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California lawmakers introduce controversial new tax bill

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“New California” Founder Paul Preston discusses the impact that passing the newly proposed tax bill, known as Assembly Constitutional Amendment 22, will have on California.
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Blindshiva (1 day ago)
Splitting CA up into pieces only multiplies the problems ... more state governments run by liberal morons!!!
laurejon (4 days ago)
Communists in California simply do not understand that those business's will simply leave California.
Chris Lee (4 days ago)
Undocumented immigrants have the right to vote; they pay taxes, they get drivers licenses, and they are members of the society in which they live. Their votes channel important resources to where they are most needed.
Scott Bivens (7 days ago)
California deserves it they forgot all about Jerry Brown in the 1st 2 terms I live in Texas now I left California 4 years ago and I will never come back
James Shelnutt (16 days ago)
Democrats say that Russians meddling in our elections is wrong and yet they want illegal immigrants to vote (which is technically meddling in our elections too). I guess if it gets them votes it's okay? But if Russians inform our citizens of Hillary's wrong doings that's unfair? Hypocrites! .
Christopher Lee (16 days ago)
I have a simple recommendation to CA Legislators - the Computer game SimCity. It will clearly show the relationships that exist between jobs, affordable housing, tax policy, commodity pricing, etc. They will continue to "rob from the rich to buy votes from the poor" until they learn a simple lesson: you cannot tax more than living in your state is worth. Great weather only buys you so much.
AGENT 47 (18 days ago)
*sound of an incoming bomb* 🤣
Blindshiva (19 days ago)
This is the product of unrestrained liberalism put into power by ignorant voters.
ben cruz (19 days ago)
The writers of this retroactive tax are, without exception, morally bankrupt pieces of shit.
JoJo/Clem Kadilihopper (20 days ago)
Illegals voting, its the motor voter law and has been in place for several decades. This is not some conspiracy theory, its been in place for several decades. Its nothing fucken new!!!
Larry 21603 (21 days ago)
California's Governor Moonbeam said smart business owner figure out how to get things done and good riddance to those that move out. Moonbeam and his liberals are public enemy number one in California.
Amused (5 days ago)
Wonder if he realizes by moving out they "figured out how to get things done"?
Jay Aeecee (22 days ago)
But at least we can ride the Bullshit Train.
Randall Martin (22 days ago)
How can you get a drivers license when you are illegal? Such stupidity.
stephen krawiec (22 days ago)
Malloy said it again rainy day fund. We're F__k again. It seems to rain all the time. Let me guess , we're going to bail Hartford out.
ronald welch (23 days ago)
Illegals, illegals,illegals, that where all the money goes to illegals, no welfare,no food stamps, get them out and their families and kids and daca and dreamers. TODAY
Frankie Teague (25 days ago)
Bout time to recognize Cali as a third world state. SOCIALISM DOES NOT WORK.
mike dar (25 days ago)
Its getting to be where the bulk of taxation levels are all dependent on the numbers of government employees, their retirement needs, and illegals wants and wishes, the government employees give to them,, so elected government employees can stay in office.. and get retirements!
L. Lehrer (27 days ago)
When you register to vote in CA, its a box to check weather you are a citizen or not to vote, and getting a drivers license in CA you can check the box on your application to automatically be registered to vote. Since non citizens can get a drivers license in CA --- they can vote in CA too.
Hill Billy (1 month ago)
California is defeated.
Chris Sanchez (1 month ago)
California liberals are out of their fuckin minds.
Rickey Moore (1 month ago)
Think about it, if the Dems completely wreck the place to the ground, they can sell California at firehose prices and those that did that will get paid when they sell off to the Chinese. The Chinese could then control a LOT of agriculture products. That would be a dream come true for the Chinese and the likes of Maxine Waters will eat Peking Duck for the rest of their lives. Makes 100% sense. Oh, and no one is talking about it.
dee jay (1 month ago)
Vote republican if you want change What idiots
dee jay (1 month ago)
California is called little Mexico now it's little Venezuela too funny...haha democrats and liberals are idiots
C5Ron7 (1 month ago)
All I can say is SICK, SICK, SICK! Wake-up People, Vote these Money grubbing SOB Politicians OUT OF OFFICE, put people in office that CARE about YOU! #MoonBeamBrown Gotta Go along with a laundry list of other "D"s......
Blue Carbon (1 month ago)
Let California self-destruct.
smiley (1 month ago)
How do these people get away with the obvious voting fraud.
R Mack (1 month ago)
Libtards never met a tax they don't like. Bankrupt Kalifornia? Good!!!!!
shagwellington (1 month ago)
The Democrats insanity drove me out of California. It was a great state to live in until they gained a huge majority. The liberals in Hollywood and Silicon Valley have shot themselves in the foot. That state is going bankrupt.
Chris Lee (1 month ago)
The State should simply prohibit the rich from leaving and stealing the wealth that they got in California. A law to appropriate 85% of leavers’ wealth via a departure tax would encourage people to stay and invest, while also allowing regulators to increase the tax rate on these rich people. Part of this government income can then be channeled to subsidize new companies, giving them their fair share to set up in California.
Chris Lee (5 days ago)
Amused- Not steal, simply keep in the state wealth that California allowed people to create and accumulate. If someone opts to continue in California, thus giving back to the community responsible for his success, he can keep some of his wealth. ...Only if he chooses to leave and take the money with him would government leaders prevent California-generated wealth from being taken out and given to others.
Amused (5 days ago)
That's your solution? To STEAL from people?
Steven Wilburn (1 month ago)
Fuck you California.and eat shit and die.
Katheryne Koelker (1 month ago)
Does the government work for us? Or do we work for the government? CA state and local governments believe we work for them. And it's well past time they were reminded otherwise--or be replaced.
Tom Yazel (1 month ago)
hope it passes.  love watching the liberals live in the shithole they have created.  who freakin cares.
Norman LaddleSchnitzel (1 month ago)
How the fuck can a state let illegal immigrants get a driver's license? That is truly retarded
Delmus Ingle (1 month ago)
You can bet the Democrats are filling their personal bank accounts with some of those taxes.
Jan Sobieski (1 month ago)
The lowest state tax rate in CA is about 8% and it can go up to (??) 12%. California does not have anywhere near the cost of replacing asphalt/pavement and cold weather states like Pennsylvania and Ohio have nowhere near that cost. Californian tax payers are mugged and sodomized to fund ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS SOCIAL SERVICES and to fill wallets of government service providers and contractors. If someone disagrees then explain where the hell the money goes!
John Tate (1 month ago)
VOTE ALL DEMOCRAT'S OUT of California..We need a independent company to come in on election day and check each and every vote for VOTER FRAUD. This is the only way DEMOCRAT'S stay in power in California is through VOTER FRAUD..!
Cheryl Barron (2 months ago)
Maybe they'll be able to get rid of people from other states who come there to do their stupid shit they wouldn't do at home state
Ms. Sonshine (2 months ago)
I truly think our elections are rigged in CA and giving illegals the right to vote is a way for the communists to get guaranteed control of CA. I love my state and just hate what the left is doing to it.
TheJinashura (2 months ago)
Please please please pass this tax. Please. Cali needs a nerf in the electoral college. Let them all leave the liberal capital.
RedSkaal (2 months ago)
California=soon to be sh-thole country
Johnny Beyer (2 months ago)
Californians, please sign the gas tax petition so we can repeal this stupid tax !!! I’m tired of getting raped at the pump!!!
Jaxx Brat (2 months ago)
Like Germany..but the smart folks up & left before Adolph got rollin
Adamantium Scorpion (2 months ago)
:) Communism is AWESOME! ROTFL.
Zugget Harderbb (2 months ago)
Whose gonna pays this ? People will move .Are the illegalls gonna pay tax ...Oh that's why the citizens that are left there have to pax extra tax because illegalls won't and really can't .
Harvey Armtrout (2 months ago)
not ( if ) they move out, they ARE moving out in droves. the only business left to tax the crap out of will be taco stands..
WatcherMovie008 (2 months ago)
So sad that California is now becoming a 2nd Detroit.
George R (2 months ago)
Dems are good losing jobs
scott williams (2 months ago)
The Mexicans are going to turn California into the same shithole that is Mexico. Why is Mexico a shithole, Because it's full of Mexicans. Mexicans are not from a diverse society. Ask any Mexican how many White, Asian, Black, Muslim, Indian they had for neighbors back in Mexico. They are the Racist. Diversity is the Liberal lie.
cyberspaceout (2 months ago)
What is the point of citizenship
James Kurt Smith (2 months ago)
I doubt even Jed Clampit could afford to live in California it just goes to show you cant fix stupid liberalism is a disease
richard bowes (2 months ago)
What will everyone do when the *dream* of a new, separate , California falls flat ?
Polly A (2 months ago)
Delusional Liberal Democrats have destroyed California. Now I have to literally push the rest of my family out. Jerry Brown you evil devil..and the rest of your cronies in crime. You catered to criminal illegals,instead of tax paying American citizens.
mchristr (2 months ago)
The Leftist-dominated state legislature created a sinking ship and they need money to patch the holes. Good luck with that.
Austin Lavista (2 months ago)
Jerry Jerry is a dingleberry. His last name is Brown because he's piece of shit, so, we must flush him down.
david casner (2 months ago)
IM4 OUR (2 months ago)
Z ESDS (2 months ago)
"There it is....the HRC's popular vote counted ... correctly!" EUDS
soco13466 (2 months ago)
Democrats are so stupid, they cling to their Marxist religion, cling to their gun control, and lord over the people. We in the "red" counties all over this country, despise the so called "Democrats," seeing that party as the communist party, wearing donkey suits. Maybe we should expel the "liberal" areas from our country. We have enough mental diseases as it is.
Thomas De Lello (2 months ago)
It sems to me that California has some serious soul searching to do... Especilly if the Republicans gain seats in the mid-terms. The time is at hand for liberal social engineers to be forced into admitying that their social experimentations are failures. The question is... will they be big enough to take their medicine...? Some will apologize under duress, walk away with a grudge and have mental problems for the rest of their lives and others will effectively rehabilitate themselves and adjust. The lesson learned: Get the socialism out of American policy and return to the liberalism of Wilson, Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy where private sector economics are honored and not antagonized. Look at the 2016 election map broken down to municipalities... Most of the Democratic won areas are... Disaster Areas...!!!
fattymoko (3 months ago)
Ca. thinks themselves to be Robin Hood.
Marc Peterson (3 months ago)
Its because they cant afford all the illegals receiving benefits. Mass deportation is the only way to save it.
POF 415 (3 months ago)
Nuke that toilet 💣
Liberty Tree (3 months ago)
Its going to require violence to get rid of brownshirt and the racist attny general.
California is full of retard who can even identify BASIC patterns. red white blue red white blue red white ____ what color comes next? they eat tide pods!!! for crying out load they need to just work their brains constructively and stop smoking weed all the time..
Carl Mizell (3 months ago)
You stupid a** people voted for this so live with it .
Patricia Bicking (3 months ago)
Why are you not telling the people about Agenda 21?
pacificdragon1 (3 months ago)
It sounds like it is Pitchforks and Rope time for California Democrats.
pigboykool (3 months ago)
The union had done its job, it is nothing but a completely corrupted private club for the entitled buddy-buddy. They are not getting anything done but sucking the life blood from the hard working American people.
Coppydoublelopp Kliem (3 months ago)
Please let California sucede from the USA as soon as possible to Mexico. Do not let anyone who has lived there for the past 2 years leave it . They should become citizens of the country of Mexico immediately. The new border wall should border Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon. Cancel the Colorado River Pact and keep it for all the farmers i Arizona.
Gregory Everson (3 months ago)
if that happens, those spics in Cali, would just move to another USA state, time to start shooting those spics
Seriously what the fuck is wrong with the people in California?!
dabrew07 (3 months ago)
If California goes bankrupt will that break the agreements with unions pension payments ?
Gregory Everson (3 months ago)
nope, there is many reasons why the pension debt is so high, one of the biggest problems is when the government skips a payment, they fuck themselves, example, if they skip on 1million dollars, they now owe 1million dollars plus interest, and interest grow fast on large amounts of money
Bryan Coburn (3 months ago)
Tucson, Arizona is the showcase for idiots running the border areas in to the toilets. 50 years of watching this take over is just a bit much. I doubt if anyone sares if people with links to So. Az. much care about illegals other than the fact they screw the pooch for everyone. It is just getting worse. That I can guanantee.
Henry Carmichael (3 months ago)
The business may pack up and move to Nevada.
Gregory Everson (3 months ago)
and thats where the mexicans will move to next
Shrub 1975 (3 months ago)
Isn't it illegal to employ illegals?
Sandy Greco (3 months ago)
Javier Bracerra and Jerry Brown and Eric Holder and Pelosi and Waters and Kamala Harris and Diane Feinstein will all be in prison very soon.
LibertyOrDeath (3 months ago)
Jerry Brown is insane or China is really pushing for this. China owns CA and they want it badly. China has our farms and sends the food to china and then sends shit food to us.
American First (3 months ago)
I'm glad I left California.
20 20 (3 months ago)
So the tens of millions of people that apply and wait 10 plus years for immigration papers and spend thousands on lawyers etc They are all just better off getting a flight in as a tourist and just stay illegally like the millions of illegals already there and get welcomed with open arms driving licience right to vote then onto citizenship... BEAUTIFUL!!!! and the funny thing is IT WORKS!!!
Blake Q (3 months ago)
I am so glad I saw it coming and left in 2005 after 45 years.
John Kaszanek (3 months ago)
California has a bill pending to remove the bear from state flag and replace it with a picture of Nancy Pelosi!
Russell Delbridge (3 months ago)
No Non-US Citizen should ever be allowed to vote period!!
Dalton Brown (3 months ago)
I will not refer to them as "Old California" I will only call them "Liberal Coast"
redskinjim (3 months ago)
stryker zerozeroseven (3 months ago)
Well don't like it get outta California
david casner (3 months ago)
Watch companies flee California like rats from a sinking ship. California is going down and will soon be begging the rest of the country to bail them out. Can you say SHITHOLE!
Edmond Casasa (3 months ago)
California will go bankrupt this year!
Jonny Boy (3 months ago)
More companies are gonna say screw it and leave
Dick Widerman (3 months ago)
What the hell is going on in California I see the videos of homeless lining the streets what once was a beautiful state has now lost its mind
angie diguls (3 months ago)
GOVERNOR BROWN is a taxpayers crook!!!!! Wake up n INVESTIGATE BROWN,he's gotta be lining his pockets,it WON'T stop till you get rid of BROWN n ILLEGALS,wake ul!!!!!!!,GO PAUL PRESTON
Beth Lind (3 months ago)
Many are moving to Texas already
True Grit (4 months ago)
California Democrats are turning the state into Mexico.
rowingtothedream (4 months ago)
It is time to do away with Democrat party- They are now communist working on behalf of wealthy globalist that have paid the top tier of C.A. TEARING it down from inside sell it to China, Russian oligarchs ( they own mucho) huge parts of Oregon, Parks, Bridges, Montana etc. wake up sleeping dumbed down Americans. Wake for pity sake. Trump is saving you!
Michael Collins (4 months ago)
This not the first time this happened the state of California raised taxes and major corporations left and people was out of work. Gray Davis was recalled because he was talking subversive
Michael Collins (4 months ago)
When you come from a country of corruption you, bring corruption, these illegals coming from Mexico has been pulling these games in their own country and now they're anchor Baby's is in full swing.
Don Dressel (4 months ago)
Go ahead demos keep on pushing businesses out of California Idiots
Inquire98 (4 months ago)
This REALLY, Really, really sounds like "Atlas Shrugged". Let me know. I look forward to hearing from you...
Keith Pickering (1 month ago)
Inquire98 a friend of mine loaned me that book about 7-8 years ago, maybe longer, and it blew me away. I saw everything in a different lite. I saw it happening and it opened my eyes. I was a news junkie. Then I saw the news was lying or just not reporting. I started looking at utube and quit tv and news papers completely. I research constantly when not working. C span is boring as hell but there's a lot of info there. At this point what I try to do is not make our divisions any greater than they've already become. I try to treat every human being with respect that I'm in contact with and indeed be friendly with them as well. All I can say is its a start to bring us all back to center again and save the greatest republic the planet has ever seen. WE THE PEOPLE BROTHER!
Inquire98 (1 month ago)
Keith Pickering "Thank You", thank you very much 😎... At this point, I don't have a clue as to what the public should do, but I am reaching out to people like yourself for ideas and suggestions. Let me know. I look forward to hearing from you 😎
Keith Pickering (1 month ago)
Inquire98 I read the book and it unsettled me because I saw it happening too!
Gordo C (4 months ago)
The democrats are destroying themselves. I love it. Who will vote for this incompetent party after they destroy California.
Michele Patak (4 months ago)
Illegals used to have licenses in all states
Patty Cake (4 months ago)
Mono Party is a good description for Corrupt California. I got hit with two $1,000 ER visit bills, one for a kidney stone and one for a sudden case of Elephant Face/Duck Lips.....and I AM expected to PAY them. Not Illegals, though. and Xavier Becerra, who was maneuvered into the AG position when Kamala Harris was (S)Elected for Barbara Boxer's vacated Senate Seat, is a Criminal who is involved in the Awan Family SPY RING in Congress! http://dailycaller.com/2017/09/12/exclusive-dws-it-guy-was-banned-from-house-after-trying-to-hide-secret-server/
Patty Cake (4 months ago)
"Task Force" is now George Webb's side kick, teamed up for their mutual protection. She was beaten up by two Harris/Becerra "Bullies" right at her gated community front door and told the whole time to "shut the F--- Up!"... Not "give me your money", they didn't rob her......just threatening her to Keep Quiet. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/5gj73b/the-so-called-chief-of-las-weird-fake-masonic-police-died-suddenly-on-monday
Patty Cake (4 months ago)
....and while Xavier gets away with HIS corruption, "They" are trying to sweep the whole SPY RING in Congress= 100 Watergates, under the rug, as just a case of bank fraud by Imran Awan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXW7gy6vp7s
Eric Bauer (4 months ago)
After watching "Water & Power: A California Heist", I don't know why anyone would want to live there. And let's not forget how the elected officials in CA exempted themselves from any and all gun laws. CA lawmakers are a smack in the face to the residents/tax payers living there. Smh...

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