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Singapore's Gambling Problem: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Singapore's anti-gambling ads had one critical flaw. They made gambling seem too awesome. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Text Comments (957)
ErakTic (9 hours ago)
Lol I’m real life friends with the Germany kid
thefootienut (2 days ago)
Thumbs up if you're here after Mexico beat Germany 1-0 in their Group Stage opener
Ronny Fung (2 days ago)
Dear Andy's Dad once again please let's us know who is the camp in world cup 2018 Thanks
D Leong (5 days ago)
My dad bet China will beat America in a trade war.
josh100CH (6 days ago)
I was really surprised by the fact that in Singapore they stood in line to buy lottery tickets. Some of those people work in the financial sector, please do the maths, it doesn‘t add up.
Callie Masters (7 days ago)
The kid says "Dad bet all my savings...". How much savings does a grade school kid have anyways? Maybe $100 in birthday money?
姚澜 (12 days ago)
What did I just watch lmaoooo
Yew Moon Lee (17 days ago)
The anti-gambling people betted on the wrong team.
Jove Oddo (27 days ago)
If I could foresee the future, I would just bet on this shit
Akshay Vasant (1 month ago)
Why do the kids have an American accent in Singapore? And why does it look like that they are sitting in Central Park?
Jomarcenter Media (1 month ago)
Forget the Simpsons. Singapore should make more ads like this it can predict the future
Walter Ishere (1 month ago)
Hi, I'm looking for Andy's dad. Is he around?
Diego Barron (1 month ago)
I think it was the law of irony
Jeffrey Tan (1 month ago)
finally John Oliver is onto Singapore ! welcome John !
Bloo Stratosphere (1 month ago)
I am from singapore 😔
Zachary Matthew James (1 month ago)
Did his dad bet that the Philadelphia Eagles would win the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots?
edwar edward toh (1 month ago)
SO BAd I am Singapore
Malcolm Neo (1 month ago)
4 years has passed. World Cup 2018
Fixed Matches (2 months ago)
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Caleb Heffenger (2 months ago)
You're great, but fuck you on this.
Sarah Trachtenberg (2 months ago)
Just because you're good at gambling doesn't mean you should dress your kid like a pimp. Or even a 1980s douchebag.
Black Rod (10 days ago)
The douchebag dresses itself.
Squkidude05 (2 months ago)
Is this the power of Ultra Instinct?
Nina Claes (2 months ago)
Distinction satellite combine dgyiq beginning example heart museum site close eliminate number relative
Tung LaMMie- (2 months ago)
This is priceless
Alex Larson (2 months ago)
They really should have done the ad after the games. That kids college savings probably probably has millions of dollars in it! 😂😂
Jorge Naranjo (3 months ago)
How about 16 seed UMBC beats 1 seed Virginia ?
은재 (3 months ago)
Sailor Barsoom (3 months ago)
Chin up, kid: at least the government isn't executing your dad.
Rich Stoddard (3 months ago)
The guy making these should start gambling
K Bye (3 months ago)
blurry face (3 months ago)
Why are people so insular and insensitive about such matters? Especialy Americans.
lee yi xian (3 months ago)
Adrian (4 months ago)
I wonder if his dad bet on the Eagles to beat the Patriots.
Emily Robinson (4 months ago)
Who’s his mom? The Oracle of Delphi? Damn.
flowergirl (4 months ago)
Jason Nge (5 months ago)
Well Singapore doesn't even care about American football
Varun menon (5 months ago)
I'm gonna GAMBLE in Singapore now 😂
Grey Wind (5 months ago)
Jesus John! I chocked on my croissant
Piper D (5 months ago)
Dad rolled a fucking nat 20 on perception
Bihan Das (5 months ago)
Richest sad person since Kristen Stewart.rofl
I loved the ad, tbh
DiZax (5 months ago)
I Hate Singapore Government Yeah
Lightning Widget (5 months ago)
Also, did anyone think the March commercial kid was a girl at first?
Lightning Widget (5 months ago)
If they made a commercial on the first kids dad betting on Trump signing the tax bill (which happened), im gonna flip a table
Leon Chin (6 months ago)
Jon needs to tear Singapore a new asshole. Please Jon. Im Singaporean myself. You need to get in there
Anker Larsson (6 months ago)
Shut up andy
Laverne Blaszczyk (6 months ago)
That little kid pimping out at the end was such a great actor!! Lol slicked back hair and everything
Ishan Bansal (6 months ago)
Ayo MyMayo (6 months ago)
The child actors are actually hella good
Ihraz Bhuiyan (6 months ago)
Singapore basically proved Gambling is only a problem if you are bad at it. If you have decent luck its verry successful high paying career.
The Man (6 months ago)
1:43 pre bit coin 3:01 after bitcoin
ZzZzTHEFLAMEZzZz (6 months ago)
If your dad bets all your savings, beat him up.
Marcos Orduno (6 months ago)
Holly shit i got start watching this commercials
BigDad138 (6 months ago)
As an everyday sports gambler I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes
RDZ Pyrex (6 months ago)
1:40 uh really?
Wintermute01001 (6 months ago)
So the guys who made the anti-gambling commercial were basically betting on someone.
Adlat Atoya (6 months ago)
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Greg Wilson (6 months ago)
As a Dad, I approve this message.
Rab (6 months ago)
Fox (6 months ago)
Did anybody's dad bet on Trump winning elections
Ishaan Basu (6 months ago)
I remember seeing it somewhere before, I found the message was very strong.
Owen Fitzgerald (6 months ago)
John was air wanking at the end :P
Tobi Makkura (7 months ago)
I'm fucking dead XD!!
NOBEL DJ (7 months ago)
Summy, let daddy gamble
Abhay Kshirsagar (7 months ago)
His father has sports almanac just like in back to the future
Gurkirpa Sarao (7 months ago)
I <3 John Oliver
Michael Kokot (7 months ago)
My dad bet UK would leave the EU and Trump would win, I'm posting this comment from our new yacht
I don't make any sense (8 months ago)
Singapore has a great math system but I guess they didn't do good in statistics
prism560 (8 months ago)
our country is never really good at making anything outstanding. it either cringe stereotype or chicken rice. so it not a surprise it doesn't make good ads too. but nonetheless, glad to see john Oliver mention us!
Kenneth Neo (8 months ago)
im singaporean ayyy
KC NotQuiteHD (8 months ago)
Someone really should’ve told these guys to make the commercial after the game and just shot it twice for either outcome
Zac Tam (8 months ago)
I’m Singaporean
ryon kachi (8 months ago)
maybe you should do a piece on Nigeria's mega churches. it'll be worth
josephtan1818 (8 months ago)
十赌九诈,不赌为赢,烂赌必输。if translated to english: 10 time the gamble and the 9 time you lose, quit to win it back, problem gambler must lose.
Robert Garci (8 months ago)
Im Gonna follow Singapore gambling ads for my betting from now on...
Toaster (8 months ago)
"i'm gunna be homeless and die in a shopping cart" whh did i laugh at this so much?
Ihraz Bhuiyan (8 months ago)
this just shows that gambling is only a problem if you lose. if you win then you dont have a gambling problem you have a high paying career.
shrivathsan margam s (9 months ago)
That last ad must be fake. It has American currency instead of Singapore currency.
katsist (9 months ago)
When they chose a country to win the World Cup they should have picked England or Honduras.
Ascent (9 months ago)
Problem gambling is awful but this was such a good bit and these young actors?! Wow!
Ovin (9 months ago)
His name is Andy
Zennoix riel3620 (9 months ago)
Why american accent tho?
Lonsdaleite Politics (9 months ago)
1:53 - Not in Singapore. If you're homeless, you can be assured that no one will see you, you probably won't even be homeless if this happens.
Pratya Divanandha (9 months ago)
Whipcream Gaming (10 months ago)
Obsession is treatable. You can get help. Consult a therapist today.
Damn. This is gold.
STACIA LAWYER (10 months ago)
I'm Singaporean and I'm not even mad lmao
Jhendka P. (10 months ago)
Fuck yeah I remember I bet on Germany too!
Kerk Tai Yong (10 months ago)
Omg this again
Picnic Basket Sam (11 months ago)
one of those kids in the fake ads is in the PBS kids' show Odd Squad. 😂😂😂😂
clevername333 (11 months ago)
Bro, Singapore is Boooooorrrring. Let them gamble..
faiz abbas (11 months ago)
My question is since when does Singapore care about the Super Bowl
Sebastian Rodriguez (11 months ago)
How the fuck are you pronouncing "advertisements" O.O
Aki Tsuki (11 months ago)
Those three ads at the end are fake. Singapore doesn't have that rock nor the playground
Arcadian (11 months ago)
And now the Cubs have won a World Series.
tarui (11 months ago)
Hello from Singapore
clement goh (1 year ago)
U can tell the difference between the redone ad and the original, the singlish is strong with the original
Black Rod (10 days ago)
There wasn't an ounce of Singlish in the advert. The kids just had a local accent. Singlish has been abhorred by the government and I'm certain they've not used it in official adverts.
Robbie Norris (1 year ago)
ANDY: guys, my Dad's Anime and Gambling addictions are getting out of hand, he bet everything we had that Ash Ketchum will lose six Pokémon Leagues in a row, but place Second in the sixth league... (Andy proceeds to physically *Drown* in money as the sad piano music plays.)
Nabin Kalauni (1 year ago)
'I'm from wherever the fuck and I approve of whatever the fuck you do.'
Bobby Fisher (1 year ago)
His dad probably bet Trump would win the presidential election

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