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DOJ inspector general finds 'insubordinate' behavior by Comey: report

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Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton discusses the problems surrounding former FBI Director James Comey and how former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is seeking immunity from testifying in a congressional hearing over the Hillary Clinton email scandal.
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Jane Dough (2 days ago)
So he's been chided for being "insubordinate" .... ..... boy THAT'LL teach him!!! /me rolls my eyes.
Jimmy Toetoe (5 days ago)
You want to know what's really going on in the ig report? Watch fox news not fake news CNN
Eric Peterson (5 days ago)
Lets see?....Comey new about the the "FAKE" Russian collusion helping Trump get elected a year before he reports it after the election... failed to report this to the public and press...YET reports on Killery twice...last time 10 days before the election and Fox reports some deep state mumbo-jumbo that was actually a joke? Nobody sees what Comey did actually help Trump win the election???
InTheNameOfJustice (5 days ago)
No reasonable IG would call Comey the crook a crook
Ken Hiett (5 days ago)
Comey is an insubordinate leaker and a liar....Change my mind.
Randall Lannon (5 days ago)
McCabe is still trying to "Weasel his way into a big monthly check; KEEP DREAMING!!!!!
John Hanson (6 days ago)
Insubordinate behavior is like going out for a beer without your wife's permission. Coordinating with your boss to subordinate the law is not insubordinate behavior it is UNLAWFUL BEHAVIOR.
jay mcdan (8 days ago)
Who is looking at Comey/McCabes family member bank accounts to see the big pay offs?
Suze LeRoy (9 days ago)
The IG report hasn't been released yet so ..... this is just unauthorized sources words being analyzed! why not wait until the report is released then you have facts vs rumors/leaks, etc!!!
Mike Marley (9 days ago)
Sorry Mr.President the msm is neck deep in this crap and are just as guilty as all the rest of the swamp rats,disgusting people.
Mike Marley (9 days ago)
No deals piss on that let the chips fall man .
Mike Marley (9 days ago)
Thank You Mr.Fitton you are doing a great job,please don't stop digging.
Steve A (10 days ago)
Someone somewhere has all their emails , phone logs , texts and related documents . I'm sure the shred fest has been going on for the last 2 years , deleting emails , hard drives etc etc . But someone has it all and is just waiting in the wings to drop the hammer
Bev Power (10 days ago)
Never trusted Horowitz
venuerocker (10 days ago)
The crooks use terms like "insubordinate" (criminal activity) and "lack of candor" (perjury) because they don't intend on bringing any of their fellow crooks to justice. They're just as corrupt as the crooks!!
brian champney (11 days ago)
Surprise, surprise, the IG wont come out with much and some on FOX will be upset and make all their viewers upset. LOL
Susan Lowell (11 days ago)
Why give immunity to a known liar? There appears to be enough to prosecute all the top FBI brass.
The Truther (11 days ago)
is 'insubordinate" even a criminal charge ? ,...... I think not ! the IG report is a sham already .I predict much redaction and the word " MATTER " included to avoid criminal charges
Dave Kuebler (11 days ago)
Hang all that are corrupt and start over!
Chris Reigns (11 days ago)
Fox News is as lame and stupid as any other news outlet. If Fox is your only source you are dreadfully uninformed and cleverly misinformed.
Felix Niederhauser (11 days ago)
Dont bring these criminals and traitors before congress. Arrest them, put them in custody,then investigate and charge them before they run! POTUS & Team= MAGA against all the odds.
David Doran (11 days ago)
Put them all in jail.
raedwulfone (11 days ago)
The Household put the Dog in charge of the Investigation of "Who crapped on the living room floor".....
Jeff Mills (12 days ago)
DC leaks like a fucked out whore's ass....
BrianC6234 (12 days ago)
Judicial Watch should be hired to investigate all of them.
Nena De la Torre (12 days ago)
James comey, always looked guilty! He looks fake!
Christophe Tillery (12 days ago)
Nooooo lmao
Charles Pinkerman (12 days ago)
Bla bla bla bla bla same old news same old outcome tired of hearing this bullshit either lock them the fuck up or shut the fuck up we all already no how corrupt our gov is all aspects of it so put or shut up if justice isn't served on these people this country is going to turn into a very bloody battlefield just like in our history so get ready folks its about to be a war of good against evil and its gonna get really messy just as sure as death and taxes SEMPIR FI
alreadythen1 (12 days ago)
Clinton wants to do everything she can to stay on power!
YUKI INU (12 days ago)
Coumy inflincted Trump on america by releasing false Hillary info days before election. He is why america is undergoing the Trump disastor presidency.
Jestermon1 (12 days ago)
They will say that the President did "something" about this even though this stuff happened under Obama.   They won't know what the "something" is but they will make it up.
Adam Garza (12 days ago)
This is nothing. Wait for the Trump and family charges.
Ricky Jackson (12 days ago)
He's a weasel!!!!!
Jay V (12 days ago)
I'd love to see a transcript of that tarmac meeting. I'm sure Bill loves Chelsea's daughter. The pervert didn't gain a granddaughter. He gained an ashtray.
ray Sabastian (12 days ago)
Bottom-line Truth (12 days ago)
If there ends up being a large amount of immunity deals on these thousands of indictments we are waiting on, that will be the last straw that breaks the camel's back on public trust in our leaders and in the rule of law in our nation.
Truthmedia Rebel (12 days ago)
Free Masons are the DEEP STATE.
Angry Shamrock (12 days ago)
Tom Fitton, yay.
dks13827 (12 days ago)
Does NOT matter, you twerps.
BOBBY LEE (13 days ago)
walt7500 (13 days ago)
N O M E R C Y !
Justin Trudeau (13 days ago)
My daddy is a commy, my mommy a slut.  I love socialism
Karen Turner (13 days ago)
What they all need are some balls! Just to say it bluntly.. what insecure wimps these supposed "men" are!! No respect from this woman! Ditto for the guys you mention, Tom Fitton, no kahunas or integrity, by these guys, just looking out for their own self interest
joshua mitchell (13 days ago)
Hang all the traitors - jerks -- the trash at the top needs to be fired -- get with it Trump
BC Stud (13 days ago)
Hopefully something good comes out on June 11 with the release of the IG report ? Where's the Beef ? or has the reported been watered down to protect who ? No deals with the swamp !
Bruce Edwards (13 days ago)
no immunity for evil demonrats!! ship them all to gitmo for military treason trials and execution !!!
worddunlap (13 days ago)
You are aware Rod gets the final say on what is released in the IG report? We've been told "wait for the IG report". Now that we have waited ROD and Wray get to diddle with it...Meanwhile the clock runs out for lots of crimes and the rest are COVERED UP.
cmscms123456 (13 days ago)
Comey is a compulsive liar... He had a good teacher, the Clintons.
SonyStory (13 days ago)
Do you have enough inspectors to investigate the entire government since Bush the father the head of the Globalist Elite Mafia?
great outdoors (13 days ago)
Trump is worst president ever....hands down!
bempis (13 days ago)
Investigate the investigators investigating investigators for investigating investigators. WE NEED TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS America the paranoid schizophrenic
GiarkReleos (13 days ago)
HEY!  the FIX-Is-In network your propaganda is showing again, you should pick that up before someone steps on it.
Kamau Wa Kamau (13 days ago)
Obama must now testify before the US Senate. He started all this to help Clinton win. I wonder why he has not said anything.
Kamau Wa Kamau (13 days ago)
Who thought it would come to this?Never mess with the Donald. Comey is now quiet. Trump train moves on.It will CRUSH all that try to stop it. Just watch.
Doug Carter (13 days ago)
The law is an ass
Justume Samson (13 days ago)
Q promised us very early on & stated that HRC tried to cut a special path for herself before judgment. Their reply to her was: NO DEALS. There will be no deals for any of the major players in the game. "Those who play will pay." I suspect there is more than enough that has been collected by Military Intelligence & NSA to bring the full force of justice upon both 💩heads McCabe & Comey. Let the chips fall. NO DEALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doug Carter (13 days ago)
WHY IS STRUKMORE STILL employed ? Traitor treason ?
Marie Saqueton (11 days ago)
Because the DOJ is still ran by Democrat Rosenstein and to Democs no crime if it is done by their own.
Rockin Roll (11 days ago)
The swamp takes care of the swamp critters. And they are in charge of writing the laws executing the laws but just not obeying the laws. The term of the people, by the people, for the people is long gone and we only get it back one way. Keep voting in OUTSIDERS and when we get enough power, start investigating and auditing the swamp rats and when there is felonious behavior we hold them 100% accountable
Reacher (12 days ago)
lol Kind of makes you wonder if everything feed you fox news is all Bull Sht??? lol Huh?
wkjeom (12 days ago)
Dr. Evil -- Hope your are right.
Dr Evil (13 days ago)
Doug Carter they're waiting for that last day before retirement then they'll fire his ass and send him to jail. Just like this pos McCabe...
edstud1 (13 days ago)
This is going to get dragged out and dragged until its forgotten by the public, just watch no one will face charges.
Meme Biologist (13 days ago)
Lolice! Open up!
iga ninja (13 days ago)
Prosecute everyone stop protecting
Ja Mo (13 days ago)
Joseph Jones (13 days ago)
There is no [Q]uestion, that the DNC, the DOJ, and the FBI have Soros fingerprints all over them.
Joseph Jones (13 days ago)
Good job Fox News. There's a reason you're popular.
Bob leroy (5 days ago)
Joseph Jones fake news Sean was exposed collaborating with trump nightly
Lisa Putnam (13 days ago)
No deals..put them all in jail, for the YEARS of lies, foundation money stealing, cover up crime after crime with Americans tax dollars. Knowing what "We the ppl" now know...throw away the keys!
Dwight Vietzke (13 days ago)
...if Trump is innocent, then maybe the FBI and others should not have monitored the Trump campaign. Yet Trump acts suspiciously guilty of something, so the surveillance looks more and more totally justified.
Kamau Wa Kamau (13 days ago)
Dwight Vietzke may be but where is the evidence? The leakers would have leaked at least something by now. 2 yrs and nothing so far.
If the FBI and DOJ are innocent is the better way to begin that premise...
A B (13 days ago)
Definitely at two tier justice system if they're all getting immunity... no one in a position of power is ever held accountable, only the poor shlep
dominic pelle (13 days ago)
'insubordinate' Bwaaaahahahahaa... for making a recommendation to Loretta Lynch clearing Clinton Bwaaahahahahaha.. 'insubordinate'. **NOW THAT'S WHAT YOU CALL CLUTCHING AT STRAWS**
alice jarrell (13 days ago)
just lockem u don't make us come to dc and deal with this//THE PEOPLE
Kenneth Schauer (13 days ago)
This asshole Comey was on the take from the Clinton foundation needs to be in prison!!!!!
G MinK (13 days ago)
As if there weren't indictments and convictions arising from the probe. Why are you people still working for the Russians?
Ed Bear (13 days ago)
Comey is an American hero
Mr prepared allthetime (13 days ago)
I'd give him immunity just to see what he's got on Hillary Clinton.. Lol
Paul Charles (13 days ago)
Larry B (13 days ago)
I got fired from a BS short line Railroad for insubordination. There superintendent had the Track crew go steal a lam post for him and install it in his front yard. Then he billed the time back to a NY DOT funded tie project. I told him what to do with his lamp post. Where was Comey and the gang over that piece of fraud?
Gypse Guera (13 days ago)
How long will we remain stuck on stupid and allow the FBI and DOJ to not be held accountable. This is Trump's fault clearly at this point. All he has to do is sign off on Orders that the FBI DOJ and State Dept. turn over the Documents,so that both the DOJ and FBI can stop investigating themselves. It's obvious either Agency is not going to act in good faith. We are relying on crimes to be investigated by criminals. Whose fault is it,that this injustice continues? Let's face it the DOJ and FBI are basically a 4th Branch of Government. In the real world,that's called a Police State
traceadams67 (13 days ago)
He's a damn criminal, quit dancing around like a bunch of liberal fairies and arrest him.
He'll get a slap on the wrist, then it's back to sodomizing little, red-haired boys.
manuel favata (13 days ago)
Congress needs to clean this mess up before they recess.
BOBBY LEE (13 days ago)
Beverly Bangasan (13 days ago)
You need to finish this too long waste of time and money
Mister T. (13 days ago)
Let's face it, Jaymez Kohmie belongs in front of a Firing Squad at Guantanamo Bay ! I hope he's Executed for his crimes. He's literally ruined 10's of 1000's of lives. How many people are wrongfully imprisoned because of Howdy-Doody ?
Mark Jacob (13 days ago)
Comey and Mueller are both looking very corrupt
Donald Wingent (13 days ago)
Mueller is a dirty as they come .
Jim Young (13 days ago)
if he didn't do anything wrong why does he need immunity.
Sue Lutz (11 days ago)
Jim Young. McCabe's already been accused of lying, plus, by the IG
DesertDriver100 (13 days ago)
I just happen to be reading "Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI." Quite frankly, I do not see anyone going to prison for anything of the wrong doings since o mama o bama became president in 2009. It is all bluff talk and most of these folks are millionaires, billionaires and will get away with whatever crimes. they do. They know they will get away with it and that is why these folks do it. Perhaps I am wrong, but Hoover had the same problems back in the 20s, 30s, even with the millionaires then.
Tracey Comstock (13 days ago)
So comey is the fall guy..lol he should sing and loudly..he is guilty but he should have some company while he is going down
Tadd Mason (13 days ago)
If you are paid by the tax payers then you don't get immunity IMO
Curtis Brown (13 days ago)
Never trust a Democrat . N E V E R !!!
Hunky Dory (13 days ago)
For crying out loud,ever since obummer made Government Agencies,DOJ,FBI,IRS and the CIA political spy tools, America has gone to hell and a handbasket.
craig bishop (13 days ago)
Lock them both up till there ready to tell the total truth..
Karen Turner (13 days ago)
LOL.. You've got it.. that is the logical solution!!
Tomcat Tomcat (13 days ago)
This channel sponsored by Russian and China
vee bobic (13 days ago)
He got paid off . We need help in bringing up charges against the swamp .
zend meemail (13 days ago)
Mueller deserves to be hunted down by navy seals!
pawpaw pawpaw (13 days ago)
First no spies, then one informant, then multiple spies, and now multiple foreign agents trying to plant evidence..... all trending with MORE transparency....
pawpaw pawpaw (13 days ago)
So the FBI tried to plant evidence on the Trump campaign using foreign LURES (per Strozk message)... Wouldn't that be espionage?
Sagan (12 days ago)
All you guys need to watch some other stuff.
BOBBY LEE (13 days ago)
Karen Turner (13 days ago)
Seriously?? Where did your info come from.. not questioning what you said, just curious!
Thelma Atkinson (13 days ago)
This is fun no reporting real investigation muller ain't going anywhere maga
Thelma Atkinson (13 days ago)
Mister T. Hahaha I think witchgate is working fox is not resting with spin
Mister T. (13 days ago)
Mueller Always Goofing Around
Thelma Atkinson (13 days ago)
Retard he has no wonder trump is very unsettled so does fox spinning anything now we know some comments here are from Russia
Retard (13 days ago)
Mueller Ain’t Got Anything
Keke Wolves (13 days ago)
Unfortunately if they don’t give McCabe the deal we’ll never know a thing and he’ll plead the 5th! They’ve given deals to killer monsters don’t treat these criminals any different
kevin christiansen (12 days ago)
Keke Wolves I call bull on any immunity, they can tell him they will go lighter and consider his testimony as to what they recommend if he ties things together and lots of people go to jail then they can recommend a day camp for short time but these people have to be shown they will not get away with this treason ever again . sorry NO DEAL
D Chase (13 days ago)
Keke Wolves or, we can just take what everyone divulges on his actions and up the charges. Either way he is already tagged for prosecution.
Jim Young (13 days ago)
obstruction of jutice
Steve Polverini (13 days ago)
Keke Wolves At least It gives Trump something to do in his spare time.
Kalendas Graecas (13 days ago)
We need a better word than "insubordinate." Duplicitous Jim was obviously suborned, either paid, threatened or promised something, by the enemy: disastrous parasite Barack, Homicidal Hillary and their DNC accomplices. He was subordinate to the wrong side, i.e., not ours but the racketeers' The last I heard, McCabe said he wants to talk, yet he was still alive. He demands immunity, but what he really needs is the witness protection program. No immunity, but a bargain: If you tell us the whole story, we'll execute you last.
dominic pelle (5 days ago)
That's right Bob.. but facts don't matter HERE.
Bob leroy (5 days ago)
Kalendas Graecas Comey helped trump to win by attacking Hillary. Russia and Facebook all helped at the same time
E R (10 days ago)
BELIEVE IN GOD - Oh, NO! Not the battlefield! You're as much a joke as the rest of the people making idle threats. Shut up, sit down, and make a real point instead of making threats against people you don't know on the internet. You sound like a fool, and don't do credit to either side. Both sides in this contain idiots just like you.
dominic pelle (10 days ago)
**Dear me, I would see someone about the cognitive dissonance you are experiencing. It's quite understandable you conservatives feel conflicted with Trump** On one hand wanting to support him and on the other knowing he's as thick as a brick who is just a bully and always has been to get his way. A born to ruler, like many rich kids, probably like yourself. The ones that take advantage of the poor and undereducated who have no idea of why their situation is so bad.. They mostly live in the southern states where racism is embedded in history from one generation to the other and vote Republican time after time as their towns turn to ghost towns. But.. they have been convinced it's someone else's fault, the blacks the Mexicans the Muslims ..better still the liberals, even when they are governed by conservatives decade after decade. Here is a list for you, it's called *information* but what you refer to as copy and paste as you are left without argument of merit.. just with a feeble attempt at smear and deflection as you pivot your way through life when left DUMBFOUNDED with the facts. https://www.businessinsider.com.au/state-economy-ranking-q1-2018-2?r=US&IR=T Here’s how the economy of each state and DC is doing right now: 51. Alaska Alaska’s economy has historically been largely dependent on its rich oil reserves. Unfortunately, Alaska came in at the bottom of our ranking. 50. Louisiana 49. New Mexico 48. South Dakota 47. Kentucky 46. Mississippi 45. West Virginia 44. Kansas 43. Arkansas 42. Tennessee etc. etc.am I boring you with cut and paste. LOL.
Kalendas Graecas (10 days ago)
dominic.... I'll have to take your word for that, since it clearly exhausts your store of knowledge of the situation and shows that your problem is a severe deficit in comprehension. You would have said so if you were able to dispute the facts, eh? ROTFL
Michael Healy (13 days ago)
No immunity across the boards for any of them. and lets not forget Ohr and his wife.
RC RC (13 days ago)
we all already know this, Fox why aren't you telling us evidence leads to the British nobles
RC RC (13 days ago)
Mister T. ok sounds reasonable
Mister T. (13 days ago)
RC RC . . . because they're saving the good stuff around election time ! That way President Trump has lots of momentum for his 2020 Campaign
Tomcat Tomcat (13 days ago)
This channel sponsored by Russia
Donald Wingent (13 days ago)
China is buying into the media , not Russia .
John Preciado (13 days ago)
They made a good investment Vote Trump 2020
bobi carl (13 days ago)
What are you talking about? Tomcat you must be very young and gullible.
Tomcat Tomcat (13 days ago)
Curtis Brown Curtis blo Not a Hillary fan either
Curtis Brown (13 days ago)
Still Crying over Hillary Losing her Ass in the Election ? Lmao LIBTARDS ARE A HOOT
DJ Kevgeez (13 days ago)
Lying Sack of shit. Throw his ass in jail. If it were any of us we’d be UNDER the jail!
Lasno Haja (13 days ago)
Fox news attacks FBI and DOJ entities sound like 'TASS- Soviet Union Media' nostalgia de'amour today. Svasiva !

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