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Qt Bitcoin Trader - trading client for Mt.Gox and BTC-e

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Web page http://qtopentrader.com/ Open source trading client for Mt.Gox and BTC-e written in Qt. This software helps you to open and close Mt.Gox orders very fast. Real time data monitoring. Support trading rules for buy/sell Bitcoins. Developed on pure Qt with OpenSSL. Available for use on Windows, Linux and Mac. I want to develop Trader App that can be configured for any rule and strategy. If you want to help, please donate me some amount of Bitcoins to this address: 1d6iMwjjNo8ZGYeJBZKXgcgVk9o7fXcjc Thank you!
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Text Comments (11)
gaho1553 (5 months ago)
the application looks great, but the order register does not work, I'm using it with bitfinex maybe with another exchange house if it works
Selvaa Techsys (1 year ago)
sir can you please give me software
Tijana Bojan Mitrovic (2 years ago)
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Tijana Bojan Mitrovic (2 years ago)
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M H Rocha (4 years ago)
is he an ie user? :P
Stefan MountainDew (4 years ago)
Looks awesome, will definitely check it out. Does it also support LTC and other scam coins?
arorts (4 years ago)
Hahahahah. "Scam coins". Hahaha. I love it!!
IGHOR (4 years ago)
Yes. It supports all currencies available on this exchanges: BTC-e, Mt.Gox, Bitstamp, BTC China
Taylor C (4 years ago)
Awesome program, love it so far.  Definitely sending a donation! 1 thing I would love to see added tho is a rule for stop loss like: If (market last price) goes less then (5%) sell all
IGHOR (4 years ago)
Thanks. I'll add this soon.
Other brokerages support will be added in next versions in this order Btc-E, Bitstamp, CampBX.
It's open source project, look at description.

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