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Top 10 PRIVACY Crypto Coins for 2018 - Fundamental GROWTH Potential

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Mike Reid (25 days ago)
Данил Зенков (2 months ago)
Hmm..Well, in general, I agree, but I would also mention a GPT token from the TokenGo project. Notice! https://tokengoplatform.com
multihrab (3 months ago)
Yo, you should check Zoin out. Coin with an incredible future.
Jorge Delgado (3 months ago)
You should check $Zoi. First TOR Web Wallet with Zerocoin
Jasmeen (3 months ago)
Monero could be a better option but its fork has the great feature of finite supply. MoneroV can be best privacy coin in future.
I've been searching for top privacy coins and youtube brought me here.Indeed! I agreed to what you said that DeepOnion project will give us ridiculous profit, they already upgraded their TOR protocol, OBFS4 and MEEK which makes this project more powerful to its privacy and help people mainly in China. Added to this, this project airdrop is still on going. Good to know that this project that i'm holding right now is in video. Keep up.
USBitcoinServices.Com (4 months ago)
Hi Crypto Oracle! Great video! Indeed privacy coins are here to stay and with a big potential to grow, the more features they have to offer the better, that's the case of DeepOnion, Android & Mac wallet soon with other great features!
Bene Zim (4 months ago)
When you posted this video a month ago, I thought about getting into DeepOnion at 7.24 USD, but then something came up and I forgot. Today, I finally got in for 4.62USD. I, too, believe that this is heavily undervalued and will enter top100 in Q2.
Geppetto (4 months ago)
hey man, thank you for your advice... two days ago I bought some onion during the dip... and i gained 60% in the last 24h
ikilledcobain (4 months ago)
Another great video - I enjoyed learning about some new coins and I expect 2018 is going to be the year of privacy coins. If I had the extra funds, I'd probably invest in all 10 of them but I just own one or two. The last one you mentioned - DeepOnion - has had some recent TOR updates (OBFS4 and MEEK) which I expect to further it's market cap potential.
sylance777 (4 months ago)
Just found your video and appreciate your review of privacy coins and your call out of DeepOnion and how it leverages the TOR network. A recent update of the wallet allows DeepOnion to use TOR Edge 3.3.0, OBFS4, and Meek. This allows for TOR traffic to be hidden even from your ISP... which importantly allows TOR to be used in China. All this adds up that even if China begins banning websites and crypto, they can still use DeepOnion as it'll bypass firewalls. This alone should be really bullish to all coins leveraging this new tech... and DeepOnion is ahead of the game.
Who Knows (4 months ago)
They've also been recently updated on CMC to reflect their correct circulating supply and market cap. That alone has lead to a substantial increase as was expected.
Zmaku (4 months ago)
DeepOnion is advancing much better than I have thought it would. Of course market these days is in big red storm so the price is not showing it at this moment but the development is incredible. They have implemented the latest TOR protocol with OBFS4 and Meek so even users from China can use it without any issues. This is a huge thing, and with many other improvements already implemented and many more on the way there is a great future for this coin as soon as the market stabilizes.
Spexik Channel (4 months ago)
Deeponion sounds really like an interesting project, I already heard about it but I didn't pay attention to it. It sounds like it won't miss my privacy coin portfolio, thanks for reminding.
AltCoin Investor69 (4 months ago)
Thanks for this interesting video. In December 2017 I've invested in privacy coins like the ones you mentioned in this video: Verge, DeepOnion, Dash, NavCoin and ZenCash. Wel +Crypto Oracle, the only 3 I've got a great ROI are Dash, DeepOnion and ZenCash. Expecially with Shield, that you didn't mention here, I lost something like 90% of my investments. Of course I will HODL them for long time but during dip periods I had a great experience with the DeepOnion community, always alive and kicking. Well, I can tell that a great community that include investors, developers and moderators like the one I'm experiencing in DeepOnion can make the real difference in a project. What do you think about it?
eiijee13 Poks (4 months ago)
yeah great review man! it's very comfortable when you feel private in all aspects of Cryptocurrency. aside for technology and development,privacy is what i always do research for picking whom to invest. it's happy to think that im the same thoughts as you looking for Deeponion(Onion) and Aeon(AEON)running in the same path ike Dash (DASH) and monero (XMR). Thank you for your work sir make more videos that gives importance of keeping PRIVATE in Cryptocurrency.
Classified User (4 months ago)
No mention of hush coin , really? they have the most high tech privacy coin.
Prejith Alex (4 months ago)
So much deeponion spam here
Jasmeen (4 months ago)
Why didn't you mention the upcoming Monero fork? Is it going to affect the XMR price?
Zed Wolfram (4 months ago)
Well, Monero fork is the most awaited move by Monero. Altcoin communities are getting ready for it actually. If you want to know more about the fork, visit their site, it's all there. https://monerov.org/
Yinchen San (4 months ago)
yea, 2018 will be belonged to DeepOnion , as the video said , the cap is so low now and 10x is very easy to get within in one year .
Jack Burton (4 months ago)
Totally agree with you about DeepOnion..this coin deserves a way higher marketcap...and i am pretty sure it will grow a lot this year... i have already invested some money on it and i am also trying its staking system and i have to admit that the amount of Onion that i manage to stake weekly is pretty nice... The community is growing more everyday and the devs are very active...there are lots of new features that will be introduced soon..for instance a mobile wallet for both iOS and Android...definitely a good investment in my opinion.. Keep it up..
MrHous26 (4 months ago)
Good list. A lot of these coins will see crazy gains. I don't think DeepOnion is necessarily a shot in the dark though. You're definitely calling it before most others but it seems like a sure thing at this point, at least as sure as it gets in crypto. While it has a tiny marketcap it has a better foundation than most of the other coins on your list. It has DeepVault which is something no other coin has and is upgrading to the latest version of Tor.
Jayjay Ocean (4 months ago)
Glad a respected member of the Youtube Crypto world finally mentioned DeepOnions potential, however, I personally believe DeepOnion will easily see a 100x potential within the next year. DeepSend is on the way, DeepVault is already being used and the community doesn't sleep. POS is 10% a year which is a great rate at the moment. I suggest you join the DeepOnion airdrop immediately! Thanks for shouting DeepOnion.
qasar ulislam (4 months ago)
Wow UKCOIN is really going up on Coinexchange. Is that something to do with the UK Government mentioning it in the BBC broadcast this afternoon?
Azim Uddin (4 months ago)
Wow UKCOIN is really going up on Coinexchange. Is that something to do with the UK Government mentioning it in the BBC broadcast this afternoon?
Safenet Hosting (4 months ago)
Linda & XVG for the most growth in 2018 in the privacy space. ColX too probably. Linda a very good time to invest.
simon lindsey (5 months ago)
stash pay new privacy coin is out on etherdelta and idex. 10,000 STP is a node
1DaTJo (5 months ago)
Hush is an excellent anonymous coin. It’s a fork of Zcash and it’s going cheap right now. Plus you get free BitcoinHush coins on 1st February. I recommend a close look at Hush.
Maestro Pc (5 months ago)
Great video, subscribed. I agree with you, all this coins are going to go really high this year. We all know that Monero is the most used privacy coin at the moment, but we have to give an opportunity to other privacy coins with lower market cap. As you said, DeepOnion is going to rise a lot during this year, maybe more than the others because the market cap is lower than the other privacy coins you mentioned. So it is a great opportunity to buy some onions now and hold them all the year to make really good profits.
Crypto Kiddie (5 months ago)
Hi Crypto Oracle, happy to hear you talking about privacy coins now. Sure not everyone needs privacy coins - I agree with you, but there really is a market out there for them. I had Zcash and sold them off to buy cheaper privacy coins. Thanks for the tips on Cloak, Onions and Privx - I will surely check them out. Would love your views of ETH in 2018 onwards.
Huu Toan Nguyen (5 months ago)
I’m so impressed with the number of people here mentioning DeepOnion in the comments. DeepOnion is only a few months old, but it has already been changing so many lives. You hit the nail with your estimate of x10 to x14 for DeepOnion. I think, in general, privacy coins will be the game for 2018.
Johnnyboyvargas (5 months ago)
Dont sleep on ZOIN !!! https://zoinofficial.com/
Jessica C. (5 months ago)
Thanks for putting some focus on privacy coins. There is no doubt that all these FUD with korea banning cryptos, and the china ban, is going to make privacy coins more attractive. I personally like Dash, Monero and Deeponion. Keep up the good work, and maybe you can make some comparison between the different privacy coins :)
Aitor Plaza (5 months ago)
Hi there! Newcomer here, nice video and nice channel. I was searching about privacy cryptocoins and I have arrived to your channel. Thank you the video. Some of the coins that you have mentioned were known form me, such as Monero, Zcash or DeepOnion. Some others are new to me (Komodo, Aeon), so thank you for this information. As you know, some of them have a good potential. Monero is quite stabilized, Verge is on the top 25 and PIVX is interesting for me because it has MAsternodes and I like that technolgy. But I think that a good opportunity, as you have said, could be DeepOnion, it is on rank 222 and is going up really fast. After a small research I have seen that they are implementing a feature to make transactions untraceable. This feature plus the TOR network, it could be a good product.
rokkz (5 months ago)
Andrew Billingsley (5 months ago)
What website are you using to look at the info on the coins?
RBD59 (5 months ago)
I'm so happy that people are finally starting to see the potential of DeepOnion. As you say, 500 million market cap by the end of the year, seems reasonable. I don't know if you've read the whitepaper, but it explains in depth the different security protocols used in the DeepOnion tech. It's really worth a read. Thanks for making great videos, keep it up :)
Tylerbkelly14 (5 months ago)
Hey could you do a video about Upfiring!!! would love to know what you think and def has a lot of potential for some serious profit
Paul Taylor (5 months ago)
Marz (5 months ago)
Kyle R (5 months ago)
Hassane MAZA (5 months ago)
Hi, What about Sumokoin and Leviarcoin ?
Jean Valjean (5 months ago)
If I had too choose only one, it would be DeepOnion, because it has the lowest market cap and can goes high!
Its so hard to see how everybody is sleeping on Sumokoin, most of these coins in this video are shitcoins compared to Sumo...
Keeping Up (5 months ago)
privacy coins indeed has a great potential in the coming years. especially with DeepOnion - since it has started only a few months ago. but the amount of development it has gone through only show how dedicated the devs are in providing its users the privacy coin as they could.
wired (5 months ago)
Din Pil (5 months ago)
Buddy can you do a video on coins below 1 cent which has potential to go to Moon, thanks
chris bryan (5 months ago)
investment list... stuff like that... LoL$ gonna join your program tommorrow.
MrMadnelsen (5 months ago)
Not bullish anymore on KORE mate? Still some nice picks, thanks for your vids man
Sam TheMan (5 months ago)
Hey Crypto Orical Just wanna start by thanking you for all the free knowledge you give us [email protected]:21 min. when you was looking for the Rank its on that page to the very far left in green... just trying to make you life easier lol, but really thanks
Be light (5 months ago)
I am liked your review. All these anonymous coins must growth cause they give more freedom, actually, people may not understand this yet. Maximum decentralizations is a key. You say good things about DeepOnion, but you don't say why. For a simple example look at transaction speed, it has 3000 transactions per second this is much faster than others. Could you do deeper research? This is very interesting for all.
Yousaf Chaudhry (5 months ago)
which one is your favourite out of all of these and which one do you think has most potential for growth
Uğur KÖKTAŞ (5 months ago)
Kevin Ohana (5 months ago)
Hi crypto Oracle, what do you think about ZENCASH ?? I heard it's the best privacy coin ever
moon or doom (5 months ago)
I wouldn't call Verge a shitcoin but I wouldn't buy any either. I actually picked up some NAV coin a while back, doing pretty well with it. Funny you mentioned DeepOnion, a friend of mine told me about it a month ago, I'm going to put some in and come back to you if it doesn't hit x10 this year.
andrew french (5 months ago)
your right privacy coins are really becoming popular right now with all the publicity about taxes ect. nearly all my coins are anonymous coins. nice to see you mention Deeponion as i hold some of those too. i would not leave any coins on an exchange though. Deeponion is a pos coin so it's best kept in the wallet for 10% interest in the first year.
Noel Guiot (5 months ago)
I should find a good entry level for KMD/NAV, that's the two ones you shilled successfuly to me and where I see the biggest potential gains. About DeepOnion, yes the current market cap is very low for the already existing features (TOR/PoW+PoS/wallet feature allowing to register digital documents in order to protect their integrity or your intellectual property), the coming features like additional layers of privacy and voting system allowing holders to vote for future developments should easily send it to 10X market cap if not more. Between KDM and NAV, which one has the best community and developers you think ?
Inkognito __ (5 months ago)
You need buy Spectrecoin (XSPEC) and nothing else. Fantastic grown potential
Joep (5 months ago)
what about XSPEC?
Muhannad paravath (5 months ago)
10x your profil on paccoin
Dusan Cvetkovic (5 months ago)
Awesome video! If you're looking for some major daily profits, I highly recommend this discord server: https://discord.gg/DcGskFT It have brought me over 1000% gains in two weeks
MisterLG (5 months ago)
first of all happy new year mate! :D Its good to see that you are doing more videos about privacy focused coins lately, because I truly believe that those will grow like crazy this year! Looking forward to see more in depth videos on each of those coins. Keep up the good work mate
B.Jones (5 months ago)
ya know
amit Baadshah (5 months ago)
I took part In blockchain education but it's total fraud
knepala (5 months ago)
I agree with your estimate of X10 - x14 for DeepOnion. Having followed the project closely, I can tell you that that are superiour to Verge in al possible ways so they deserve at the very least the same market cap (which would result in a price of 100+ Dollars per Onion).
Diox Helper (5 months ago)
Oracle, I want to thank you about the Cloak call in previous video i made huge gains on this and still holding. Privacy coins are the future, and in this video BooM! another great discovery for me. Everyone knows Monero.. Zcash..  Verge... but Deeponion this is my new gem just bough 1k coins and will hold for a year. Just discovered that their wallet gives 10$ PoS for 1st year, did you read this so cool? They have biggest number TOR nodes of all privacy coins so that's why it's tottally untracable. Please review on their annouced features like Deepsend? Seems like a killer to me
Rish (5 months ago)
andre 2112 (5 months ago)
I definitely will take a look at CloakCoin, I didn't know it; and I'm staking Navcoin right now with NavPI. I was surprised when you talked about DeepOnion, I think you are the first person ever to mention it in his video. I'm a big fan of the project!
enzo17 (5 months ago)
I've heard about monero, dash,verge, zcash when I was just starting to enter into the cryptoworld and yes they're quite popular but got myself interested with DeepOnion. I'm glad I did because they've been showing positive movements and will be adding new feature this 2018, so I guess they're on their way to increase their market cap. Thanks for sharing your top picks. It gave me an idea on what privacy Crypto Coins to check out this year.
Mr Ebenezar (5 months ago)
It really sound like privacy is the game for 2018. Thanks for reminding me of PivX, looked at it also around $3 but pretty much forgot about it in all the hype around everything else. I kind of missed ZCoin in your list since I like the Zero-knowledge (new minting) compared to ZCash and they also got the new MasterNodes. Any reason for ZCash over ZCoin? Also looked at your final pick, DeepOnion, they seem to go for a multi-layered approach, combining: Tor, Zero-knowledge and SuperCoins Multi-sig + Coinjoin features. Do you think this will provide extra security? Interesting pick for possible large gains. You seem a little negative on Verge, but using I2P tunneling + TOR network to secure transactions sounds like a solid choice, agree the hype might be high but I would still keep it in my portfolio. Isn't the Monero Kovri update trying to implement I2P tunneling as well, so Verge might be a bit ahead here?
Stephen Kerr (5 months ago)
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Billal Dabe (5 months ago)
spectrecoin has a lot of potential look into it
Edgar P. (5 months ago)
Sumokoin is a monero fork and is more private than monero And market cap is below 20m USD
Rick Wheeler (5 months ago)
Yo I made a ton of money with this discord group picking altcoins! https://discord.gg/p2mV5bG
Kamal Sharma (5 months ago)
I am too glad to see DeepOnion among top 10 privacy coins list in your video. Having the least marketcap of all the coins you have here in your video, I think it has much more room to grow than others here and 10x returns from it seems pretty much feasible in 2018.
My1usernamewastaken (5 months ago)
So much mention of DeepOnion in the comments here, shows just how much progression has happened compared to a few months ago when people refused to discuss or mention it. Yet now here we are on the brink of propelling it into a top Privacy coin and I couldn't get gladder to be a holder. I think generally speaking most Privacy coins will see a huge growth just passively in 2018, those that really drive hard and market and continue to deliver new features and updates will see insane increases in value. Thanks for the list and opinion on these 10 coins, let 2018 be a great year for us all!
Lee Xp (5 months ago)
DeepOnion is really good. Probably we will see that it hit 100$ soon.
Kevin (5 months ago)
Zcash is held by all of the biggest crypto based hedge funds, I'm bullish on it. OmiseGo, Kyber Network and Kin are some other common holdings, these guys know what they're doing
shAiQ (5 months ago)
2018 will be the year of deeponion .Its not just based on tor but it also have great features like deepvault, deepsend and many other features will be released in future.
ZZ8ZZ (4 months ago)
What spam are you talking about? I completely agree with shAiQ. DeepOnion is a privacy coin that has so much potential indeed. Have you ever seen a privacy coin with 12 000+ registered and active community members like DeepOnion? Not only this but TOR/OBFS4/Meek integration and many other features related to privacy and anonymity too. That's a complete gem in the crypto world and I'm pretty sure that this coin will start skyrocketing again in the near future.
Prejith Alex (4 months ago)
shAiQ haha spam
Scott Angus (5 months ago)
any thoughts on privacy coins Phore and Hush?
Johnny Hill (5 months ago)
Thanks for sharing man! Always great advise. You've helped a great deal with the learning curve of this Crypto Market. 2018 has been great and we're only 3 days in!
Thijs Wuytens (5 months ago)
I had 35k Verge once, sold at 50m market cap because I heard the tech was shit
Thijs Wuytens (5 months ago)
"Verge is a shitcoin, I have a few hundres thousands of them" LOL
Kenneth Michael (5 months ago)
How about LUX, HUSH and XSPEC?
lalit kangujam (5 months ago)
deeponion is one of the best u need to read their whitepaper its really promising
Onex Money (5 months ago)
crypto oracle what do you think of this coin Called ? Gcoin GCN ?
reid evanson (5 months ago)
Hey @crypto Oracle I was wondering about your class. I want to get in and join the monthly plan but does that mean I have to pay 200 every month or can I manually do one month and base my next purchase off of how I liked it?
scotty19581 (5 months ago)
ERY is privacy coin which will make you rich! Low supply and .03, a mini Monero
Marc Harris (5 months ago)
Verge not as promising as pivx????? Lmao.....you need to do some research....calling it a shit coin lol
pussyslaughter2005 (5 months ago)
Cmon man, dont pull this thing out. It is not missing a deadline, it is the fact that they try to cash the hype the most they can. If you been a programer, as you said, you should know, that if i dont have a working product by today, BY NO MEAN, i can release it to the public tomorrow, without days of debuggin and testing. I was there, watching the code progress, and beliveme, if you are a commercial programmer, you CANNOT pull out to the industry something you barely made half an hour ago. They wanted to cash the hype, and instead, the got labeled as suckers cause thats what they are. They are fooling people. You dont have to sell the people that bullshit of "yea were working on a different timeline so we have 2 more hours", or "yea we making progress, its gonna be huge, we're changing the world". Fuck this coin. There are even coins that are doing what they are propossing better.
K ___ (5 months ago)
NastyNik009 both of them have working wallets. Absolutely anyone can use them, today. Plus, back by zerocoin protocol. Truly anon.
Nikolai (5 months ago)
so PIVX and COLX both have currently working applications that anyone can go download and use their tech? no, at this stage in development, they don't... I don't blame people for walking away at all haha I did too as part of my investment strategy, but the tech itself was most definitely not the reason for that.
K ___ (5 months ago)
NastyNik009 pivx, and similarly ColossusCoinX. Both are equally as private and instantly transfer with better efficiency. And, 3 months and a day late. You're forgetting that they missed 2 other deadlines. If I were hiring some one to do work for me and they preformed like that I would can them. It lacks professionalism. If they can't get the job done then say that. They set themselves up for failure. Maybe they learn from it. I'm still interested, but not invested. Had to walk away.
Nikolai (5 months ago)
what other coin out there has a WORKING application that has the level of privacy XVG has with wraith now, not to mention the speed and low fees...like I said I'm not saying they are as valuable as other coins but the tech is most definitely there and working. I get that this market is largely hype driven and that needs to be considered when investing, but when people harshly knock the tech instead of themselves or the people who over hype this stuff, then I laugh. Plus if you have been a programmer and working in the industry for years (like I have as well), then you would know that being a day late on one of the biggest calendar holidays of the year (New Year's Eve) is nothing.
Multispek mutvimanex (5 months ago)
Do you even chaincoin
Nufsed Saynomore (5 months ago)
QSP 🚀🌘
Yeremyah Michaiyah (5 months ago)
Thank goodness you got rid of those flies ;) Thanks mate, love your info. It's just a shame you NEVER reply to any messages I have sent you regarding the education, payment etc. I think the only way to get a reply from you is if I ever was fortunate to run into you at the supermarket or something :P Maybe then you would ignore my questions anyway lol ;) Oh well. All the best.
happenedtomorrow (5 months ago)
Love your video! Privacy coins are going to be huge in 2018. Monero (6B), Dash (9B), Komodo (1B), Verge (2B) marketcaps are all too high to still perform a nice growth. Aeon open source project is great, as you said marketcap has room to grow just like NAV. I'm very happy to hear that DeepOnion can grow as high as 14X....it means it can reach about $100 :-) I believe that Tor integration with advanced features (like deeponion deepsend multi-signature method and zero knowledge support) is better, more secure and efficient than any other technology. I would be glad to see a Tor based crypto-currencies review on your channel. You are doing great job!
Bin Peng0211 (5 months ago)
I have been researched all those privacy coins what you mentioned here, I found that people could still join the airdrop program in Deeponion coin, it means 5% free coins every week and I could double my holding after 16 weeks. Don't you think that's a great chance for privacy coin investor? I do believe the 2018 will belongs to those privacy coins!!
Strikeh82 (5 months ago)
Lol no zcoin ? Cant take you serious anymore :/
NoMar2 (5 months ago)
Awesome video, I personally liked NAV and DeepOnion as those coins represents privacy and anonymity well but yet have relatively low market cap. As being said there might be good opportunity to earn nice profit.
tiebreak stud (4 months ago)
I'm more into DeepOnion, NAV does not have the same potential. In addition to the low marketcap, did you check the newly released wallet? The design is so cool and I'm excited about the upcoming DeepSend feature and VoteCentral. You can get nice profit by joining the airdrop too! 12rounds left.
Craig W (5 months ago)
how about COLX
Durocher Miller (5 months ago)
The wallet features are awesome! COLX!!
Matthew Gutierrez (5 months ago)
K ___ (5 months ago)
Craig W my man! I came here to say the same thing! Big things for this coin.
Sam Firth (5 months ago)
Nice to hear you give DeepOnion the thumbs up I took a punt on those a little while back and think they also have good room to grow :)
Red One! (5 months ago)
Great watch! Yeah, this is pretty much what I've thought pretty much add/remove 2-3 coins. I've had a lot of faith in XVG but started dropping recently, and dev team missed quite a few deadlines with wraith protocol and it now everything looks a bit like a joke... It's just not acceptable. Aeon is something new for me. I have no idea how I didn't stumbled upon it yet. On my surprise one of my favorite holdings you've mentioned DeepOnion is marching in pretty strong into 2018. You do have great eye for details and spotting gem in a crowd. ;)
Night Hawkz (5 months ago)
This is a great video! I have long been a follower of Privacy coins buying mass verge when they were around the 0.0025 dollar range. I have recently sold out for several smaller market cap coins, I went with Xspec, which didn't make your top 10, and also DeepOnion due to the "DeepSend" which in essence is similar to Verge's Wraith protocol (If Verge every complete it, that was part of the reason I sold during this recent pump) I have a feeling both these will out perform some of the Larger coins and agree with the assumption that if they can grab a 500m market cap next year, the gains will be very nice! Keep up the great work, I watched your "How I made $1,000,000 Video too, very interesting piece!
ChelseaLifts (5 months ago)
Not a privacy coin, but I found it when I was looking for some alts with significant room to grow - check out DBC
Alessa (5 months ago)
Great selection =) What about Shield?

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