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The Unaccountable Military Industrial Complex Is Destroying America and the Rest Of The World Too

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James Fenton (16 days ago)
Most Americans will never believe this, no matter how much evidence is presented. Folks are lucky to have the skills to count their pay, and trillions just doesn't register. It's funny that a cruise missile hit the office involved with finding the lost moneys. It shows how far they are willing to go to enslave everyone on the planet.
Pablo Hernandez (17 days ago)
Why tf don’t we, we the populace, start doing something? They want to send us to war? Fuck them I ain’t going so they profit and I sit here get bread crumbs
Pablo Hernandez (17 days ago)
Fuck even killed
gymtip1 (1 month ago)
thats why trump barrow money to china fityfive billion , use only for melitary.
chantal Amino (1 month ago)
Amazing, simply amazing. Keep up the good work spreading the truth on these greedy power hungry psychopaths who are destroying not only your country but destabilizing many countries in order to protect their all mighty petrodollar. Once the petrodollar is eradicated, only then will the world's economy be stabilized. It will be the downfall of the corrupt federal reserve banking system along with its other branches such as the International banking system, the IMF and other financial institutions who operate in the same manner.
KEITH MORGAN (2 months ago)
Was the background music really necessary?
Cezar Garcia (2 months ago)
Eisenhower gave us warning ..... JFK gave us too... why didn't they act when they were in power. .... Why did US Congress during those times not investigate? Why did the justice department not investigate ...One thing is clear...they are all a part of this huge conspiracy to destroy the country. Everyone of our politicians must be tried and hanged for treason and selling the country out!!!!! WAKE UP!
Johnny Aingel (3 months ago)
Best ever report
Johnny Aingel (3 months ago)
snifferdogg forfreedom (3 months ago)
Dam you sure have a lot of knowledge on the crooks in Washington dc there thieves
snifferdogg forfreedom (3 months ago)
Bush and Obama and Clinton and Trump stoled the money? We're the money?
snifferdogg forfreedom (3 months ago)
Watching your channel gave me food for thought never new I was so dam brain washed
snifferdogg forfreedom (3 months ago)
You sure have a gift to gab.
david sutter (3 months ago)
They just built a huge pentacle bank arena in my town so we can continue worship false idols.
coelhoazul (3 months ago)
ALL the Transgenders also deserve Respect!
I'll lead this revolution I just need ppl behind me
Wow trump is a military industry complex man
dave ryan (5 months ago)
Good theory but what explains the Civil War,The Napoleonic wars.100 years war. War of the Roses. Oh wait the Greek wars. Shall I continue. I suppose there might be some today that are all about profit. But actually it turns out this was a line of bullshit a mile long. It's evil in men that brings war and women are just as guilty. Oh did you know the Pharaoh fought wars. Guess what you are a complete and total moron who couldn't see anything beyond communist talking points.
TomyMC GAmEr (2 months ago)
dave ryan wars have changed my friend, the purpose of starting wars have changed too.
Heather Browne (5 months ago)
A man's character can be Quite accurately determined by knowing that of his Enemies. MY own history is. and could have been NO indication of where I am headed NOW. Even less infication of what I Want or Do is what my family or friends or ANYbody else pursues or ever has. There is such great diversity among me and my siblings that the Narrow minded like this would be in a helluva mess for predicting what any one of us would do by what another one of us has done. And our family ancestors... well... they didnt even drive cars or use phones to watch YouTube clips. My sister and one brother still dont. I would Hate to have you on a jury for a case in which I am innocent while my grandfather once charged with the same misdeed was known to be Not HOW does one arrive at such "evidence based" conclusions that are merely a pile of info about multiple persons NOT in Control of the behavior of ANYbody???! I'm Still at So WHAT?!
IndustrialDonut (8 months ago)
I don't know why you brought up Fluoride, but I love the rest of the video, this is what I'm talking about...
toto wolf (8 months ago)
DCAA auditor here...he's telling the truth...the number of sole sourced cost plus contracts at huge sums and the amount of waste, delays, r&d that are disguised is unbelievable...if the people new the types of men running these government contracting companies and the profits they reap...these snakes would be targeted like there's no tomorrow These criminals are littered in and around the beltway.
Mary A (9 months ago)
THE USA IS NOW CONTROLLED BY THE "MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX" AND THOSE WHO PROFIT FROM IT. All efforts to reign-in the bloated Pentagon budget are attacked viciously by "bought & paid-for" politicians & the media. WE HAVE BECOME LIKE ANCIENT ROME - CONTROLLED BY WAR MONGERING "LEADERS". God help us ! Alas, Babylon....
lela madfis (1 year ago)
lela madfis (1 year ago)
vaccines and fluoride tho? i have all my shots and drank mostly tap water growing up but I vibe with u and the truth dawg idk if thos really a big deal? lol XD
Raytheon https://geronimosstolenbones.wordpress.com any info would be helpfull
gurvirj95v2 (1 year ago)
Great video!
Jedi Mind (1 year ago)
usa is fucked this time...nobody will bail it out anymore
Mark Cross (1 year ago)
Ha, I was there and saw this. No One listened! Compare this guy yo the new one and it's plain to see how everyone has been led by the nose to get "theirs" fast and sold out completely. 2.3 trillion missing, QUICK this needs a distraction, let's blow something up and do what Hermann Goering suggest as a way to bring people to war.
Malkism M (1 year ago)
jeff! you never mention the Zionist jewish Talmudic evil agenda of ruling the world from Jerusalem.....
MichaelSmathers (1 year ago)
NUCLEAR APOCALYPSE eh? Do the math.. THEY claim to have 'Nuclear Weapons' from the fissile material (infintisml in amounts) which are mined in micrograms from 1 million TONS of drilling rock...So I ask you...How MUCH Do they REALLY HAVE? Versus What they "CLAIM TO"? It's a GOVERNMENT LIE, it's thermonuclear BULLSH!T.
Surfcityriot (1 year ago)
Anthony Belt (1 year ago)
this channel is so brutally honest
ceciLOVEtaco (1 year ago)
America is a country of great (ANTI-)DEMOCRACY . Oh, and ....HUMAN RIGHTS( to beat you out of the plane) too .
Vlad (1 year ago)
C J Titan (1 year ago)
I gotta tell ya, this Jeff Berwick seems like a heck of a nice fella.
F Haque (1 year ago)
Yes exactly, those who are in charge of America are concealing a lot indeed ! and ripping off your own economy. Those who did 911 are truely ghastly people, but they are in charge and they are running the legal system and the economy.
mildred grossman (1 year ago)
Eisenhower was very shaken by the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, I wonder if he put together why he was assassinated hearing this warning from Ike's very own words. I think Eisenhower knew. In the Cuban Missile Crisis KENNEDY went up against the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Roosevelt and Kennedy were the most brilliant of the presidents of the 20th Century.
Stranger in Town (1 year ago)
And if you run a business be sure to give the * military discount *, but if you forget they will remind you.
sam schrenker (1 year ago)
bravo, i don't believe anyone could have said it better than the dollar vigilante.....
Luciana Carvalho (1 year ago)
Dude, i could watch your videos the entire day.
David Bradley (1 year ago)
its business as usual,..all that money and tech being used to take out everyone.....1 day at a time....nothing going on here.
boeingdriver29 (1 year ago)
With you all the way man !
Rudi Weyrich (1 year ago)
Nice recap...
22robr (1 year ago)
one of the best videos I have seen/heard. thank you
Alex Thatcher (1 year ago)
i agree but atbthe same time you can turn around and point a finger at any one of the legs bitnthey all support the same monster saying its the D.o.d alone is actually helping them along in there campaign of confusion anynone of the globalist elites pillars can be made out to be the big bad but that's What they are ment to do...it's all corrupt and needs to be reset
Alex Thatcher (1 year ago)
accuse the typos sorry
Michael B (1 year ago)
Sell weapons to both sides and provoke them.
Roderick Bryant (1 year ago)
It all sounds nice of what your saying. But the powers that be are going to go all out. ( WAR ) Black ppl never ever had anything to say of what the white race is & has done to the hole earth. This earth really isn't any good anymore. America was never great. How could anyone call America great when all it has done was take from & kill also iinslave. Make America great again is just a line.
It's Okay to Eat Mayo (5 months ago)
Give me you address so I can send you a $100 bill to pin to your ass as you scream "Victim Here!" "Victim Here!" Stop being a blockhead. It's gross.
Roderick Bryant (1 year ago)
+Daniel Cruz I really don't think that you maybe getting the big picture hear. If you feel like taking up for the white race that's fine. But know this in the best sellers book ( Bible ) I think you should do a little or maybe a lot of reading on the white race of people & stop and think about what & how the white race do busines day - day. We the Nigero race are paying for the sins of are forefathers to date. And in the Bible it well tell you that Esau aka ( So call white people ) well have to pay for their forefathers sin. But 2X more over for how & what they do. ( To date ) The white race wants to have everything even not to pay for their forefathers sins and the sins that they do to date. If you take the time & stop to think about the white race. How did the so called white people get America? ( Killing ) How did the so called white people build America? ( Slavery The nigero's Hebrew Israelites ) Who kills the black men & women to date? ( The white police officers ) And anyone can see from the videos that the police officers should go right to jail but they don't. And they get payed for doing it. Why is all the so called white people killing blacks for parts? ( Because they think they well live longer ) And did you know that in the Bible that Yahawash aka ( God ) said that the Hebrew Israelites nigero are his best people and above all people of the earth? I could go on - on. But if you like to stand up for the so called white race. OK
Daniel Cruz (1 year ago)
im black but i will not blame people who have also been indoctrinated and are not at fault for their beliefs and actions. you say u hate white race cuz of what they do and how they do it when there are black people who do the exact same thing when they are in the same situation and members of the white race who are in the same spot as blacks.
Roderick Bryant (1 year ago)
+Daniel Cruz I understand what you are saying because I'm a person that cares about life and people as a hole. But what I also see is that we the nigero race has been f××k way to long & a lot of whites has been ok with that like it should be that way. The nigero race of people made this place that the white race likes to call America. There's a lot of things that you & others of the white race don't or won't understand. I well say this that the nigero race don't hate the white race because of your color. The nigero race hate the white race because of what you do & how you do it. You talk about the elites, bankers, CIA aka ( Deep state ) Like it's them only but what has the none deep state ( If you will ) done? I like your show but when we the nigero race say something about what's really going on the white race gets so upset. And the Nigero & White race knows What's up but the white race wants it all even the lies.
Daniel Cruz (1 year ago)
Roderick Bryant there are blacks in the US that own land and mansions. Don't let the elites pit u against those who are not really to blame. Race wars are part of their agenda to keep people divided and in control. There are white people in the US who live in sewers.
Al, Orange Park, FL (1 year ago)
excellent video well done sir
chan-nel (1 year ago)
Jeff. Now that is a real HERO.    Not murderer's of poor 3rd world people.
Gerald Collins (1 year ago)
this guy is nuts. he has licked the bogoes ns one too many times. lol. seriously he is right.
Look up. (1 year ago)
Now, if people will listen to this and stop supporting all that fake, warmongering patriotism, that would be great.
Berni Gagnon (1 year ago)
why aren't americans protesting. proud to be an american? i've heard that crap all my life and i've been around awhile.there's a saying, you have what you allow
The Monrovian (1 year ago)
Berni Gagnon It has been my experience that people do what you let them. A nation of willfully ignorant people will breed the worst tyranny. Most of the control in western countries comes from the slaves themselves policing other slaves. That's what I despise the most about living in Canada. That and the punitive socialist taxation, shitty weather, and bitchy uber entitled family court enabled women. Smartest thing I ever did was to stay away from Canadian women!
TheAlaric89 (1 year ago)
You get a thumbs up for the "50 kinds of new genders" crack alone. lol
mambang berasap (1 year ago)
rand paul for government
Michie TN (1 year ago)
"... to get on the plane (to war) you, (their) privilege."
BDM (1 year ago)
well said Jeff, it's about time this criminal organization was brought to an end, unfortunately it can only happen by collapsing the economy and taking the money away. this needs to be done.
Luke Dzivinski (1 year ago)
Fuck Stefan Molyneux, gone all the way up Trumps ass. You are the truth Dollar Vigilante!
damok9999 (1 year ago)
he's a sell out since the elections, molyneux is done for, political coverage to get subs, turned to "use it against itself"... a failed tactic
Richard Raymond (1 year ago)
You know that unaccounted for ten trillion is half of our national debt. Great vid keep it up! Thanks.
PhilippeKonieczny (1 year ago)
you are right! hello from Poland
santsuma (1 year ago)
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has been explaining what/who is the deep state: -The Pentagon -The Military Industrial Complex -The FED and Wall STREET banksters -Big Corporations (Big Oil, Big Pharma, etc) -Donald Rumsfeld declared that 2.3 TRILLION dollars were missing... That amount is equal (approximately) to adding 3 million dollars per DAY, since the birth of Jesus!
Bubbles (1 year ago)
My gut tells me this guy is telling the truth.
Flyingcrocodile46 (1 year ago)
That is by far and away the best summation of the facts that I have seen. Perfect delivery that is just the right length and tone required for the average attention span. I can't see this in your face truth delivery staying up on this increasingly censored platform. I have made a copy just in case, and urge others to do so as well. If they take it down, we can all put it back up over and over.
Alston Fernandez (1 year ago)
lol dollar collapse. this guy. dollar keeps getting stronger and stronger.
mrquammy (8 days ago)
Alston Fernandez ... uhhh wrong clown!
Michael Raphael (1 year ago)
best fucking vid you ever made jeff. keep kicking ass man!
Dan Silva (1 year ago)
JFK listened and got his brains blown away for it
Evan Shaw (1 year ago)
Why does he talk like a robot?
Pamela Rice (1 year ago)
Yes, You are the only one who notices these things. Except me. I notice, too.
john oneill (1 year ago)
fuckin heavy mann
Lap Dog (1 year ago)
Holy shit great video the dollar is dead it's the only way to stop the beast!
rsalem78 (1 year ago)
rsalem78 As palestinian born i thought we just been unlucky and unfortunate to be on the way of and crushe by "big nations " elephants stampede .but it seems all nations eventually be screwed up. But deep inside believe that "they" build a nice dream at the expenise of some else mightmare. that where they fail and all these money spent will become a sorrow and fire eating them from inside. Trust God but do the right thing
Vins Web (1 year ago)
8 years now waiting for the collapse?
Vins Web (1 year ago)
are you peter schiff lite.
Austin G (1 year ago)
4:15 LOL
Computer Guru (1 year ago)
Simon Johnson (1 year ago)
This isn't about getting people in the US free homes, it's about building a global empire
kiloboba (1 year ago)
Thank you Jeff, you are one of those making a difference.
All Total Coaching (1 year ago)
Rafiq Dean (1 year ago)
Well well Mr Berwick, just when I was beginning to doubt you, you were on fire in this one......good man 👍🏽
the51project (1 year ago)
The Pentagon had a Masonic cornerstone laying ceremony on 9/11 1941. Twin Towers had a Masonic cornerstone laying ceremony on 9/11 1966. The Madrid bombing happened 911 days after 9/11 in the US. 9/11=9/2=92. The numerology number "93" resonates with creative expression of concerns and solutions for humanity. Number 93 is a message to let go of any situations in your life that are no longer positively serve you. Allow the ‘old’ to leave your life and do not cling to situations out of fear. The number 92 (sum of 9/11) is the numerical value of the Hebrew word Jachin according to Abellio, one of the two columns of the Temple of Solomon, the other being Boaz (Masonic Pillars). 92 falls one short of 93 - it represents remaining trapped in fear, and the ego, and prevents humanity from ascending to a higher plain.
czanel (1 year ago)
generally as bitcoin holder i do not like what you and others are presenting in Anarcapulco. This is different. Not nearly as good as "why we fight" Eugene Jarecki but heading in the right direction.
James Frushon (1 year ago)
Post one with Eisenhower as the 'Poster Frame' to get people who do not know you but know Him!
Randy Best (1 year ago)
The pledge of allegiance, freedom and democracy are all scams targeted at the sheep!
celebmrk9 (1 year ago)
TheOlddantucker (1 year ago)
America needs Dr.Ron Paul and governer Mr Jesse Ventura.
MDemZ (1 year ago)
so what are we supposed to do about it im sick and tired of this sitting around and waiting for elites to make a mistake? they won't were all fucked
BoilerRoomRadio (1 year ago)
Excellent video Jeff, shared this on my social media.
JOE Vandeleur (1 year ago)
Is the department of "defense" the nucleus, or rather is it a laundering front for something else, something much larger and far more outrageous?
Jake Hunter (1 year ago)
Blind sheep to bw hearded smfh 😒😒😒😡😡😡😡😡
Gisele Augusteijn (1 year ago)
BLESS YOU JEFF FOR OPENING THE EYES OF SOME AMERICANS: A VIDEO U MUST VIEW New on January 17, 1061: Eisenhower's Warning of Misplaced Powers: The birth of the Military Industrial Complex (includes a large arms industry). 3,000,000 million people engaged in this defense machine. Read on...it gets more interesting > Sept. 10, 2001, Dept of Defense announces: 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS...GONE MISSING ? Jeff explains: "That's One thousand times more than 2.3 billion dollars: Unimaginable". Oh but wait: What luck for the Dept. of Defense: On Sept. 11, 2001 (1 day later) the ACCOUNTING DEPT. OF THE PENTAGON BLOWS UP ! END OF STORY ! MONEY GONE ! Fast forward to 2017: TEN TRILLION COMPLETELY UNACCOUNTED FOR !!!... NO MATTER: Jeff cites Thomas Hedge "That's $120,000. for every family of 4 in the US today" 2017: An audit was demanded but has NOT HAPPENED YET ! HAS NEVER BEEN AUDITED
Omar Touzani (1 year ago)
There must be the idiots who always thank US veterans for their service who disliked this video. Come and listen to his excellency, Jeff, u little lowlives.
JOE Vandeleur (1 year ago)
The veterans, especially among the enlisted, are mostly victims of this inhumane monstrosity. They may have volunteered, but they are defrauded by the pretenses put forth by the recruitment.
Mark Akin (1 year ago)
Great rant, man..
gnomo 767 (1 year ago)
joozzs are to blame for everythig,they are the one...
CheekyMonkey888 (1 year ago)
are they the ones who put the caramel in the Caramilk bar?
Charles Wakefield (1 year ago)
Jeff, please research and do a video on the ongoing disaster at Fukushima.
casNJ (1 year ago)
Jeff, as a former Infantry Officer (ARMY) and ATTACK DOG for Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, United Fruit and the Petrochemical industry, just to name a few ..........I whole hardheartedly agree with you! General Smedley Butler, the most decorated Marine in History, who authored "War is a RACKET" and prevented the overthrow of the American Government, by Prescott Bush and his BANKSTER buddies, just sent you his BLESSINGS!
Gisele Augusteijn (1 year ago)
My wish for you Jeff is that you start inspiring more intelligent comments by your subscribers than what I can read on this page.
SKIP AD (1 year ago)
Jeff, your last three uploads are the best...👌
Spencer (1 year ago)
A more proper term for this particular monster is the Military Industrial Congressional Complex.
Jim Thompson (1 year ago)
This was experienced wisdom from a former five Star General, Supreme Allied Commander in Europe during WW2 and a two term Republican president. Just maybe he knew of what he spoke. Trump just preposed a $54 billion increase in military spending at the expense of vital social programs that aid the needy.
Surfcityriot (1 year ago)
Shoulda never stole the money in the first place...its not thiers to steal and redistribute as they see fit..for anything...FUCK THE US GOVERNMENT...
It wasn't a warning as much as it was a in-your-face revelation of their game plan.
horsefaceemily (1 year ago)
Could the jjoozz have nicked the money with the gold ??,  best army the jjoozzz have ever had America.
horsefaceemily (1 year ago)
Yes we do, you seem to have lost your head this time, but joking apart how do you thing the jjoozz worlds orders chance`s are , me just time.
Austin G (1 year ago)
horsefaceemily We meet again ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
8wayspeed (1 year ago)
great insight and Ole Dammegard is a clever man working on a shoe string budget to warn the many. thank Jeff and Ole you deserve lots of credit.

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