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The 85th Anniversary of Gold Confiscation In The USSA (And Satoshi’s Birthday)

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Text Comments (129)
Justin McFarlane (1 month ago)
at banana republic levels :()
Matthew Aislabie (2 months ago)
Yeah, lead will be most valuable metal to own. Lots of it.
Arch Angel (2 months ago)
Truth https://youtu.be/O6ayb02bwp0
don juan (2 months ago)
Why is the crypto folks never want to talk about the taxes on crypto incomes?
Trevor Hazzard (2 months ago)
Hi can you confirm, bitcoin transaction fee price drop? I use a Trezor wallet, fee for sending £100 is now 2p or $140 is 2c. Please confirm.
Eyes of the World (2 months ago)
bitcoin is trash
Petr Valek (2 months ago)
If this guy truly believes that US is changing towards totalitarian state som much that they are going to close borders to keep people inside, he should better believe in that case they will have no problem to shut down internet to keep people away from their cryptos. Or, it is not difficult to create list of IP addresses within the US where bitcoin node is active... then you start sending police squads to inprison / kill the owners. How many of the nodes they need to shut down violently before the rest decides to shut down the miners voluntarily to keep their lives/freedom? It is not difficult to cut-off US internet from the rest of the world and then you will have your money outside the US but no access to them. Plus, the EU would probably go the same way and demolish cryptos in their contries and then what? US citizens having their life savings in China+Russia-operated crypto network... the countries US might be soon in war with... I mean, I have made nice money on cryptos myself and I also want at least one more bubble with BTC going over 100K, I just can't ignore the fact that the overal theory of cryptos being independent and uncontrollable has so many flaws.
Roger Lai (2 months ago)
I trust beast coin to be the best crystocurrency for the doom day.
Sirius (2 months ago)
When the collapse happens someone will have cashed out of their crypto into fiat right before to "take profit".
Marc McRae (2 months ago)
Love your videos and intelligent information. Keep going!
nick compton (2 months ago)
LET THE WAR BEGIN!!!! Join the The Bitcoin War group to fight the Bitcoin Manipulation by the Banks!. Once a week buy $5 or $10 worth of Bitcoin on any of the major exchanges at double the going rate to push the price up and destroy the futures market. https://www.facebook.com/groups/bitcoinwargroup/ …
Haniel Dendriks (2 months ago)
Someone get this guy a new travel t shirt... the next size up plz!
Jim Big (2 months ago)
Very good and pertinent warning, Jeff. Thanks for all you do.
SCAN IMAL (2 months ago)
Crypto Lord YEH (2 months ago)
damn...i just watched another infomercial....
Martin O'Hara (2 months ago)
Buddy, I like you. You're smoking too much: it shows in your eyes. Your talk is still good but you don't look so good as before.
Michael Rivadavia (2 months ago)
Thought that Satoshi's b'day was on April the first! Go figure!
metal garurumon (2 months ago)
people dont be sheep
Ken Semotiuk (2 months ago)
Jeffie 'fake hawk'turdstick, cryptos are going down the drain!
Carlos Salinas (2 months ago)
This fucker is buying gold because he knows the shitcoin will fall to 1 cent
MrFourkinghell (2 months ago)
meanwhile the god bitcoin had another down week , now 6620
Playster (2 months ago)
Who cares about gold anyway. Bitcoin will surpass golds' market cap when it reaches $400k and it's very likely that Bitcoin will be worth several times gold in the distant future
Joe Anania (2 months ago)
Has anyone hear of CloudCoin ? Is is suppose to be the perfect coin https://cloudcoinconsortium.com/index.html
C J Titan (2 months ago)
Bit Coin another fiat currency.
Max Yem (2 months ago)
SAILERMAN (2 months ago)
Good talk Jeff, but you never mention who is taking America down. Who controls government, creation of money, Federal Reserve, central banks, media, internet, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Hollywood, Judicial branch, Congress, BAR Association, schools, academia, publishing, Masons, Jesuits, abortion clinics, pharmaceuticals, arts, sciences and pornography industry? Who are you not allowed to talk about?
NapalmX (2 months ago)
Just a thought. I keep trying to think of a way to make the Bitcoins of today have a tangible backing. It couldn't be anything in control by anyone. Could it be a self-mining currency that cannot be sold, but borrowed against for things like homes, cars, land, and the like? I see the USA is now going after people's retirements. As we all know the Gold, Silver, etc. are controlled assets. If we go back to that, then we will start their game all over again. We as free people, would have to come to a consensus on what is more valuable. This system would be untouched, pure, and uncontrolled, but still have value to the free people. No-one could just print more and sweep the bill (currency) under the rug. That would be GAME OVER for the ones controlling precious metals, jewels, etc. I believe that kind of system would be imperative for true freedom. I'm not a money expert, but I do pay attention. When there's a reset, the ones that control the gold use that to give currency it's value. Why couldn't we, the free people, choose an alternative to do the same? I believe for the crypto space and true freedom to reign supreme, this MUST be debated about and decided upon SOON! Just my thoughts. That's been bothering me for a while.
Qunaaq Steenholdt (2 months ago)
April 5th, also my birthday...
Ricardo Mardisich (2 months ago)
I have come to the conclusion that sheep are the most lethal enemies of freedom......A scared mass can be easily corralled and programed into attacking those who don't comply & obey their EVIL overlords (violent government criminals & bankers). The fearful sheepple..the plague of the 21st century.
Leda Blue (2 months ago)
Thanks Jeff 🙏🏽
Peter Meissnitzer (2 months ago)
GOLD can be confiscated AGAIN do not be fooled there is only one save heaven , DIGITAL GOLD ......BITCOIN . Decentralized goodness NON central bank controlled . I would encourage everyone to get on board at theses cheap rates.
Mad Max (2 months ago)
Get yourself some nice farm fresh snapper 👉 👌 😆
Johnny Askari (2 months ago)
Gold/Silver!! 😎
mkmason2002 (2 months ago)
Thank you for your truths. Blessings in Jesus!
ain't dat snipes (2 months ago)
Amerika is becoming moar n moar like the old soviet unionwithout it's industrialized power,just a massive ever growing festering centralized gov't consuming everything in sight.
J J (2 months ago)
Great work Jeff. Thanks for what you do.
magnus4g63 (2 months ago)
If you dont have any crypto at all, get the Electroneum app, it has a mobile mining thingy that gives you a little free crypto ... dead simple and easy, you can then sell it or maybe use it in the future ... its not much but will get ypu started with crypto :)
Izreal Zeus (2 months ago)
The City of London Corporation is a one mile square block in London where the 110 Livery Companies operate from. The 110 Livery Companies represent every industry in the global market. Most major corporations today are connected with the Livery Companies through proxies or subsidiaries. Business at the City of London is mostly private and they conceal ownership through private contracts. The Knights Templar of London were headquartered at the inner temple of the City of London and today are the Order of the Garter headed by the British royal family and British Peerage. The City of London Corporation, Knights Templar, and Order of the Garter all use the same red cross as a symbol. The Knights Templar were merchants and bankers that held gold for pilgrims who traveled to Jerusalem and provided them with bank notes which were used at the Templar's merchant shops along the way. The Knights Templar established modern banking. 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AmericaNWO NOW u OWN. (2 months ago)
Destroy USA and the American dream is a must.
Vercusgames (2 months ago)
A few people convinced everyone else to stop using basic math. If they kept using it, they'd know they got screwed, and are continuing to get screwed.
Naveed Mir (2 months ago)
You are doing great job, you only person I have seen in on YouTube who speak true about issues, I'm watching YouTube since 2010 well hope you will get what you deserv and one more thing that YouTube will censorship on your channel I'm guessing be careful we need you on YouTube. Take care of yourself thank you for videos. ❤
Nomad Wizard (2 months ago)
Nope....eventually u will only be able to use 'their' cryptos. ...all the monopolies will have 'their' own blockchain coins, Walmart has already started with 'their' partnership with MoneyGram which will be using 'their' coin Ripple. ..... if u want to eat, heat or cool ur house, cloth urself, etc, etc, u will have to have 'their' coins ...'they' will only accept 'their cryptos, so again 'they' will be in total control. ....just look at what 'they' r already doing to PPT, VERI, PLR and especially Centra. ....tokenized real estate will be to the detriment of the 'little' guy. ...I'm not saying not to make money with cryptos, but they r not good for humanity they r just leading us one step closer to transhumanism. ....'they' r disguising it as easy free money knowing most people r greedy and will hang on to the end chasing the money for ever. ....don't get suckered in, don't be greedy take gains and buy equatorial farmland in nonwestern world countries ...it's a wise gambler who gets out of the games when the cards r not falling his way, it take brains, balls and backbone, then get back in the next game. ...it's pretty much too late for most still holding as they will experience major loses so they mite as well let it ride. ....just like "they' have been doing for decades ...it's a wise gambler who gets out of the games when the cards r not falling his way, it take brains, balls and backbone, then get back in the next game. ...good food and clean water r the gold and silver of tomorrow. ...for example, why do u think the Bushes bought several 100s of thousands of acres of farmland in S. America AND on top of one of the worlds largest fresh water aquifers, probable oil under there too
Nomad Wizard (2 months ago)
Carlos....but, like I said, take advantage of the crypto growth and make some money, reinvest ur gains wisely , as I suggested where/how and do ur best to stay one step ahead of them. ....it's shitty, but as it has always been for over 400,000 yrs make some money and buy ur freedom. ....there is now way out until the Sleeple Sheeple wake up, however 'they' have them dumbed down and it will never happen.
Carlos Salinas (2 months ago)
you are right nomad, this fucker of jeff is only another dog from the same system, promoting shitcoin and his 1500 bastards (altcoins)
Nomad Wizard (2 months ago)
'Ton....pretty simple, 'they' have all the resources so people with guns will turn on the rest just so they can eat. ...just look at the mercenaries, who 'they' claim r ISIS rebels, they will do anything to take care of themselves ...u r pretty naive if u think 'they' don't have all scenarios covered. ...'they' have been doing this shit for millennia, if not hundreds of thousands of year'
Jim Miklas (2 months ago)
The Great Orange One...lol!
AmericaNWO NOW u OWN. (2 months ago)
Needs a grassy null
Evan axm (2 months ago)
MoxiOne ICOhttps://moxy.one?ref=96b113aac5e18708
Bane Pepe (2 months ago)
No one confiscated gold, you idiot. The government didn't force people to turn it in. Plenty of people did not turn in their gold.
Bane Pepe (2 months ago)
No, it's because they didn't need to. There were plenty of sheep dumb enough to turn in their gold after the government started making empty threats. You kooky anti-government types can't even get your facts straight.
Bane Pepe (2 months ago)
What are they going to do, house to house searches for gold? Use your brain, moron.
NapalmX (2 months ago)
HAHAHA! "The Great Orange One." :D
Crypto Lifestyle Club (2 months ago)
I want a property over there lol! Your views badass 👍
Jony Q (2 months ago)
Lol the wall is to keep people in... nice idea
Jim Big (2 months ago)
This is what I fear could very-well be true.
Bryan Kyrish (2 months ago)
What’s your take on time frame for preparation?
Nomad Wizard (2 months ago)
Bryan...time frame for preparation....we r past it by decades if not centuries, perhaps millennia.
Crypt Ouro (2 months ago)
Nope. There won’t be a sudden catastrophic collapse as you say and the Roths desire. Why? Because bankers would profit and erase their crimes in such scenario. People would suffer the most. The LIGHT forces are dismantling this horror tower brick by brick. No sudden collapse will occur, period.
Crypt Ouro (2 months ago)
I work hard to not hold fear in my Heart. I am prepared and I repeat, NO catastrophic collapse will happen anymore. At least not to make WE socially-little man suffer. Don't get fearful, don't get weak! Bless your Heart.
Matan Levy (2 months ago)
Crypt Ouro You're a little man and in the grand scheme of things. It's common sense that there's an implosion coming, not a slow burn. So get prepared, don't get complacent, don't get arrogant
Andrew North (2 months ago)
I love the doller vigilante
John D (2 months ago)
You should probably update your dollarvigilante.com webpage/ad, Jeff "2016 and 2017 are going to be worse than 2015 by an unspeakable magnitude" it still reads...
young kingly (2 months ago)
good video!!!
Der Kong (2 months ago)
Without privacy bitcoin is a tool of the government...
Nathan L (2 months ago)
For a government, no money means no power, it won't matter if they can watch transactions happen if they are starved and can't enforce their bs on a liberated people.
Anthony Pooler (2 months ago)
That's why I'm bullish on the Zclassic/Bitcoin Airdrop Bitcoin Private.
magnus4g63 (2 months ago)
tokenpay :)
AmericaNWO NOW u OWN. (2 months ago)
All currency are private. Government are god shithead who will soon see jail in Israel.
Crypto Aviators (2 months ago)
need to get a windscrean for your camera mic.... also known as a deadcat - http://www.rode.com/accessories/deadcat
Marky Mark (2 months ago)
how does jeff propose we build infrastructure without at least some form of tax
momomum (2 months ago)
Muh roads?
CheekyMonkey888 (2 months ago)
user fees for roads it's one idea but who knows Jetson flying cars could become reality making roads obsolete
Kesik Original (2 months ago)
Bahahaha I would enlighten you but this is as much time I'm willing to waste on you
Ed Ca (2 months ago)
Yes eventually Civil Riots will take place ... BUT not now we will have 7 years of Fat Cows with president Trump ..... and eventually the military will take over and then turn the power to each state of America which we will have a broken down government . . but that is a long long way to come ... FAMINES also will hit America ... HIGHER INFLATION also ... and MORE citizens riding the bus system like a third world country ... but still a long time away
Van Wijk TV (2 months ago)
Ed Ca closer then you think. We are at the end of this shit world. IT Will be france all over. We Need to kill all bankers and all goverment people and start over
momomum (2 months ago)
Buy the dip!!!
MrFourkinghell (2 months ago)
buy it all the way to 80 cents.
VAMPIRE IRON (2 months ago)
HODL to $1! Lol!
Nathan L (2 months ago)
Cash out into $21,000,000,000,000 of debt, LOL!
aStrayforMyTime (2 months ago)
davincij15 (2 months ago)
HODL your dollar to 0.000000000000000000001 BTC.
ITSMEE BOSSLADY (2 months ago)
Thanks for bringing the truth to the sheeple around the world! #StayWoke #cryptolife 😍
VALIANT THOR (2 months ago)
ITSMEE BOSSLADY physical gold and silver is better
Carispice (2 months ago)
Thanks for another great video! Bitcoin for the win!
Peter Meissnitzer (2 months ago)
Jay Craford (2 months ago)
If only people would listen to Jeff.. I feel sorry for you trolls and mockers out here - I hope you listened closely between 1:50 - 2:10 in this video b/c what he said is 100% TRUE. For all of you Trump supporters or delusionist out here, if you think that Wall is to keep immigrants out... you better think again, b/c things are going to get so bad that Americans will be trying to GET OIT of the country. This isn't fear mongering, do your research-that wall will be to KEEP AMERICANS IN!
jason shaw (2 months ago)
Jeff does speak a lot of truth but if I need to leave this country I'll just head to Jamaica, it's only 90 minutes by boat.
radfoo72 (2 months ago)
Kyle Harman So I should just leave now while I still can?
Max Yem (2 months ago)
Jay Craford https://youtu.be/9BRFCo_6A9w
Max Yem (2 months ago)
Dude you're hilarious. Jeff scammed countless people out of tens of thousands of dollars each for the foreign passports, no exaggeration. Do your research before you say some dumb shit. I agree with most of his views but he is not really about what he talks about. He was defending Amazon the other day against Trump when Amazon signed a giant deal with the CIA. So he's a fraud, I guarantee.
Kyle Harman (2 months ago)
Johnny Askari (2 months ago)
Kyle Harman... Sucka!! 😂
BigLockDaddy (2 months ago)
Nice!!! Did another new interview here, debating C11 vs. X11... with this coin... https://youtu.be/CaW8Hvsrsak
Dr. Dee711 (2 months ago)
https://youtu.be/T_QF4TreAV4 Original Vision Original Bitcoin ✌
Dr. Dee711 (2 months ago)
Thomas van Engelen ✌👍👍👍👍 This is the way we need to communicate, Like civil people. Almost 80 percent of us are holding both Bch Btc The market will decide what Bitcoin OR others Will be the top winner. Wish everyone and all best of luck. Lets keep it civil. We all need to communicate like human beings Because at the end of the day We are the crypto community. 😁✌👍👍👍👍
Thomas van Engelen (2 months ago)
Yeah civil discussion is the way to go :) I don't necessarily agree with those points, but that's fine. We will see what ends up to be the better one and whichever that is I will support. But the hostility is toxic, that something we can all agree on
Dr. Dee711 (2 months ago)
Very well put👍👍👍
-ED- (2 months ago)
Well, you may not be against BCH or larger blocks, but you don't seem to know that Bitcoin (system) priority is decentralised nature, to be a system with no middle man that can dictate other people what they can or can't do. That is where Bitcoin shines... now... BTC already failed in few of these: - security: sure... it is still most secure crypto but this is simply because of the highest fiat price, this will change over time - trustless: no longer the case with SegWit and Lighting, as they are pushed at the expense of Bitcoin system usability/capacity, especially Lighting as its not trustless - no central authority: failed... Bitcoin Core & Blockstream are the central authority now - decentralization: same as above - privacy/pseudonymity: doesn't have it as its public transparent blockchain and Lightning is not it either as there is still 3rd party which you need to use (equivalent to a bank) Problem is that, if we really want to uphold the main reasons why Bitcoin was created in the first place (to provide the world with decentralised digital cash) priority is and still needs to be, to uphold these working principles first. Anything else can be an extra, it doesn't have to be provided by the same blockchain, but it an, as with op codes for smart contracts, Bitcoin system can provide more than "just" digital cash system. Most people fail to see that this is not about making money... that is only a side effect, a positive one... but it can only come IF the main purpose is upheld. No usability and no real case use case, the fiat price cannot hold forever. And reason I am sticking to Bitcoin white paper and original Bitcoin system is because I want the world to be a better place, which can only happen if and when we get rid of the centralisation... a system that doesn't provide that (like Lightning) has zero appeal to me. By the way, thank you for the civil discussion.
SCAN IMAL (2 months ago)
Finnian Cornelison (2 months ago)
"We're pulling out of Syria... er, maybe not."
VALIANT THOR (2 months ago)
Finnian Cornelison Israel won't allow it
AmericaNWO NOW u OWN. (2 months ago)
If the USA pull out it wi see it has AIDS and its death for USA. Keep them American boys killing themselve for fiat money...rofl
Chris wicks (2 months ago)
Bcash = Btrash. Worthless Roger Ver trash!
galapiat (2 months ago)
Peter Meissnitzer Bitcoin broke down twice last year, once in November and once in December, where fees sky-rocked and transactions took hours, days or even weeks. Mighty indeed, lol
galapiat (2 months ago)
Chris wicks fake account
Peter Meissnitzer (2 months ago)
Correct there is only ONE original cryptocurrency the MIGHTY BITCOIN .
Kesik Original (2 months ago)
Paid shill
Dr. Dee711 (2 months ago)

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