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Credit And Bank Cards Stop Working, Sending Masses Into Frenzy

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Darryl Bavington (3 days ago)
Bitcoin is the biggest rip off as bitcoin hasn't been able to pay out funds or profits for over 4 months now as they told me they don't know how long it will take to pay out as they are building new investors to pay out older investors. Well that's there excuse they sent me by email.
Jim Pratt (4 days ago)
I have been a subscriber for over a year. Never thought a guy my age, 58, would believe what you have been "Preaching" for the past several years. Then i ran for Congress in SC against Krupt clyburn in 2010. My biggest opponent was the Deep State Run gop! i have been buying Gold and Silver for the past several years. I found out about a company that offers Private Issued Currency Grade Gold bullion. They also have an affiliate program that has allowed me to now Aquire Gold instead of buying it! Find out more at the link below https://www.karatbars.com/landing/?s=creativecapitol&p=2 They also created the first Crypto backed by Gold! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yISVqp5lZHE They continue to amaze. KaratGold Mine Worth 900 Million Announced At New York Stock Exchange https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GODT8xDb_aA Jimbo Pratt [email protected]
Brian Campbell (6 days ago)
A cashless society would mean btc also. don't kid ourselves. We have no idea if they can control who can send or receive btc if they want to shut down someone. None of us really know how the tech really works. If I was the controllers, I would come from the decentralized angle of a cryptocurrency and then play along like I'm against it and hold it back for years etc..
StokedPhilosophy (6 days ago)
I always wanted to get into investing but I realized how hard it is for a small player to get into it and not particularily getting into it but staying in it. I feel like the hardest investments are the first ones.
Richard Neal (7 days ago)
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Horiboyable MGTOW (7 days ago)
Some thing is going on because here in the UK we have about 3 banks with IT issues in the last two weeks.
Dr. Zo (8 days ago)
Jeff, I found you about a week a go, and I must say, I am amazed how real you are. Keep it up!
USA millions will suffer & disappear, Clif High (#ascension/ #judgementDay). It will be like Zimbabwe by Aug, Sept 2019. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JB0Bdi9GMHE Not as organised like Germany.
MARLO TREE (8 days ago)
Hi all you precious people......Check this out: SOLAR POWERED MONEY (of the people of the world for the people of the world) WOW One of the best examples of block chain combined with decentralized crypto bitcoin to create a decentralized market of products and services!! POWERFUL https://thesunexchange.com
GOLD & GHOSTS (9 days ago)
vinton zwahlen (9 days ago)
Hahahahahahahaha but what shall we do?!?!
vinton zwahlen (9 days ago)
This is some scary shit Mon moving to Viejo Mexico wuei
Maria S (10 days ago)
Goldman Sachs has control of BTC HFT Trading- Front running the market.
Maria S (10 days ago)
I missed the bus in crypto. Now fn Goldman Sachs have control of BTC with high frequency trading. The charts say all.
A Haeg (10 days ago)
You are so entertainingly paranoid. Never trust the distrustful.
markscott7777777 (10 days ago)
Planned test on her majesties official birthday. Trippy or what ! Its shmetah time.
SonyDC (10 days ago)
To really understand how the 1% control the world, everyone should read "A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind" by Stephan Mitford Goodson.
Hey Jeff , the crypto bull run is coming soon. Love what you do. Maybe you can spread this song around 😉 Culture and art can do a great part in helping worldwide adoption. https://youtu.be/UWlwMZzciQE
HotNoob (11 days ago)
IT tech here, asides from regulation of AS numbers, the internet is already relatively decentralized. the internet works via a peer system. the govs do control connections across oceans, but the networks within the country itself is mostly decentralized. a glimpse of canada's network: https://bgp.he.net/country/CA ^^ maybe u can find me on there ;) -- the reason for regulation of AS numbers ( you need one to setup a peer ) is because the BGP protocol which runs the internet was designed for military use... which means that it's not very... hacker proof. remember when banks didn't have passwords? you could just connect to them and move money around. same sort of thing, but practically impossible to update the internet protocol. a bad peer on the main backbone can cause A LOT of havock. -- gold / silver will outlive it all ;)
legndRicky (11 days ago)
This man doesn’t really know much
David Gonzales (11 days ago)
What if internet goes out! Now what we do now Cryto?
Shawn Kalin (11 days ago)
How's things in Acapulco? We're interested in opening up an office there. Thx.
Andre de Araujo (11 days ago)
Excellent show!! I subscribe everything!
Game Over (11 days ago)
I have no cake so they shit outta luck!!
Aqua Vitae (11 days ago)
Apologized, but did not compensate people...
Carlos Salinas (11 days ago)
bitcoin still sucks a lot more than fiat and credit cards so fuck cryptos
Mark Dejean (11 days ago)
CrytoViewing patreon and SLVR Bullion in my hand, is where its at. I love my RCM 5 ounce and 10 Ounce bars. Solar? Done last year,two 400 watt amorphous kits.
neuspeed79 (11 days ago)
CON-gress.... lmao
Zaz Turoc, PhD (11 days ago)
love to move down there what are the ways to get down where you are viglilate we make 3,000 a month and is the any gambling down there
renederop (11 days ago)
If you love the idea of a decentralized internet working on micro sats you should check out www.nexusearth.com and you'll probably fall in love with the tech they are producing in al silence :) great project with a massive potential (vector space systems)
Gaurav Sharma (11 days ago)
Let's test them and collectively use crypto for a day.
Go MGTOW (11 days ago)
That's why I keep $20,000 in cash hidden away in 10 different spots around my house (enough for a full year of paying my bills). When the banking system stops working for a day or two it allows me to continue on with my life, and if the banking system collapses then I'm prepared also.
James Behr (11 days ago)
gold and silver are real money ,regaurdless anyone says
brian kendall (11 days ago)
Roger Lai (11 days ago)
The drill in Europe will soon be happened in US before the coming worldwide financial collapse.
Sister Mary Clements (11 days ago)
This is 100 percent correct. You Sheeple need to fuckn wake up. People are so fuckn stupid it makes me angry. DO NOT GO CASHLESS!!!
Benjamin Clifton (11 days ago)
Nice back drop....
AmericaNWO NOW u OWN. (11 days ago)
YES...Ban all credit card...let the saves die.
lee boss (12 days ago)
Crypto is a 100% cashless global currency and people that are against a cashless society and global currencies are promoting it🤔. Something smells fishy.
jsnip 5 (12 days ago)
Jeff please watch vid below on ppt coin.😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
eddie bagodonuts (12 days ago)
You're living in a dream land anarchaclown
Kiwi AustEcon (12 days ago)
Well BCH is reliable. BTC... fineprint: fees subject to radical change. We reserve the right to allow fees to explode and offer you a replacement settlement layer controlled by a few banks (cough cough) I mean lightning nodes as a sanctuary - except that to set up a LN you also need to deal with this prohibitively expensive fee (a recommended 10 times for initial setup).
Here's to the future of Bitcoin and cryptos :-)
rich (12 days ago)
www.wind-rich.com for those solar panels . Hit the contact us and there is no job that cannot be done, and better.
Analytical Justice (12 days ago)
It was a test a psychological TEST
Andy Coins (12 days ago)
Dollar vigilante i hope you are aware BTC has lower fees than BCH now in S/byte, i hope your seeing Segwit is working and i hope you know more segwit adoption is coming + multisig + LN...So i hope you can start dismissing BCH now...and start realising why BTC went Segwit + multisig + LN because that how you scale. Sure it took 6 months of higher fees, but not anymore. Do the right thing.
M W (12 days ago)
As if crypto fees have not been an issue in the past!
Jeff Flynn (12 days ago)
We had a major bank lose its capacity to complete transactions recently in Australia, Melbourne it lasted about 4 hours On a Saturday I think, drew the cashless people to a halt, couldn't use there cards.
Dylan Kelley (12 days ago)
wow you tube didn't like this video
Crypto Lifestyle Club (12 days ago)
Screw these Banks!!! 👍
Matrix Adjustment (12 days ago)
that is a beautiful chemtrail background.
Eren Kaslte (12 days ago)
Is bitcoin really the answer at this point who to say that the powers that shouldn't be have not bought a ridiculous amount of mining power just to take over and cause disruption..
Eren Kaslte (12 days ago)
Dammit Jeff now solar panels and generators are going to go up in price..
The Codfather (12 days ago)
It happened in Australia last week. As l had finished dinning with my kids at a local restaurant apparently a telecommunications breakdown rendered all eftpos terminals out of order forcing me to leave my kids at the restaurant as collateral while l went off in search of an ATM.
Graham Cartwright (12 days ago)
Happening in Australian banks too. Liquidity shortage = Crash time
Tia Jolie Phillips (12 days ago)
I always enjoy hearing your reports, especially your analogies, word selections & matter-of-fact, in-your-face manner.
Chris Whitmore (12 days ago)
Crypto is cash less wake up this guy tricked thousand and pocked millions scamer clown fuck you jeff
Eric Dexter (12 days ago)
it would be nice to see multiple systems on one card. I personally like cash back but would like a backup.
Sonny Moon (12 days ago)
thank you for the report
Kim Er Sen (12 days ago)
Cryptos will also enslave....
Krisztian (11 days ago)
Kim Er Sen Straight road to Skynet/Matrix Only the dumbest of the dumb can't see it and hallucinating Paradise I think even they have never thought its gonna be this easy and simple to drive 7 billion ppl into nwo (while its not even a secret anymore) without zero resistance I got to admit They have the brains VR is the way to the matrix If not we are already in one (or countless :o)
Haitham Msouti (12 days ago)
No Internet? I came across a device called gotenna. They call it the world's first people-powered mesh network. Looks pretty darn interesting at this point.
Walk theline (12 days ago)
Why would you throw away food, that’s a stupid thing to do because visa doesn’t work.. Why not give it away or do something creative in a time like that? Ridiculous
Neocharm (12 days ago)
If all shuts down, would the industry accept Silver coins on their own initiative?
Santander gave me an apology lol
Oooow it must be the russians
Luw7 (12 days ago)
This wouldn't have happened with Bitcoin Cash. I'm just sayin'.
David Brandt (12 days ago)
Could someone please explain to me how the U.S. government will continue to sell drugs and prostitution if we go cashless? Selling drugs is so lucrative for the corrupt government, i don't see it happening. Enlighten me...
Party Favors (9 days ago)
David Brandt I agree and that’s what I want to know too.
David Brandt (10 days ago)
Alex P yes and crypto coins you can load up too. Keep them in a faraday cage (spelling?)
Alex P (10 days ago)
If we get hit with an emp, we have other issues to worry about - also, you can have a crypto paper wallet, and the emp won't be world wide.
David Brandt (10 days ago)
Alex P but the government knows an emp will hit us. All electronic currency will be lost.
Alex P (11 days ago)
They will use BTC
ange (12 days ago)
Did you know that nobody in the western Netherlands accepts Visa anyway?
SAILERMAN (12 days ago)
All these visa problems and future problems is because: There is a secret society that controls education, science, schools, masons, media, money, banking, medical and 95% of all governments. This secret society calls itself a religion...Jewdaism. The Jews control the world.
Mgtow Viking (12 days ago)
this would never happen to crypto, if the internet connection would go down the transaction would just be added to the local nodes and processed later when the connection is back
Vince Wynne I don't think it can go down totally
Vince Wynne (12 days ago)
What is the solution to the world's internet connection going black? Is this actually possible? Please explain. And if it is a possibility, who is working on the countermeasure/fix/solution?
Mgtow Viking (12 days ago)
then we would need to go back to trading with carrots and precious stones....
Mgtow Viking if it ever came back.. turning off the internet would be civilisation ending
FatehPasha (12 days ago)
It's funny how I am an authoritarian national socialist yet I agree with you. Those globalists you are talking about are the Jews. People need to name them and confront them.
Daniel G. (6 days ago)
This is somewhat accurate but not completely. It is a small part of the Jews that are the elite, the wealthy bankers and their servants in the media/advertising etc. The vast majority of Jews have no clue what's going on and what the wealthy Jewish bankers are doing. They are as clueless as the vast majority of humanity. An excellent video that exposes how this is done is called 'Ole Dammegard - light on conspiracies - how they are all connected'. He is fully aware of what's going (investigated it for many years) yet his approach and solution is not hate. Those low vibrations feelings of hate and fear are exactly what those elite are aiming for and what allows them to control us. Very highly recommended to watch this very informative and excellent video. (can't post a link here or the comment will be removed, so simply search for it).
Fagot Reich (9 days ago)
Party Favors just because most of the banking elites are jews doesnt mean you will kill most of the jews. There is obvious flaw in logic with what hitler did and it made his enemies super easy to make him look like a villain. but he didnt have the internet that we do, now the amount of people who know about this NWO and their agenda is absolutely unprecedented, Back then it wasnt common knowledge at all. hitler see through what they aim for, even though he didnt have information available today which really shows how smart he was. he just didnt identify the culprits correctly. Filling national socialism with blind hatered for other races has made it irrelevant ideology and he only has himself to blame.
Party Favors (9 days ago)
Fagot Reich You obviously don’t have a clue! Most of the Globalist Elites come from Jewish background so technically what he said is absolutely true.
Alex P (11 days ago)
Fagot Reich (11 days ago)
its not jews as a race that are the problem its the banking elite and the zionists, dont make the same mistake hitler did when he drove people against regular innocent jews, leaving millions dead while he only made those banks stronger. i think national socialism needs to be revised to call out the true culprits.
Edward Agora Feenman (12 days ago)
Let's just be honest here... They would rather kill every last one of us before allowing any single one of us to live truly Free.
MARLO TREE (7 days ago)
trew linson Ok I luv u 2
trew linson (6 days ago)
mirlo tree we fight for our rights and no one tells me to not fight or fight only you and the tyrants are telling me to stand still and do nothing. I just going to STAND for what I believe and no one including yourself going to say to me what  I must do or not do. I follow the truth and I wont just sit looking for a miracle and listen to your interpretations of non sense. I follow my truth with God and I would fight for that truth with God by my side, I'm not an spectator and let the few abuse me, we been doing that for decades its time to act on them I'm not a follower of no one who does not represent my believes as you are no my truth.
MARLO TREE (8 days ago)
trew linson Stand means a change of jurisdiction, it does not mean surrender. I do not "stand under' the jurisdiction of other men and their systems, I "stand under" the jurisdiction of God who gives me the authority and ability to stand UP for who I am in Him. Maybe we should just all become "(hu)mans" in stead of Americans or Africans etc. The new man in Christ is a new creature: colourless, raceless, genderless, culture less, without borders, national identity or religion etc BUT powerful. ( The true meaning of being blessed is to be empowered from up High) Anyhu, don't proof me wrong, proof me Life! If you fight and loose your life you have not gained anything. The best revenge when the enemy steals from you is to LIVE and live well! Our worldwide Biblical mandate as mankind is NOT to be martyrs but to Rule, reign, have dominion (not domination) and multiply. Coming from our Creator Himself I prefer to adhere to that call. After all, it is not I who said "come out of her My people and be he set apart unto Me" . If He calls us He will make a way for us to get out!! Here is an example: SOLAR POWERED MONEY WOW One of the best examples of block chain combined with decentralized crypto bitcoin to create a decentralized market of products and services!! POWERFUL https://thesunexchange.com
trew linson (8 days ago)
marlo tree I disagree with you TOTALLY, God will help those who want to be save. Those who surrender and does nothing gets nothing. God give us strength to do what we believe and make it happen by working hard on it, not by just praying and waiting to be served by our wishes. We stand for the truth and we FIGHT for the truth, God will be at our side to give us strength to fight for the truth no by those who do nothing about it, no for those who take advantage and deceive and not for those who do not condemn and allow to continue the lies.
MARLO TREE (8 days ago)
trew linson You stand on your rights as man on the land. There are some inalienable God given rights you have by virtue of your birth on earth. Also see www.worldservice.org.If you follow after the example set by Christ when he was tempted in the desert by Satan, He stood His ground, He did not fight or flee.....and that after 40 days fast in the desert! Unbeatable show of authority....we should emulate that....I did and still do.....He died so that we should not have to but He also ascended from death so we should also ascend above our circumstances as the "new man".....
Artus Kalon (12 days ago)
With controlling money in every aspect you have complete controll inkluding collapses. A collaps actually isnt a bad thing when a sik system collapses. Like cancer collapsing. so when they have the controll they make sure the system does not collaps but keeps going on the minimum
L. G. (12 days ago)
from Paper Fiat to Digital Fiat. the bankers know if they can get everyone on digital Fiat currency, the people will forget all the fraud and the devaluing of the dollar by getting rid of gold(real money).
L. G. (12 days ago)
Edward Agora Feenman its physical, it can be held on your hand, it has a finite amount in earth making it valuable. its a universal currency that has been used for over 1000+ years. something ancient societies and current societies use and value.
Edward Agora Feenman (12 days ago)
L. G. Traditionally... But so has just about everything else. Gold has nothing special about it that makes it more "real money" than anything else.
always use cash (12 days ago)
I saw this happen to a guy in the queue in front of me in a shop, he didn't even have a fiver on him so he left empty handed 😂😂😂 . The guy behind the till looked at me sheepishly and asked if I had cash and I was like FUCK YEAH BRO, I ALWAYS USE CASH! Grabbed my silicon and left that stinky shit hole.
Blab Tag (12 days ago)
Mass adoption is key to any crypto's success. Education is key to mass adoption. With interest rates starting to climb, international banks and governments, especially in the EU, are going to feel the pressure relating to the cost of servicing debt. Tough times ahead for fiat for sure ! Help spread mass adoption and support for your crypto favorite by visiting CryptoCivvies.com and proudly wear the crypto message ! Visit our Pop Culture and Watch & Jewelry sections too ! Fun Stuff !
J T Stachs AG (12 days ago)
What is inevitable is $100-$200bbl oil in the future. Which is good for me cause I work in the industry. Everyone else...not so much. Although I don't agree with a lot of what Mr. Berwick says...he is spot on about holding silver, gold, and cash. I keep just enough in the bank for ease of Bill pay...that is it. The rest is in various quality safes and buried like treasure.
Sister Mary Clements (11 days ago)
J T Stachs AG I wouldn't be holding anything in a bank. Especially safety deposit boxes. Good luck getting your shit out when the doors are closed.
Brittany F (12 days ago)
he acts like he's not part of the government but yet he wants to push their digital currencies which will give them Absolute and complete control over us he's an anarchist but he's supporting the absolute end of freedom
Edward Agora Feenman (12 days ago)
L. G. Do you even know what "fiat" means? I've seen you post all over this thread and I don't think you really have a definition...
L. G. (12 days ago)
Brittany F hes promoting digital Fiat currency. its fools gold.
rockethead555 (12 days ago)
Crypto-currencies is not the same as digital currencies although Cryptos are sent digitally . .learn the difference
Tom Manley (12 days ago)
Cash works.
Nikola Tesla (12 days ago)
Is it not in their interest if we go crypto? Because if it comes down to it they will control cryptocurrency as well.
Aeon Mouse (10 days ago)
They control it by manipulating the price. They control it more than ever no thanks to the criminal futures market. This is fairly easy to do and happens to a degree everyday. Institutional Buy and Dumps are fairly easy to identify. The smaller the coin the easier it is to manipulate. Stay away from the shitcoins, for this reason.
Analytical Justice (12 days ago)
They control price action already
freerolll (12 days ago)
The internet and cryptography will return freedoms the people have lost overtime. The government can ban certain things to be used and legal tender. But then black markets and underground economies will arise. Just look at many countries where inflation and tyrrany is rampant. People will switch to other forms of payment for the only thing that is needed for something to be used as legal tender is the faith and trust you can later exchange them for the items/services you need.
Nikola Tesla (12 days ago)
The Resident Alien Invasion I don't trust anyone. NWO is everywhere spreading their lies. I like these chats because no MWO is less likely going to waste their time here.
Harry Cummings (12 days ago)
Would an AR be useful when the economy crashes?
Shiveone (12 days ago)
AR idk, AR-15 most def.
Peace (12 days ago)
Completely riddiclous question of course.
Matt Coppola (12 days ago)
magnus4g63 (12 days ago)
Harry Cummings ... Yep
Ron B (12 days ago)
Jeff, what do you think about this digital crypto movement? Moving towards social crediting? Max Igan from thecrowhouse is talking about it a lot. https://youtu.be/HC0D6DAgOhg https://youtu.be/GZ7r0dS9rlM
D1mken Sharpshooter (12 days ago)
good vid
BigLockDaddy (12 days ago)
Excellent Jeff!... a look at Deutsche 2 yrs ago... https://youtu.be/NdvqZkYA1zQ
dianetzar (12 days ago)
Did you see the info on HSBC about their "system upgrades" and not being able to have correct account info thru 6/11? Weird I say.
PassFissn (12 days ago)
He threw out the excess food instead of donating it to those who are in need ? great story bro
kayak347 (11 days ago)
PassFissn geez how did you miss the point ?
magnus4g63 (12 days ago)
The state has made it "illigal" to donate leftover food ... many years ago i worked in a store where a small line would form in the back close to closing time as we would give away what we did not sell ... no more
Anthony Gato (12 days ago)
In .CA every resteraunt I've worked at can not give away food. Any left overs have to be thrown in the dumpster. They say it's because it's a lawsuit risk. Because... homeless have legal teams and all...
Misty Jenkins (12 days ago)
PassFissn seriously, atleast build your customer base and give it to the patrons in the store.
:Martin-de: Beer. (12 days ago)
The same happened yesterday in South-Africa. Used my Visa debit card and made a withdrawel. ATM gave card back with no money though. Money was deducted from my account and still not restored. Like a bank run it feels.
In south africa that may be the least of your problems coming up
Mike V (12 days ago)
Thanks Jeff, you are the man
Rodrigo Deleon (12 days ago)
Where have you been?
Matt ward (12 days ago)
this happened like 3 days ago!!!!
Ricardo Mardisich (12 days ago)
"Northern Atlantic Terrorist Organization" ... Brilliant! Thank you!
KGB (12 days ago)
thats how it is
Spirit Tunnell (12 days ago)
Love you're secondary Geo engineered clouding behind you
RebelTruth (12 days ago)
good video thanks
Cosmo TheSpaceDog (12 days ago)
No offense bro, but you're always a day late and a dollar short with the news. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Journey Girl (12 days ago)
Its new(s) to me!!!!
trifecta t (12 days ago)
my balls r short
Mystery World (12 days ago)
Some are hearing the news for the first time
Mark Seveland (12 days ago)
Then no reason for you to stick around and continue trolling, eh?
Daniel Ricardo (12 days ago)
thank you for the content

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