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Geologist's risky bet pays off in big Alaska oil find

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Armstrong Oil and Gas CEO Bill Armstrong on the company's big oil discovery in Alaska.
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Text Comments (111)
Dro (1 day ago)
Let's make Alaska brown again😂
John Bush (5 days ago)
Arizona is floating on oil.
Atlas WalkedAway (6 days ago)
So, an oil CEO spends his oil CEO money to pay a bunch of scientists to find him a profitable well... So, everyone that does their job is an American Hero? Damn, I wish I could go back in time and convince all my friends to go AWOL. Shit, we could have just went up north and panned until we found a decent gold deposit and we would be American Heroes(I guess that's a synonym for rich these days) without having to destroy our bodies or go to war or anything totally fucked up like that to remotely earn the title. I appreciate the effect this will have, but can we save the term for where it's applicable? This man is a boon, not a hero. If he had fought off terrorists to secure the well for the war effort then sure, but I'm pretty sure this reserve wasn't going to go anywhere if this particular guy didn't happen to decide at that particular time that the investment/risk/reward equations were in his favor.
dr. Nutcase (7 days ago)
Is the name really Horses hoe? A prostitute for horses
Tim Bucks (7 days ago)
Aren't we at Peak Baked Alaska by now?
tworth1953 (8 days ago)
Is there infrastructure to get this oil to market ? Hope so.
duradim1 (8 days ago)
MAGA one well at a time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
James Tyree (9 days ago)
I had a girlfriend that was a gusher. Never was thirsty.
Goran Misic (10 days ago)
we because economy need something what inflation can stop to in budge self in need finance but to the naw is who we know but to use in to permit business self worth is bitcoin gold self worth who official can is where that wealth is in gold worth and business who have
joshua mitchell (10 days ago)
Please do not have a leak and ruin everything - REMEMBER THE VALDEZ
Jeffrey Roark (10 days ago)
If we could just make friends with Russia between them and us we could shut off all wealth flowing into Islamic countries. Their radical governments wouldn't be propped up anymore with easy cash.
Pat B (10 days ago)
True American entrepreneurial spirit! Great for this guy and all those involved and future work on this field.
crashweaverda (10 days ago)
Oil been on the down ward sprile in Alaska. Thanks to this guy and his investor's. They have something every state wants more of money.
Regan Orr (10 days ago)
A Russian Geologist said Decades ago "Fossil Fuel" is NOT TRUE! He believed the Earth continuously Manufactures Oil ! Rockefeller/Oil Magnates coined the term "Fossil Fuel" to push the idea Oil was a LIMITED Resource thus Valuable!
Pat B (10 days ago)
Yes, coal is fossil, oil perhaps not as this theory seems to have some science to back it up from what I've read.
Wayne Kinne (10 days ago)
What a great story about a great man, way to go Fox News.
Dipak Basu (11 days ago)
Russia should ask the USA to return back Alaska, as the USA never paid up for it.
SwapPart TV Repair (11 days ago)
Yay! Now please, just tell me when gas prices will go down because this $3 a gallon is killing me. Can we go back to the 98 cent gallon I remember from the 80s? Can we tell OPEC where they can stick their oil?
Allen Atkins (4 days ago)
If you figure in inflation, gas is cheaper now than in the 80s.
Air Em Out (11 days ago)
Oil price is always based on supply and demand.
Lisa Marie Barker (11 days ago)
Great, frack some more and cause an earthquake and a volcano to erupt!!!!!
Air Em Out (10 days ago)
Way to pay attention Lisa or did you just seen the title and decided to comment without watching the video. It is true most greenies are clueless, all emotion and no critical thinking.
Pat B (10 days ago)
Oh look another greenie without a clue, pay attention to what D'yer Maker said.
D'yer Maker (11 days ago)
They drill wells there. Fracking occurs in shale. Talk about something you know about.
Howdy Dowdy (11 days ago)
Oil will cause the distinction of humans
Air Em Out (10 days ago)
I'm a rather distinct fellow myself.
someone else (10 days ago)
Ok....that made me actually LOL!
D'yer Maker (11 days ago)
Only the stupid ones. You should be worried.
Donald Kasper (11 days ago)
If you got $50 mil lying around to test drilling on the North Slope, you already got a lot of money.
Ultra (11 days ago)
Peak oil shills btfo
Pat B (10 days ago)
Haha, yup!
Hunter Jones (11 days ago)
This is what the communists like Bernie will never understand, without the incentive for profit this fellow would have never risked his money to find this massive oil reserve and if the government would have done this it would have cost 10X more then the potential yield.
Insoo Kim (8 days ago)
Hunter Jones yeah that's definitely true.
Hunter Jones (8 days ago)
Insoo Kim And to add to your point, I don't think it was optional when they told people to go out to the oil fields to look for oil for the leadership, the only incentive was not being sent to Siberia or shot in the head.
Insoo Kim (8 days ago)
Dipak Basu You just proved yourself wrong in the very comment you typed. Your comment is contradictory. The u.s. government doesn't mind wasting trillions of dollars because we are their slaves. Taxation is bondage and slavery, and the ussr didn't give that oil or oil money to their people i assure you.
Insoo Kim (8 days ago)
some else You're just an idot.
Hunter Jones (9 days ago)
Luigi Manzoni Bernie and Obama would say "You didn't build that so give us 90% of the profits to hand out in exchange for votes"
TheMaskedEmolga 587 (11 days ago)
actinius3 (11 days ago)
A home run. Tough to find those super giants in north America. Should be plenty of capacity in the Alaska pipeline by the time the new field gets up to peak rate.
letserb (11 days ago)
Just think of what’s in the Canadian North, there is untold resources just waiting to be discovered if we had government that would get their shit together and let people go looking. We know there is untold NG, but they have curtailed all attempts to bring it to market. Canada has become so antiprogress it sickens me. Sure wish Trump would decide we need to become a part of the US and take out our corrupt government, and annex us.
Jimbo San (11 days ago)
Great find Bill. May there be many more finds in your near future. Great for America. Do believe America has the most oil of any Nation on the planet. Also the most Gold, supposedly. Plenty of Gold still hiding in Alaska as well as Oil
3 bil barrels in 3 miles x 17 miles, there has to be a lot of oil all over the world
TheJagjr4450 (11 days ago)
My uncle is a geologist for Shell... they have lived all over the world.
Jimbo San (11 days ago)
And your point?
James Shepherd (11 days ago)
Bad news for any country under sanctions
Red Dead (11 days ago)
James Shepherd Mullahs of Iran is about to feel the pain. Trump is no Obama.
Test Channel (11 days ago)
No liberal was able to watch a capitalist making it big without their heads exploding. No worries though libtards - you can just sit back and soak up your welfare checks from the money you tax this guy for.
mark anderson (11 days ago)
Great, now we are better off. We can tell those oil countries and their unfair tariffs to kiss American Butt! They need us, we don't really need them.
iPANZERSCHRECKu (11 days ago)
3 billion barrels.... with oil at 60-65 right now...180 - 200 billion and change
Air Em Out (10 days ago)
The green cult in Australia aren't having it either.
Robert Kubrick (11 days ago)
SwapPart TV Repair , you are absolutely correct. There was a field discovered in the Australia outback multiple times the size of the Bakken but it's not going to be developed for a generation or more. No infrastructure. Not worth building it.
SwapPart TV Repair (11 days ago)
Well, I'd expect the stock value of oil could drop, dependent on how much they bring to market, and how fast they bring it. But that would be great for us at the pumps. Still, it's going to be a lot of money.
Robert Kubrick (11 days ago)
iPANZERSCHRECKu , you actually proved you are a liar. Your original post is the one you thumbed. You know nothing of O&G. I am under 60 Wells with more drilling. I pay more in tax each year than your entire family makes.
iPANZERSCHRECKu (11 days ago)
hey Robert you're the idiot here, my comment wasn't thumbed up, you probably did that... you also thumbed your own comment you lying turd... they got 200 billion to spend so they're going to make a pretty penny while you're the loser... and it's actually people that make a lot of money that knows you can't predict your eventual profit, and I wasn't talking about profit I was talking about revenue as a base and then you start mouthing off, you're most likely easily triggered pathological liar hiding behind an empty profile and your use of the word "bitch" means you're just a poorly educated hack.. have a nice life liar...
Cactii 101 (11 days ago)
Damn... More bad news for Canada's petroleum industry.
Jay V (11 days ago)
Way to go, Mr. Armstrong!
A Beer (11 days ago)
These lucky modern day goldrushers are about to be millionaires!
i bil is 1000 mil they will make a lot of mooney, gas price will drop to 25 c a gal
GiarkReleos (11 days ago)
Great!      One of the last clean places on this planet about to be contaminated...  shame
GiarkReleos (9 days ago)
+lightning driver    You are out matched and out classed here!   You are actually unaware that CNN and the FIX-Is-In network are on the same team, pushing the same agenda.  Here is another fact, Disney owns CNN, and who do you think is trying to buy the FIX ??   You know nothing, only what you are told to believe by your two-dimensional devices.    Try again!
Lightning Driver (9 days ago)
GiarkReleos Tanking the economy, eh? Have you just arrived from, say, Bangladesh? You simply MUST get off that CNN channel. And again, how many cars do you own?
GiarkReleos (9 days ago)
+lightning driver   omph!    I would disagree, since Trimp and the conservatives are tanking the us economy. Which means the rest of the world will get richer and will travel more as a consequence.
Lightning Driver (9 days ago)
GiarkReleos Yes, I know, tourism up there will take a blow. But again, how many cars do you have?
GiarkReleos (9 days ago)
+lightning driver  typical conservative, completely oblivious!
WINSTON SMITH (11 days ago)
That's impossible! Al Gore and Greenpeace say were almost out of petroleum.
Henk Olivier (5 days ago)
Winston Smith, All Gone oooo sorry you mean Al Gore the humanoid.
Charlie Amabile (8 days ago)
I hear the ARABS are running out of it.
John Bush (11 days ago)
WINSTON SMITH we are floating on oil in my home state.just ask our ex governor.Bruce.
Sharla Harris (11 days ago)
WINSTON SMITH trust me, here in Alaska, there are many untapped fields. I must also add that it is a renewable resource that comes not from dinosaurs but from the grinding of the vegetation and the earth plates.
Jimbo San (11 days ago)
Hep, no more oil in the ground. A song by Tower of Power.
Rdub Walton (11 days ago)
I would like to know what I could do to see if any oil ponds are below my feet waiting to make me a millionaire...
Jimbo San (11 days ago)
Hop on your pogo stick.
Robert Kubrick (11 days ago)
Rdub- If it's there, some company would do a seismic survey and ask to lease your land if they find something promising. Then they will back charge you and cheat you out of as much as possible. I'm under about 60 Wells and it's a constant round of kicking them in the nuts to keep them honest. 3 lawsuits so far. Don't just have a lawyer look over a lease, lawyers advise you on legality, get some business advice on whether you should sign something, should the opportunity ever arise.
Rdub Walton (11 days ago)
A Beer thanks
A Beer (11 days ago)
Rdub Walton Here's an article about it. https://sciencing.com/how-7157872-out-land-oil.html
This could be maybe like the movie "Gold" featuring Mathew Mccounaghey and Edgar Ramirez?
ObamaReally Suucks (11 days ago)
More oil is a Very Good Thing !
TrumpetsHomeSoon 7 (11 days ago)
This is not a new find or new news! It is basically a disclosure of the US finally starting to tap into the enormous mineral, metals, gas and oil reserves it has all over Alaska! Thus the reason that the US eventually made Alaska it's 50th state. ALASKA was a Russian colony from 1744 until the USA bought it in 1867 for $7,200,000. It was made a state in 1959. This guy was just one of the many companies now being allowed to start tapping into these reserves! Here's a informative and historical analysis video recently released June 1, 2018 titled "Renowned Scientist Exposes The Secrets To Alaska And The Keys To America’s New Destiny" ~ youtube.com/watch?v=-AF95v6g0Mc
jimbo boogie (8 days ago)
Alaska is the 49th state
TrumpetsHomeSoon 7 (11 days ago)
Jimbo, don't be dumbo! Your wrong, watch the video I shared with everyone in my first comment and learn something! Knowledge is power!
Test Channel (11 days ago)
Jimbo, your idiotic way of argumentation is just childish. Basically, your argument is the OP is a liberal therefore you're right. Let's just ignore he said nothing about his politics. Of the two, I'd say you're the liberal - a childish libtard snowflake.
Jimbo San (11 days ago)
Fool! It was a new find as nobody had FOUND it before. In order to tap into Alaska's reserves one must FIND those reserves. These Liberal posters will never stop as their brain(?) is always in neutral or just Off.
TrumpetsHomeSoon 7 (11 days ago)
LOL! Too funny!
jo phoenix (11 days ago)
For America at long last a win that can change thee course of our history!!! We need this to set a new course for our nation in terms of Foreign relations and existing the Middle East Geo political mass. first thing is break ties with Zion who means us harm!!! And has failed at the mission of making the middle east democratic because they are HATED and always will be indeed those same Zionist were hated in Europe so let them BE!! It is not our problem ,let the Semites work it out together and Americans be on own way HOME ...
letserb (11 days ago)
jo phoenix what part of the Islamic world hates you as well do you not understand fool? It’s about fighting for what’s right, the Islamic world has been at this war for centuries, they have never given up. It will come to a point of them or us. We had appeasers aplenty before the Second World War as well. Look what happened before Britain stepped up and took on the Germans. Fools like you are worse than the enemy.

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