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As Predicted, Deutsche Bank Is Failing, ATMs Go Dark on Jubilee End Day

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Text Comments (204)
Shaun's Collectibles (1 year ago)
Douche Bank
DeepState (1 year ago)
World needs a lesson, Two big banks must Fail, only then will things change.
dThor Riven (1 year ago)
crimes will more criminals
dThor Riven (1 year ago)
dangerous! criminals will raise!... you will see crimes in every corner of the city
Eduardo L (1 year ago)
visit CostaRica And relax send chaisa saen frae ae ban maeere
theonetrader44 (1 year ago)
Lol jesus is zeus a pagan sun god!!! look it up
Don K (1 year ago)
Meticulous records of the works of Jesus including his childhood are maintained by present day orthodox descendants of the scribes and pharisees ,however only a small percentage of this information is represented in the SJV
Sidney Boudro (1 year ago)
Was Zeus executed on a cross?
Timo Laine (1 year ago)
nothing will happend they manibulate stock rates.
apoyu siken (1 year ago)
daddy erdogan here to safe germany. just need to sell the bank :)
Andrew Mann (1 year ago)
+John Holmes Genocidal freaks like you burn in hell.
John Holmes (1 year ago)
I believe all german women should fuck with turkish men, to save Deutschland.
Astro Man (1 year ago)
Hang in their Deutsche Bank, Italy. In my view you don't have to pay anything to these guys, America or Central banking cartel. Didn't get a response to my suggestion before. But if you can prove, which you can these central bankers finance both sides of War, and sometimes did not, or cut oil supplies, which they did, this is a war crime. They owe you money. Further more, Deutsche bank/Germany, doesn't the Americans owe you gold they couldn't pay back, but then gave some to Iran? WTF.
Nick Arrigo (1 year ago)
no way in hell the powers that be would allow DB to crash and take the banking system with it. DB will be saved at some point.
ptrhuber (1 year ago)
Yes! Jews are "calculating" this ...and guess who is the target from the very beginning ...even when introducing the "J€uro" ...this jewish fiat currency??? Making the german people and taxpayer ....to "pay for all the jews crimes" ...their fraud, their cheat ...even to Americans, to Greeks ...and every country with a "states debt"! They want to steal the "private accounts of Germans" ...which is app. 5 billion ...trillion in american numbers! Jews planned WWI ....and made Germans "pay for it" per jewish Versailles Treaty. Jews planned and credited WWII ...and again "made Germans pay for it"! Now ...as everyone can see: jewish FED-gangsters and their jewish WailingWallstreet-club-suckers ...are driving armies and mercenary-gangs around again. Guess who is targeted "to pay for it"! Fugg them forever!
chroNick (1 year ago)
this dipshit has been talking this shemitah crap for years. the market still hasn't collapsed. I'm not saying it never will but don't listen to this bitch.
chroNick (1 year ago)
+ptrhuber yea.. that made total sense and really connected what I wrote. Congrats.
ptrhuber (1 year ago)
Jews practice "selffullfilling prophecy"! They invest even trillions ...to speculate and make certain events happen! Their biggest "investment" ..is their "LIVE Armageddon Movie"! Every Idiot and Criminal ...can make lots of jewish fiatcurrency Dollars ...if he inscribes ...to participate! Somehow ..."volunteer sheep ...to go and kill and die ...for jewish profit interests and theri bloody pseudoreligious wetdreams" .... are getting less!
shadow72728 (1 year ago)
Jason Muller (1 year ago)
Here's my wild guess. The whole campaign of "two election idiots" is deliberate and just to keep us entertained and distracted. Markets will collapse (Deutsche or other) or another cop will shoot the wrong person (and be accurately video recorded and uploaded), an incoming meteor, Nibiru, or simply some false flag (some huge trigger event) etc. and deliberately orchestrated civil war will ensue. Elections will be "delayed" and Obama will stay in office - in a state of emergency for a long time! Then things get really interesting for those not prepared and the opportunity is used to "adjust" the population count. One New World Order will be the answer to "much-needed stability" along with one currency linked to chipping and corruption of our rights. Okay, that's about as much speculation of current conspiracy theories I could combine into the possible waiting scenario ;) The only positive is that some serious indicators of this *should* happen with the next 30 to 60 days max. If not, this will be another Y2K!!!
SonicScooter (1 year ago)
04/10/16........still here........?
sonic deejay (1 year ago)
dollar is flying high.. U douche
ohgeo ツ (1 year ago)
Thank you Jeff, again, very informative... and inspiring.. many people are better prepared for this crash due to your work and efforts. We had a conversation about you yesterday.. and we all agree, you are a brave and strong man. We appreciate all you do.
LtHarkness187 (1 year ago)
Kinda funny how the market was tanking -9% Friday morning, then the news/rumor of the $14 Billion fine was cut in half, DB stock rebounded to over 6% its still bad news for the bank and then this "IT issues" plus all the bad numbers and shocking new allegations from Italy.............. yet come Tuesday after the bank holiday stocks are up 2% as I just typed this .....Suck crazy times
Jesus told me to tell everyone He Loves them. Repent and believe. The Kingdom of God is at hand.
Matthew Anderson (1 year ago)
Look you don't have a crystal ball. You don't know what will happen with a financial collapse. Perhaps nationalism will rise. Have courage, Christians and Patriots are rising in the west.
jrwestler (1 year ago)
You are like a person who shoot an arrow and go to draw the target around it. What sad person you are. The fact that you are becoming louder and louder is something wrong with your shorts exposures and need more funds.
mettioui1 (1 year ago)
Search for Imran Hoessein he saw it comming to collaps
Ryan Conley (1 year ago)
#BitCoin and #Dascoin ALLLLLLL the way!!!! www.BitcoinRyan.com
rt bigman (1 year ago)
Aaron you must be a thick inbred sister fucker paki, Pakies are involved in over 95% of world terrorism, where was bin laden found ? who were involved in Mumbai attacks ? who were involved in London's 7/11 you thick fuck ? stand down and get your facts right first, asshol !!
Benyameen Yitzhak (1 year ago)
It's now October 3rd 2016 and the Standard & Poor Index is down -0.32% ...Pretty boring huh?
Gabriel Ayoob (1 year ago)
does the Lord’s Final Jubilee, #120, ends Oct. 12th on Yom Kippur, Feast of Atonement?
Financial Freedom (1 year ago)
This idiot Needs to stop smoking crack
Nyana11 (1 year ago)
German morons still watching fake islam terror news on their fat LCD TV s, get the sheep busy till final total collapse,show them every evening , how bad evil the moslems are
Bioman Smith (1 year ago)
let the world burn, im tired of assholes taking everything for granted. Let the strong survive.
Evolve (1 year ago)
Get ready for a world currency - 2018
Jacob Anthony (1 year ago)
Bitcoin Unlimited??? :D~
Paco (1 year ago)
@ 4:00 The warning (or advice) given to the German people by their government has (to my knowledge), never included stockpiling "cash", yet it seems to get tagged on to the list in almost any discussion about the warning. Food for ten days, water for 5 days was the warning, not cash. Can anyone supply a link to where this little tidbit is coming from?
ptrhuber (1 year ago)
Most people here ...are "empoverished" since 10 years! Bankers "outsourced many thousands of good companies" and left behind a mess of app. 11,5 million jobless, now living from social insurance. 5000 german companies now in China, creating economic boom there ...leaving 25% of working population here ...in poverty. Not much to stockpile! Jobcenters are terrorinstruments of Jewish Merkels criminal policy and even give "Sanctions" to old people, handicapped, injured, sick ...cutting their minimum away ...but now having 400 billions for african and middleeastern welfarescroungers!
ClockFixer 1964 (1 year ago)
toolittle toolate (1 year ago)
Gulp....Well, just damn it. Actually though, we have been forewarned many months now. Maybe 5% will be prepared and the rest will just have their Pokemons or unpaid toys
AS PRECISELY PREDICTED, Mr Berwick, you hit it directly!!! On the Shemitah and ROSH HASHANAH. the Web Bot couldn't have gotten it right any closer. Congrats on your study and revealing of this Shemitah has been spot on, God we are so screwed.
David Simpson (1 year ago)
gear mongering for profit. it's all going to collapse, subscribe to our news letter with your useless dollars.
lavenderson (1 year ago)
"The sky is about to fall, stock up on food and water.... oh and subscribe to my YouTube channel" lol
Laiken Jordan (1 year ago)
according to this website elul 29 isnt until oct 15th
Laiken Jordan (1 year ago)
Christopher Isac (1 year ago)
I don't know who the fuck voted for Obama. Most of us knew he was trouble from the beginning.
doody dood (1 year ago)
funny how you american idiots always blame the president of USA: his hands are tied by congress as always !! just like all other presidents they are just puppets on a very short string .
Darrell Bryson (1 year ago)
DMaurice Bryson The world goes to crap...and no-one has words of hope. It's really quite amazing, when things are really good, and all the G8 countries are in a full operating mode, up go the flags of nations to claim their spot at the top! But as soon as they are faced with battling a faceless enemy of capitalism and economic disruption, they lose all hope. Why won't they listen to good advice, when it is given? One more time: "All war weapons that cause death, have been cursed by God", When sold, the money which is also cursed, will stain all hard earned and unstained money in any bank! And like a virus that spreads and kills indiscriminately,'All Cursed money soon loses it's "commercial luck" or 'spirtual blessing to multiply'! This message was sent to President Obama, nine years ago, by the author
Mr99RICH99 (1 year ago)
we have been hearing this since 2008 .....they will pull off some more magic and life will go on
Eudoxia Jones (1 year ago)
+VK aa3k Well said.  Humans have long been used as a source of food for all sorts of astral wildlife.  The psychopaths in the lofty positions of power are their minions.  The minions job is strictly to exploit humanity and extract as much pain and misery out of them as possible.  They farm us just as farmer farm cattle and use us for food non physical food that is.   They use all sorts of control mechanisms i.e. the main stream media, religion and education to enable an attitude of trust in the government and complacency and apathy toward each other.  If we actually all came together in a cohesive union of brother supporting brother then their agenda fails.  Sadly their agenda is succeeding by leaps and bounds due to peoples complacency.
VK aa3k (1 year ago)
well, you have a point. IT's hard to predict when all this bullshit will fail. We all know that longterm one day this whole thing will crash and burn. It will be unimaginably painful and perhaps deliver a catastrophic blow to the whole world that not even H-bombs could've done. But I don't think it hurts to prepare a little bit just in case it does fail. In truth it seems like no one really knows when this thing will fail. 2008 was a close one, that's why they bailed it out, not that it was a great solution, but we were very close to total collapse. Not that we learned anything from it, but oh well... humans were never intelligent in the first place, otherwise they wouldn't be searching for intelligence outside their planet.
Mr99RICH99 (1 year ago)
they will simply go cashless , all electronic !!
Mr99RICH99 (1 year ago)
wanna bet ???????
Eudoxia Jones (1 year ago)
There is no more magic you can only kick the can down the road so far then you hit a dead end. This is that dead end.
Gold is money and has no counterparty risk. Gold by the gram will keep you liquid!
Now is the time for financial protection!
thedeathkeeper23 (1 year ago)
i m form Berlin Germany and today monday i was on a ATM (PostBank = Deutsche Bank ) and i can still get my money but we will see
D33Lux xx (1 year ago)
Thanks for keeping us updated. I was hoping someone in Europe could confirm what is happening there.
Scott Sutterfield (1 year ago)
damn Jeff I can't believe your accuracy. well put
MEDIA ANARCHY (1 year ago)
the last 2 times this happend the only ones affected by it were people who invest in the stock market or who are into precious metals. most people in my home state had no clue what happend in 2008 or 2011 so it must only affect people who live on more than 50 grand a year hahahahah the great depression didn't even affect my great grand parents they were already poor and struggling. family stories say they told people they didn't feel like the only ones who were poor and maybe others would understand what they were going thru now that everyone is in the same boat....let that shit collapse
TheTrueFortran (1 year ago)
שת בנ־אברהם (1 year ago)
I need to stockpile on potatoes, rice, beans, and ammo. I cannot afford to buy gold or invest in anything. I honestly don't think precious metals will help anyone if the economy collapses. The desperate looters will just kill you to take it from you. It will be chaos.
D33Lux xx (1 year ago)
Precious metals is NOT for a collapse scenario, its a hedge against inflation and a means to protect your wealth away from fiat paper/plastic currency. Anyone stupid enough to trade ANYTHING during a SHTF scenario will be killed. You hit the nail right on the head, if the SHTF, its Mad Max or Walking dead time, no more capitalism...black markets, chaos will ensue. People better have Guns for Security, food/water, medical supplies, means to cook food without drawing attention like a butane stove which does not product CO2 emmissions, batteries...etc.
StraitClownin909 (1 year ago)
That's why you be a man and take responsibility for yourself and family, Seth. Buy a gun learn how to use it and shoot a looter who wants to do harm or steal your goods. Dont be submissive.
Elias D.B. (1 year ago)
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John E (1 year ago)
Deutsche Bank did not collapse and will not!
Irish Proc (1 year ago)
WḤAT͓ IȘ IȘLAM?͓ ̺ ͇ • B̙ELI̯ḘF I͚Ṇ ̬GỌD̠ ̙A͉LMIG̦HT̼Y: He̻ has̯ n̟o̲ ͔partn̗er, n͉o ͓equ̳al ̰an͖d̤ ͉t͍h͕er̩e ̗i̬s ̟no͍thing̫ lͅike̱ Him̤.̪ He̝ h̟as̫ ̭p̹ow͙er ͕o͎v͍e͈r a̮l̯l̪ ͉t̤ḥi̯ng̱s.͇ ̻H̹e i̤s͚ ͍the true̫ ͍r̝ẹali̬ty̦ a̬n̫d ̗ev͈er̤y̩thin̮g ̭e͉ls̮e ̟i̺s̜ j͚u̲st̲ Hi̱s cr͉e̘atio̼n.̠ ̘Ju͓st̥ ͕a̙s Ḫe ̻c̫reated͙ ̥every̖thing͍, He ca͈n ̣t̟ak̬e̺ eve̞ryth̟ing ̭ouͅt̟ ̭o͚f͕ ̣exis͖ten͖ce. ̙Ther̥e ̗i͎s̭ no͚th̟in̳g̫ ͅb̭e̠f̭o̥r̦e̥ Him and̦ n̪o̦thin̻g̳ ̲a̜f̭te̳r H̺i̘m̞. H̞e ̮i̬s ete̹r̬na̩l̩.͓ He i̖s̼ ̯n̠o̠t̤ a̩ “̻he̮” buṱ w̬e͉ have͍ lim̼it̙ed v̭o̜c̪a̪bular̻y. ̙He̺ i͕s ̟per̖fec͇t͈. ̱H̲e ̥is̘ ͎c̰om͈pl̺ete.͈ ̣H̦e̻ i̬s̘ n̠ot͕ i̟n tḫe̩ ̭ṳn͓iv̭e͔rsͅe̩,̗ but̫ ̗c̠oͅmprehend͔s ẹve̜r͙yt̖hinͅg ͔b͍y H̪is ̼kno͖wlͅed̻ge̦ ̲an̫ḓ w̯e onl̠y̖ ex̻ist by̳ ̥His ̳wil̰l ̤a̬n̤d p̦e̪r̻m͖i̤ss̜i̳on̘. ͔ ̥ •̩ ̟B͎E̲LIE͎F̻ I͍N TH͔E̻ ͔AN̹G̘ELS: I̠ntellig̰en͓t ͔an͍d̟ pu͖re͙ crea̞t̤u͕reͅs m̳a͕de ̫o̻f ̘light͎. ̹T̝h̹e̖y ̲a̼re ̟i͈nhere̼ntly͔ g̜o͚od ͎a̠nd͇ ̪hav͉e̻ ̤ṇo̮ f̦r̰ee wi͍ll̻ ̫t̜o c͎h̳oo̹s̰e̜ t̘o b̩e̠ ev͔il. ̰H̹u̘m̱a͈n̯s̻ ̦aṟe̱ al͍s͔o̼ i̘n̲h̲e̞re͖nt̥l̦y̦ ̤good̯,̮ ̯th͓i̬s is͍ ͉c̮alled̺ th͔e̬ “f̳i͈t̪r̰a̘”̳, w̼he̱r͔e̠b͎y ̱h̹u̞mans a̪re ͕b̭or̳n̲ wiṯh a ̭n̠at͕u͈ral̲ / ̜i̦ns̮t͈in̹c̠tu̹al ͈i͉ncli͙nat̫ion̰ ṱo ̩b͉e͖ ki͍n͚d, ge̞ne̠ro͙ụs̹,̳ ̘f̖a̳i͈thfͅu̥l ͇and̘ ̣co̲m̤pa̜s̮s̤iona͎ṯe̮.̗ ͓T̟his c̬an b͉e̲ cle̬arl͇y ob̘se͕r̮ved ̻i͙n al̙l child̰r͉en ͓wh͔o͈ ͍hav̜e̙ no̟t͎ ͅy̪e̮t ̲d͔iͅsobe̹y̠e̩d̯ ͚God. H͎ọwev̜er,̳ ͉de̞monͅi͍c ̖in̟fluenc̼e͉s͈ ̱f̘ro̜m̪ ̺so̤me̺ o̜f̲ ͎th̼e ͅj̝iͅnnͅk̖in̟d͚ ͇ ~ ̦c̗re͎at̻u̜r̬e̖s whic̦h͇ hav͙e ̭e̮xi̥s̲ted͔ b͔efo͇re h͖u̠ma͙ns,̼ ͎w̪ho have ̩an ana͓t̖o͕mͅy ͅo͔f ͙f͓ir͍e̪ ̮bu͖t are̟ ̺un̠o̥b̻s̥e̯r͇va̼bl͍e t̼o our̫ eyes m̦u̱cẖ ̟ḻi̙kḛ ̞man͍y ̫oth̰e͎r ̯c̰o̱lou͉rs̠ ̻in t͍h̠e͎ e̤l͎ec͙t̪r͉om̘ag̗n͎eti͔c ̟s̻pe̦c͖t̰r̫um.͇ ~͙ These d̺e̪m̫on̮i͓c͖ ̪i͔n͎fluen̥c͈es ̮co̖m͎p̫e̙t̗e w̩i͔th an̲gel͉ịc̪ ̗in̝fl̠uence̼s ̼i̪n o̹ur ͔li̯ve̟s̙.̠ ̮Wi̺t̙ḥ ͍th̹e̤ f̫re̗ẹwi̻ḻl̺ ̥given̜ ͇to̺ ̣u̺s w͓e ͎m̘u̻s̯t ch̥oo̯s̠e,̖ ḍai͚l̮y, ̬wh̟i͎c̭h͚ ̼in̳fluence t̬ọ f̯o͓l̲lo̪w͙. ̞• BELI̮E̘F̥ I̩N͇ ̗DIVINE BOO͔KS͚:͙ ̹Be̦lief̖ ̫i̱n ̬the̟ Biḇle,͇ ̩t̯h͓e̱ T̥or̖ah̲,̣ t̼h̜e Psa̲l̜m̠s, ṭhe G͖os̳p̘e̖l a̦nd͚ a̦ll ̲d̥i̩vin̪e ͚b̘o̦o̯ks w̹h̭i͙ch̲ d͔o ͙(̬o̼r ̻di͚d̻)͚ c̻a̯l̤l ͉y̜ou̩ t̗o ̖re̱me͙m̟be̠r̝ th̯e̞ On͖e ̝and̖ Aͅlm͓ig̙h͓ty͓ God i̹n your̬ ͕acṭi̯o͓n͎ṣ a̫nd ̣words, ͕ḁn̻d to̭ ̤obe͔y ̺Hi͙m̝, for̻ ͙yo̦u̱r͇ own ͓s͚ak̠e. F̜in̜a̰lly̻,̬ t̜hḙ ̣l͕ạs͈t di̻v͖i̳n̻e̳ rev̬e͉lati̬oṇ;̗ the̜ Q͉ur̭’a̲n, ̳ẉhi͎c̜h c̫o͍n̮f̳i̮r͓m̙s̫ ͎w̰ha̹t̼ w̤e ͅal͖r̟e͚a̝dy͙ ̥kno̥w a̞bo̥u̦t ̭t̜he̫ ̟p̪revio̟u̬s scr͎i̪pt̺u̯res b̰e̘in̻g̠ ͚altered͖ ̬aṇd̮ ̞m͎a̹nipulate͙d̥,̪ ͈and ͔whͅic̻h ͙r̪ḛcͅti̞f̝ies̫ ̣t̞h͙o̖s͓e̩ e̞rro̼r͚s a̫n͓d g̪i̯ves̯ ṵs ̹a ̼fir͔m ̗g͚ro̻un͕d̝i̬ng i͉nͅ ̮aut͈h̦entic̰ ̖gu͇i̘da̙n̙c̩ḙ an̦d͇ ͎k͇now̳le͈dg̙e̜ ̼f̲ro̪m ou̟r Cr̞eat̝o̮r. ͔As pro͉m̩is̠ed͇ ͉in̖ ̱th̦e Q̺ur̝’an͚ ̯i̫ṱsel̺f, ̰t̖he̙ ͓la̫s͎ṯ revḛlat̻ion͖ ͖wi̺lḽ ̲n̙eve͚r̗ ͉be c̼ẖa̳ng̙ḛd ̖and ̱s̠o̺ n̻o͖ m̫o̙r͖e̙ ̻mes͉se̜ng̦e͔rṣ or b̖oo͇k͕s w̻i͓l̮l̮ be̟ ̦se̥nt̯ ͕to̺ ḫum͙an͎kin̞d̹.͈ Th̬ere ͍ịs ͙no̥ mor̘e gu͈i͙danc̣e͎ to̟ c̟om̩e.̞ ̩Goͅds̗ ̱f͚av̰our̹ upo̙n u̪s ̪h̦as̳ b̦e͓e̻n com̪pl͕e̜tḙd͎. ̝ • ̹B̞E̦L͇IE̠F͔ I̬Ṉ ͕THE̟ P̦R͕OPH͙E͎T͉S: ̟Bel̰ie͔f̺ that̜ ͎eve̦ry̬ ̣na̱tio̻n ha̬d p̫rop̳h̜et̰s͕ ̟se̘n̺t t͚o i̹t̲,ͅ tͅo̬ ̘re͍mind̦ t̯he͖ ̪peo̤ple ab̙ou̩t ̙ou̠r̰ cov̙e͕naṋṱ ͕wit̝h ͙God͔. Țha͚t̞ b͇e̥fore H͔e pṳṱ o͎u̪r̪ ͇so̥uls ̲in͎ the̮se̻ ͅḅodịe̦s, ͕w͚e̞ agre͖e̫d͓ ̺to̹ ̜be̫ tested͓ i͓ṉ th̟i͎s̰ ̜ch̹a̲l̪l͙eͅn̮ge ͇to s͉u̪f͉fe̮r̫ li̱f͇e̖ on ea͙rt̻h.̹ Ov̭er ̦1̗24̹,̱0̼0̩0̦ ̤Prop̞he̲ts͔ ͈h̳ave͍ ͍be̺e̤n̗ sen̘t̬ t͙o al̰l̦ ̘t̼h͕e̞ ͈p̘eople o̫f ̭th̬e̤ w̫o̯r͙ld̺. ͅO̝f ̲t͔hͅe̹s͓e ͖P͖rop̲h̪ets,̪ ̟ar̩o̩und ̖3͉0͇0͖ we̹r̙e̟ Me̼sse̪ng̮er͓s̺. ̥T̬hey̝ ͚we̝r̻e̻ s͖e̫n̹t͓ wi̹th a divi̝ne revelat͉i̩on̳. ̬A̻s͖ M͉u̪s̹l̥i̻ms ̩we͕ ̝d̥o̪ ̫n̪otͅ d̺iff̼eren̻tia̘te̩ ̭b̺etwee͓n͇ ̮t̖he Messḛnge̗r̫s͓. ̫Th̰ey are͍ ̻all̝ ̭e̳qual ͙aͅn̻d̲ ̫we ̗tr̘u̩s̲t̤ ̖a̻ṋdͅ b̤el͕i͙eve ̖in̺ thẹm̰ a̙ḷl͈.̖ ̤Adam, ̯E̥no̗ch͔,̭ ̹N͙o̺ah̯,ͅ ̻L̮o͓t,̻ ͙Jo̼na̖h, Abͅra͇ham͚,͖ ̻Is’ma̻eel̳,̼ I̤s’͚aa̙c, Is’̞raeeḷ, ̭Jo̫se̫ph, J̦e̙su̖s,͖ ͙Mu̜h̥amm̝ad –̪ A̟l̲l ̣w̳e̱r̰e a̹mong̤ ṭho̼s̼e̮ ̞mo̯sͅt̩ ͇beḷov͔e͓d͇ tͅo̰ G̮oḓ.̩ ̯H̩o͖w̩evẹr, M̲uha͎mm͉a͙ḓ;̤ be͓in͖g th̩e ̺v̠e̳r̩y͙ l̹a̼st̥ me̼sse͔ngͅer̜ wa̟s̬ ̥no͔t ̮jus̱t s̩ent̼ to oͅne̜ nat̖ion, bu̲t ̳h̘e ̞w̺as ̼sent̲ ̲a̻s̲ a̙n͙ e̘xam̥p͇lͅe for̥ t͍he̞ en̮ti̤re w͓ọrld.̬ Whi͉le͓ ̤we M͖u̖slim͎s̱ ͓m̯u͎st͉ ̲be̱li͍e̜v̫e̲ ̺aḽl ̞t̬he̟ ͅM̖e̯ss̰engers ͈a̲r͔e e̲qͅua̗l̳,̭ ͍w̺e un͚dersṱa̗n͇d̫ ̺t̝hat b͙e͖i̝ng ̪tͅhe ͖l͖a͚s̮t ̫mes͔s̠enge͕r͎ ̯h̗as ve͈r͉y ̳honourabl̩e an̬d ịmp̮o̟r͙t̼an̝t imp̗l͈icͅa̺tio̼ns.̠ We ̜be̹l̻ieve it is th͚e fina̲l ̱m̼ess̳e͙n̠g̙ḙr ͎wh͍o͓ w̘ill̳ ̳in̘te̫rce͇de ̙an̘d͙ ͈a̟sk͍ Go̪d̞ ̝to beg̯in͓ ̦Judg͍em̲en͕t da̼y̰, ͉w̯hen͇ ̙no o̞ne͇ e̘lse̫ ̻w̬il͓l ̟a̙nd may p͇e̩ace ḇe͓ ͚uͅp̪on ̩h̠i̺m ̜a͉nd ͉on͉ ̼a͕l̠l̮ t̠h͔e͖ p̝rophet̘s͔ an͎d͍ me̦sse̮n̪g̬er̤s̤ ̲b̭e͚fo̮re h͈im. ̟ ̻• ̺B͚EL̙I̯EF̤ ̲IN̞ ͖TH̖E̳ ̥D̖A̹Y O̞F̩ ͉J͚U͔DGEMEṈT̤: B̗el̦i͉e̤f̯ ̻i̦n̤ ̥the̳ ͅsca̗les̪ ͕which w̟il͍l̜ ͈w͚ei̥gh ͅour̼ ̮dee̩d̠s,̟ ̥the ͖o̤n͓l̠y c͖om̻m̞o͔dit͎y̗ ̳on ̦t̺hat ̜d̠ay whe̠n ̖go̫l̗d ͍a̩n̮d si̼lv̲e̬r̬ w̹i̮ll b̻e̜ ̰meaningl̜es͚s.̝ ͓Af̬t̤e̜r ̫t̯h͕i̺s ̯w̹orl͓d͉ ̤h͇as en͎ded a̘n͚d ̭t͉h̘ere ar̖e̳ no m̖or͚e̹ peop̯l̠e, a͎ll ̼wi̘ll̜ ̟b̹e̬ ̖re͍surre̠c͕t̮e͓d̰ ͙/ͅ r̜e͉c̮r̬ea̪t͓e̙d͚. We b̞eliev̠e̞ m̗a̹nki̗nd ̟a̟n̮d ji̘nn͓kind ̱will th̹en ͖b̙e ̥wa̬it̩i͙n̞g̗ 50,̻0̪0̖0̺ ͅye̝a̪rs f̻ọr ̬ju͉d̹gem͕e͍n̺t to̗ ̠b͇eg̝i̟n. F̦i̙n̪a̼l͕ly,͇ ͅṭhe͎ ̙la͎s͎t͚ ̣Pṟo͖ph̯e̩t͓,̩ m̪a̜y̮ G̦odͅ ble͔ss͖ ̭h̼i̲ṃ,̞ ̱w̭i̻ll pr͎os̗t͓r̺ate͔ to t̺he ̱Alm͈i̗gḫty ̗a̗n̫d ̮hṳm̜b̗l̝y ̹a̳sk̬ ̯Hi͔m t̰o be͎gi͉n.̰ ̖Thi̲s̫ ̗will ̦b̦e͈ a͎ ̩t͎o̭r̲m̯entḭn͓g̯ ti̬m͈e ͉an̲d̰ peopl̤e̟ who ̦thi͉n͙k̰ ͎t̹hey ̟ar͙e̲ goi͇n͈g ͓t͍o͍ ̱hell, ͍w̗ill̳ ̘sti͕ll want͉ ͍ju̩d̺g͓e͍m̭e̩nt to̠ co̪mme̯nce͉, ju͇st to̝ le͕a͎ve̼ ̮thi̩s͖ ̥p̼l̜a̟ce̯.͚ G̭oo̟d͎ and bad ̖d̜eeds ͇wi̻ll be wei͓g͕hed.̼ ̳H̖ea͕ven o̰r͕ ̰he͚ll ̟w̰i̪l͔l ̗b͇e͓ ͔a͕w̦ar͖d̬e͕d͍ ̲t̫o͇ ̣thos̞e ̙wh̖o e͓arn̺ ̞wh̻a͕t ̝they ̥e̫arn. ͈Do͈n̲’̪t͔ ̹fee͍l ho̪pele̦ss th̖o̤ugh. I̘f̰ ̠y̝ou̻ sin̠c͚e̘reḽy̝ ͍r̘eg͕re̤t ̯y͖o͔ụr s̗iͅns̥,̘ and ask͎ Go͍d tͅo̳ f̼org̦ive y̗ou͙ i̘ṉ t̟his̙ l̙if̤e,̜ ̺thos͈e v̥er͈y ̭si̜n̯s w͉i̭ll b̗eͅ tra̪ṉsf̜o̤rmed fro͓m̹ ̭b̙ad ̪de̼e̝ds ͎i͉nto g͚o̫o̩d͖ ̦d̩ee͈ḍs̖.͚ ͅOn̠lyͅ thr̰o̤ug̘h ̦t̲h̪e̝ ̟me̮rcy of̩ God ̹c̯a̟n̗ ͓anyo̭n͕e̘ ̫e̯n̳t̹e͓r͕ ̭he̙av͈enͅ, as̲ ͎n͍othi͙n̫g̯ ͇can̘ ̗be̼ do͙ne͓ in ͎t̞h̘is ̠fi̹ni͔te ̤li͉fe t̩ha̫t͍ ͓i̫s wo̠rt̻h ̤inf͕i̭n̖i̜te̞ b̭li̟ss.̼ ̪Mus̝lim̱s ḏo̬ goo̦dͅ d̜ee͕ds̼ simp̥l͈y̬ b̜ecau͕s̠ẹ “̬w̮e ̲hẹar the̠ la̫w̼ ̗and we obey̬”͙. T͓h̫e a̫pos̼tle P͚aul ̼who̘ ͉nev̰e̫r met̼ J̻esu̳s,͎ ̦said ͍tͅh̝at ̭th͈e̪ ̺l̩aw̞ ͅd͔oe̫s̼n’t̯ ̻c̬ou̝nͅt̤ ̖anymo̫r̦e̯ –̺ ͈fa͓i͇t͎h ḁl̟one is̗ ̳e̫noṵg͔h̼,̦ bu̻t̩ Jame͓s͖ said t̬h̩at̫ fạith̭ ̟is̼ d̖ea̖d w̖it͎h͕ou͙t ac̩tion ͅa̬nd Jesus̬ ͈waͅrn͕e͉d̘ ̩u͉s ̠tha̼t ͉he ̥wil̼l ͈disow̻n͉ h̗is fol̮l͎o͖we̠rs ͚w͉ho͉ r̹e̘je̻c͖t̟ Go͇ds law.̺ Righ̪t͙e͓o̬u̜s͎ne̗ss, ͓b̳e̫l͉ief͙ i̻n tḫe̩ ḻas̳t d̞ay ̣a͉nd ͖b̘e͚l̟ief̮ i̟n G͍od̠ ̠w̟it̺h̲o͎u̪t̜ ̥part̳n͓e͕r̥s̝ ͇ar̖e͔ ͉a̘l͙l ̭yo̹u ̹need͉ t̪o ̭att̮a̪i̠n̰ t̙he ̩ultima̻te v̻i͚ct̲ory. T̯o̟ ṛem͇ai̳n̬ ̰e̳t̗e̹r͇na̩l̳l͎y̤ ͙i̺n ̻H̻i͕s̬ pl̳ea̭s͎u̻r̤e,̳ ̟re͇sid͍i͈n͚g i̘n Hi̮s ͉gar̭d͔en͇s͙ o͇f̤ bl͙is̥s ̣whe̯re͇ ͔a̹l̟lͅ ͈haͅṛdsh̰ip, ev͔il, d̙iseạse͉ a͔n̖d s̝u̼f͙f̦erin͕g ar̪e̞ rem͙oveḏ, ̼r̙ep̣l̬a̙c̮ed͓ b̪y al͚l͙ ̺th̞e ͖de̞light̮s͎ y̹ou͎ ̹c̯an̤ an̹d̫ c̭a̘n͎’t ̹im͕a̝gine.͓ ̼ ͚•̜ B̥EḼI̳E̳F ̻IN̩ ͓GO̝D̥’͔S̼ ͇PRE͈DESTI̥N̝A̬T̖I̥ON̻: B͉e̥li͉evin͔g ͓t͓hat͉ ͓God k͍n͓ows ̞ev͖ery̤t͈h͇in͔g t͇h͈at ̤ha̬s͖ ̟been,̼ ͈an͓d̜ ̗w͕i̞ll̦ ̺b̗ḛ.͍ B̹e̖l̲ie̫v̪ing ͉t͎h͈a̭t͉ ̣th͍e̤re͔ ̘is ͓no̞ ͉po̝w͓e͇r͉ ͅo̗rͅ ̳a͇bi̮l̜it͍y̼ ͎to ͇do̪ anyt͙hing̮ ̲e̲x͉c̰e̜p͍t̩ ̫by ͈Hi͚s͎ ͍pe͓rm̠i̟ssi̻oṉ ̯and p̗o̝w͇er ̬f̯r̤om̹ H͙im͇. ͓B̹e̮l͓i̺ev̖in̦g̘ ̙tha̭t͎ we ̫are ̖but ͕a̖ ̭t͖imeli͕ne of ̙i͚ntenti̜o̩ns̟, ͕a͉n̮d͍ ͔t̫hat͍ ̪H͙e i̖s̳ the ͉on͔e w̠h̘o̝ ̜d̮ecid̜es̬ ̰w̖h͕eth͚er̞ ̙o̰r ̣noͅt͚ ͚to ̰g̜iv̭e ͅu̜s̜ ̤the̜ ͉a̬b̪i̱l͔it̬y̮ ̙to̹ f̼ulf̦il̪ t̺h͈ose̝ ̘i̼nte͉n̫t̥i̗ons. Be͇li͖ḛv͙ing͈ t̞ha̰t̥ H͈e ̝i̮s̱ ͈th͖e̥ M̖o̫s͚t ̺Wise, ͖aṋd͓ tha͚t a̲l̗thou̱g͔h ͍we ̟m̮ay̞ ̭n͍otͅ ̜un̙d̳er̗st̟an̤d ̖H̦i̩s wisͅdo̮m̺,͖ ̹we̤ su͇bm͓i͓t ̩to ̪H̼im͓ and ̥t͇r͙u͍s̗t ͖that͇ e̟vḙryth͓i̲n̥g t͍hat ͍ha̗ppen̮s̬ ̪is u͍l̦tim̯at̖e̻ly ̜fo̩r our̫ ̺oͅwͅn̦ g̩ood̤.̮ ͍He i̯s̞ ͎be̗ne̘v̪o̥l̯e͍n̪t,̰ ͇mer̦ci̦ful͎ ̜a̤n̘d̠ lov͇in͉g̰ ̩a̳nd it͔ is̰ H̺i͖s̤ p̳l͚e̖asu̬re ͚t̻o ̹s̟e͚e uṣ being benev͉o͙l͖en̗t, ̩me͇rc͓i̗fu̩l̬ ̰an͉d lo̺v̮i̗ng̦. • ̟A̦ Mu̙sli̤m mu͓s̻t testify͕ th̞a̹t ̺God͍ i̥s̭ On̫e,͕ h̺a͓s n̤o̺ eq͎ua̙ls̥, ̼no pa̟rtn̪er̝s̯ a͙n̫d͓ ̰t̞here̥ ͖is ̬n͚oth͈ing̱ like̜ H̦im, ̹and̥ w̺e̯ ̱m̖ust testiͅfy t̻ha̯t inde̲e̻d͚ ͈M͍uha̺m̰mad̳ ̼i͎s͙ ver͍y ̮cl͎ea̙r̝l̹y ̫th͇e̘ la̦s̖t mess̜eng͇er̖ sen̬t͇ b̥y̺ G̩o̮d. We̙ m̗u͎s̯t p͈r̻a̤y̥,̼ ̥giv̮e͇ ̝ch̬a̻ri̖ty,̮ fa͈s͍t,͍ a̳n̬d ͎per͎f̖o̥r͚m p̲ilgr͚i̞maͅge̦, t̥h̠er̬eby̗ e͙arni͖n̮g̯ G̻ods̹ f̞or͚g͚i͈vͅḙne̮ss̰ and m̰a͓n̗y ͕g͙oo̼d de̜ẹds͖ / ̼inͅves̫tme͉nṭs̠ for t̺he r̯ea̖l̪ ͖e͉tern͍al ̣l̩i͙fe̜ ̺w̘h̭e͇n ͎th̺is̱ ̬tempora̮ry ̥h̻o͇me i̗s le̮ft ̼be̹h̫i̥nd.̼ W̻e͔ mus̤t̲ ̬b̬ḛ ho̥n͇est,͚ ̰t̟ruth̲fu̥l̙, t̲r̥ust͉w͚o̲rt̘hy ͅa̻nd͚ rig͚ḥteous.͚ Ḅe ̼pl̤e̺as͎ḁnt, hy̯gi͎en̮ic,͇ ̻hav̬e͙ ͕goͅod ̻charac̭te̜r͚ ̼aͅn̯d͔ be͈ generous̞. Be̖ g͓rat̮e̝f̭u̘l,͍ p͚a̰t͈i͇en̥tͅ,͔ merc̟i̯f͈u̥l ̖a͙n̹d c͇oͅu̯ra̹g̘e͓o͕uͅs. Basic̳a̘l̺l͓y th͚ḙ ̜g̣ol͓den̹ ̪ṟule̳; lo͔v͖e͉ fo͖r ̼y̯o̝ur br̻o̭t̙her͉/sister̫ w͚ha̝t̯ y̠ou woul̬d lovͅe f̜o̘r͍ ͖yo͖ur̝seͅl͚f.͇ ͈A Mu͖s̖l̬im ̘is co̰n̪c̩er̩n͇ed wi̬t̙h p̤leași̬n͈g͇ ̝t̰h̤e͖ Cr͓e͔a͔to͔r ̺and ̼n̗ot ̱t̞h̙e̹ ̥c͚reat͕i͇oͅn̰.̹ Țhe v̰e͉r̲y̗ purpo͎s̭e of ̪ou̮r ͕e͇x̜i̤s̮t̰e̤n̲ce̯ ͚is ̰to wo͔rs̱h̙ip̣ [̫i̮.̮e.̦ ̦r̟emem̜ber, ̮se̱rve̦,̤ ͓th̦aṇk,͓ ̬pra͕i͔se͍,̞ obey,̝ ͎g̳l͖o̭r̠if̞y,̳ ̘etc͔]͇ God̙. ͉I͎f ̰yͅo̗u̻ ͕d̠o thi̭s̠ sin͕c͓erely̥ y̞ou͖ ̮wi͔l̬l ̯fi̖n͚al̪ly̭ feel̙ ̯f̺ul̙fi̝ll̘e̫d ̱and̜ ̯c͎o̠n̻tent ḭn̦ ̞l̟i̳fe͙ ̮n̞o ̯matte͓r̜ ̣wha̲t͔ situ̮at̗ion̦ ̮yoụ’r͉e in̞. 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The Dougherty (1 year ago)
shut the fuck up
Sophia M (1 year ago)
Kaybe23 (1 year ago)
Greets from germany ... ;)
Explicit Tech (1 year ago)
Well, I have a union bank. Don't trust the crony banks.
Groovyman 1968 (1 year ago)
Store food and water NOW!!! You won't regret it as you will need it soon.
stevesurv (1 year ago)
How about some JIMI!
stevesurv (1 year ago)
Eric drove this song to the ground.
stevesurv (1 year ago)
PlaY Tool.
stevesurv (1 year ago)
stevesurv (1 year ago)
I want to make contact.
stevesurv (1 year ago)
I keep writing.
stevesurv (1 year ago)
Jeff Berwick You got me dude.
stevesurv (1 year ago)
I love this song.
stevesurv (1 year ago)
The Deutsche Bank can go fuck herself.
stevesurv (1 year ago)
stevesurv (1 year ago)
+Hank Hill Thank you.
Hank Hill (1 year ago)
+stevesurv yup your retarded
stevesurv (1 year ago)
Maybe i don't give a living hell. Can you handle that?
stevesurv (1 year ago)
Fuck it.
stevesurv (1 year ago)
Maybe meth. Maybe I'm just retarded.
stevesurv (1 year ago)
What in the living hell is up with The Dollar Vigilante posting Eric Clapton?
Maximum Axiom (1 year ago)
Sorry, DB did not collapse!!!
stevesurv (1 year ago)
Music. pure msic.
stevesurv (1 year ago)
I love it.
tracy white (1 year ago)
DB just bought a ton of American home mortgages...mine included... They foreclose fast if you fall behind over 30 days...something is coming!
jack cogburn (1 year ago)
Banks and Loan Servicing agents load the borrowers account with bogus fee's pushing them into foreclosure. Challenge excess fee's if you can. If DOJ has issues with so many mortgage backed securities, I can't help but think they are bogus too and the Banks don't have legal standing to collect payment or foreclose. Best of luck to you.
Chunky (1 year ago)
grE68 (1 year ago)
Deutsche bank: the bank that made speculation a business model is now saying it is a victim of speculators
ben firthy (1 year ago)
jerry the berry
Gabriel Ayoob (1 year ago)
lol the irony
HiveTyrant36 (1 year ago)
It's happening.....
ptrhuber (1 year ago)
Yes! Plans ...made by criminal humans ...will fail miserably!
SonicScooter (1 year ago)
Has anyone one here realised how small this bank is on a global scale......fail.........NOT.
HiveTyrant36 (1 year ago)
+SonicScooter Except that this isn't the only youtube channel with ads and it certainly isn't the only one showing the real market trends. Pockets of people are doing well, you included. That doesn't mean that these issues are somehow irrelevant because they don't affect you. I am indeed in the prison USA.
SonicScooter (1 year ago)
O'and yes i can accept your first paragraph and it's analogy, but all this channel does is try to sell you a subscription, just nullifies the subject matter.....you in the US?
SonicScooter (1 year ago)
I'm a trader for a living, the system isn't ready to fail yet, we are heading more to how Japan was with stagnation than an imminent collapse, and for intelligence, i may not be the brightest on earth,but my quotient still puts me above 140.
HiveTyrant36 (1 year ago)
+SonicScooter I get what you mean. There are a lot of crappy hoaxes and the number of end of the world crap is rising. Think about this though... If you had a classroom full of children, and you wanted to convince them that lunch wasn't going to happen, what do you do? You can't just tell them it isn't going to happen. YOu tell them lunch will happen an hour before it will really happen. When the bell doesn't ring, all the kids are absolutely convinced that lunch is cancelled. Same thing with truth. Tell people part of the truth and make most of it lies. You are talking about the same subject, but the things you lied about make the observer think it sounds outlandish, and they will soon not believe in the truth mingled with lies. Anytime somebody brings it up again they remember their experience and close their mind. Why do you think the community keeps saying "nibiru?" It's a word placeholder for all the information, true and false, about that subject. People remember the retarded info and assume the whole thing is fake, preventing them from looking into it. Aliens, alternate realities, flat earth. I'm not endorsing any of these, but they are examples, and each one has a target audience. They are meant to deceive. You say, "whatever helps you sleep at night," so tell me... how is thinking an economic collapse is coming going to help me sleep at night? It's a dismissive argument because you don't want to think about the possibility. You close off any attempt to try to think. Thinking about something and seeing if it is true or makes sense does not mean you agree with it. Next time you come across something, think about it BEFORE you agree or disagree. The ability to think is what makes humans intelligent, not memorized knowledge.
SonicScooter (1 year ago)
No sure what that comment means.......every day on YT, its full of "the end of the world " hype, because sooner or later the Preachers will be right, hell last year it was Jade Helm, now its something else, same Chicken Little stories have been told for thousands of years, each one has a following....people like to find their little pigeon hole.
A Zed (1 year ago)
Just before the start of the negotiations between CEO's of Deutsche bank and the Americans , europeans started talking about putting fines on google , as if they are telling the Americans to go hard on Deutsche bank , as if they want to make sure that it collapses , as if ...
Files Shared (1 year ago)
Hurry the fuck up and collapse already! Tired of this bullshit limbo economy.
Xx2ndAmendmentxX (1 year ago)
Motivation Agree just fackking fall already! Sick and tired of being sick and tired (said most Americans) Putin is right all along.
Sobuka (1 year ago)
Files Shared lol. Me too. Just fall forgoodness and be other with this stupidity.
christopher tucker (1 year ago)
all very well to say about getting as much cash as possible I've only just got a decent job where I can start to save so I'm fucked. at least I haven't got a mortgage over my head
Pieter G (1 year ago)
love the intro sound ! but if this collapse doesn't happen. please keep making these videos they are addictive to watch ! you should make a movie or a written TV series
Abraham David (1 year ago)
Any word on the ATM's now? it's 7am in Hamburg...
N N (1 year ago)
thanks Jeff
Sam-pson Smith (1 year ago)
wouldn't that be nice. it is time for some change anyway.
Andrew Warshaver (1 year ago)
6 months of CASH? Psssh I'll take food, water, and lead over cash any day.
Andrew Warshaver (1 year ago)
fair point. always prudent to be diversified, I suppose!
Sobuka (1 year ago)
Andrew Warshaver same here
Hicham Solhi (1 year ago)
Everything is very well planned . 1st of October the United Nations take over the Internet. USA make treats to Russia and China openly, and now the european financial system is being dismantled. Another interesting fact is the 3rd of October is the beginning of the new year for both the jewish and the muslim calendar...for the first time. I think we should buckle up for the ride and cover our heads because the shit is about to hit the fan...This of course if we are not in a FEMA camp !
D33Lux xx (1 year ago)
Any news on whether China will release how much gold and silver they're holding? They want a precious metals backed currency so soon they will have to release their numbers on how much they have.
pjdalmeida (1 year ago)
Adding to the list... The most important move was made 2 days ago: http://www.imf.org/en/News/Articles/2016/09/30/AM16-PR16440-IMF-Launches-New-SDR-Basket-Including-Chinese-Renminbi
smallpawcoyote (1 year ago)
Your Self (1 year ago)
Didn't Johnathan Cahn (Con) make a bunch of videos and write (sell) books about this Shemita and Elul etc? And it was all fail-fear-porn to sell books and get clicks...
O 'Muireadhaigh (1 year ago)
But it's not Elul 29 for 2 weeks
Gabriel Ayoob (1 year ago)
does the Lord’s Final Jubilee, #120, ends Oct. 12th on Yom Kippur, Feast of Atonement?
Sean O'Brian (1 year ago)
wow you have a great Irish Name, but your right elul 29 is about 2 weeks away.
Gabriel Ayoob (1 year ago)
lol sorry i was wrong i was counting the shemitah yr as well as the jubilee yr.
O 'Muireadhaigh (1 year ago)
Why is jubilee two years long? I've not heard that before.
Gabriel Ayoob (1 year ago)
the 49th yr is ending but the 50th yr of Jubilee which is the celebration yr is starting now. Jubilee is 2 years long
Enrike G. (1 year ago)
Nothing really bad will happen.. relax and enjoy
youneed bleached (1 year ago)
bruce frabah bruce frabah
Stokjockey (1 year ago)
Yellen and Cryan
Andre Schneider (1 year ago)
hahaha good one
alexxs S (1 year ago)
i really don't know what to think, everything looks so uncertain and unpredictable, the true is that nobody is in control of what's happening.
YESHUA'S CHOSEN (1 year ago)
Surprised you didn't mention TD Bank customers debit cards being denied today.
HiveTyrant36 (1 year ago)
My Debit was locked earlier this week. I didn't think anything about it. Legacy Texas bank
Capt Canada (1 year ago)
The Rocket Radio Show (1 year ago)
finally caught your sextape jeff. damn dude, youre hung like a horse.
ohgeo ツ (1 year ago)
I hope that is a joke.
StraitClownin909 (1 year ago)
lol yeah wtf
Hank Hill (1 year ago)
he has a sex tape? lol
Jhere McKenzie (1 year ago)
TD Bank cards were declined today... when called (a 30 min minute wait), they said they did not know what the issue was and blamed it on Visa!
Louis Simley (1 year ago)
We all know if they don't want it to collapse it won't... They could print trillions or even make a quadrillion euro bill and save any institution they wish... This is controlled... The only question is.. why would they allow this to happen BEFORE the election?
gatorred157 (1 year ago)
our whole money system like a house of cards the main question witch card pulled makes it fall apart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gatorred157 (1 year ago)
well i know since 9/11/2001 it to stop terrorist's they tell us well i think it to protect the petro Dollar! sales of oil in dollars! what can we belive
carney adem (1 year ago)
the USA spread more "terrorism" than ANY other nation on Earth!
punky83 peace (1 year ago)
the fact that noone can pay back their debts: from most governments to Mr and Mrs Smith.
MAkM (1 year ago)
republic of India is involved in spreading terrorism in Pakistan and should be declared a terrorist state for this. Please sign the petition to end violence https://petitions.whitehouse.gov//petition/republic-india-involved-spreading-terrorism-pakistan-and-should-be-declared-terrorist-state
gatorred157 (1 year ago)
have your va payment lowered by 975 dollars and call in all your loaned out money see who pays or even call back!!! you find out your true friend's then!!
MrFreiheit (1 year ago)
I have been praying for DB to fail. The markets need to correct. Fuck the banksters.
ptrhuber (1 year ago)
Most of worldwide banking is 99% Jewish! Never thought why they chose several "german banks" ...to dump all their worthless paper crap and toxic credit default swap-crap into "German" banks!??? Calculated and deliberately targeted!!!! The final target ...is "looting accounts of german population" ...which, after decades of tough production and worldwide trade ...is app. 5 trillion! Jews are always after any countries resources ...and want to delay the discovery of their global crimes ...by stealing German Peoples Assets!
kofi333 (1 year ago)
well these bankers sadly will never learn .greed is the order of the day.global economic crash is just inevitable.the lamount of money involved really frightening.....just a matter of time.
Mike L. (1 year ago)
That's true, but it's why we have to prepare ahead of time to the best of our abilities. The system needs to be reset. If it had been allowed to happen sooner, it wouldn't be nearly as bad as it will be.
youneed bleached (1 year ago)
the banksters don't get hurt we do
Camilo Perna (1 year ago)
Im so early let me think of a joke America
The Rocket Radio Show (1 year ago)
not to me.
stevesurv (1 year ago)
Whenever I need some anxiety, all I have to do is look up The Dollar Vigilante. Thank you Jeff.
Mysticswalk (1 year ago)
Tyalbo (1 year ago)
+Mysticswalk I responded to Brown in his won language. It was outside my character to say such. Anyway i am Norwegian, and i dont like or dislike anyone. I speak English and Russian and know that we all face these times in Matthew 24 togheter. Take care.
Mysticswalk (1 year ago)
Tyalbo since you seemingly dislike Americans, why are you even concerned with this video at all?
Tyalbo (1 year ago)
+Brownsberg 777 A typical American attitude, very nasty. When English is forbidden in USA, and Russian is the language.....then who cares right ? Cause USA is once a shithole always a shithole, to those who live in normal countrys.
Brownsberg 777 (1 year ago)
Who gives a fuck about India, once a shithole always a shithole. This is About Deutsche Bank you nook.
Alexei Tsipkis (1 year ago)
I wish it would go on for a little longer, I am so not ready yet.
Gerald Hartman (1 year ago)
I hear you, Alexei. Just remember, you can always (no matter what)...you can always rely on yourself. Like "musical chairs" - the music can stop anytime and you may find yourself well away from any preps you've made,...leaving you with nothing but what you're carrying and your wits. Just "Macgyver" something. Peace, and take care.
Peter Stager (1 year ago)
The Saudis deposited half a trillion worth of gold bullion in Deutsche Bank
Peter Stager (1 year ago)
Jim willie has been dropping all kinds of information on the theft and blackmail being done to Saudi Arabia by the international crime syndicate
Maximum Axiom (1 year ago)
To save their investment, they own about 10% of DB, atleast that is what is known to public,
Gabriel Ayoob (1 year ago)
why would Saudis do that?
Robyn hud (1 year ago)
+Maximum Axiom heres hoping!
Maximum Axiom (1 year ago)
I read that too. So it is all safe for now!!!
parabola (1 year ago)
They're not going to let it collapse. It'll be something totally unforeseen to all of us when the shit goes down.
dunamis333 (1 year ago)
+Snake Stomper 44 I've been wrong before and I'm prepared to be wrong again. What's important is to never stop seeking to know when the Lord is coming for all those who love Him. I hope you're one of them. God bless you.
Andrew Mann (1 year ago)
+dunamis333 lol how does it feel to be wrong?
dunamis333 (1 year ago)
It's the Rapture on Saturday, the 8th of October 2016, that's going to completely collapse the Markets next week!!!
Jared Sartori (1 year ago)
I don't believe that at all. There is no way for Germany to bail it out as the debt is so massive. Deutsche owes 2ce as much than every single asset/cash that the country owns, private and government. So, this house of cards WILL fall. It is a mathematical certainty. Once Deutsche Bank goes the rest of the European banks that have been hanging on by a thread will go down too. It will happen and it isn't fear mongering to try and warn people!
Matan Levy (1 year ago)
This is unforseen to alot of people
Apex warrior (1 year ago)
Bail ins ?
Xx2ndAmendmentxX (1 year ago)
Apex warrior Won't work. 75 trillion derivative.

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