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A Response to Pope Francis’ Attack on “Invading” Libertarians

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Text Comments (263)
rockethead555 (6 months ago)
the Poop Pope? not surprised . . the cath "church" remains the scum of religion and the kings of crime and pedophilia, murder and death
Peter Meissnitzer (6 months ago)
Ah the Vatican , filled with fat pedophiles ..... mistake number 1 was to not let priests marry in the 1100 century .
DCO CRYPTO (7 months ago)
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DCO CRYPTO (7 months ago)
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DCO CRYPTO (7 months ago)
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czj master (7 months ago)
You a Great Person, thanks.
Gravy Train (8 months ago)
Awesome Bradda!
Lone Wolf (8 months ago)
Fuck jesus fiction and its creation corrupt church
Antony Lavender (8 months ago)
I fucking love you man hahaha
frugalgunsmith (9 months ago)
Now I know your a crack pot the crusades was a response to the Muslim invasion.
Bone Yardn (11 months ago)
great job ive been watching for years
Warren Kushner (11 months ago)
what about the wild west? What about the power outages in major cities where within literally hours people were robbing and looting stores? I am all for limited government but total anarchy in history has shown a lot of evidence of total breakdown of the non-aggression principle and total assault on property rights. I live in a major city. As much as I complain about government I would be terrified if one day I woke up and the police/other basic government structures disappeared. In closing, government bailouts + high taxes for welfare state + needless regulations of small businesses = No; Police +Fire department + road maintinence + a constitution based on human rights = Absolutely Necessary.
abdél auditauré (11 months ago)
thanks brother for this video...i keep explaining to people who think islam is an evil ideology that. islam is like christianity and judaism all believe in ibraham moses noah jesus and mohammed....and should not steal or hurt or kill!! we should all live in peace but sadly this religions images were taking by certain evil cults to do evil shit that serves devil totaly against what our creator wants .
Jennifer Lynne (11 months ago)
If you knew anything Jeff, you'd know President Trump is fighting The Vatican which is tied into the Pedophiles. Viewers that want to watch a real man, watch Navy Seal Craig Sawyer who is engaged in taking down the Elite & Globalist scumbags. The Pope is nfg, very good you got one thing right but, hear is some news, this is old news.
David X (1 year ago)
Nwo and the digi cash is real evil. George Bush did say that people will be running for their own enslavment try digital money. Stay Away from this evil mark of the beast.
Jane Fortune (1 year ago)
Powerful video Jeff. A great reminder of the truth which deserves sharing. 🙏🏼
Stöckli TV (1 year ago)
one of the swiss bundesrat was by the Pope.... no good !
modelmark (1 year ago)
Narrative in MSM is that WWI started because an anarchist killed a ruler.
Fixate (1 year ago)
Jesus and the pope should not even be mentioned in the same sentence.
Stan DaMan (1 year ago)
Pope is false prophet of end times. A wolf in sheep clothing
SouthernInquirer55 (1 year ago)
I love your great videos, very pertinent and informative.. and most always agree with your commentaries.. 'most always'. I was shocked by your denials of the established facts of the existence of Nuclear and Thermo-nuclear weapons.. are you saying these weapons do not exist? or only that they are not held in the numbers widely publicized?
Bigbadjimbob (1 year ago)
have you seen the latest attack on bitcoin? A false flag ransom hack on government computers ha ha so easy to see now :)
mikedoesseo (1 year ago)
This Pope is such a joke. They need to go back to the silent type fast lol.
HarlemGlobeRotter (1 year ago)
The Pope sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Joe R (1 year ago)
big Cahuna (1 year ago)
God may be real , but religion was invented to control and tax the masses. The Vatican, Inc. claims ownership of all the worlds' property and every soul on it.
VeganCarnivore (1 year ago)
pope = rat singer
e trust (1 year ago)
long live anarchy!!! jeff u on the rite path keep up the good work! we must get ready to stand up for what we believe in.
Ian susman (1 year ago)
crusades were justified but everything else I agree with
vU dU (1 year ago)
the Pope is just scared that his position and influence will cease to exist, because people are waking up. that's why he's becoming political all of a sudden. the fact that Vatican lied, tortured, raped and manipulated the masses on a grand scale is fading away into the dusts of time.
Playonstereo (1 year ago)
Most Catolics see what Pope do and say - and they think "what the hell"
cryptobradley200 (1 year ago)
the pope = satan
cryptobradley200 (1 year ago)
you are speaking the truth
Edana Estenes (1 year ago)
I am so glad you get it. Everything you have stated is total fact. The poop I believe may be fulfilling the prophecy in the bible that was given to John the apostle by Jesus. That he is the devil or will be assisting the devil in destroying the earth and it's people. I do not consider the Catholic religion to be that, a "religion", but rather a massive brainwash cult. The poop is a HYPOCRITE ON STEROIDS. Past popes are responsible for millions and millions of deaths. The Vatican killed millions of protestants, started WWI and WWII. Helped murder millions of Jews. The list is so huge I can't type it all in here or this would be a book. And the idiot masses of people follow this poop, they have no idea what they belong to. The poop doesn't teach anything taught by Jesus. But quite the opposite of Jesus. The poop has the spirit of antichrist in him. In the very end of things, Jesus will come back to earth and rule with a rod of iron. Please Jesus hurry up. You are the only chance we have to make things really really perfect and great again. Thank you for making this video and telling the truth.
Edana Estenes (1 year ago)
Oh and I forgot to say. It is estimated that the Vatican has over 8000 pedophiles worldwide in their cult. That is a really huge number. If I had kids, I would never let them belong to the Catholic church. Odds are they would get molested by one of these sicko gay pedophile priests. And it is not just the Catholics. It is also in the Hassidic Jewish communities too. It is disgusting.
Elizabeth Kay (1 year ago)
Stupidity of religion and brainwashing..
On Tha Streetz (1 year ago)
You're right about the Pope and the NWO, but Yeshua (Jesus) is King. His government shall be established here on earth (See Isaiah 2:2). Yeshua will govern righteously. No more oppression. Anarchy implies no king, no government. We need the Messiah, because He is incorruptible. He is coming soon. Repent (turn away from wickedness) and sin no more. Yeshua is King!
Chi Walker (1 year ago)
One of the most powerful channels on the net.
Reef Surfer (1 year ago)
Awesome... great video, great work in putting this truth together.
daisoke (1 year ago)
Stan Whitney (1 year ago)
Jacob Cards (1 year ago)
Thank you Jeff! Preach the word of Jesus!!! IT IS THE ONLY WAY. BTW DRINK MORE ORMUS. IT IS THE KEY!!!!
Dimension 9 (1 year ago)
The Pope sounds like Arnie. "I want your robes, your mitre and your pope mobile."
Andres LeBon (1 year ago)
Damn! It was good until he started to talk about the usual Crusade stuff and conspiracy theories against the Church. Jesus was non an anarchist..(or anarChrist?), He said infact, "Give back to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's."...but I guess He was a libertarian..I mean.. for sure.
Global Renegade (1 year ago)
According to the Encyclopedia of Wars, 1763 wars were recorded in history and only 123 have been classified to involve a religious cause, accounting for less than 7 percent of all wars. Religion is not the cause of wars, Jeff your regurgitating propaganda.
Mazzegick (1 year ago)
what is the song in the background
AJ SUN (1 year ago)
Good video Jeff!
Janusz Dworak (1 year ago)
As a Catholic I am surprised that Pope Francis did not include readings from The Communist Manifesto by Carl Marx in the readings of the Holy Mass yet. I think it is just a matter of time. This Pope for sure is on his way to sainthood.
Ilan Oved (1 year ago)
Fuck criminal POP
Autumn Fawcett (1 year ago)
Good job of separating the actions of these people and the true message of God. Wolves in Sheep's clothing.
Ten Eleven (1 year ago)
What's that satanic looking thing made of? What's it supposed to be?
André R. Meyer (1 year ago)
6:52 An Anarchist Perspective on the Spanish Civil Warfrom The Spanish Civil War: Anarchism in Action (1984) by Eddie ConlonChapter 2 - Anarchism in Action
Decebal825 (1 year ago)
i'm starting to like your channel more and more Jeff
Jezzie (1 year ago)
Jeff, first of all you look good and happier without your chain smoking. Second, you starting to sound a little like Paul Joseph Watson , in a good way. 😃
Devon Diaries (1 year ago)
The pope is the woman of false religion that sells her self ,its named in rev 17 ..Sits on many waters and tongues causing trouble to the  innocent .Get out of her GOD says ,,The POPE is government ,King and a holy see!  Look it up.
jack schitt (1 year ago)
the Vatican is the satan temple on earth
ANARCHY LUiS (1 year ago)
Jeff...When are you gonna start talking about Israel/Mossad and its Pizzagate Talmudist satanists?
Blas Alejandro Ruiz (1 year ago)
Also talk about "Zionist Project 3", the best documentary ever. Thanks Mr Berwick.
Eric Challender (1 year ago)
Thank you for the information as always.
ANARCHY LUiS (1 year ago)
The Jesuit Order is Jewish(Talmudist) #IsraelDid911 #DancingIsraelis #UrbanMovingSystems
Abaddon and Apollyon (1 year ago)
The Pope is apart of a Church that is part of the Antichrist system. "Then I saw three impure spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet." Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. Jeff you should really consider believing in Jesus so you can live in Heaven forever. God Bless!
Glyne Martin (1 year ago)
Bottom up, not top down...
Pamela Rice (1 year ago)
The Vatican is protected by the Swiss Guard, a defense that could probably be broken pretty easily. It would be amazing to see the Vatican's amazing though self-incriminating library that chronicles all the hideous crimes committed by the Catholic Church for hundreds of years...
awakend (1 year ago)
Great vid.....its a shame people are so blind.
Pamela Rice (1 year ago)
Dollar Vigilante, never disappoints.
Pamela Rice (1 year ago)
The "White" Pope has historically been directed and controlled by the "Black" Jesuit Pope. Now a Jesuit Black Pope is right there in the White Pope spot. Right in our face. Still, the sheeple keep counting their rosaries and all the rest.
Pamela Rice (1 year ago)
Search counter-reformation to find out what the Pope and Catholicism is all about: think, burn at the stake.
Holli Volmer (1 year ago)
I couldn't agree more.  Great video!
Jacques M (1 year ago)
When the "pope" isn't licking illegal muslim migrant feet he's sucking george soro's weiner.
Jacques M (1 year ago)
The pope is a globalist funded pawn.
rosobrer (1 year ago)
either Francis is a dumb person, which is bad, or he is a gesuite SOB, which is even worse
Check out "Vatican Assassins" by Eric Jon Phelps - A Phenomenal book
Bob Bad (1 year ago)
yes organized religion is the root of all evil
Jeff remember, all of us will yield someday to Authority. "that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father." Philippians 2:10-11. That name by the way is actually Yeshuah. The Kindgom will have rulers but not by a worldly kind of authority. As pessimistic as this sounds, there is no hope for this world. We can't reverse Fukushima and nobody is gonna change the elite's minds or ways. We're only on the borrowed time of Grace to understand how this world is empty and will never satisfy us or even the ptb. The insatiable drive for more power by existing power will be the ultimate undoing of society before the Lord returns. Libertarian, anarchist, ?ian, ?ist, however we address ourselves, are only temporary labels to identify our separation of corruption and corrupt rule. A societal take over won't happen. It will not beat out on Earth what the elite have been allowed to scheme for this long. Again, the awareness you're bringing is a change for the eternal internal selves and not a hope that any anarchist utopia is near. Anything from the world, by the world, under the Sun is as gone as the American dream.
Ryan Patterson (1 year ago)
You nailed it Jeff!
Bruce Jeppsen (1 year ago)
Jeff, I came across something that I thought you could check out and verify. From what I saw, US Federal taxes go to the British monarchy and the Vatican (40% to the British, 60% to Vatican). What are your thoughts?
Wellness Hero (1 year ago)
Ah, this is what the truth sounds like? Gratitude for sharing.
adam derivative (1 year ago)
Jeff comments are not coming up on you first live stream attempt.soz mate
reduen (1 year ago)
I am a Christian but great video. All of it true...
Slavs Holy Unity (1 year ago)
Good video. I think despite being ruled sometimes (lately very often) by crooks the Christianity is important to us (as a humans) because of the message of Christ. And yes I do think it is partly just, to name Jesus the "anarchist". He certainly thought the responsibility to higher power (meaning your moral code originated from "natural laws") over that to your king or official or even The Book. Btw. Considering history, Crusades, despite being completely out of the spiritual nature of Christianity were certainly typical counteroffensive pointed at newly born and rapidly expanding (by the sword of course) Islamic religion. The Hollywood movies, vision of, for example wise Saladin and barbarian "westerners" is completely not true. Sorry for my English.
All Total Coaching (1 year ago)
Brilliant video thank you Jeff you are a true hero telling the real truth
zfallon84 (1 year ago)
I do recognize that it is just a theory. However, he is supplying more evidence that makes the Cult of Saturn a little more realistic.
nomoreserfs (1 year ago)
The Pope = Satanic
Hyde_OUT (1 year ago)
I agree we should be against organized religion as well.
RankingRobert (1 year ago)
well done Jeff
Gg Mo (1 year ago)
The True Holy Catholic Apostolic Orthodox Christians are the most Libertarian and a Great Threat to the machinations of the anti-christ globalists like the Pope. These evil heretics have attempted to infiltrate (sometimes effectively, like with the WCC and a certain Patriarch Bartholomew) the Orthodox Church , but because of the structure of the Church, and the REAL Faith in Christ the Messiah as the Prince of Peace and Son of God in the Trinity, they will fail.
Matt Raska (1 year ago)
6:53 False, statelessness has been tried successfully many times. Shinmin in Korea Makhnovist Ukraine EZLN in the Chiapas Kowloon Walled City near Hong Kong Anarchists in the Spanish Civil War Gurgaon in India Wenzhou in China There are tons of examples. Cataloging all of them is tricky.
horsefaceemily (1 year ago)
Piss off pope you evil scum !, gone take some more cocaine you have kilo`s of the stuff !.
dino sgura (1 year ago)
The Real Pope isn't him..... Joseph Ratzinger is the real Pope. Jesus was anarchist and Libertarian! yuo're right Jeff!
Capitano Coolo (1 year ago)
You out did yourself Jeff, this is your best work yet!! Truly enjoyed this one. Hope more people hear it.
Privacy Matterson (1 year ago)
The Pope appears to be the "man of sin" spoken of in Scripture, that false prophet who looks like a lamb, but speaks like a dragon (Rev 13:11).
Webster (1 year ago)
What was the movie called at 3:12?
WillBendingSteel (1 year ago)
Jeff I love your work.. Just a tip. The anarchist video was powerful, but I think it would be more powerful if you use the same with the word didn't government instead. Because human mind remembers all the negative pictures with the word anarchist subconsciously. The word didn't doesn't exist as picture and our mind easily forget the word didn't ;)Never use negative with something good you want to promote. You know how powerful repeating of the word terrorism is. Peace bro!
artyfarty3 (1 year ago)
it's time we TAXED  religion   !
Нед ялко (1 year ago)
Christianity is based on pagan rituals and it's a subliminal worship of the god Saturn... what we call Christmas is in fact the holiday of Saturnalia, we are deceived in worshipping the same entities that are keeping humanity trapped in a slave mentality...
George Bond (1 year ago)
There are 2 types of libertarians - 1, Progressive Libertarians 2. Regressive Libertarians of course the Regressives will tell you they're Progressive look at Venezuela, look at Berkeley, .........
Diego (1 year ago)
Amazing Video !!! Thank you !!!
Old Man (1 year ago)
Francis is antichrist and is going to be destroyed along with the UN. Don't leave Acapulco! Babylon is going to be destroyed.Stay there!
Keith Bawden (1 year ago)
The Church of Rome is the principal part of 'The Whore of Babylon' - false religion! The US is the 'Beast that came out of the Earth' - 'who can stand against it' - 'it makes fire to come down on those who oppose it'! It this 'Beast' that gives power to the 'Babylonian Harlot'! However these evil entities will be finally destroyed, at the sounding of the 'Last Trumpet'! God will not be mocked, neither by the 'Harlot' nor the 'Beast - The Empire of Sodom!!!!
bushcraft cuisine (1 year ago)
Sheeple sheeple USSA -USSR !
Pat G (1 year ago)
Probably one of your best videos Jeff. Well done, great delivery.

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