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Top 5 Things to NEVER Do When Trading Crypto Coins - Possible Illness and Death

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Alexey Lisin (4 months ago)
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Habiba Akter (4 months ago)
Wow UKCOIN is really going up on Coinexchange. Is that something to do with the UK Government mentioning it in the BBC broadcast this afternoon?
Natalie Harrington (5 months ago)
I love You!
Crypto Conversations (5 months ago)
Leah Hope (5 months ago)
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mahippy (5 months ago)
loved the roast great vid great channel
Kevin C (5 months ago)
“Your private key is basically like the private key to your account.” Thank you for that wonderful insight.
S. A. (5 months ago)
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Alex Shtainberg (5 months ago)
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José Antonio Appugliese (5 months ago)
Hi, great job!! I'm new in the crypto. I'd like to understand better about "never buy on a pump handle" because it seems me difficult decide the exact moment before this point. I understand that is possible to buy until 2700, right? there is some indicator during the trading that I could to use to stop before 2700? Thank you so much!!
California Dreaming (5 months ago)
@ Crypto Oracle- What are your thoughts on TRX?
mirzafazil4u (5 months ago)
Can't trust a guy with that kind of hair...nope
Nick Peavy (5 months ago)
Thank you so much for shitting on those kids. For me, that makes me feel so much better about listening to your advice an watching your channel. Its good to see real recognize bullshit. I'm only into this for about 2 months, I'm trying to learn as much as I can, while sifting through the nonsense. Ive watched around 10 videos from JR, an every video left me more frustrated, as I thought to myself, this idiot can't honestly be an expert.. I know little on crypto, but quite a bit on bullshit. Like you said, he talks alot, but doesn't really say anything. Watch out for people who put more focus on their garage rather than their advice or thoughts. Definitely staying tuned for more Oracle. BTW, what are your thoughts on KIN?
Touseef Nadeem (5 months ago)
your mic is too low for laptop speakers. I am using laptop. pls volume up your mic a little bit. so we laptop users can hear.
Dee Robin (5 months ago)
Stronghands say no more!
quirt70 (5 months ago)
Thank you for sharing.
Raven Sin (5 months ago)
Hello oracle very good videos.But one think to watch the predictions can make it or not.I saw a very quick judge to another person.And you said he said 5 coins an all dump.Sure you have some good predictions but.You support poe at 0.20 and now is 0.13 you said buy Monetha and still didnt move.You said komodo and komodo sunk at 6 dollars until yesterday.Everyone may have bad days just saying
Daniel Smith (5 months ago)
EKO coin to the MOON!
martin456166 (5 months ago)
Big pump coming up at 3:00PM EST. Here is a link to join: https://discord.gg/y4d7qyc
dindipanesar (5 months ago)
The last 5 minutes made me laugh.... good job
Meister der Erkenntnis (5 months ago)
Thank you !! Do you know what PIVX Coin is?
little dards (5 months ago)
You sound like a butt hurt chick. You don't look much older then them either. You sure don't sound much different than them. So, stop it.
Sato Kanahide (5 months ago)
1) NEVER forget to enable 2 factor authentication 2) NEVER share your private keys 3) NEVER buy on a on a pump candle 4) NEVER buy longtermcoins without researching 5) DONT LISTEN to cryptoidiots Those are good points especially the fifth one.. I got burned once because i listened to Highoncoins with Chaincoin. I just followed the stream but not this time !! I have made my homework and i picked up a privacy coin which will be better than monero. I took my time and investigated Deeponion i joined at 60cents and its great, low total supply, marketcap has risen very good. The community is very active like the devs, there is a good communication between us holders and the devs. I love how the coin is only about 6months old and it already has functions like Deepvault which i didnt see in any other coin and their roadmap is very promising. Thats what i want from a coin, real life usecases. If you join their official forum you will find many more stuff on which they are working which are not seen in the official website. Take a look if you want :)
G. C. (5 months ago)
Deep brain chain is by far the most profitable coin for january if you buy now.. it is sitting 0.32c from its high a week ago .67 so half off.. also has confirmation about working with disney franchise.. this is neos main ico and as soon as more nodes have been released and dbc is listed on more exanges it will take off
Zach Breshears (5 months ago)
yo bro, not tring to put you on blast, but your lack of self confidence really makes it hard to heed your (what i feel is sincere) advise over the crypto market space . just be you. post script. natural hair is far superior then bleached. just be you bro
Sergey Stoliarchuk (5 months ago)
option3project (5 months ago)
I really appreciated this video. Very smart.
Yoong Jian How (5 months ago)
The more I watch your video, the more you look like Littlefinger from GoT
Abhishek Vora (5 months ago)
i really feel u did read my post :) about the way i got hacked i had posted on twitter as well as steemit thanks for helping us new people in crypto god bless
Abhishek Vora (5 months ago)
i lost my poloniex account cause of 2 fa all u said true mate but i made 2 mistakes no more ty brother Oracle
paul i (5 months ago)
what if the guy had same opinion about you ?
IamApotAto (5 months ago)
@Crypto Oracle can u please make a list of coins which have possibly the most gains in one month , 6 months and a year.
IamApotAto (5 months ago)
adventurer (5 months ago)
Fuck jr! Those guys are dumb fucks
Rachid Alhourani (5 months ago)
Having clicked this video I knew I wasn't going to be enlightened. BUT for someone who isn't drunk, or critically brain damaged, this was a waste of time. And yes, it is extremely douchie to flash a fancy car in a video that supposedly deals with math and layman cryptography. Nice Mercedes ( :
Coin Pump (5 months ago)
Signal coin pump and dump free: https://goo.gl/7BHGrv
Loui W (5 months ago)
Your not the only guy telling the truth about JR on here. I feel sorry for all the newbies who follow him. Some will win out and make some money. But most will be screwed holding worthless bags praying they will someday go up.
Be happy (5 months ago)
Use your phone to authenticate. Email can have keylogger.
Space Created (5 months ago)
Laughing so hard that there so many ppl out there truly buying into that jrgarbage shit talk
Rapstak (5 months ago)
Fucks up with that hair
HaoEn (5 months ago)
Oracle >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>JR young kids.
paul lindsay (5 months ago)
Your video was the second video iv seen today suggesting to not take advice from that idiot. I've seen his video. I thought he was joking. He doesn't know anything about crypto.
Bin Peng0211 (5 months ago)
Thanks for sharing all those 5 advices/warnings, I have stopped to look at most of ICO projects due no safe feeling with this kind of investment. I like few airdrop projects especially those have a strong community to support the team. I have been joined the Deeponion's airdrop since Nov, my holding amount is getting doubled according with the free airdrop. The dev team keep following the roadmap under all holder's Supervision, and price has raised 600%. I mean this kind of project mode keeps my investment mostly safe, and guarantee the profit as well. People could easily see all changes inside the dev team and community every day which reflects to the market price in meanwhile.
ETH580 (5 months ago)
Bitcoin gold top
Fro Ramirez (5 months ago)
A video on top 5 youtubers to actually subscribe to that have actual good info would be good. Like crypto bobby is really good and datadash and others. Could help a ton of people, i did see the jrgarage guys and telling people to buy certain coins after it pumped is just terrible.
EjitWebDesign (5 months ago)
Don't but long term coins without researching? You don't buy any coin without researching. You must always do your research and see if it's a project you believe in. That's why I'm big on so few coins; just sia coin, Deeponion and Etn.
andre 2112 (5 months ago)
I follow DeepOnion and Electroneum, too. I've made a lot of research about them: DeepOnion has a great community behind it and great developers. Tech is also good and there are coming soon features (Android wallet, Deepsend, Votecentral, DeepVault on a website). Electroneum has great marketing team and a consolidated technology (Monero core technology and it uses ringngsignature too). I don't think that the chance to mine on smartphone is a game change, but it can promote people to use ETN on their smartphones and allows mass adoption.
Dee Plorable (5 months ago)
Good content, thanks.
Tino (5 months ago)
We are a crypto pump community with over 170k members 300% profit. Next pump is tommorow, but invites are temporary closing in 12 hours so join now https://discord.gg/YnDdh7C
Crypto Smart Reviews (5 months ago)
Google 2FA is the savior of the crypto world! Just having email and password is not enough security whatsoever! Great vid my dude!
Sean Algaze (5 months ago)
yea crypto oracle SHIT ON THAT GUY!
CryptoNick (5 months ago)
Doug Polk Crypto RIPPED apart those JRGarage kids and it was hilarious. Check it out if you havent seen yet
Soapy (5 months ago)
What do people think on Pivx? Oracle said it could potentially be a 100$ coin. I think it is going to get very bullish soon. Looking to hit that 20-30$ area. Let me know your opinions.
Nuffin Man (5 months ago)
You should get a couple of cheap lights that you can shine on your green screen and position them between your back and the green screen, that way you don't throw shadows!
Matt Dwyer (5 months ago)
He does all the same shit he complains about. Bullshit hype words, coins he's trying to hype for self gain, and his bogus $200/mo channel
alicepao13 (5 months ago)
You're right to point out that people should never share their private keys. I'm relatively new to crypto myself and I've already seen so many people who have a story about sharing their private keys and then, of course, their coins disappear. I mean, it's called private key for a reason. Also a good advice, doing research instead of buying coins without knowing anything about them and not depending on "crypto experts" for information. I do lots of research before investing, either my money or my time. That's how I saw the potential of coins like DeepOnion and Zcash. And while I didn't manage to discover Zcash too early, my timing was perfect with DeepOnion.
Keith Gregory (5 months ago)
Let me save your hard earned money...if you found a 1km long gold vein would you go onto social media to tell everyone where it is...of course not....I rest my case
Nikolai (5 months ago)
dude that Doug Polk Crypto video about JRBusiness is straight up gold
TheNewa90 (5 months ago)
What do you think about Brandon Kelly? My personal experience is that he knows what he is doing, but i’d like a 2nd opinion on that.
JIm Zucker (5 months ago)
Video starts at 4:40
HaoEn (5 months ago)
Alae Khaldi (5 months ago)
Crypto First Timer (5 months ago)
I just started in crypto 6 months ago my friend is an OG crypto trader and he said that JR Business is garbage LMAO!
FL_Stormrider (5 months ago)
Second video today that has trashed that dude.
Crypto Vision (5 months ago)
JR Business is a bunch of fucking scammers
Sain Code (5 months ago)
How do you put 2FA on Gmail? Pretty weird that Google isn't using Authenticator for this, wth?
Fabian de Korver (5 months ago)
Sain Code you can use the google app as 2fa, or if you don't have a smartphone you can use sms codes
ecm2147 (5 months ago)
#5 you read my mind.
Dennis Croon (5 months ago)
does blockchain education give calls on what to buy and sell?
Ajay kumar singh (5 months ago)
What's ur view about steneum (stn)coin , today launch n low supply n very cheap Is it good to invest ???
Bullshit Detector (5 months ago)
Those guys are fu****g idiots
Mr Mo (5 months ago)
what do u mean about the dip of cmapuscoin? will it go down to 2cents? wanna buy
JJ Sparx (5 months ago)
Tip No.1 should be: Never listen to any YouTuber for trading advice. Try to make your own mind up and do the research yourself.
Silver Kappa (5 months ago)
Thanks ^^
J. Calvin (5 months ago)
Crypto Oracle > JRGARAGE
Tino (5 months ago)
We are a crypto pump community with over 170k members 300% profit. Next pump is tommorow, but invites are temporary closing in 12 hours so join now https://discord.gg/YnDdh7C
Dankrupt (5 months ago)
more like JRGARBAGE
Steve Everett (5 months ago)
Love your vids, I'm new to crypto and I look forward to your new vids!
Shady (5 months ago)
That Jr channel just pump shit coin with low market cap just see paccoin and you'll understand what i mean.
Olly B (5 months ago)
Well done man, Your Solid, i will join the group soon,When i get my money right
Phil Kavanagh (5 months ago)
Good advice once again! Thanks!
Moscow Moscow (5 months ago)
Marco Dasilva (5 months ago)
you earned my respect!!!!!
Sweatt (5 months ago)
Thank You, that JR turd is the worst.
Samir Ben Kassem (5 months ago)
you recommended TX will go 10x and that was horrible they havent updated their social medias in months!
Samir Ben Kassem (5 months ago)
i did my own research thats why i found that they werent active, but an "oracle" that gives advices about doing research but still gives an prediction of 10x on a shitcoin was worth to highlight
Saint (5 months ago)
You should always do your own research dont take anyone's word like it's the word of god.
Rob Star Global (5 months ago)
Thanks.... I listened to that guy and bought a lot of Pac Coin then he dumped them all and cashed in! 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ I have to hold now!
Tino (5 months ago)
We are a crypto pump community with over 170k members 300% profit. Next pump is tommorow, but invites are temporary closing in 12 hours so join now https://discord.gg/YnDdh7C
Rob Star Global (5 months ago)
Lord Maximus Nice... Very good choice.. I want some, but don’t have enough purchasing power at the moment! It’ll go parabolic very soon! 💰💪🏿
Bullshit Detector (5 months ago)
I bought Neblio with it because I know for fact Neblio is going to go all the way up to the moon. So it was worth if
mitchalff (5 months ago)
Guys dont listen to this guy! Follow @Money4Crypto on twitter he is a friend of me and gave me some really good gems.. Just hodl it !
Rob Star Global (5 months ago)
Lord Maximus Yeah man that was dirty! You definitely shouldn’t have sold! I will hold for months if I have to.. Pissed that I traded my Linda Coin to strengthen my positions though! It actually went up during this Market Correction! 😫😩🤬
Braadpan96 (5 months ago)
DIGIPULSE! Inherentance on the blockchain! Check it out. Marketcap under 10 million. So lot of room te grow. Possible x100
Rinoor123 (5 months ago)
Check your insta messages though
Olly B (5 months ago)
James Carpenter (5 months ago)
What does anyone say about Coinexchange.IO or Bleutrade as trading exchanges? I was thinking about mooncoin
JJ Sparx (5 months ago)
Coinexchange is good, worth registering. I'm also on Bleutrade and they aren't quite as professional, but they sometimes have obscure coins.
Stefy Sabbadin (5 months ago)
1st :)
PranchaL (5 months ago)
Youuuuu are Awesome bro :)

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