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Trump pro Weed?! Does this help Cryptocurrency!? | Fox News

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Easy Eagle (1 day ago)
Keeping pot illegal is easiest way to to keep as many blacks incarcerated as possible. Ask any cop. Just look at the incarceration rates. Now all these white politicians want to make money investing in pot but when black kids sell it they spend years in prison. This country is disgusting.
Chris Glover (5 days ago)
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Benjamin Favre (5 days ago)
Why would you have banking issues if it's legal ?
Nathan Kaiser (5 days ago)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't the "pot coins" have more value when the laws are still fuzzy on marijuana? As soon as the fed gov legalizes it, then dispensaries will be able to conduct business with traditional banks and there won't be a need for the pot coins to circumvent the USD establishments.
Mr. NiceGuY (6 days ago)
This would be a great business move for America.
Joshua O'Neill (6 days ago)
Legalise it so the rest of the world will follow. We all blame America for banning it in the first place. Fix what you broke. Peace ✌️
Iulian Spinei (6 days ago)
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D Anderson (6 days ago)
Govt. involved in anything has never worked well... Too many simple pot heads. Just decriminalize. Medicinal was working out just fine... Shit, black market in early 2000's and 90's was great too... And who knows what chemicals they are putting in this govt. recreational cannabis. "All bad. Very All bad" (Trump voice)
Barrett L (6 days ago)
potcoin etc are complete garbage. not investments... ffs.
KEN (6 days ago)
Please make the review on the Zilliqa-token! I received 20 thousand coins from their distribution of freetokens.online/airdrop-zil It is interesting for me should I sell them now or it is better to wait for its growth?
TITAN-666 (6 days ago)
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Brad Niebrugge (6 days ago)
Id rather have the pot money go to people who sell it instead of state controlled entities that tax the hell out of it. Screw that. We pay enough taxes. Lol
Paul H. Kircher III (6 days ago)
Can't wait for those true new Break Ins.
tater omally (6 days ago)
Hell yea states rights
Brandon C (6 days ago)
Make America green again!
LitecoinMichael (6 days ago)
Dennis Rodman seems to endorse. Just got me some
Yolmar Benitez (6 days ago)
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ra bA (6 days ago)
wow trump is actually doing stuff i agree with.
Grass Hopper (6 days ago)
ra bA Trump is the best leader you have ever had. Decreased unemployment, bringing big business back to the US, improving border protection and security and fighting countries like Nth Korea head on in ecconomics and winning. Wish we had him in Australia
I own a smokeshop and am so ready for legalization. Thats what part of the money that I make from crypto will go to. Top pay for my licensing
Armando Garza thanks I'm going to look into it.
Armando Garza (5 days ago)
Bargain Hunters Paradise Get Potcoin to accept payments.. Moonshoot coin I believe in the near future..
Mother Nugget (6 days ago)
go 420
Seth Shepherd (6 days ago)
Legalize and tax it.
George Detective (20 hours ago)
taxation is theft. ban is crime
Bad Santa (6 days ago)
Seth Shepherd No, decriminalize.
Christobear Calaycay (6 days ago)
Woo hoo! KUSH COIN! Marijuana Coin!

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