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Trump shakes hands with nearly 1,100 US Naval Academy graduates

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Capt. William Parker (Ret.) on how President Trump shook the hand of every US Naval Academy graduate and the struggles that each graduate endured.
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Text Comments (724)
Chief Spoon (12 days ago)
Meanwhile CNN is still trying to prop up Stormy Daniels.
tortillamilk (15 days ago)
Every speaker at an Academy graduation shakes the hand of all graduates. Secretary Mattis shook every graduate's hand at USAFA this year.
Just Passing Through (15 days ago)
Trump! America loves you! Anyone of worth loves our President Trump! He's a treasure for the world!!!
jay mcdan (17 days ago)
We have the Best President Since Reagan!
C Su (17 days ago)
I liked Trump. Now, I love Trump. Thank you, God.
오인영 (20 days ago)
미국 군대가 강한 이유
Just Passing Through (15 days ago)
Greetings to Korea from US! Sorry, but I doubt anyone here speaks Korean though :(
Hiram Rosa Jr (20 days ago)
Does he want a cookie for standing there
Just Passing Through (15 days ago)
Get a life loser
Hiram Rosa Jr (20 days ago)
Lol , shaking change out there pockets
T McGe (20 days ago)
Those are awfully LARGE hands our President has!! God Bless our service members, our President and our Country!!!
RR RR (20 days ago)
Big like big president
Hansung Suh (20 days ago)
Hillary can't do this. But she can 24 hours spilt up USA's strategies to ISIS
Just Passing Through (15 days ago)
She fainted just from going to her "rallies" XD
정용한 (21 days ago)
The best president trump ever before. we love you trump president 👍👍👍👍
Just Passing Through (15 days ago)
And US loves Korea! :)
Snaps Often (21 days ago)
Listen, Trump is ARROGANT, STAND OFFISH, but you can deny it if you hate him, but he is and will be for a long time the most productive, characteristic President history has ever known. Folks, we needed this guy, the game was about to be seized by the Clintons and would have been irreversible. So sad the country and News are not being honest, this guy is changing the fuckin world, there are African tribes buried in the Jungles, even they who this guy is. If Clinton won we would be on brink of WW3. TRUMP actually wanted and likes this job, name last President you can say that about, he loves this country, glad he won, glad he is my President.
Fernando Bonanno (21 days ago)
I have never seen a president do some thing like that , what stamina the President has totally amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!! REAL COMMANDER-N-CHIEF !!!!!!!!
paysonfox88 (21 days ago)
Hillary wouldn't even have been able to stand up long enough to shake that many Hands, HAHAHAHAHAHAA Low energy not needed here! Trump Drinks Powerthirst - he wins at everything forever.
RoadKillzine (21 days ago)
was this before or after getting his memorial day spray tan? lol what a fraud
LaughTooHard (21 days ago)
How great is it to see our military folks respected again? I love my Trump.
joan eskins (21 days ago)
Alexander the Great led from the front. Where as Cadet BoneSpurs would use these young and naive recruits as cannon fire. He'd be cowering behind all the action shitting himself right down to his bonespurs. If you think otherwise then he's got a real good, really good, great, really great, once in a lifetime property investments in his tacky Trump/Your the Chump towers.
Just Passing Through (15 days ago)
Grammar please. Not everyone speaks degenerate retard.
N P (21 days ago)
Wonderful President Ever President Trump!!!!!
Billy McAuliffe (21 days ago)
A war coward and adulterer at a naval academy ??? What a fucking joke
shachar rachmany (22 days ago)
Hillary would have been dead after the first 100..
David Bruin (22 days ago)
To Tony Hill, My proof is Obama denigrated our soldiers during and after Lybia.,and our police officers at every level, calling them stupid, or any other put down he felt like saying at the time. Obama will go down in history as one of the WORSE presidents ever!!!!
nallali (22 days ago)
God Bless Trump!! God Bless USA!!
glenncountry (22 days ago)
The first president that does not worry about being politicly correct. Just does what needs to be done. Thankyou Mr. President.
Victor Waddell (22 days ago)
When the Clintons were in office , Hildabeast though that servicemembers looked so sharp in their uniforms that she wanted them to serve as waiters at White House parties .
Mr. G (22 days ago)
Too many women in the Navy. While I respect their service to the country I hope the US does not have a major war
pie (22 days ago)
Great man
Jeffrey Ese Akwahsam (22 days ago)
Because he shook 1,100 people? Obama shook EVERY person's hand in the US Base in Afghanistan when he visited. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opoxctmXPkc Trump is an evil divisive man. If you love Trump... that says a lot about you... You are either ignorant of his past or just as ugly inside as he is
Regan Orr (22 days ago)
Bring Back the Draft! Counter Commie School Propaganda!
ustedeslosricos ! (22 days ago)
Draft dodger. Not my President!
Agnetha (22 days ago)
Trump is so much better than that turd Obama was
golfito (22 days ago)
Agnetha Pull off your tongue out of Trump annus fucking imbecile You are embarrassing yourself by supporting a traitor and a coward
2009husker (22 days ago)
Thank You President Trump!
Billy Jim (22 days ago)
Allen Atkins (22 days ago)
Hillary would have reviewed them from her throne.
Bryan Halstead (22 days ago)
Allen Atkins Hillary couldn’t stand that long without falling
Vlasta Molak (22 days ago)
Msny EX-Muslims had warned Westerjersn that Islam ITSELF us an ideology of haten of all no9n-Muslims, which is worse thanh Nazism. Islam is NOT compatible with the US Constitution and the Universal declaration of Human Rights...
Vlasta Molak (22 days ago)
MAGA and MASA1 President Trump is doing a great job! Hopefully his hand does not hurt too much from 1,100 hands to shake...
just 1 life (23 days ago)
Im lost for words
Ben Jerry (23 days ago)
He really is a Great President. From an British guy, leaders like him only come along once in a lifetime.
Max (23 days ago)
Such a great time to be alive
Rockinghorse Winner (23 days ago)
A President who loves his country, how refreshing!
Fleo Black (23 days ago)
Too bad President Spanky couldn't serve with all his bone spurs.
Bryan Halstead (22 days ago)
Fleo Black Did you serve?
PhelixJMech (23 days ago)
I hope they all serve long and fulfilling careers each and every one of them 👍congratulations from Australia 🇦🇺
jake snake (23 days ago)
CNN report fake news only
S M (23 days ago)
and obama shook the hand of one marine and made another hold his umbrella.
leachristin stout (23 days ago)
Congratulation to All the men and women in the Naval Academy ,what a great president so deep respect from you The win is your just keep The Faith President so much love !!!
fibsernum30 (23 days ago)
I hope all of the graduates checked their wallets and washed their hands thoroughly.
Blakelikesfood (23 days ago)
"Trump disrespects nearly 1,000 US Navy Academy graduates by not referring to each one by their full names." - CNN
Oliver Garcia (23 days ago)
Are you saved? If you die tonight, can you go to heaven? Receive jesus and repent sin and go to heaven.
mcconn746 (23 days ago)
I wonder if some would not have wanted to shake hands with Obama. Go Trump.
Jon Triebsch (23 days ago)
don't talk back (23 days ago)
Obama shook hands with Michael's monkey dick. That's it.
S K (23 days ago)
Draft dodger humiliates graduating class. They did not want him there
Linda Bergman (23 days ago)
Awesome!!! Congratulations all!!!!
Lonnie Powell (23 days ago)
And after they shook his hands they ran to the bathroom to wash them off
dodger Fan (23 days ago)
"If I see you in the city, Ill buy you a beer". Respect!
Gary McAleer (23 days ago)
A true "Commander-in-chief."
Dark browntwin (23 days ago)
Jannen (23 days ago)
That’s nice
Joe Mancilla (23 days ago)
God hates all republicans and Donald Trump 666
Mauricio Szwerdszarf (23 days ago)
Best of the BEST.
Thunder Garcia (23 days ago)
Fake news. Taking credit for something that was happening already
disturbed3330 (23 days ago)
My wife is in the military she hopes Trump gets a second term so he will be the one to sign her retirement papers.
felix gauthier (23 days ago)
Proud' to be an American - Really?.............youtube it.......must see......
felix gauthier (23 days ago)
Why America Has Lost Every War It Has Started Since World War II .
powerball201 (23 days ago)
wow what a way to celebrate your naval academy graduation to shake the hand of a Draft Dodging Yellow belly Coward that turned his back on serving the country when he was called on -You Trumpturds are just inbred retarded racist maggots
Chase Richter (23 days ago)
You need to generalize more.
Picturetaker (23 days ago)
He is just going to send them to a stupid corporate war anyway.
I wouldn't touch trump nasty ass porn, pee pee hands.
Sneaky Pete (23 days ago)
Draft Dodger in - Chief.
Trent Timoy (23 days ago)
A Racist Fascist CON attempting to instill integrity and honor to graduates of the Naval Academy . A fucking laughingstock JOKE!
rico king (23 days ago)
Wow, I'm 50 with a bad back, no way could I do this. Major props to our POTUS. #MAGA
Mary Burrowes (23 days ago)
Re-Elect Trump 2020. MAGA.
flor wast (23 days ago)
The draft-dodging coward isn't afraid to shake hands. Wow! You girls have set the bar pretty low...
Elmo Bennett (23 days ago)
Trump stood and LIED about military raises! He stood and LIED TO THESE PEOPLE! LIED!
cat 11 (23 days ago)
his arm must have been sore after this...
TheCrashdawg (23 days ago)
don't remember obozo doing this. 8 years destroying the USA and not one time doing this. MAGA
Matal (23 days ago)
37 assholes disliked this video
Ring Dave (23 days ago)
draft dodger, scum bag, cheated on all 3 wives, lying scum, impeach trump; build the wall.
Frankie Rosado (23 days ago)
Obama did better than that, not only he shook hands with Two Thousand Felons, He Pardon all Two Thousand of them. Obama said, he will be making the Streets of America Tough again.
PrisonEarth (23 days ago)
Our 1st real President, that's why the communists have tried so hard to undermine him
micha052694 (23 days ago)
From a guy who doesn’t like to shake hands with people
E Drew (23 days ago)
Even if you want to be cynical and believe Trump did this to boost his own ego, standing on stage and shaking the hand of 1,100 gets old really quickly, especially when your job involves shaking somebody's hand on a daily basis. I think Trump was being sincere in this gesture and he shouldn't be criticized for it.
wade5941 (23 days ago)
Wow! So powerful to see a leader up front and center.
juan tomas (23 days ago)
This is GREAT ! I wish every young American would serve and every dreamer should have to do 6 years active duty if they want to live in America. Serving is one of the best things young people can do, it will help them grow as a American and to make America GREAT for ever.
Captain Conservative (23 days ago)
Probably 90 percent approval from military current and retired, and 95 percent of law enforcement, this is why we will win easily in 2020, 2024, 2028🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
skyballin (23 days ago)
Trump for 2nd term !!!! 👍👍👍👍
Patricia Lewis (23 days ago)
It wasn't 1100. He shook hands with the top 100. Nothing wrong with that but don't exaggerate !!!
candoak47 (23 days ago)
Trump the Great! 2020🇺🇸
alreadythen1 (23 days ago)
He must be on Guinness Book for a President who shook the most hands on military graduation.
tirpitz19 (23 days ago)
Did he grab any pussy ?
USA THE GREAT (23 days ago)
God Bless PRESIDENT Donald Trump.
felix gauthier (23 days ago)
Proud' to be an American - Really?.............youtube it.......must see......
Rick Karsan (24 days ago)
Jeff Oliver (24 days ago)
Trump a cowardly racist hope the cadets give him the stank fist.
Claire Mind (24 days ago)
Raymond Patrick (24 days ago)
Hes amazing. He loves our country. Great President not even close to finished
chUmps (24 days ago)
uhidtotur (24 days ago)
Look at him go, he is amazing.
Thyalwaysseek (24 days ago)
Trump does another PR stunt because he knows the bar is not very high when it comes to impressing his propagandized base.
Bruce Snell (24 days ago)
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Larue77 (24 days ago)
Trump told them the military would get the first pay raise in 10 years. Total lie, military pay has risen every single year. He said we will have 355 ships, and that is an increase of 200/ships. Total lie, it is an increase of 80. He said we would have those new ships soon. The date is 2050, not soon in my book. He told other lies in addition to those. I liked the rally before hand where cadets criticized his physical cowardice. He says he can’t remember which foot had the bone spur. But he does remember being on the school football team.
Deep Notion (24 days ago)
Trump and new embassy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaMEKxbvRsY

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