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Top 7 HIDDEN Crypto TOKENS (ERC-20) - 1000%+ Breakout Potential

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stocklock (19 days ago)
Do you guys trade stocks?
Jim Slattery (1 month ago)
Interesting to watch vids from a couple months ago and see results since. Nice vid, thanks!
danny debrah (2 months ago)
y'all should look out for gliese tokens ..goodlord!!!!!!!
Joms F (2 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IL43iyh_VUg authorized by Google, legit and easy to use no need to pay for anything! another way to earn from google
Fosco Monaldo (3 months ago)
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Ovidio Sabbatini (3 months ago)
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Adalfredo Conti (3 months ago)
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Tami H. Pearson (3 months ago)
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Georgi Kalchev (4 months ago)
A great way to realize free tokens https://cryptogroup.info/
Danielle Contreras (4 months ago)
Ok so what’s up with the crypto games like cryptocelebrities?
Bad Day (4 months ago)
Suppoman Udemy (4 months ago)
I was searching all the time how to get lightening bitcoin LBTC fork, but i finally found an Electurm based wallet: https://www.lbtcwallet.org
star captain (4 months ago)
Wanchain airdrops is out before exchange launch! Not sure if you need to be quick to receive it, but you can also try it: HTTPS://WWW.WANCHAlN.ORG/AIRDROP
Jaya Chandra C (4 months ago)
Could you please review on HTML coin?
pk Ror (5 months ago)
https://legt.me/142509 Hlo frnds...sign up through 👍🏻👍🏻 link and u got 5 legitcoin free...hurry up only for today.
Crypto Cable (5 months ago)
A young David Spade.
Kenny (5 months ago)
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La Paloma (5 months ago)
How about crypto that has no market cap yet? Im holding one. .MSD..they will bring out there market cap early this yr
Eric B (5 months ago)
Wabi is already at 5
Eric B (5 months ago)
Word is it can go to 20. But is 5 too high a buy. Wait for a low of 3?
Entheogen (5 months ago)
Digitex ICO is a decentralized crypto exchange that has no transaction fees or commission fees! ICO is only a penny and could easily exponentially grow your investment. I believe it will grow like Coss Coin did and most crypto exchange coins are skyrocketing! Sign up here to join Digitex! https://vrlps.co/a?pt=24egHeF-mYgN9sCzFHAbpvZzKrw&referralCode=BkNQwQGEM&refSource=copy
Oyebode Paul (5 months ago)
HumanIQ is 0.51 now.
Keith Gregory (5 months ago)
People if they can make such huge profits then why do they need you. Go to scam watch and see how they are fleecing your money and see pics of paid actors
Emmett Mulroy (5 months ago)
If I join your private group do you do daily calls for day traders? Tempted to invest this next few hundred in that rather than more coins..
Ricardo Jones (5 months ago)
What about ripple?
dee Mmm (5 months ago)
https://sphere.social/?ref_code=r4r3rq7nai8m FREE TOKENS ON A NEW ICO FOR A GAME CHANGING CRYPTO!!!! (use link above)
32bbp (5 months ago)
One of them is gopowertoken. How could you miss it?) Check their white paper and road map on tokengoplatform. This is huge potential. The easy way to get some multiply.
abed abed (5 months ago)
COLX is flying to the moooooon.HURRY UP guys what a fascinating increase in price. COLX BOMMMMMMMMM https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/colossuscoinxt/#charts
wilson ngari (5 months ago)
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Steven Bodi (5 months ago)
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infinite tofu (5 months ago)
JR Brous (5 months ago)
Just started the crypto deal.  Transferred funds to my Coinbase account last Thursday but they will not show up until this coming Friday.  Is there an alternative to this so I don't have to wait so long, or will the time to arrive into my Coinbase account on future transfers reduce the more transfers I make?  Thanks.
Matthew Hensman (5 months ago)
POE ;)
What you think about XP?
Jan (5 months ago)
Wabi has a big future! I'm in
Bernard Cassar (5 months ago)
Check out quantstamp guys its a new coin found on binance and its fixing a BIG PROBLEM with smart contracts!
Paul Brendan (5 months ago)
Monetha isn't great
Lucas Cook (5 months ago)
I just joined blockchain education. Looking forward to learning as much as possible and being part of a good team. Thanks for the knowledge!
Frank Lee (5 months ago)
Question, and please anyone answer it if they really know: Is Dogecoin worth it at all being that it's less than a cent? Also, do coins like Ripple and Cardano and the fact that they have BILLIONS in coin supply mean you shouldn't invest? I get the feeling that "Crypto Oracle" likes coins with much smaller max supply (in the millions usually). So is the potential for something like Cardano to go 10X, for example, possible when the coin supply is billions and billions??
IamApotAto (5 months ago)
ye i do agree with this guy, instead of buying XRp or verge or whatever... that only have like x2 or X5 potential people should invest in these new coins .. for example if u take $1000 dollar in the large coin example if AND ONLY IF u have x5 return = 5000 if u use this $1000 dollar and invest in 10 small alt coin each. it just take one of them to hit the jackpot and u prolly get like x100 profit which gives 100x100 =10000. in this senario we are just assuming the other 9alt coins have failed (which is not very likely)
Ruben Dermoyan (5 months ago)
Potcoin up 50% today cannabiscoin 200% lol
Anthony M (5 months ago)
Pillar and Etn
James Hardon (5 months ago)
Zedster88 (5 months ago)
Why is every YT crypto person acting like the last 2 months is how the game is going to be from now on. It just does not work that why. We will see. I bought my first BTC at $34 so I am hesitant. It has been a wild ride from 34
Zedster88 (5 months ago)
Why is every YT crypto person acting like the last 2 months is how the game is going to be from now on. It just does not work that why. We will see. I bought my first BTC at $34 so I am hesitant. It has been a wild ride from 34
Zedster88 (5 months ago)
Why is every YT crypto person acting like the last 2 months is how the game is going to be from now on. It just does not work that why. We will see. I bought my first BTC at $34 so I am hesitant. It has been a wild ride from 34
Zedster88 (5 months ago)
Why is every YT crypto person acting like the last 2 months is how the game is going to be from now on. It just does not work that why. We will see. I bought my first BTC at $34 so I am hesitant. It has been a wild ride from 34
ocmare (5 months ago)
Yes, sure...But...... what about $EDO @eidoo_io looks like a solid investment great vision and transparency, only 10M supply. Buy it before it goes to moon. $BTC $ETH $usdt [email protected] $RPX
Matthew Holding (5 months ago)
Do you have 67 million dollars yourself? Are you nothing? Please add context next time. 67 million dollars for a company isn’t amazing. For a person, I think it’s a brilliant accomplishment.
Embercoin is getting a lot of attention and under a penny right now. The market is frozen right now but a ton of people are waiting to jump in. I'm gonna stock up on embercoin and verge
Andre Rodrigues (5 months ago)
its all good now.....
Profit Lockr (5 months ago)
Love your dedication to the game Oracle, been a subscriber for months now. Keep putting out good content!
Haris Petrasitis (5 months ago)
There is a fast and calculated way to make money with cryptocurrency which most people don't know about. There are groups which pump a specific coin's price and agree to sell at a 30-50% profit on specified days. This method removes all guesswork and luck from the equation. You make relatively small but guaranteed profits which add up over time. This is completely legal in crypto (not in the stock market). If you're interested you can join one of the most popular discord groups here https://discord.gg/CpEmskE. It's invite only and has limited spots, so you can't join without this link.
sunny side (5 months ago)
Snovio,enjin,genesis vision,clearpoll,quantstamp,powr,latoken Buy or regret in 2018
Vaughn McArthur (5 months ago)
Martin Batz can i add you so we can discuss coins?
sunny side (5 months ago)
Vaughn McArthur telegram
Vaughn McArthur (5 months ago)
Martin Batz do you have discord or telegram?
sunny side (5 months ago)
Vaughn McArthur pretty sure :) great projects!
Vaughn McArthur (5 months ago)
Martin Batz how sure are you about these?
Nick Appelman (5 months ago)
Alright, I’ll give you my second official sub for cryptos other than suppoman for the last two months, just for this being such a well composed list. Thanks for that dude 🙏🏻
Guy Porat (5 months ago)
Wagerr is the a sleep in giant
Aerium coin is the perfect coin for fast gains its trading a record low prices right and has huge potentials and will most likely go 500 % in the next days wich it does every 7-8 days historicaly if you look at the graph. Aerium coin is the coin buy at stockexchange.com
Backflipmarine (5 months ago)
Simple token should be on there
Kirby Coe (5 months ago)
Good vid. I think another one with big potential but sort of overlooked now is Myriad coin (XMY) ...multi-algorithm mining, low price, etc.
Niko Blanco (5 months ago)
Reddcoin? Embercoin?
Matt Dwyer (5 months ago)
"I don't want to reach you how to buy a dip, that's a separate video" - Him every video he makes
Annastasia 1 (5 months ago)
Hey hun! I I put $ into doge when you made that video back in Oct. I sold recently and more than 6x my money, thankkk youuu so much. I appreciate your videos and you're clarity, very enjoyable to listen to. Everyone was calling you crazy on your recommendation back then, but I'm sure you're happy with your returns and smiling going into the new year. Have a wonderful New Year! 💘
Adalfredo Conti (3 months ago)
*Nothing more to say, just loved it because of its consistent high profitability >> **https://t.co/TEyqrWj20l** <<*
Fosco Monaldo (3 months ago)
*Follow the Simple Step and make your Balance Double- this is the Latest Strategy for 2017-**https://t.co/2nQjFFyekI** .*
Ovidio Sabbatini (3 months ago)
*Yes! Its time to make successful trading life, follow the world best trading strategy >> **https://t.co/8468e70YPG** .*
Tami H. Pearson (3 months ago)
*Just follow the Simple Step and Make your Balance Double by the World best Trading Strategy- **https://t.co/sNLZ8FBn1T** .*
Jazz Williams (5 months ago)
Awesome help, like your swag ;) I'd love some help with my portfolio pleaseeeeeee
joe logan (5 months ago)
EDGELESS will moon in 2018! very big sleeper. 20x
Timy Delvaux (5 months ago)
https://discord.gg/ysqnQT Discord community, dont miss it !
riddler ? (5 months ago)
why dont you talk about the tech?
tom mi (5 months ago)
riddler ? Do your own research
Nieważne Nieważne (5 months ago)
1. QSP is the best undervalued coin !
Andrew Towell (5 months ago)
Bennet Green explain m8?
Ali Pinar (5 months ago)
Bennet Green whaatt
jim lunn (5 months ago)
kraken and bittrex and cryptopia are closed they are bankrupt
Nieważne Nieważne (5 months ago)
Heh, Look, my Friend :) QSP Today has ATH ;) This is just the beginning :D
Ali Pinar (5 months ago)
Nieważne Nieważne i have it for months now but its not moving up
James Amous (5 months ago)
This guy and his 20k plus viewers are ****in morons! Youre better off just investing randomly than buying into the oracles bullshit!
A true Minimalist (5 months ago)
James Amous exactly! Everyone can make a potential coin video and Post it on yt.
Bobby (5 months ago)
Next time explain why they are good buys, all you did was name coins off... lol did you just copy someone else’s picks off of twitter ?
Niko Buhagiar (5 months ago)
Bobby the first thing he said was "I am just making you aware of these coins , now do your own research to understand why they are good:P"
chris bryan (5 months ago)
BobbyBooShay do you own research! hes already naming off million dollar coins!
AD Vlogs (5 months ago)
I like to Wabi Wabi !!!!
Sahand Bagheri (5 months ago)
HMQ had a manipulated pump recently and pumped to almost 80k satoshi and now in correction sitting at 35k. I don't see it as a good investment unless you want to do day trading which I can't see any bullish sign on the chart for now. WABI, MTH have a good future IMO.
J Wat (5 months ago)
What do you think of Lunyr
Geraldo Venegas (5 months ago)
awwesome information! big ups..
Vincent Kouters (5 months ago)
have a look at Oyster Pearl (PRL) really low market cap right now, testnet release in January, not listed on many major exchanges yet, active community and uses Tangle
Suraj Chavan (5 months ago)
COLX will make you real rich. Buy now or regret later
Matthew Baumann (5 months ago)
What site do you use to follow trends?
Braadpan96 (5 months ago)
And digipulse will take of soon
Winston (5 months ago)
dude how?
cknd mc (5 months ago)
WaBi moon
cryptopher walkin (5 months ago)
Paypie: credit risk assessment with invoice factoring. This will be huge. After the equafax hack, we need something like this.
Friso Bakker (5 months ago)
Hi Orcale, what do you think about Quantstamp and Request Network
whatIsThis (5 months ago)
request network will explode at any moment. They've been steadily inching up slowly, but it's a good buy. def will be up in a month or two
OldSchool (5 months ago)
One of the best exchanges i have seen in a while they have 65 cryptos that you can buy and the team is adding more monthly, https://www.coinspot.com.au?affiliate=1WUXB, if you join and verify & trade let me know ill send you a few XRP so you can continue your career in crypto they also use AUD dollar so the fees are fk all.
Dr Carlos Faviel Font (5 months ago)
matchpool poet monetha wabi mobilego cofound.it hmq
Braadpan96 (5 months ago)
Dr Carlos Faviel Font digipulse
Jeremiah Lim (5 months ago)
"I just received news, the developer of Hempcoin (THC) already planned to list newly forked tokens in Jan 2018 on BIG Chinese and Korean exchanges assp in Jan 2018. Binance, Huobi, Hitbtc and 3rd largest Korean exchange Coinone. Hempcoin (THC) is very popular for Asians, the uniqueness being the only anonymous agriculture and hemp token with privacy crypto debit card. It is a mathematical certainty it will be listed in at least 2 of the above mentioned exchanges by mid Feb. Coinone will take in THC because it just listed Monaco, a crypto debit card token. What does it mean for valuation of THC coins? Listing on Chinese and Korean exchanges will increase 300% in valuation compared to Bittrex. Monaco went from $5 to $18 after it was listed on Chinese and Korean exchanges. Please share this info with the community, friends and family. Sell your car, mortgage your house, take a personal loan to amass your holdings for a sure win 10x gain. If you buy in after new year, it be too late." Show less Reply
Italian omelet (5 months ago)
What is your opinion on RCN coin
Mike Crabtree (5 months ago)
Do yourself a favor, position the camera between your monitors at near eye level, like so many others, we are looking up your nose while watching this.
Rait Kivimägi (5 months ago)
dara ka (5 months ago)
How can I join in your private group ? Please told me [email protected]
Pry D (5 months ago)
What do you think about the performance of Embercoin?
Sander Könings (5 months ago)
Dude's looking all over the place EXCEPT in camera.
Michael Grey (5 months ago)
Ha, it's a hidden camera.
Russell johnson (5 months ago)
Audiobooks Best Sellers (5 months ago)
• Zurcoin looks set to begin 2018 with a bang, following a 13,874% increase in price and a 377,427% increase in volume over 2017 • Most Top 20 Cryptos tend to increase at an annual rate of roughly half their 12-month price increase accelerations. Using this formula we predict Zurcoin to own Top 10 Crypto status by December 2018 with a price of $150 - $200 and a market capitalisation of around $15 billion - $20 billion • Zurcoin was created in December 2013, during Bitcoin’s first post-$1000 price increase. For three and a half years it lay dormant with minimal investment being made in the Crypto per year. During the second half of 2017, over $4 million was injected into Zurcoin ahead of the digital currency’s redevelopment and rebranding • Zurcoin now has a new website at Zurcoin.org and a White Paper mapping out specific plans to fork the Blockchain, employ the digital asset on exchanges as an alternate trading pair to coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ether, to establish its use in ICOs and to develop a PoS hybrid version of the blockchain. Other plans such as development of Zurcoin-branded games and Counterparty developments are all in the works too • While we think that this is a lot of work, we also believe that as outlined in the White Paper this is very achievable. Zurcoin is pitched as a goldilox alternative to a market caught between Bitcoin’s deflationary pressure on the alt market and Ether’s hyper-inflationary commodity-style fuelling of the Top 25 Crypto market capitalisations. It may just be that Zurcoin can capture the perfect position between both of such effects in 2018 and become the year’s best performing Crypto by far.
Sean Kastner (5 months ago)
Hey Crypto Oracle, what's your take of the head and shoulder pattern that might be forming in bitcoin as per graph courtesy of Juanchobanano >>> https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/cDpwcaBE-Bitcoin-Head-and-Shoulders-Pattern-Drop-to-6k/ please give us your divine guidance and your strategies if this is infact a dark time ahead.
Megan Feeney (5 months ago)
What do you think about Blue?
Jd Dayanghirang (5 months ago)
1. ETN,  2. IFT, 3. Wabi, 4. IOTA, 5 OMG, 6. QST
Nieważne Nieważne (5 months ago)
QSP ;)
kush&og 420 (5 months ago)
PEC looks good
John Smith (5 months ago)
This video sucks balls. Let me just call out some coins and say hey....low marketcap.
Michael Halfpenny (5 months ago)
why is he recommending obvious scam coins ?
Mr Krikorian (5 months ago)
Your hands look so funny bro haha
CrypticalDetails (5 months ago)
Embercoin is the best hidden crypto as of right now. Get it while its cheap folks. Happy new year
Genaro Zermeno (5 months ago)
What about Blue?
Sweatt (5 months ago)
Whats the potential for POE? Love your channel.
Ben Jamin' (5 months ago)
APPRECIATE THE RESEARCH MAN. what you think about Digibyte?
chris jay (5 months ago)
Kaybe23 (5 months ago)
Folks he is talking about TOKENS not coins! ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain!
Laissez Faire (5 months ago)
Atlant (ATL) seems to be overlooked by all the YouTubers I watch. Atlant is a real estate blockchain. They are releasing their p2p rental and tokenized real estate ownership platform in March of 2018.
Laissez Faire (5 months ago)
And to top it off, ATL is less than $4,000,000 market cap. HUGE growth potential.

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