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How and Why Bitcoin Will easily hit 25k soon!~ | Novogratz Bloomberg Interview

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Text Comments (96)
CKJ Crypto News (2 days ago)
Ripple Mass adaption 2020 https://youtu.be/8JWUobDnJUQ CKJ Crypto News
saveonthe1 (2 days ago)
Master bull shit artists. Hodl2zero morons.
jetulik (6 days ago)
fuck off Novogratz u pump monkey
Steven Chau (7 days ago)
not spread fraudulent news. you are helping large scale scams.
jumpair (7 days ago)
TL;DW: I have no clue, please like subscribe comment and share down below
dshibbs1027 (8 days ago)
I truly hope so
D C (8 days ago)
Use cash
Ben Hill (8 days ago)
Run, run far away as soon as bloomberg shows crypto pro brainwasher comments.
Kevin Svenson (8 days ago)
John McAfee & Tom Lee are always wrong. They publish these price predictions so that they can get you guys to cash them out. Bitcoin is about to drop harder. Sub 6k coming
Live Techs (2 days ago)
Kevin Svenson dang o well hopefully by 2019
Kevin Svenson (2 days ago)
Live Techs most likely not for a few years at least
Live Techs (3 days ago)
Kevin Svenson you think we will ever see ATH again?
madino music (8 days ago)
bitcoin will hit 35000 this year no doubt
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Carlos Salinas (8 days ago)
well, if you know shitcoin maybe you dont get shocked when it hits 1000 or less and stay there for 2 or 3 years until no one remembers it exists or have a real usage and purpose.
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The altcoins must be decoupled from Bitcoin immediately...
Armando Garza (8 days ago)
"Digital gold makes more sense to my 24 year old son then my 84 year old father" comment says it all where the new ship is going.
Ben Hill (8 days ago)
Armando Garza Ya, it's easier to pull out money from young people than from older, life experienced ones. Great blockchain technology but misused for bad purpose.
iZi Ozy (8 days ago)
Blah blah blah...
Supercars Hunter (7 days ago)
iZi Ozy agree! 9k max. for btc in 2028
80sruler (8 days ago)
Might hit $2500 or $250 first
Carlos Salinas (8 days ago)
25 bucks for sure
MyGman68 (8 days ago)
There is a very wise saying, never catch a falling knife. Wait tilll it actually bottoms before buying any. It is most wise to wait on the sidelines till it bottoms and is back on a bull trend. You may not buy it at the bottom but you will buy it cheaper than you buy it today. Alternatively you could by a little at a time on big dips.
nioctib (4 days ago)
MyGman68 = Carlos
Carlos Salinas (7 days ago)
that thing will never happen for real
MyGman68 (8 days ago)
YEP. Once central banks and corporations accept bitcoin, then it will take off.
Carlos Salinas (8 days ago)
shitcoin by now is expensive useless crap maybe in a very distant future will get some currency or real tradable "value".
mohammad gh (8 days ago)
100% legit https://dogeminer.cc/index.php?boss=79922
Tony Charles (9 days ago)
Easy way to get bitcoin free anywhere anytime!! https://get.cryptobrowser.site/1311406
Ricardo De kruijf (9 days ago)
Hello guys I find a new way for the best cryptocurrency coins and it works well visit the website for more information https://bit.ly/2GffRUn
SrFulanoTal (9 days ago)
i know you read all the time about "get this" or "get that" .. but 2 projects you guys should do some research about is INS Ecosystem and Tokenpay. Both are real, no shitcoins. Just do your research on them and thank me later!
phillymorris (9 days ago)
Do you believe in the cartel?
James Ponce (2 days ago)
you clearly weren't involved in bitcoin from the beginning. ill agree that banks use AI for trading as this as been public information for years. its called High Frequency Trading.
Carlos Salinas (4 days ago)
stop smoking that shit
Krisztian (5 days ago)
IMO there's an AI that's trading for the elite I mean nobody can be that dumb to believe banking dinasties with 100s of trillions of $ sit in front of a computer and buy sell lol that's for the poor They got the AI His name is SATOSHI Yes an AI created bitcoin and the biggest holder Through the centralized exchanges this AI sees all ur portfolio I mean what do u think mining actually is Its GPU power given to the AI she uses it for completing tasks, its her "life energy" SATOSHI=Skynet Ull see it within 2 decades...in China they already got a facial recognised program watching u on the street etc...nwo is AI based
Carlos Salinas (8 days ago)
if you dont beleive in price manipulation invest 10 bucks in shitfinex or shitmex at 5x levereage and see your money been liquidated in less than a week if you want to be instant liquidated levereage at 50x or more ;)
Peter Page (9 days ago)
Icon Stella Tron monero. You're welcome.
dang0088 da (9 days ago)
tron is a shit coin, ill pass on that, i have the other 3, neo, icon, bnb are your safe bet.
Nicholas Manning (9 days ago)
More BS pumping. There isn’t sufficient demand to drive up price. Simple. No demand, prices drop. Big demand, prices rise. Supply x velocity. BTC will remain in bear/ purgatory for the foreseeable future. My prediction BTC 3k usd for June. 2k for July. Then it will go in to period of purgatory until Christmas. Facts don’t lie.
Sam Fieres (9 days ago)
I'm using *First Million Road* for trading tips and tricks with good results
Singularity (9 days ago)
These people are full of shit, please don’t buy as the bitcoin is crashing after the Korean exchange hack.
Sean Russell (9 days ago)
This is why Blockstream destroyed BTC & why institutions won't invest... https://youtu.be/CP7DfiSBd6s
matevz krajnc (9 days ago)
I like your chanel. Keep it going 🙌🏼
diMMas 777 (9 days ago)
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Ryan McAlister (9 days ago)
Where is my Asian lady
Michael Tjandra (9 days ago)
This is the news from 5days ago
rey armas (9 days ago)
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Яна Иванова (9 days ago)
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Jay M (9 days ago)
Pump & Hump.
Harold Truong (9 days ago)
This guy is an idiot.. he keeps talking about bitcoin going to 20k and blah blah.. just shut up already
Zambino (9 days ago)
last chance, get in touch 24/7, or we will look elsewhere
Muranium (5 days ago)
[email protected] show me what you know
stephen kennedy (9 days ago)
Lol, haven't you shown this interview clip like 5 times now ,😂
XRP (9 days ago)
With many coins getting a fiat pairing which means they don't need to buy BTC to buy a coin. How do you think this will affect the price of bitcoin in a year or two from now ?
AIR LEBRON (9 days ago)
You have 14k followers of them watching you watching news and us watching both you and the news. Congrats
nioctib (9 days ago)
AIR LEBRON That’s 14 thousand people that bought at 19k holding heavy ass bags
Coin Stacks (9 days ago)
More like 2,500 :(
AIR LEBRON (9 days ago)
Change ur name to CNBC 24/7
CyptoLiam (8 days ago)
Yeah lol coz his channel is just as trash as they are
Sean (9 days ago)
Hope u bought now it’s under $7k
Carlos Salinas (8 days ago)
3k next stop
Kathryn Babcock (9 days ago)
Hey guys exchange btc to any currency/e-wallet at blockchain rate on www.bitzapay.org
Peter Page (9 days ago)
6k now
nioctib (9 days ago)
Correction. 2.5 k soon.
nioctib (4 days ago)
XPopCornX troll
XPopCornX (4 days ago)
Lorena Guedo (6 days ago)
noic tib 25 000$
Carlos Salinas (8 days ago)
not correction, bubble popping
Tk Gz (9 days ago)
trapped cat (9 days ago)
reply to comment.
Alfredo Reyes (9 days ago)
And why don't they speak about Zilliqa? It is said to give 50-100 X-es this year!! I have already received 40 thousand coins from their airdrop www.myairdrop.ru/zilliqa
nioctib (9 days ago)
Alfredo Reyes Because zilliqa won’t be in a single one of the ETF crypto bundles offered. Not a single one.
Agent Lier (9 days ago)
James Wolfe: Yes he is. He never received his 40k Zilliqa. MF those rats are everywhere. Never ever give the private keys to anyone not even to the Orginal coin developer.
XRP (9 days ago)
From Zilliqa web site ( Security advisory: We are aware of ongoing scam attempt that involves the use of phishing website. The website in particular is asking for user's private key information in order to participate in Zilliqa airdrop. Please note that this is a scam and there is no airdrop. Stay safe. ) Alferedo Reyes they say no airdrops only scammers post air drops. I see you have .RU is that not Russia ? are you a scammer ?
Trent Ollis (9 days ago)
buy exchange coins these will be the big gainers 10x 20x 50x even 100x binance token, huobi token, swft coin, zrx coin, cgcx ico when the money comes they will need echanges and these are all offering institutional solutions follow the money
larj Larj (9 days ago)
What time did you make this Video lol another 60billion is gone bro
Kan 13 (9 days ago)
he just copy and paste the same video all the time to get viewers...
jay pal (9 days ago)
2500 might happen first
nioctib (4 days ago)
Karl Oliver Btc has never dropped below its 25% ATH? Dude, we hit 70% from ATH a while back. Btc was at 20 k. It went to 6k.
wenezz (7 days ago)
I hope so.
no homo (8 days ago)
lmfao at the top everyone called 40k now that we're at the bottom everyone calls 3k
Carlos Salinas (8 days ago)
3k, i am optimistic...
Karl Oliver (8 days ago)
As far as I know, the BTC has never dropped below 25% of its own ATH. That would be the first time then...
larj Larj (9 days ago)
nioctib (9 days ago)
James Wolfe Explain how xrp makes massive gains on its clients and becomes a Fortune 500 company. A lot of people use toilet paper, even banks. Doesn’t mean I want to back up the truck and load up on toilets.
XRP (9 days ago)
LoL you better look at XRP not only does it have a purpose but it has big clients using it. Sia cloud storage LoL
nioctib (9 days ago)
larj Larj Hahahaha. Gtfo

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