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The Lottery: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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State lotteries claim to be good for education and the general wellbeing of citizens. But are they? (Spoiler alert: No.) Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Text Comments (4916)
RpiesSPIES (7 hours ago)
Grey Goose is gross.
Glenn Goryl (12 hours ago)
Sure there's a better reason. Winning.
Alexander Stone (1 day ago)
thats was my being built school spring creek. not in it anymore
Hello World (2 days ago)
"I'm strapping a penguin to my chest and I'm taking to the skies; fuck you evolution! I DECIDE WHO FLIES!" -John Oliver
Christopher Barrows (4 days ago)
It would be really great if they just made it lots easier for many people to win much smaller, far more often...right?
roku omg omg (5 days ago)
What's all this "we" shit he's been an American for like four days?
Rezareth (5 days ago)
You might want to have a look at the date on which the previous videos were uploaded (or google him) before making such ridiculous claims.^^
Stars Stripes (6 days ago)
FROM 2:25-2:40 IS THE FUNNIEST SHIT .... & what Oliver does after lmfao
OmnissiahZelos (6 days ago)
Uh she choose to play the game *rolls eyes* no sympathy, stay away from the machines.
Déa Lepage (8 days ago)
Ha at the end when he’s saying it’d be so ridiculous if the state owned liquor store and their revenue would fun schools... that’s literally how it works where I live, Quebec. Every liquor store is government owned and the revenue goes to keeping them running and the province. So yeah, in Quebec, drinks are responsible for our free health care and good cheap school systems 😂
Ron C (8 days ago)
John Oliver is such a queer. This guy paid $87,000 for Russell Crowe’s jock strap. Dude your gay. I mean total flamer. I bet he sniffs it every night, while jerking it.
K.A. GORDON (9 days ago)
If I won the lottery big I would offer free spay and neutering for all animals in all countries and maybe get a used prius. Being a buddhist, monetary gain should be used to better life not show what a selfish glutton one is. Currently I dont play the lottery and I have only gone to the casino once and won 24 dollars. Self-control cannot be understated.
Heinz Guderian (9 days ago)
If someone thinks that the lottery is good because it creates money for certain causes, then we should legalize all drugs and tax them.
How about the people getting ssi and using that money to buy lottery tickets and complaining that they are homeless? And other people who actually need ssi and or ssd don't get it.
The charity strategy is basically the same as the scratch cards on Ryan Air. If you're going down to the standards of Ryan Air; Stop it.
Rycore XIII (13 days ago)
*E V E R Y B O D Y S A W I N N E R*
lee cook (20 days ago)
It’s strange. Portland has tons of poker machine outlets and strip clubs but a non existent night life. They have a few good real poker tourneys. Not machines.
Jonny-5 (24 days ago)
The statistic "lower income families spend a higher percentage of their income on the lottery" is absolutely meaningless. If two people buy a $1 lottery ticket, one of whom makes $10,000 a year and the other making $100,000 a year, obviously that $1 is a higher percentage of the poorer person's income. It's a misleading statistic that says absolutely nothing.
Jeronimo Tamayo Lopera (25 days ago)
World Citizen (29 days ago)
That means Jewish fucking Americans more than ever before. Good look Americans
Alejandro wells (30 days ago)
Uhh, this is awkward... That last part about state-controlled liquor and advertising the good that comes from the revenue.... Yeah... North Carolina does that too.
Nx Doyle (1 month ago)
There are two major differences between my experience of the lottery systems in Australia and the United States. 1) The ads for the lottery are all about the win, with no soft lens 'values based' ads touting the amount of money going towards education. It's not that revenue from what governments in Aus used to call 'racing and betting' is not used for public services. It's because there's no need to say so. OECD nations already allocate money from the public coffers to health, education and infrastructure. Only in America does the poverty tax aka the lottery have to let you know that. Because it ain't coming from many other places. 2) Lottery winnings are smaller in Aus. It's only 25 million people strong. But what you win, you keep. No tax.
Nx Doyle (1 month ago)
Lotteries are most popular in those places where people are overworked, underpaid and the general happiness indicators are poor. That makes America the perfect candidate. The so-called "greatest nation on Earth" is only greatest in its own head, which, incidentally, you're far more likely to get a bullet in if you live in America.
No, he made that penguin dream about flying.
jay hathaway (1 month ago)
the best thing about this show is the applause. im not truly alone
jay hathaway (1 month ago)
ill throw my hat in da ring, i once drove from massachusetts (the best state) to seattle, along the way my car broke down and when i pulled off the freeway and pushed my car for a mile i ended up at a diner that had a huge sign FREE BEER i went in asked they said as long as u play slots we provide free beer, within ten minutes i won 600 dollars, i used it to fix my car and spent the rest on slots, left town broker than i arrived
jay hathaway (1 month ago)
thanks a lot dicks. now i want a mazda with a moon roof 8:42
jay hathaway (1 month ago)
yeah its a 3 year old video, but as usual oliver and crew make a great point, why not spread the winnings out to people who spend all their money on tickets, make more medium range life changing jackpots, instead of 5 10 billion dollar prizes. and stop giving it to charities and whatever else they brag about. actually try acytually spreading the wealth
muhu_88 (1 month ago)
I am starting to think the US the the most corrupt of the first world countries.
whatwhen999 (1 month ago)
students aren’t seeing that $68B. i went to my district’s headquarters as of late and they have reclining chairs and FOOT RESTS. none of the tables in my humanities class are the same, but yeah the people that are getting paid 10 times more than the teachers can have foot rests.
lawrence legend (1 month ago)
what's that sucking noise at 3:35, kinda weird
RoofToilet1107 (1 month ago)
@2:15 Don't forget Pennsylvania's lottery. Our state lotto's slogan is "Benefits older Pennsylvanians every day"
Josh Schultz (1 month ago)
As a philosophy major I loved the reference there haha
S3AN TH3 BOSS (1 month ago)
I love how when he said video games, he puts a picture of a black Xbox 360 on the screen.
Kail Habib (1 month ago)
I bet the ppl who disliked this video r ppl who constantly go broke playing the lottery. Every morning b4 work we stop at a gas station for food and drinks and every morning, the same woman comes in for over and hour & goes back & forth from her car to the store counter to buy more & more lottery tickets. Socially acceptable addiction.
b dog (1 month ago)
I live in Oregon, and don't even notice those machines - but, then again, I'm not a sucker.
Denise Akao (1 month ago)
I live in South Carolina. North Carolina's shadow. One of the 50% of states
Mentagasm (1 month ago)
I live in Illinois. Our lottery a nice chunk used to go to the schools Not anymore.
Brekner Catalin (1 month ago)
The real question is: why do so many people think that playing the lottery is their best chance at making money? As a normal person, i can't see how anyone who understands the odds would ever play the lottery. If you wanna win at least try sports bets or something , the odds are much better....
People are dumb. They Play what they are used to. Here in Europe we have the national loteries and the Europe wide Euro Jackpot. The Euro-Jackpot has usually a higher pay out, and even better the odds are alot better than the state lottery. Still people who are used to playing the state lottery keep on playing it, even if the Jackpot in the Euro-Jackpot is at 90 million while the state lottery at 1 million. People are slaves of habit. Even 80+ year old people keep on playing lottery still hoping to win before they die, wasting a fortune throughout their life. But even with better odds, playing any sort of gambling is super dumb.
Anne Kautzi (1 month ago)
Honestly in Oregon it's so horrible. They are in every bar and Chinese restaurant it's hard to escape them.
UNICORN lover lol (1 month ago)
When ur at school and u got 10 buck "when our coworker comes 8n and tells everyone to f then self's "
andrei i (1 month ago)
blaming the evil state for installing evil slot machines is like blaming evil spoons for getting fat
Lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math
Christian Cowandy (1 month ago)
Leave your wife for Amber without a prenup, kinda like Johnny Depp and Amber Heard 🤔🤔
Aristotle Quintana (1 month ago)
Lol I live in Illinois
11S53 LIAW ZHONG-WEI (1 month ago)
The lottery that matters most is the sperm and egg lottery.
Christopher Geschke (1 month ago)
My college education was mostly funded by the state lottery. Hope Scholarship in And cutting corporate taxes is good for businesses and attracts new business to move to your state, which increases jobs. What's the downside again?
Christopher Geschke (1 month ago)
Why do able, independent, free thinking Americans need protection from $1 scratch offs? Can't we decide what to spend our money on without some nanny telling us no? I thought it was right wing evengelicals that moralized about shit like this. What ever happened to personal responsibility? SMH 🙄
Collex (1 month ago)
Seems to me the problem is not that States run gambling, is that they run it badly. I live in Quebec, Canada. All gambling is state-run. Lottery? State-run. Casinos? Owned by the province. Video-poker machine? Profits split between the bar owner and the province. Heck, if you want to have a raffle, if the cash value of the prize is over a certain amount (I think 1000$ but not sure) you have to get a license. But never does the province advertise it as "Money for education." The justification is "If not us, then corporations or worse, criminals. At least here all the profits goes back to the province, and a portion of them are earmarked for ressources to fight against gambling addiction." Our province also controls the sale of alcohol and has state-run liquor store.
fuxstar666 (2 months ago)
I’m going to start playing the lottery
sTmPanda (2 months ago)
My dad once got mad at me for not playing the lottery the day after I quit my job. "If you don't play you can't win" yeah.. well my $2 can buy a weeks worth of eggs that don't need false hope to feed me.
Bennett (2 months ago)
Crazy to find an episode not littered with trump
Crazy, this video was uploaded in 2014.
Selvatore bonucci (2 months ago)
Bill Nye said " the odds of winning a lottery ticket is like playing the russian rullet game with a revolver that has 200 million chambers, all loaded with bullets , except just a one empty chamber, and not dying.
If only. The average IQ would make a big jump up.
Aneesah GIlbert (2 months ago)
I have a friend who is in her 40's that is addicted to cigarettes and lottery tickets and she buys them at the same newspaper stand.  She spends almost 30 dollars.  And if she wins on a scratch off she uses that money to buy more tickets. Sad reality. Poor people tax.
Asmo day (2 months ago)
lottery play with the hope of the poor we shoulb be ashamed that ur gouvernment use it again us to get money....
It's what the people want. That's why they voted for a guy like Trump. That's why they don't want social justice and equality. That's why they don't want rich people to be taxed. The American dream is to win the lottery and eat all of it while looking down on all those losers whom you've left behind. The lottery is a perfect analogy to the system. Lots of poor people pay in, so that one person can become super rich.
Ahmad Awwadeh (2 months ago)
This is why Islam prohibited: 1- Gambling. 2- Drinking alcohol. 3- Usury ( Which banks do to people who are in need). and this is why many governments, banks, businesses, and many others fund media and even wars to fight Islam. I believe all religions did a favour for the communities and made us civilised people as most of us now a days by teaching the old and the new generations humanity, principles, and planted in people the self monitoring because we believe that God (Allah) is watching us and that there will be a reward ( heaven / Jannah ) or even a hell for the people who really really deserve it. I am not saying that people can not be civilised or good without religions, I am saying religions started it and are still helping, but of course media focus on the odd and rare cases. And I know that many people had ruined religions by doing the wrong things by the name of the religions. I hope my comment will not create hate, because at the end I watched the video to laugh same as everyone else. And I respect and love all of good people regardless of their religions or believes. peace for everyone 👽 🧕🧔👱‍♂️👱‍♀️🤵👳‍♂️💂‍♂️
h h (2 months ago)
Yet if you read the back of the ticket it says, if you have a gambling problem please call said number on the slip.. so its known to already be a gambling game cause you put money in and never get it back unless you win, sounds like a gamble to me. So I only play once in a blue moon. in reality though if everyone pitched in a dollar in the US you will get 300 Million, hand that to one person and then do it again 300 million times and everyone in the US will be millionaires, everyone is a winner now.
Jeffrey Tan (2 months ago)
How can a Palestinian from Gaza buy a lottery ticket and win the prize ? First he a muslim and he can’t gamble second he is from Gaza where strict Islamic Law rule
WTF are you talking about? I told you that different Muslims believe in different things. Not all Muslims are fundamentalists. The majority are moderates. Christians are also forbidding you alot of things. Are you that dense.
Jeffrey Tan (1 month ago)
May the Science be with You that why Muslims are always ridiculous forbid us non Muslims on everything yet themselves
First, not all Muslims are fundametalists. Many Muslims also drink alcohol. Second why do you think he covers his face?
pforce9 (2 months ago)
I would blow a third on booze and drugs, a third on pussy and probably just waste the rest on nonsense.
Robo Flowey (2 months ago)
At 1:21 he looks at his croch what is it 😏🤔😑😐😕🙁☹️😰😨😣😖😫
Ty Cobb (2 months ago)
9:10 I wanna know what happened to that woman who spent her grocery money on the lottery
Doubtful Guest (2 months ago)
0:27 He's talking about New York here, right? Idk if winning the lottery is prerequisite for this behaviour in New York.
LodanSD (2 months ago)
I've spent exactly $97 of my own money on the Lottery, I've won exactly $18, I've spent exactly $12 of Lottery Winnings on the Lottery, and I haven't bought any tickets of any sort in the past 12 years. As long as you keep accurate track of your spending, you'll know when to stop.
Lisa Hoffman (2 months ago)
Everyone in America, Canada, and elsewhere who's not in a position of privilege is controlled and has been for a long time.
Caleb Silvers (2 months ago)
Hiw fucked is it that as soon as i watched this i went and blew 200 on lotto.
Mel Gibson (2 months ago)
In Canada the government does run the liquor stores
Amen Assefa (2 months ago)
"Fuck You, Evolution. I decide who flies"
Calib Furry Tour (2 months ago)
Furries don't have human faces as part of their suit! XD
Gzus70 (3 months ago)
whoa hold the fuck up you can't blame a video slot or poker machine for someone being a piece of shit with no willpower who fucks themselves and others over. If anything we should use these machines to filter out the worthless trash that circulates through our world
AtheisticConclusion (3 months ago)
I don't know if this has been pointed out, but crossed fingers isn't the universal sign for lying at all, it's the universal sign for hoping for a certain outcome, which could be that someone buys the bullshit you said, or not getting caught for something (which would have been a more accurate way to spin it) but what he said is Ridiculously disingenuous.
DeeJay Exe (3 months ago)
I guess i'm lucky the lottery is against my religion
William Colt (3 months ago)
believe it or not, I'd argue john that a state sponsored liquor business would be much better than a state sponsored gambling business.
Lost Causes (3 months ago)
Used to come to this show for clever writing, now I come here for transparency... funny it took a Britt to bring some honesty into American politics... there's a joke in there I'm sure of it...
Progressive Overload (3 months ago)
As a kid grown up in a family ruined by gambling addiction this really hits me. My mom was a single mother, she raised me and my brother alone. She had a decent job, we're not rich but we are not poor either. When i was 13 my mother started to get addicted into this poker machine. Her addiction gotten so bad that i had to drop out of high school and start working to support her and my little brother. I somehow managed to complete my education up to bachelor degree albeit at the somewhat late age of 28. I now work a decent job as a sales manager at a small scuba dive equipment company. I dont regret it now but sometimes i wonder what would i be now if my mother were able to fund my education properly. Sorry if my english are bad, not my first language.
Mr. Meeseeks (3 months ago)
SlumShark Gillionare actually sounds like a great stupid comedy movie.
AmuletRebel (3 months ago)
I'm from Illinois and now feel so ashamed.
Virginia Campbell-Castro (3 months ago)
he knows my mom
fitemecunt (3 months ago)
21 out of 24 is actualy NEARLY 90%!
cloudsweapon567 (3 months ago)
To be fair- We are not forced to piss away money on gambling. It's a completely free choice we have. So we should also talk more personal responsibility.
Chocolate Tampon (3 months ago)
You're more likely to die in a car crash on your way to get the lottery ticket than winning ;)
mrknockknock1 (3 months ago)
I have never played the lottery, which is why I've had 100% success rate, and significantly more profit than any lottery player in history. :P
mrknockknock1 (3 months ago)
I wouldn't entirely blame the government for exploiting people's stupidity. The people are also responsible for what's happening to them. If people grow smarter, the government will stop the whole lotto madness because the general public won't be dumb enough to engage in it. It works both ways.
G L (3 months ago)
And this why all the teachers are walking out of schools and asking for more pay and more funding for education for the schools and that dush in our whitehouse just says it all about them waiting more pay for themselves
Jona DER Jona (3 months ago)
And who wouldn't remember good ol' russian lottery?
CatsMeowPaw (3 months ago)
Wait... Nevada doesn't have lotteries? The capitol of compulsive gambling in the USA doesn't have a stupid tax?
Roland Michel (3 months ago)
It's been decided... That's how I'm going out, I will be eaten by a Shark that is simultaneously being Tazed to simulate the lightening strike. The shark leaves slightly dazed, but with a full belly of humanely raised, gluten-free People Meat and I get the Fuck outta here! YOLO , said no Buddhist, ever!
edyH llykeJ (3 months ago)
Pls make that shark movie
Lab Matt (3 months ago)
One time I joined a livestream that was giving away 100 keys for their game. There were less than 200 people online, my odds of winning were well over 50%, and I still didn't get a key. And that is why I don't gamble.
Sakib Rahman (3 months ago)
Playing lottery is Haram in Islam.. but y'all are afraid of sharear law taking your freedoms away.. so...
vincentpol (4 months ago)
There should be a limit on how much a lottery can pay out to a single winner. Something like 20 year salary of the average income, which is a nice relative metric that changes every year.
eric dietz (4 months ago)
Weird thing, lotteries sell hope, but it's more likely you benefit that faith based hope. OUCH!
Tyler (4 months ago)
I won the lottery It was a scratch off, I won 3 dollars.
kotku (4 months ago)
omg the tom cruise example was sooo on point 😂😂😂.. i just got out of a relationship with a scientologist and can’t stop laughing at that joke.
kyle magaro (4 months ago)
If I won the lottery I certainly wouldn't want my name publicized.
Erik Merrill (4 months ago)
I’m suppose to feel bad for people voluntarily giving their money away for irrational reasons? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jeffrey Tan (4 months ago)
Come do a show on Singapore lottery singaporepools . U can’t find any flawed I dare u mr John Oliver
Niall Walsh (4 months ago)
Slightly off topic, but with reference to 14:04, the Canadian province of Ontario actually has a state-run monopoly on liquor stores, and it has done since 1916. The business brings in CAD$1.8bn per year for the province. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liquor_Control_Board_of_Ontario
Forest Frost (4 months ago)
In my country there are a lot of types of lottery, and people trust in it, all rulled by the state and by federal government.
Charlie Hanson (4 months ago)
PsychoAlexander (4 months ago)
Every time people discuss about thing like this, some always argue "people should be responsible for their own money". Guess what, some people are just weak in that matter and are easily addicted. So should they just go fck themselves? Or should a civilized government help protect them with laws? I bet (not in the gambling sense) those who are against legal protections for the addicts are also in favor of genetic genocide so the weak die out? Hmm, that means everyone then, unless you prove by definition that you are perfect being free of any weaknesses possible in any way of making your survival less likely.
Abison Brown (4 months ago)
if all this money goes to schools . then why are our schools in such dire need.

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