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How will a global financial market crash & crisis affect cryptocurrency?

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In this video I share my thoughts what I think will happen to cryptocurrency in the case of another (inevitable) global market crash and selloff. Gold and precious metals have always been the go-to safehaven asset class in turbulent economic times, but this time cryptocurrency may just replace gold and precious metals as a safe haven. Cryptocurrency is easier to store, easier to transport and easier to pay people with than gold and precious metals. It is also hard-capped in supply (like Bitcoin) meaning it is likely to appreciate in value as more people start holding it. Looking at gold in the 2007 crash, gold did sell off during the crash but recovered and went much higher. I suspect the cryptocurrency markets will initially sell off during a golbal market crash, but afterwards recover and move much higher as people turn to cryptocurrency as a way to safeguard their savings and money. #marketcrash #cryptocurrency #financialcrisis Disclaimer: This is NOT financial advice, purely for educational purposes and reflect my personal opinions only (which may or may not be correct). Cryptocurrency is highly volatile and a very high-risk investment. Please do your own research before investing into cryptocurrency and never invest more than you can afford to lose.
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Tk Gz (4 months ago)
don't keep any money in fiat that you can not afford to loose, btc is the key hhhhhh
nah man (4 months ago)
V good analysis and interesting, however I feel that there is a point that you overlooked. The main reason that gold has had such a run up is because of its perception: a safe storage of value. This perception is most certainly not held within the general populace of bitcoin; the volatility would put off a lot of potential investors in a time of low market confidence. There would need to be a seismic shift in the perception of bitcoin x cryptos, resulting in people viewing cryptocurrency as a fiat alternative rather than an investment, to facilitate the turn to crypto you predict.
The136th (7 months ago)
No, crypto are speculative assets, not storage of value, it will crash hard in time of crisis.
G-Raff Asaurus (7 months ago)
Hey Diggy, just interested if you've ever read "The Creature from Jekyll Island?
utopiansounds (8 months ago)
Amazing work!!
Antoine Morin (8 months ago)
Cheers diggy, great value just there! Now my question: would you sell as soon as u see a crisis coming and wait for the dip to buy back in again? or would you hodl all the way?
Homeless Trader (9 months ago)
9:11 the answer is we lost buying power back in the day 1984 a house was 4 times your annual income now 2017 is 10 times!!!
Pajulapoiss (9 months ago)
Very good logic! I expect bitcoin to go crazy when the global selloff starts, and massive amounts of money get injected into bitcoin and other cryptos, which further weakens the fiat currencies. With the timeline of bitcoin and global financial crysis falling into the same area is peculiar indeed, I dont know what to make of it. I think its safer to distribute wealth. I would use a privacy coin called DeepOnion to save some of my wealth, and to be sure that the government has no clue of my holding. Fast and Anonymous transactions on Tor network, mobile wallet in development, smart contract integration further down the line. Decentralized governance through vote central in coming months next year. Plenty of room for growth due to small supply of 25milion
krimzon1321 (9 months ago)
TOKENPAY!! bitcoin on steroids. We all remember the starting price of bitcoin. This is set to take over. Get in early with bonuses https://www.tokenpay.com?rc=0QQF7
Ryan Moore (9 months ago)
Thanks diggy! I have a question about when to sell. I bought into bts and omg back when you recommended. Since bts has doubled and omg is almost to $12-13 like you thought but I just don’t know when to sell. When you recommend to buy at those levels and you expect them to go to certain levels, do you recommend to sell when it gets to where you were expecting?
Daniel Millette (9 months ago)
Spot on..
Sarah Christine (9 months ago)
First time I've seen one of your videos.... that was excellent... thank you for making this. Looking forward to seeing more 😊🙏🏼
Eduardo Diaz (9 months ago)
Bro another awesome video! You are super intelligent, hope one time I get the chance to talk to you about Cryptocurrencies! Thanks for everything Diggy.
Christian Roberts (9 months ago)
Dude this is an AWESOME video. Thanks for the info on the stock market crash. Never knew this stuff. After this is over I'm youtubing the crash of 08 to learn more.
Mandy Eden (9 months ago)
Glad to see I am not the only one to think that way. Great video! Big thumbs up.
Dr. Mickey T (9 months ago)
Impeccable timing - I watched the Big Short last night :)
Dr. Mickey T (9 months ago)
Crypto Diggy I'm definitely going to watch the Big Short for a third time now-you've inspired me lol
Dr. Mickey T (9 months ago)
Crypto Diggy I'll be arriving in Singapore from 🇺🇸 on January 14th! Would love to grab coffee with you!
Brian Damelio (9 months ago)
yo dig i whant my room of gold i would injoy that problem
Joey Barrelwilde (9 months ago)
As a victim of counterfeit ponzi stock that was sold to me as real, these air shares are in litegation. I do not beleive in the stock market. Bitcoin was designed as property that can be used as digital currency. It's software design perimeters was to increase in value with stability.
Brian Damelio (9 months ago)
my dog
Bitcoin Anthropologist (9 months ago)
Dude...you beat me to it...I am working on video about Equity market and crypto-market future relationship Gonna finish my piece to add to the conversation! Thanks for your work...and really, I am so psyched to have discovered a whole tribe of folks out there I wan't know and be in conversation with. So entirely help with the isolation of being out here in the middle of the ocean!
Bitcoin Anthropologist (9 months ago)
You rock! Thanks, be in touch soon
Zimboiii (9 months ago)
Awesome video Diggy, thanks :)
Chris Perlaky (9 months ago)
"The Big Short", while good, does not speak to the heart of the problem, which was and still is the Federal Reserve's artificial suppression of interest rates. Artificially low rates cause rampant speculation and malinvestment as an irrational alternative to the interest that a healthy market would otherwise generate. The Government compounded the problem by bailing out insolvent institutions, which have continued to speculate. The Government merely postponed the day of reckoning and has in all likelihood set the stage for a sovereign currency crisis. These two videos "The Biggest Scam In The History of Mankind" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFDe5kUUyT0 - and "The American Dream" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6zpfE7WjHI - explain everything in proper.
rdreese01 (9 months ago)
Excellent analysis and appreciated. Important to understand the big picture.

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