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Life as a crypto trader

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full https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KV5QlSgq7lg
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altamix_ (1 day ago)
Stolen vid. Check Bizonacci
̲ (1 month ago)
This video belongs to Bizonnacci
Ardzeiks (1 month ago)
̲ yea. I found it on 9gag, but I added original source, people seem to find it with this name
Julian Rodriguez (1 month ago)
The Tiny Meat Gang brought me here.
Lil Comment (6 days ago)
Lol Man (1 month ago)
Every time a crptokike kills himself i rejoice.
Wander Júnior coelho (1 month ago)
MetalMeth69 (2 months ago)
Me today on litecoin smh.
Thisa GuyOkay (3 months ago)
Where is full length video?
Hugo Nobre (3 months ago)
That's what happens if u don't know how to trade.
DW0111 (3 months ago)
he bod se dip
Barnaby Hart (3 months ago)
full vid?
Ardzeiks (3 months ago)
I Have Lithp (3 months ago)
They c all ur actions and behaviors more precisely thanks to the public ledger.
Young Fibonacci (4 months ago)
word i feel you on that
Randy Hilarski (4 months ago)
I dying over here!
AVenged13m (4 months ago)
The Words they using are gold ,lol I can't stop watching this.when I first got into crypto and daytraded as a complete newbie,I got destroyed exactly like that
Bicu Alexandru (3 months ago)
watching this makes me feel so much better after just like you, got totally REKT day trading.
Carl Edward Sagan (4 months ago)
This will go viral.
Vortex3322 (4 months ago)
Steven Clauson (4 months ago)
Why did you cut the ending?
Ghost of GG (4 months ago)
"His avake" "Crashit" Ahaha
Minux (4 months ago)
*GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH* "He's trying to kill imself"
wisniewg (4 months ago)
Love ir
Korcan Karaokçu (4 months ago)
*_m a s t e r ?_*
Wyrdak (4 months ago)
that is me, exactly
Dean Bay (4 months ago)
first of the many viewers
Izzul Aizad (4 months ago)
Lol 9gag

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