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UPDATE: Come On Over to My New Home on YouTube

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You are enthusiastically invited to join me, Amanda, at http://YouTube.com/DashOrg for a new video series of my creation entitled DASH: Detailed. It's a little dream come true, and I've got stuff I wanna tell ya! Interview on The DASHCast: https://soundcloud.com/dashpaymagazine/dashcash-ep02-interview-amanda-b-johnson Subscribe to my new series by sending email to [email protected] with "subscribe" in subject line.
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Bob Sacamano (4 months ago)
Amanda you need to go back to your own channel. Dash is obviously too frickin stupid based on the recent videos they have been posting. The world doesn't need Dash, but it does need you.
Randy Orton (5 months ago)
wtf is that hair faggot
toni va (5 months ago)
I wish I met you in 2011. I was planning on putting 10k in bitcoin I had a hard time buying it. Now i am screwed
WISH I knew about you last summer when I was going to buy a couple Bitcoins but didnt understand it. So fine and intelligent.
Mang Led McGee (6 months ago)
WhoTF is this? Imposter! this one is missing metal teeth braces!
SlapstheWALRUS (6 months ago)
Send me bitcoins??? 1PDYebzTbdKRrTqCv8jazD22CkMgpMWcSs Send me dogecoins?? D5arbcngH1vJ5JZkQJDbcv4ELMXnDQZkR5 How about litcoin LavdD2sJReG8pLHbQt1fyGu8qySF9V1Ez3 If you donate your awesome thanks!!!
BrownGirlWhiteBoy (7 months ago)
Hi. I don't see any link on your description here.. smiles
Blame The Crypto BTC (8 months ago)
The Daily D?
Robert Genito (9 months ago)
Amanda, your RV rocks :)
Bene88 (1 year ago)
what happend to her?
Nick Rodriguez (1 year ago)
I'm still here on Amanda classic.
JT (1 year ago)
hmm..strange, how different people are attracted to different things. Dash never interested me. My only interest has been in ripple - nothing else, and I've been following it for the last 3 years.
John D (1 year ago)
no thanks, I rather stay diversified
Ronaldo Gardini (1 year ago)
I miss this channel :(
pettsnjam (1 year ago)
Glad to see you've joined the biggest scam out there. I hope they take all your money.
lollz y. (1 year ago)
CHILLWAVE (1 year ago)
she soldout
Mang Led McGee (6 months ago)
CHILLWAVE got to make that paper some way or another
TechGarage (1 year ago)
Bummer. Interview you linked is no longer available according to soundcloud.
G B (1 year ago)
FYI all your subscribers have to do is click the bell under the subscribe button and it will automatically send notifications to their phone.
Leonardo Garcia (1 year ago)
woah idk whats happening in the background is trippy
Pav (1 year ago)
DASHcast interview link is dead now :-(
Bollen Crypto (1 year ago)
Amanda is best :) my wifey loves your video :) Nathalie n Agartha ❤️ you
Kaizer Billimoria (1 year ago)
Congrats on your new "home", Amanda. may you move from strength to strength 💪💪💪
Whats Wrong (1 year ago)
Took me a month to see this, I'll be over there shortly
Andre Klynsmith (1 year ago)
I Like :) , love your video s , keeping us posted on Crypto s in Africa :) :) :)
Anuar Ku (1 year ago)
Welcome back Amanda.. yahuu
spencerfourhigher (1 year ago)
your dead to me.
Oak Shaman (1 year ago)
Yes! I am pleasantly surprised! To make an understatement :)
luca ebins (1 year ago)
hello brother please What currencies do you advise me to invest in now
Y.E.Y. (1 year ago)
This means that I cancel this subscription and goto Dash... I wonder if Amanda will ever update this channel now...
Varun Vora (1 year ago)
is that where you live?? Even I want one!!
Grant Rodger (1 year ago)
Funny how everyone looks past the premine screw up. If that was known to the mainstream no one would take dash seriously.
Edward Cunningham (1 year ago)
I am also so happy that you have emerged again - onwards and upwards:))
Steve Clark (1 year ago)
Hurray!! Welcome back Butterfly!
Silicium Corp (2 years ago)
Yeahhhh you come back :D Great news indeed. If i may, stop talking about D**kcoin. I think this is the main reason why this currency is not in trend. We need to replace the poor image by something more about Security, Fungibility, instant payment, and of course, the way this currency is able to be a real Digital Cash. Please, i think we all need to deferencing this bad word with bad meaning for all new people involved, especially if you're going to be our new spokeswoman :D Thank you so much to comeback.
KnocksX (2 years ago)
Will not be subscribing to the Dash channel. Good luck.
Amanda B. I have a Killer Custom Built App. Just for You? FREE, Lets get the word Out! 313.286.8923
Amin Gholiha (2 years ago)
nice to have you back
Tommy777 (2 years ago)
Why Dash over Ethereum??
Pascal Houde (2 years ago)
Happy to see you rise out like a Phoenix from ashes. Dash is also one of my favorite. Its magnificent governance has not been equaled yet by any other crypto. Looking to become a Masternode and vote for the 10% marketing allocation. I think the users voted for your hiring. This is the best choice they've made in my own opinion. You're so good at communicating and simplifying the blockchain and digital assets to the people. Good luck and wish you the best Amanda!
prospero (2 years ago)
ABJ !    SENSATIONAL....I Still send people to this channel to learn of all things Doge/Block/Side/ Bit.... and what not.  Glad to see all is well.  :>!    (Now then as  Santa would say....ON DASHER !.....ect)
rayneberry (2 years ago)
Spectacular! What about a Twitter handle?
Randy Hilarski (2 years ago)
Awesome Amanda, the Dash team is amazing. I hope you visit Panama someday so we can all have a big Crypto bash.
xxKUTAKIxx (2 years ago)
Excellent news
Lee Gordon Seebach (2 years ago)
The Daily Decrypt was great and I can easily foresee how Dash: Detailed will become an important bridge between the crypto community and "Joe Sixpack." I know that whenever I try to explain crypto to mainstream Americans around me, nobody listens. But then, I don't have the charm and persuasive power that Amanda has. So from now on, I'm just going to tell them to watch Dash: Detailed. If they don't "get it" after watching, there's no hope for them. Amanda (and Pete) + Dash = huge mainstream acceptance. You'll see.
Christopher Carruthers (2 years ago)
She is the best marketing resource Dash has, by far.
Theo Goodman (2 years ago)
Dash was instamined - BTW
Theo Goodman (1 year ago)
I will join. You did in fact stoop to a very troll level. Instead of answering questions in a techinial way you have made more than one false accusation and you need to back up things that you call out. Are you going to do that? Or are you going to rely on third parties to tell you what to say? So far you have demonstrated what the darkcoin community is all about, good job. Please explain how asking two simple questions is hating. Also explain how defending against your false accusations is hating. You are the one that needs to check  what you throw around and talk here.
Theo Goodman (1 year ago)
Since you didnt answer my question of how Evan makes money working on darkcoin, I will still answer yours. hat about the Eth instamine, I have been critical of ETH since I heard of the crowdsale. If you want me to link it up for you from 2014 on, then I will. What about the coins satoishi holds? I agree they were defacto instamined too. this does not change the darkcoin instamine though. How did he make money while working on bitcoin? We dont know since we dont know who satoshi is, I seriously doubt he sold bitcoin to make money considering the price and liquididy of the market, and the activitiy of the coins at addresses that are known to be controled by satoshi.  Now your turn (I know you only have time to respond to softball comments on darkcoinvideos but maybe you have time here)  How does Evian make money with darkcoin? No you nor I did not anwser it, it woudl be great to know, really.
Theo Goodman (1 year ago)
The thrid hand information, whoever you are, just come out with it. Who is wispering these sweet nothings in your ear that support some kind of false claim narrative. What is there modivation? It is funny, you seem to have enough time to comment on this video in response to many comments. Yes indeed I ask everyone to check out the massive DAO shilling http://twitter.com/theog__ of course if one does not understand timing, sarcasm or humor then you might think that I really am a DAO curator and that I am promoting DAO. Wow "Moron" you answered your own question. If one can not ask simple questions that should have simple anwsers but instead go to insults it is a sign that you are losing the argument. You have run out of points and need to insult, please continue. You have so far called be a moron and implied that because I am defending a false accusation from you, that you say you dont have time to back up, (then dont call people out if you cant back up your own shit... ) Really we could end this in about 3min, when do you have time for an uneditied 3min live stream. You can tell us why instamine is great and how I am a moron to my face, I suspect you dont have time, and woruld perfer to hide in the comments, this is  a great reflection on the darkcoin community. Pointing out that darkcoin is an instamine is not tribal, however attacking people with false claims and insults because they point out a fact, well that could , perhaps be tribalism. So before you ask people to get off their high horse, check yourself out. Offer to go on alive stream and tell me, to my face, what you said here is open, but yea you are too busy to resonond to X ammount of comments on this and other darkcoin videos since you dont have much time to be on the internet. Good job showing us what the darkcoin community is about!
Theo Goodman (1 year ago)
Still waiting for you to point to exactly where I talk shit about ether and shill dao.
Theo Goodman (1 year ago)
Hi, Please point out where I "talked shit" about Etehrerum. I have given my opinon on the tradable token and the programing languages-platform, if you could point out what you mean as an example of "talking shit" then please.  Also please point out when and where I embraced or shilled the Dao one time, I do not recall embracing the Dao ever, funny. - Yes it does matter that Darkcoin was an instamine regardless of how many conferences you speak at. Not pumping, in the sense of.. buying on exchanges or promotion? Great that he is not running. I dont know so maybe you can share how he makes money with all this.
BCHIN (2 years ago)
I thought you were all about currency competition? Dash is cool and all, but why settle for just 1 coin? Is the pay that much better?
spencerfourhigher (1 year ago)
coins talk
Christopher Carruthers (2 years ago)
Dash has won the competition, in her eyes.
yep yep (2 years ago)
yay. smart move on DASHs part.
Erik van velzen (2 years ago)
Gamechange (2 years ago)
halfasheep (2 years ago)
Lost a lot of faith in BTC (the non-payment version).....I like DASH. Subbed to the new channel.
Christopher Carruthers (2 years ago)
Welcome to Dash Nation! Enjoy InstantSend!
studi0z (2 years ago)
Nice to have you back representing my cryptocurrency of choice~!!! DASH
Don Gateley (2 years ago)
So glad to see my ever favorite ever pundit again! (see how I did that) I am happy that you have put a stake in the conceptual ground.  If there is anyone whose experience, passion and honesty I feel confident in following, it's Amanda's. I do wish that you would let the OpenBazaar folks know there is a new kid in town, so to speak, with a new sub-agenda and that they ought to talk to you. I am looking at whether there is a @Bash store there yet. I'll grab it for your use if I can get it. If you haven't yet put a geographical stake in the ground, Amanda, I can still recommend the immediate area of Santa Cruz, CA. Nascent Bitcoin group here that would swell with your membership. Many have gone on the hunt for a "place" and knew it immediately on entry here so it's a good hippieish immigrant community. Much diversity even if it's not always easy to find. More on request.
Ivor Thomas (2 years ago)
Dash is my number 2 fav and what I hedge BTC with. At some point financial privacy will be worth a lot, and I'm not sure Bitcoin core devs are united on providing it in a time frame that we'll need. Dash OTOH, they git it!
spencerfourhigher (1 year ago)
#2 alright
Christopher Carruthers (2 years ago)
Yup. Wait until you see Evolution! Dash is doing it decentralized, too, no Blockstreams or MITs here!
CloakedCedric (2 years ago)
So, DASH hired you?
CloakedCedric (2 years ago)
You would be right, I mixed up bitshares and dash.
Jackson Miller (2 years ago)
She is good at naming things.
GuessWho (2 years ago)
You have no idea how happy I was to see this! I literally just started getting into cryptocurrency about a week ago and found your channel most helpful. Then I saw your latest vid (att) saying you were ending your channel and I was totally bummed. I'll be seeing you over at the new channel now :)
Kevin Schmitt (2 years ago)
Fantastic move!
23uvas (2 years ago)
Woo Hoo!!!
Piotr Jee (2 years ago)
Hey Amanda. Is not better to support your vblog by crowdfunding like Patreon.com ? Let say thousand people will buy you coffee/biscuits once a month and you can give us a broader view on crypto. Although I would like to see smart contract service like pateron where I coud set smartcontract to send once a month a coffee dollars to you.
Daniel Paez (2 years ago)
Tiny house <3
Mark Williams (2 years ago)
thanks ill have a look
chipmessiah (2 years ago)
Amanda You are the killer APP, congrats on the migration
Peanutsreveng3 (2 years ago)
That's kind of a shame, you were a nice, smiley resource for what's going on in Crypto. Hope you don't give this channel up, though it could create/be perceived to create a conflict of interest :| Ah well, good luck and much happiness in your new endeavor :D
House of Core (2 years ago)
I don't know, we've been hanging out, all of us, for so long, we could go out, play in the snow, talk for hours upon hours, stay up late, crash on the couch together, the whole bunch of us ... but now its like you are dating one of us and we just can't do the things we used to because dash will get jealous. I can see it in your eyes ... you miss us and we will miss you too :'( But of course -> All the best to you Amanda !
davincij15 (2 years ago)
cool house car!
Ag TITAN (2 years ago)
Will u be using your Russian accent? :)
Christopher Carruthers (2 years ago)
I second this.
dave [hodl] matherly (2 years ago)
in the youtube subscription page, all your channels feed into the list, like facebook. use youtube by bookmarking your subscription page, no need for emails. just check in every few hours and scroll down...
J C (2 years ago)
deni sujana (2 years ago)
how if you add the texts on all of your videos
Luxiano Valdez (2 years ago)
Mi Amorrr you back! actually I happy you are active again Thx!
Aadesh Abhang (2 years ago)
Finally you are back good to see you
Aivan (2 years ago)
rovingreporter (2 years ago)
Yay! Welcome back!
Controverse (2 years ago)
I am the 197th subscriber! WooooT !!! :D
screwityoutubization (2 years ago)
Happy to see you!
Råb Technologies (2 years ago)
are you in a house, car, or airplane?
Råb Technologies (2 years ago)
+Lee Gordon Seebach I'm certain it's a heli-house, half house/half helicopter...
Lee Gordon Seebach (2 years ago)
She's in an RV. They've (Amanda and Pete) been traveling around the US visiting friends and family. She explains this in the DASHCast linked in the notes above.
JYFJYF (2 years ago)
Best question ever. 😀
Råb Technologies (2 years ago)
I'm going to use my bit coins to buy a house-car-plane
Dash... So cool =) sub.

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