulises Bernales (9 days ago)
Storiqa also is good it doesnt follow a trend it goes up by itself
Caleb Bryson (9 days ago)
Etn is not dead. Every coin is down. And most people have this false reality that etn was supposed to be a top coin with only a few months of operation. No coin ever started off like that unless it had publicity from other big coins
Caleb Bryson (1 day ago)
Crypto Doctor every coin was up and then took a s*** right back down lol. So it just further proves my point from before. Just sell your etn people if you dont want to deal with it. When it gets big me and other will enjoy the profits.
Caleb Bryson (1 day ago)
SaleDaddy1 I agree, my comment was towards the people bashing ten with no context.
Crypto Doctor (1 day ago)
Yep, now every coin is up, except ETN, it sits and does nothing!!!
FuccYou PayMe (2 days ago)
Caleb Bryson a shill from fugazi and John McAfee.... doesn't really get better than that. It's dead. Lol.
Pun Jab I (3 days ago)
Caleb Bryson faggots forget how old Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum are. Or they do not know how old they are.
Phillip Thomas (9 days ago)
What exchanges are decent at end of year clogging? I'm concerned w cryptopia w Dec sell offs
Deplorable Patriot (9 days ago)
Phillip Thomas binance
Todd Schultz (9 days ago)
Total Shit Coin
logos (9 days ago)
https://youtu.be/cnyLhcdRdUc whats peoples views on this vid? he certainly gets you thinking...!
eyesee76 (9 days ago)
Electronium Is a dead ender
Joe Amor (9 days ago)
Oh yes a dead ender that is a front row speaker at the BCI summit in New York. Nice one fudster
Rudy Branch (9 days ago)
eyesee76 you can't even spell it
Mike Jones (9 days ago)
It's dead
Crypto Doctor (1 day ago)
"Rubbish they're working harder than ever and hard work will always pay off eventually" Ever heard the idiom "kicking a dead horse"?... no matter how hard you kick it or how long you kick it, it's a dead horse, and it's not going to get up and run!!! So, hard work means jack shit!!!
Pun Jab I (3 days ago)
Mike Jones follow the news FAGGOT! At least know the news before spewing FAGGOTY SHIT, FAGGOT! Trolling retards like you are utterly worthless!
Ramen Dude (7 days ago)
How is it lol. Butthurt idiot who sold with loss
Crypto Ronin Dude (8 days ago)
Noob on the loose.
Cryptomekings (8 days ago)
Mike Jones this guy must be a newbie or just dumb
Bryan Santamaria (9 days ago)
Last time I was this early, the marketcap was at 750 billion.
eXXposed.org (9 days ago)

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