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VERTCOIN- Why so popular ? - Technology- Prediction- Analysis and Forecast - Easy to mine [Hindi]

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Click here to subscribe our channel for latest videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgnNl9MCMH4WlBZQkOEz9Qg?sub_confirmation=1 What is Vertcoin? Vertcoin is a digital currency that can be sent between people over the internet. Vertcoin (VTC) stays true to the original vision of cryptocurrency: a financial system owned by its users, the people’s coin. Vertcoin is not controlled by large banks or mining hardware manufacturers and can be mined by anyone profitably. Fairly distributed without a premine, ICO or airdrop, Vertcoin is developed by community members working as volunteers and the project is wholly funded by donations. A finite resource similar to gold, you can rest assured that Vertcoin will keep your money safe from vested interests and ensure that transaction fees are proportionate and shared between a large number of miners. With Vertcoin, you can truly be your own bank. Designed to resist centralization Vertcoin’s algorithm is designed to resist the development of custom mining hardware and multipool mining, ensuring that transactions are validated by a widely distributed network and avoiding the selling pressure when large mining pools indiscriminately flood the market with freshly mined coins. Our developers have pledged to take whatever steps are necessary to protect this coin from specialized mining equipment and make sure that it will always be possible to mine with consumer grade hardware. This is great news for miners because it offers the opportunity for all miners to compete fairly with each other, and not have to risk falling victim to unscrupulous hardware manufacturers who may fail to deliver pre-ordered equipment. For any questions please comment on the video. Dont Forget to LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE ! :) Subscribe : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgnNl9MCMH4WlBZQkOEz9Qg Write To Us at : [email protected] Visit Our Blog: http://www.digitalnotice.in Like Our FB page : https://www.facebook.com/digitalnotice.in Follow Us On Twitter : https://twitter.com/digital_notice Follow Us On Google+ : https://plus.google.com/108820895051541599838 Follow Us on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/digitalnotice/ Follow us on Pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/digitalnotice/
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PIYUSH YADAV (6 months ago)
make a video DECRED
PIYUSH YADAV (6 months ago)
make a video on DECRED .
Venus flytraps (6 months ago)
Great video. Even in Hindi. Well done.
clark hall (7 months ago)
rajan dhiman (7 months ago)
bro ye coin ki trading krna kaha se sikh sakte hai pls btao
rajan dhiman (7 months ago)
Digital Notice mujhe ye sikhna hai.
Ghulam Shabir (7 months ago)
fb ghulam shabir faisalabad, mobile pic hy. thanks
Amazing Birds Videos (7 months ago)
bhai hvn. par bhi ek vidio banao please....
Shashi Chaurasia (7 months ago)
Plz tell about ETN
nilesh badekar (7 months ago)
MANOJ KUMAR (7 months ago)
Very good video xrp up kab jayga 6800 by keya tha
Mohd Shoaib Ahmed (7 months ago)
When you bought it in satoshi what was the price in USD.... because the price have increased in USD.....and I think you must have purchased it from Bittrex and 6800 satoshi must be a ask price from a trader...
nilesh badekar (7 months ago)
Sir pls answer this question
Sumit singh (7 months ago)
Etherecash ka bi btaiai sir !!!!!!!!!
arvind singh (7 months ago)
what about scalibility ??
Rajesh Kumar (7 months ago)
Sir, Bittrex or poloniex par jab koi Coin add hota hai to plz us coin ke bare me video banaiye.
FlyTheElephant (7 months ago)
I can't understand anything you are saying, But thanks for sharing about Vertcoin :D If enough people spread vertcoin, we can rebuild satoshi's vision of decentralized ledger run by the users. :D
Ghulam Shabir (7 months ago)
Boss mera office faisalabad may hy. Thanks
sheikh saeed (7 months ago)

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