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Will Bitcoin Soar ?!?!

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Will Bitcoin soar after people return from the Chinese New Year Holidays? 👍🏻Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/boxmining 👑Recommended Exchange - Binance: https://goo.gl/joe55C 🔒Hardware Wallet: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/428b 📲Mobile Wallet: https://enjinwallet.io/ 💻PC / Mac Wallet : https://www.exodus.io/ ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● Telegram groups: Telegram Discussion Group: https://t.me/Boxdatamining Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/boxminingChannel ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● ♨️Social: Telegram announcements: https://t.me/boxminingChannel Community Forums: http://forums.boxmining.com Steemit: https://steemit.com/@boxmining Twitter: https://twitter.com/boxmining Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/boxmining ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● 💰Buy Bitcoin Through Coinbase: https://goo.gl/h1bw5v Track ICOs graphically: https://icotracker.org 💪Donations: Bitcoin : 13EvsPm3YhiCPGksQQdvQUFtsbF8FoU6Cz Ethereum: 0x58d98516363D2A5f93CE6aB4A4a909599C3EEC3a Website: http://boxmining.com
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Text Comments (158)
Boxmining (4 months ago)
Get The latest announcements on Telegram: https://t.me/boxminingChannel Hardware Wallet: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/428b
Queen Blockchain (4 months ago)
The telegram is always live 🙌🏽
Tripod (3 months ago)
with btc still being volitile i've become bullish with neo as a long term hodl for the future...i've researched neo further and am really sad i didn't go into it when i saw it last august...live and learn. i still think its a great hold for the future.
Иван Петров (3 months ago)
Is it worth investing in *Forty Seven ICO* ?
L.A. Truong (3 months ago)
There's some people who are highly credible in the crypto community (sorry I can't provide names, I forgot them) who believe this upcoming spring is going to be another bull for crypto. Others think a second bubble might form and then pop even further. I just want to know what your thoughts are on this.
Chaffee Hurlant (3 months ago)
Bitcoin and crypto are dead. No one is talking about them. It's on no one's mind. No one is preparing to buy any more. There are no new projects. People don't want to learn about crypto. There's not a single Millenial who is interested in it. Everybody just wants to concentrate on the old system. I am much more comfortable with Wall Street because the Bankers have deep DEEP control over it. I am much more comfortable with regular fiat money because they can print thousands, upon millions, upon billions of it. I like the old stuff. I can make gains of 1% or 2% a year. That's the trend. That's where everything is going. You heard it here first.
CryptoCult N.Y.C. (3 months ago)
" Anonymous trader has bought 400 Million $$$ worth of Bitcoin " the reason why it got to 10K + : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmWT2WMElF0
Mr Burns (3 months ago)
Who else feels that Hacken Cybersecurity will pump big time this year!?
JUN LEE (3 months ago)
Did you have to face lots of questions from relatives asking you about cryptocurrency, YouTube channel?
KalKyuLayTor (3 months ago)
Came for the thumbnail. HUAT AR!
Crypto Chan (3 months ago)
Wolfgang Icarus (3 months ago)
Hi Boxmining, can you please do a video of some top altcoins that you like?
vietfobl3oy (3 months ago)
low volume due to chinese new year? you really think the asians would put aside making money to celebrate new years? silly bud
Amanda Ackland (3 months ago)
Iot chain ITC This is a no brainer. Cutting edge Tech (DAG), expedentially growing market (IOT), biggest iot producer (China), Low MC, Low Supply, huge VC investments (Hashed and FBG), partners in targeted areas (Lighting and Chip manufacturer. Operating Systemwhich makes it easy for all business to implement. Keeps linked iot devices secure from attacks through nodes(Lights), segregates DATA and gives back to the rightful owner. This coin currently is not marketed to the west, is on no big exchanges. DAG technology is being implemented by few projects and the ones that are, are worth 100s of millions or multi billion $ projects. in 6 months this company will be worth well over a $1 billion placing the coin value at between $25 - $70 (currently $2.80. Really look at this one Also the team is excellent and it just won awards at the world economic forum, the team claims to be 6 months ahead of schedule, yellow paper is out, open source, over 12K members on telegram, medium is very active, git hub has over 10,000 lines of code. Love to know your thoughts
Miguel Lorenzo (3 months ago)
Are alts dead?
Omg Beast mode (3 months ago)
恭喜發財, mike keep up the great work, enjoy watching your video
ramesh singh (4 months ago)
Hello friends if anyone big heart people i need to pay for food for my sister and mom any donation will help..i am a farmer 6 months no money ,off season Btc address- 13EGgZUStiE1kQGsKXpQUjixA4syGajsDj eth address- 0x67972a59DeEb61EF803e5cc67E71F08A4A2842fB thank you whoever donated me .
Eric Brooks (4 months ago)
The key question is, does the fact that this is the Year of the Dog mean that this will be the Year of the Dogecoin ;)
ANA PAULA SALDANHA (4 months ago)
Can you cover BLOCKPORT, please??? I am very interested about this coin!!!
MusicExclusive 7 (4 months ago)
Love watching you're videos but you talk too slow so i listen to you on 1.5x speed. Lmfaoo!
USBitcoinServices.Com (4 months ago)
Hi Boxmining! nice video, I think bitcoin will soar again! and will show to negative people how big it is! it is going up slowly but steady. On the other hand, altcoins are also recovering their positions, and privacy coins are doing the same, It is very important to invest in these coins Dash, Monero or DeepOnion. 2018 is the year of privacy coins with solid foundations!
Hog Shark (4 months ago)
Can BTC hurry up and get to 50k already? 0xfAk3addr355y0uReadth1sf0rnoR3Ason
Jose Ramon Fernandez (4 months ago)
Why people in china don't use Tor Browser and continue doing trading?
Dave G (4 months ago)
As usual, the most intelligent video Ive watched today. You Rock Michael. Also, thanks for the Polymath tip the other day. I think that coin is going to have an impressive year!
granny's gone wild!! (4 months ago)
I mine my wife's box and always find a goldmine.
Brendan McDonald (4 months ago)
Michael... smaller market cap coins.. have you heard of THE KEY?
iahmed (4 months ago)
You have banker friends?
Paresh Rathod (4 months ago)
Out-of-context question: Clif High said today his analysis says, "EOS is as promising as ETH or even more with rollout, a strong competitor" (Clif High 19Feb2018 to Crypto Blood Youtube) Why EOS is very low priced? Anyone knows - when EOS starts to rise or any price predictions by end of 2018? Is it a good buy at this stage?
fupoof coin (4 months ago)
When do you think privacy coins will sore ?I am interested on your taught on how privacy coins will do like spectrecoin https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/spectrecoin/ and deeponion https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/deeponion/ will do the short to mid term for trading purposes
Thowhid (4 months ago)
Arthur Pug (4 months ago)
Great video, you're obviously well qualified to comment on short term price technical analysis and linking it to the Chinese horoscope is simply brilliant.
Brandon King (4 months ago)
@Vibehub Best undervalue coin !!
weepingguitars (4 months ago)
Not with Core in charge and 1-megabyte blocks it won't. inb4 Lightning, tell me about it if and when it's operational.
Fabian Aragon (4 months ago)
We're soarin!
R A (4 months ago)
Vechain banned from Reddit Crypto currencies, mods trying to suppress the most promising crypto currency.
MrWhite (3 months ago)
Trying to stop the cult. And people shilling. I have quite a bit of VEN but even I’m sick of the shilling. People need to calm down.
digital currency (4 months ago)
Buy nas, buy theta, but data, & buy iot c
Kyle Stolk (4 months ago)
Solume.io is a great resource to feel the pulse of the crypto market. Also, when the Petro dollar finishes dying, old money will be rushing into crypto and I feel like most people in the space are grossly underestimating the trillions that will have to come into crypto if the 1% want to keep any wealth from disintegrating
David Gelfand (4 months ago)
is anyone concerned that as bitcoin goes up eth/btc is dropping to 0.085 now , at this rate if bitcoin hits 13k eth will hit 0.067, this trend also applies to most other coins too ...
Mr Smith (4 months ago)
Mandarin Man!
bboy harshul (4 months ago)
can you cover VIB? they got huge names on their advisory board, they are meeting with Slovenian PM, targeting a huge market, got working product i have couple of hundreds of them, should I buy more..? your in-depth analysis will do great. Thanks ..
william mckeever (4 months ago)
Hey CoinBase where is the promised segwit implementation?
Andy Raman (4 months ago)
Michael your thumbnail looks like South Korean drama and I am spl andy
Kelvin Ng (4 months ago)
I am very excited about your approach. I focused a lot on cardano because I think they have the best tech but seeing your opinion can definitely open my perspective to others. Keep it up!
TheSprinklerNinja (4 months ago)
Siacoin is yuge people.
TheSprinklerNinja (4 months ago)
10/10 thumbnail
Gediminas Galinis (4 months ago)
get POLL
peter pan (4 months ago)
all the people waiting that btc goes to 5k and under will be the major buyers now and up
Alan Ellis (4 months ago)
Love you videos keep up the good work!
Lucky Charm (4 months ago)
1GTmEKr41z4qaNg4DwuLVnEbnNZtU6SBcQ Please donate me just 0.1 bitcoin ❤️
Unknown (4 months ago)
I love most of your vids, but would you be able to consider improving the focus on your camera or getting one with higher resolution?
Spexik Channel (4 months ago)
Hello Boxmining, short, but nice video as always. The bitcoin grew a little bit, so I decided to split it in altcoins, specifically, privacy coins like DeepOnion, Pivx, and Shield. I would like to know your opinion on privacy coins in 2018, as with all these regulations and attacks on crypto users, they might find privacy coins really helpful.
happenedtomorrow (4 months ago)
I echo the question :-) I think privacy coins are gaining in popularity and merit a closer look...with description and reasoning for each, It would be nice. I love Pivx and Shield but my pick is DeepOnion because the great Dev team, marketing team and Huge Community.
J. Hanley Smith (4 months ago)
China is being so annoying.
J.T. Irby (4 months ago)
Mike, your vids are lacking as of late.
Clay Hawker (4 months ago)
U R G E N T !! Heya BoxMining great vids my friend! Can you please do a vid warning people about LIQUI exchange! It’s scamming heaps of people their funds and yet it’s still listed in coin market cap.
k Staples (4 months ago)
Jay Dee (4 months ago)
$20k Bitcoin this Spring.
Jay Dee (3 months ago)
Polar Mermaid - BINGO! It’s been doing that since 2009. 😎
Polar Mermaid (3 months ago)
I have noticed that every time BTC bounces back from a dip, it bounces back at a higher price than the previous years. It may go down, but in general, it is going up....as in up a giant stairway to the moon.
Krumklash (4 months ago)
Hello! Congrats on the video! Well, as you yourself said that the price of Bitcoin has risen and is stabilized at the moment, but how should we diversify our investments, what is your opinion about privacy coins like Monero and DeepOnion?
Polar Mermaid (3 months ago)
I'm not Mr. Box, but I noticed that after the last dip, Monero was one of the first coins to go green again. It is the go to coin for the big banking institutions when they want to hide large sums that they are transferring from other banking institutions, individuals who are doing deals (possibly arms deals) with big government and want to remain anonymous, hackers ( the wannacry ransom was paid in Monero). It's a strong coin. It continues a steady climb upwards.
Daniel Groves (4 months ago)
Wary, weary, two different words, (love the show mate big fan)
divizionx (4 months ago)
Think we need a live soon Mike we miss you
escobarca88 (4 months ago)
You're not Chinese!!!!
Bitcoin Cash (4 months ago)
BCH Hash Power gone crazy
Fat Man (4 months ago)
Bought myself some Polymath two days ago. Now it´s up a bunch! You are a influencer!! ;)
Makubekz (4 months ago)
Polymath is gaining popularity awoo awoo.
DuDe1040 (4 months ago)
We hit 14k and it will be again full on FOMO CRENZY.The people know btc will always surge to a new ATH after a huge correction.The crypto world is being used as a investment vehicle and because of that btc will keep growing.
vhns222 (4 months ago)
Thank you for your work, good as always ,its intersting for me will we hear thoughts of you about DeepOnion in near future?
Tigre 69 (4 months ago)
Jim Reed (4 months ago)
Why are the Chinese gov such control freaks?
nuff seed (4 months ago)
what, as opposed to american and european governments??????
Burt Co (4 months ago)
Hold hold hold worked haha
The Moon (4 months ago)
NEO to The Moooooooooon! 🌙
Atish Hemade (4 months ago)
You need to do something about your background screen editing. *Again everything covered in this comment is my personal opinion, not a video editing advice. I am not a professional video editor*
JUN LEE (3 months ago)
It's Chinese New Year. Red is our favourite colour for good luck and to keep monsters away. Michael, please add gold also!
Patrick Young (4 months ago)
Check out Digibyte. Thats where the tech is.
mark b (4 months ago)
waiting on next payday to buy as much as possible crypto to the moon
Capo (4 months ago)
Happy new year box
Aron Barnett (4 months ago)
Any TA about Cardano?
Chasing Freedom (4 months ago)
eric barker (4 months ago)
stocks dont get 2-3% month over month
joewger (4 months ago)
Crypto will do great until the War.
weepingguitars (4 months ago)
Crypto would be a major beneficiary of a world war. War is when governments rev up their money-printing machines, causing their currencies to rapidly devaluate. Meanwhile, people would evacuate en masse to the safety of currencies you can't churn out on a whim.
Gary Stinten (4 months ago)
Buy on the dip or cash out then hit the bank?
daniel d (4 months ago)
essegeo (4 months ago)
What war?
Trailer Hire Wollongong (4 months ago)
bitcoin is now rigged. futures exchange wrecked it.
Trailer Hire Wollongong (4 months ago)
bitcoin is anchored to futures prices now. futures has rigged the whole market. no longer fun investing in a rigged market.
CryptoCashReady ! (4 months ago)
Thanks for sharing your knowledge man! I always feel like I get good value from your videos. I am really excited about what cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology will make possible in the future. I can see a lot of good things. As for the rising of bitcoin again. I wasn't too surprised. People have been saying how it will rise to crazy highs in the future and I believe it will due to it being the leader of the pack ultimately. Keep up the good work. Always happy to see your videos 😀
Ewa Lee (4 months ago)
It's good to have Bitcoin steady. If anyone wants to keep it as a store or value stable us good.
Ewa Lee (3 months ago)
weepingguitars large highs and low drops are not attractive to long term investors interested in store of value. Steady growth is
weepingguitars (4 months ago)
As with anything, it's good to have the value increase, that's what attracts investors and makes it a store of value.
Matt Hill (4 months ago)
weary !== wary
Michael Morrison (4 months ago)
Beware the ides of March!
Silent Lamb (4 months ago)
That thumbnail though.... 😂 brilliant
Noble Blanctet (4 months ago)
Silly bankers, fiat is for kids!
CryptoCashReady ! (4 months ago)
Noble Blanctet ok this was a good line! 😊
charles kacirek (4 months ago)
I still have I phone 5x. Apple got ahead of me here. Cryptos are about the same. Technology is moving very fast and those projects which are great today are already becoming obsolete before the whole crypto idea is even implemented. Mass adoption will be slow andworld governments are stubbornly hamper this movement because they always want to gat hands on our money. Right now they are not sure how to do it. So they are banning here and there but in the same time they have a case of FOMO. There is always some government who is going. To go for it little more and that worries the others who want to be there not missing the boat. Cryptos are not going anywhere but our (small people ) role in it will be uncertain for while. There is no government which will empower the apoplectic if it does not have to. The money is the power. So we will continue investing and hoping to make few $$. And we also loose because we just do not know all what is going on. We Do not HODL. We HOLD and wait. It is very hard to watch Gurus and be so called informed. Each of them seems to have radically posing view on other projects then their own. Long live gamble has come to your home. Vegas is obsolete.
Mitchel Kelonye (4 months ago)
Hope this is the last bearish week..
Austen ishak (4 months ago)
Hello Micheal.. Great content as always..! Question.. What are your thoughts on Dogethereum? Thanks
Naomi Sait (4 months ago)
It's sad bc i listen to what you say but now i keep questioning your judgement post suppoman video - hopefully this will fade with time.
Naomi Sait (4 months ago)
Most people do talk their own book as they say in trading circles. I don't mind people speaking about their enthusiasm about the coins they own but I do wonder how much sponsorship isn't being disclosed. Trinity and "his friends" there made me wonder a bit. That is why I write down facts of coins and edit out any adjectives like - awesome great will moon etc from any youtube in fact.
Naomi Sait (4 months ago)
I understand they are mates but Boxmining got way too emotional which shows a lack of judgement. I get that we all have mates that aren't objectively great to others however, his comment that all you tubers are scum just sticks with me. Ergo - he acknowledges supo is a jerk and yet he defends it anyway. second Boxmining is a youtube ergo he is also scum? It demonstrates an immaturity which I am surprised at coming from someone who I thought was a bit more clear headed.
Zew Kee (4 months ago)
Boxmining is a pump and dumper. He just keeps his channel relatively clean but that's who he really is
Tim Jong (4 months ago)
Naomi Sait what did he say about suppoman that has you weary?
Thomas's voice (4 months ago)
I am going to take a pill that will make me sleep 2 years and wake up millionaire.
Crypto Unit (4 months ago)
Brugllione 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Thomas's voice (4 months ago)
Hahaha that would be a very bad wake up !!
Brugllione (4 months ago)
You'll wake up and find out your private keys are stolen. Enjoy your nap though :P
tony pensavalle (4 months ago)
Can you please do a review on Blockport it’s just been added to Kucoin it’s just 2x since it got listed on Friday
Crypto Dude (4 months ago)
Elastos is going to be absolutely huge, they are a new OS based on blockchain technology. They've been developing for some years now and are a force to be reckoned with. They will probably beat Microsoft to market.
Crypto Dude (4 months ago)
I read the developer was creating an app for phones in 2001-2002, but Android beat them to market. This time I think, they are at the forefront of technology and partnered with Neo. Hopefully it will win.
Rex Mentula (4 months ago)
Hopefully Elastos will hover around the price it's at for the time being...I just need a couple of weeks to gather some profits of an ICO and then jump aboard.
nguyen hoa (4 months ago)
Polymath  will take over all
MrShortFinal (4 months ago)
What are your thoughts about ETC airdrop?
blackjack4rollz (4 months ago)
impatient potato (4 months ago)
keep hearing neo will catch up with btc. so confusing
NEO-RACING (4 months ago)
I'm stacking my neo 💪💪
S Patrick (4 months ago)
Neo is a great hold, everyone look into Republuc Protocol! Just on the market not on coin market cap yet and it is a great project, currently just under 1x ICO
T K (4 months ago)
Neo for sure, I've been watching it for awhile, always bounces back when the market hits the down turn, and holds its value nicely.
nos (4 months ago)
:-) Ye! Mum's the word for now. Let it fly under the radar for a while. I' ll return to this post during the next bull run and ask you how you are doing, :-)
Fat Man (4 months ago)
oh....sorry...ok... i´ll shut up... :)
nos (4 months ago)
ELA is a sleeper. No need to shill it, until I am done with accumulating it. So, sush, please...
john doe (4 months ago)
The Shady Cats (4 months ago)
You have more likes than views how's that?
N4j (4 months ago)
people always say they are here the tec... im here for the money
Deemantos (3 months ago)
Most people want to make money by investing in a new technology that will change the status quo. The smart ones read about the tech and pick ones they think solve problems.
Rex Mentula (4 months ago)
I'm in it for both the money and the disruptive MEANING behind the tech ==> getting rid of greedy middlemen and at the same time earn some quickies.
Stephen Cooper (4 months ago)
Everyone is but they think they are being cool by saying they are only in it for the tech,
Mgtow Viking (4 months ago)
I don't think so, Bitcoin has been the head chain and all other coins has been the side chains of Bitcoion. The Lightning Network will cut off the head and make Bitcoin a side chain of Bitcoin which is suicide. Maybe Bitcoin LN will become a side chain of Bitcoin Cash which is the closes coin to the original Bitcoin.
Mgtow Viking (4 months ago)
I just watched Rick Falkvinge's latest video where he explains LN which is an experiment that isn't safe and people has lost money in LN. The LN routing problem hasn't been solved and LN isn't safe and if you're not online you don't get any money. And all the legal regulations means death to LN!!!

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