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Ripple XRP has had a lot of good news lately. Heres why i think Ripple will be the next cryptocurrency to be added to coinbase and also a potential xrp and google pay partnership! To Keep Your Crypto Safe, Buy One of These: http://amzn.to/2H4CDjA http://amzn.to/2CqfRPH http://amzn.to/2sBCbGq Recording equipment: Computer: http://amzn.to/2EQ5vL2 Mic: http://amzn.to/2F3nocE Register for Binance: https://www.binance.com/?ref=11630516 Buy Bitcoin Here: https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a00a74caccbe60351721d5a Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bradscrypto/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brad.crypto.39 Mine Bitcoin with Hashflare: https://hashflare.io/r/F4018C9F If you feel like donating, here are some addresses: BTC: 1Lq9EcXNp1QjjAjz9TquVudc7Gz3i3jTpm LTC: LNed5yYKzig5qG1kc3k7JoMLXohDDRd1QU ETH: 0x5696329c8331bc658093d2508a953ed0c617cfb8 Thanks for watching! Make sure to subscribe, hit the notification bell, and leave any thoughts or questions in the comment section. See you in the next video! *Disclamer: This is not financial advice, only my opinion and personal strategy regarding cryptocurrency and other investments.*
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青唐辛子 (3 months ago)
have received some information today from the reliable sources that the banks want xrp price to be staible without fructuation. So they will fix the 1xrp to be USD 15.00/per coin. Have you heard that information? I really wonder if xrp will be fixed to be 15dollars,it will no longer raise up more that 15 dollars?
JBMWm318 (3 months ago)
And confirmed...Ripple is NOT, NOT coming to Coinbase. Coinbase did announce a index fund only open to accredited investors to trade crypto as an asset class. So, more speculation.
JBMWm318 (3 months ago)
Have you ever watched Fast Money!? It’s a argumentative segment with Bears VS Bulls. Not the correct environment to make a announcement as it’s lost in the noise.
Brighton Chou (3 months ago)
Joel Little (3 months ago)
The sky is falling
CHEN YIK Goh (3 months ago)
Greats insights.. LTC: LU1RTDUHkKTxDTBaPPz4S6LxAv55aaW2Xs
Youtube No (3 months ago)
CHEN YIK Goh fuck off
NEO-RACING (3 months ago)
Xrp is dead just sell it before you loose more
Mida Multitool (3 months ago)
I bet it will go down 😂😂
James Bruce (3 months ago)
Of course it is. Stop shilling it to rob newbs. Try educating them instead of trying to profit yourself.
barnsey148 (3 months ago)
Good video subscribed!
Ellis Chadwick (3 months ago)
I see Ripple as they way forward in financial institutions embracing crypto but many of my colleagues, dislike XRP because its seen as a centralised currency within the decentralized cryptosphere.
Papa McCheese (3 months ago)
Lol... People have been saying this for months.. lol Just shut your mouths already.. Its .89 as of typing this.. Just shut your mouths.. You know nothing of anything. Lol
NEO-RACING (3 months ago)
Papa McCheese the most honest and sane comment on this video 👍👍
FlatTimes (3 months ago)
Stop pumping the Bankers coin.
AJ Drew (3 months ago)
FlatTimes Stay flat brother!
Raimundo Reis (3 months ago)
Soren Egeberg (3 months ago)
no. its not. implode is more likely.
Richard Pop (3 months ago)
great content Brad
doopy noo (3 months ago)
Ripple is about to tank.
David 99 (3 months ago)
$51 ripple? Really? So it will be worth around 8 times more than Bitcoin!
RayC1 (3 months ago)
You fucking "Crypto Clowns" are worthless and utterly irritating. You punks are an infection here. You cloud the network with stupidity, ignorance and misinformation for views. People..don't watch this bullshit. Its click bait nonsense.
AllAroundGuy (3 months ago)
ripple all the way... LTC addy MMjKGp5kodXDiymEPYLMTX21qC4i3KcpmK give me!!! give me!!! give me!! thanks keep up the good work
BangChief AllIsOne (3 months ago)
Succinct. Salute LWGr7VMb9CZc9A8U6oqvCTNVbnoiCKnLMz
EpicEntrepreneurNyc (3 months ago)
Nice video. Adoption of xRapid is key not xcurrent. We need adoption of xrp currency. Not a fan of ripple but if there is a play I’ll jump in
Fernando Delgadillo (3 months ago)
Nice video sir.. Thank you for updating us
Ekene Dili (3 months ago)
Ripple will be the wonder coin of the year.. LTC:MS34cucKAGgHqF6jxKchPnh7rZWdD8ik3y
Nathan Wind (3 months ago)
How about some bad news for XRP? Maybe then the price will go up.
Ken Semotiuk (3 months ago)
Snowflakes 🐑 people and Muppets buy more bitcoin before it goes down in price again!
Crypto Vale (3 months ago)
The biggest Jackpot game in the history of Ethereum https://etherjack.io/?masterjack=0x5Ca6ed6FD6b271B41d7671e00c769a817B376917
TOP DAWG (3 months ago)
Ripple goes down with more good news ,it will be 10 cents if it gets on Coinbase
MrKarnenorte (3 months ago)
Haha... We can then buy some more...
Big B (3 months ago)
TOP DAWG lmao! True story tho!!
Mariel Capistrano (3 months ago)
really nice video thanks keep growing LTC Address: LXjt8ujPGMH8n6F5CHSKcBwbH2nEr1nnbX
chris shamoun (3 months ago)
The dude's name you can't pronounce was a TOP Executive @ GOOGLE!
rommel capistrano (3 months ago)
nice video thanks for the news and info LTC: Lg2UPPkXiiK7zcM6WxSPa6Y2CShD4smAuo
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The Gent (3 months ago)
Don't see XRP going much higher than $3, but that's just like my opinion...and I've been wrong a time or two LOL! LTC Addy: LNKGRSU5AEWShXXxiNULkU9WYeWi7v52UY
stu uts (3 months ago)
Buk Lau (3 months ago)
You people are spreading such rumors since 43 days... Im counting on this.... U have to be more more serious about life... Nothing is going to happen with ripple.. I daily watch a new video on xrp and it is going to CoinBase in my dreams everyday and every nap
Yasam Farooq (3 months ago)
Coinbase need to add digibyte
Y User (3 months ago)
It makes sense for coinable to add Ripple but the question is: Do they have any common sense?
Big B (3 months ago)
Y User right!!!
louis Osa-Benedict (3 months ago)
My litecoin wallet LL8BpEpoANnNKi7AxcGEvYmA1xr3FKit2i
56M Views (3 months ago)
My ripple address r9efFE7ZhrWpQHbd5TtkMm55fzBLRSpbwB
Jason Lennon (3 months ago)
Soon as the current companies who are piloting xrp buy their supply the price will go ape shit, not to mention those who will inevitably convert to xrp from x-current. Patience people...
Scott McClellan (3 months ago)
LMSY5o6UJkQrvBj9bJrVdVgjGsM2hgczLA -- Not sure if this is where i'm supposed to put it but you mentioned it... Loved your vid, 1st time, will watch daily... thx for your hard work ;-)
whitieinvermont (3 months ago)
I don't believe in the market cap.
Matt (3 months ago)
Every "crypto YouTuber" just gets on and reads fucking articles. Have a original thought you twats.
whitieinvermont (3 months ago)
Funny children.
Mohamed Ender (3 months ago)
I believe in the great fluffy Santa Claus
John Thompson (3 months ago)
Do you believe in the tooth fairy?
Sojan Paul (3 months ago)
Love from India❣️ Ripple will triple
whitieinvermont (3 months ago)
The Google article came out on February 27th. News moves fast in the Crypto market.
desMEGA (3 months ago)
XRP is shit it can barely hold $1.00 per I'm going to dump as soon as I can break even
Cris Mag (3 months ago)
Yeah, tons of exchanges doing nothing for the coin
earl cole (3 months ago)
anything over $5 is really hard to believe
jalonso121 (3 months ago)
earl cole idiot you never say how much you hold
MrKarnenorte (3 months ago)
Why you keep holdin it.. If you dont believe in xrp... For sure you believe its going up someday...

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