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How to Use ProTip for Automatic Bitcoin Payments

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Wish you could sell subscriptions for Bitcoin? Or do you like tipping people in Bitcoin, but hate doing it manually? ProTip is a Chrome browser extension that can solve those problems and more. Check out this tutorial to learn how you can get started in under a minute. Check out our new channel! http://youtube.com/dashorg Connect with us! [website] http://TheDailyDecrypt.com [tweets] http://Twitter.com/TheDailyDecrypt [facebook] http://Facebook.com/TheDailyDecrypt [podcast] http://Soundcloud.com/The-LTB-Network [LTB Network] https://LetsTalkBitcoin.com/Blog/The-Daily-Decrypt Wanna sponsor a show? http://TheDailyDecrypt.com/Sponsorship Sponsor: Dash: http://dash.org Show links: ProTip: http://protip.is Music: “Refuse/Resist” by Sepultura https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ODNxy3YOPU Connect with us! [homepage] http://TheDailyDecrypt.tumblr.com [tweets] http://Twitter.com/TheDailyDecrypt [facebook] http://Facebook.com/TheDailyDecrypt [LTB Network] https://letstalkbitcoin.com/blog/the-daily-decrypt Contact us: http://TheDailyDecrypt.com/Contact Tip us! See our addresses for Bitcoin, BitcoinDark, Bitshares, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Neucoin, Nubits, Nxt, Peercoin & more at http://TheDailyDecrypt.com/Tip-Us ProTip ready: 1u9ZrWbVFkaYJ89VL3ynarQb5HUKW7zKB
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Text Comments (17)
The Gem Show (4 months ago)
Mohammed Ahmed (2 years ago)
as always ,,, outstanding
Patrick Dukemajian (2 years ago)
Amanda doesn't know how to do a proper salute, but I consider this to be a positive.
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+Patrick Dukemajian LOL! Oh, ha ha, thanks for that.
Jacob Aho (2 years ago)
Didn't know those guys were affiliated with protip, interesting.
Great stuff here. Cool hat.
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+Bitcoin Integration Group Glad you're here and integrated.
Lee Gordon Seebach (2 years ago)
Awesome, as always...I sooooo appreciate your daily updates....and your beautiful spirit comes across loud and clear, Amanda. Peace and thanks so much!
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+Lee Gordon Seebach Awwww, thank you. You're so welcome.
eliterminator00 (2 years ago)
Pro tip: Firefox is way better than Chrome but I'll get ProTip as soon as I can...on Firefox.
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+eliterminator00 Ha ha, I've also asked them about when they'll release a Firefox version!
Ale Diaz D. (2 years ago)
+The Daily Decrypt THANKS!
Frank Marcopolos (2 years ago)
New hat! Yes!
Frank Marcopolos (2 years ago)
+The Daily Decrypt Oh noeeessss! Well, it is a continuance of the love-hat-wearing on the show, anyway! And THAT is super-important, obvs.
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+Frank Zeus Marcopolos IT IS NOT NEW. Proof you missed a former episode. Throwing of chicken bones of shame, commence!
Craig Grant (2 years ago)
I made this video this morning about today's magic word @ https://youtu.be/h0xtk3VmciE?t=21s
anteeko (2 years ago)
I love Protip, I hope it get widespread so I can support the content creator I like dead easy :) Just wish more used bitcoin...

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