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Economics Professors Are Luddites Spreading Fear, Uncertainty and Debt

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Text Comments (110)
Andrew Kerr (27 days ago)
lol dumb fuck Keynesian's
Damon Cross (1 month ago)
That dusty turd is try to preserve his spoiled authority and inflated pension...
Gabriel Motta (2 months ago)
Not true that you can send pennies worth of bitcoins, the fees are to high, possible with nano or iota
Anna Smart (2 months ago)
I can see the twin towers burning on the folded dollar but not the pentagram burning. It's creepy that they do things like this to our money. Yikes.
Richard Neal (2 months ago)
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JohnRusso007 (2 months ago)
Plus they went in and dumped 459 Billion inti the crypto market in Dec. Obviously scream bubble then collapse the price. Inflation and deflation is how they do it.
tikklemeemo (2 months ago)
Jeff rapping is so cringey
motech man (2 months ago)
Skidowski should skidaddle the hell outa here.
Artus Kalon (2 months ago)
And then after they lost the ability to think for them self they go into politics
Ken Semotiuk (2 months ago)
Patricia Erickson, fiat toilet paper, fiat crypto crap which is backed up by fiat paper currency, is all the same old bullshit just placed in different piles! At least you can still purchase something at Walmart with fiat paper currency, you can't buy 'fuck all' with crypto crap at Walmart?
Ken Semotiuk (2 months ago)
Nick collishaw, if you don't care for eos pedophile coin you won't like jeffie's, anarco poke her in the hole pedophile coferences!
Ken Semotiuk (2 months ago)
Fag jf, only fiat paper currency is accepted for anarco poke her in the hole coferences! Whom, in their right mind would accept any form of crypto crap?
Ken Semotiuk (2 months ago)
Quit picking on Bix weird, just because he believes in road to roota comic book financial economics! He still that there is gold in them there hills!
Ken Semotiuk (2 months ago)
Jeffie'fake hawk'turdstick is chirping again, some of his followers listen to his 'I am free, baloney' even though jeffie is addicted to tobacco, alcohol, cocaine, sex with young person's at his anarco poke her in the hole conferences in the mexican part of the world! The rest of us are somewhat more critical of what comes out of his mouth? There are snowflakes 🐑 people and Muppets that still believe in santa, Easter Bunny"s, tooth fairy's, Clif' high and c60? Anyway, let's listen to some more of what comes out of cult leader jeffie's big yap!
Hector Morales (2 months ago)
Fuck that satanic bastard
A (2 months ago)
Spot on Jeff...! 👍👍👍👍👍👍
A (2 months ago)
:D you got me there.. hahaha... ok.. well english isnt my native tongue.. spanish / italian are my native languages... ;))
Ken Semotiuk (2 months ago)
A shot spot is what shoots out of jeffie's boyfreinds penis when they are having sex with each other! Are you new here?
A (2 months ago)
Ken Semotiuk 😂😂😂 Why would I even think about harming a Great Human being like Jeff..?
Ken Semotiuk (2 months ago)
A you mean shot spot on jeffie?
magnus4g63 (2 months ago)
Roses are red violets are blue, taxation is theft inflation is too <3
Lena Romero (2 months ago)
Strange times.
Mattys Modern Life (2 months ago)
Great stuff! Economics is the best.
Dr. Mike (2 months ago)
I hope jsnip4 and his crypto paradies make it to Anarchapulco in 2019😀
Joel Farmer (2 months ago)
When the government (cabal) said that "we don't have enough gold" BULL SHIT they just didn't want it to keep them from counterfeiting!
Mick Knight (2 months ago)
big drama jeff. dont loose yourself in it. peace
Cryptobradley200 (2 months ago)
Fear the WOO!!!!
fg jf (2 months ago)
Can I pay for Anarcapulco tickets with Crypto , or do you only accept fiat dollars?
Dr. Ho Lee Phuk (2 months ago)
Go to the website and you'll find out.
russ burton (2 months ago)
2 years i have been following you =thanks for giving me the redpill=its going to happen very soon .....you saved my life jeff and made me lots of money kudos
A. X (2 months ago)
i consider myself well-educated, but the word 'Luddite' had escaped my previous experience. Then, last week I hear Mike Novogratz drop it. Now Jeff. It's a good word. Luddite. Fuckin A.
rockethead555 (2 months ago)
who´s the man dressed like Jesus ? wtf? who are those Gurus Jeff?
dastardlyman (2 months ago)
very good thank you
Iain Mc Girr (2 months ago)
I do like your content though..to be clear
Iain Mc Girr (2 months ago)
No problem taking the dollar for the sub though eh ?? where is the crypto subscription option ??
Vercusgames (2 months ago)
Roughly constant?! Inflation in the USA keeps going up. The people who run our banking system don't know basic math. They are vampires, sucking our economies dry.
Linda Bohm (2 months ago)
Amazing!! Love the rap!
Luw7 (2 months ago)
Well 99% of all Bitcoin will be mined by 2040 so it's not that he's that far off. Wrong about everything else, though.
info GBSemi (2 months ago)
Please note Libert BLock EOS voted NO-Go for EOS mainnet launch. I am am EOS holder and have been for a long time so please encourage Liberty Block EOS to vote yes. Please follow Daniel Larimer's advice and vote yes. I have been emailing, Twittering and using Telegram to contact all of the EOS block producer candidates that are voting NO-GO.
Gpe Cantu (2 months ago)
LOL when you are rich you can be whatever you want thats for sure
Gpe Cantu (2 months ago)
Dont agree all of the presidents werent crimminals
Gpe Cantu (2 months ago)
Nice Bling
RiffRaff (2 months ago)
Are they just outright lying or are they really that thick?
Thomas Anderson (2 months ago)
yeah if bitcoin were 1 million dollars each, a satoshi would still be valued at 1 cent per satoshi lol, so a dollar would be just 100 satoshies or .00000100 satoshies and one cent would be .00000001 of a bitcoin when bitcoin is valued at 1,000,000 dollars per bitcoin. and we can still step down to micro bitcoins if I recall which are able to divide satoshies up into many increments, so iif that is true, you can literally divide bitcoin infinitely smaller, making it a multiplanentary currency at that point, with someone having even one bitcoin at that point, a legend of empirical porportions, worth more than a whole starship like the enterprise or a smaller class star destroyer LOL.
The_Sutton (2 months ago)
Lock up these criminals already.
Shred Head (2 months ago)
J. Smith (2 months ago)
Hey, I want a currency that has "the same problem as the gold standard" lol!
connor mckit (2 months ago)
Hey, What are the numbers?
DOLLAR VIGILANTE (2 months ago)
connor mckit. looking at it right now.. no comment
cassanoa (2 months ago)
you still dont understand who is in charge ? do you ?
bornnemisis (2 months ago)
Memo.cash cointext.io yours.org cashpay app handcash app Bchpls.io minipos.cash Many more to follow... Bitcoin Cash "bitcoin is back"!
Gary Bentley (2 months ago)
EOS will never beat ETH
Daniel Earl (2 months ago)
I see Jeff's career as a rapper continues even to this day, lol.
Ken Semotiuk (2 months ago)
Daniel Earl flapping ones lips does not make one a great rapper!
Gpe Cantu (2 months ago)
Omar Touzani (2 months ago)
The only non fraudulent means of exchange is gold and silver. Fuck banksters and fuck Satoshi too. Satoshi's shitcoin is worth nothing if it was not convertible to fiat. Don't expect to just wake up and find all sellers trading in cryptos. It is not gonna happen, unless governments can have control over cryptos OR unless we hang every single man in suit!
Frank Mosca (2 months ago)
Crypto is a sleeping giant. When it wakes up all these old fuckers will be eating there words!
James Winsoar (2 months ago)
Truth bomb.
anonymous (2 months ago)
Eos = pedo coin
Matthew Jenkins (2 months ago)
Jeff is salty AF and I love it #BTCAllTheWayUp
Lawrence Foster (2 months ago)
The Lord is raising a enemy for the need then just as HE will RAISE US UP as a enemy For the NEED. The Lord is indicating through HIS SPIRIT and SAINTS that we are going to be glorious powerful people.
Patrick Erickson (2 months ago)
Michał Z. (2 months ago)
Next interview - Yaron Brook?
chris wiebers (2 months ago)
Horrible songs, love it!
Rodrigo Alvarez Prieto (2 months ago)
Jeff, you should call out bix queer for slandering the EOS project. Please, take matters into your own hands, he is a disinformation agent that has to be exposed.
Lena Romero (2 months ago)
Rodrigo Alvarez Prieto Bix is telling it like it is...we can't protect or look the other way where PEDOS are concerned, you cannot fund evil!
Nick Collishaw (2 months ago)
what do people make of the fact that EOS is promoted primarily by Block One (the largest holder of EOS) which is run by Brock Pierce who was convicted of possession of the largest amount of child sexual exploitation material, and subsequently fled the country? I was astounded to learn this yesterday. Doesn’t exactly fill me with enthusiasm for the project anymore, that the primary holder is convicted child predator on the run
Anthony Gato (2 months ago)
Oh I see... It's already in so why stop..its happened already.. typical. He said homeboy fucks kids. He didn't ask for his resume.
Rodrigo Alvarez Prieto (2 months ago)
What do you make of the fact that Brock Pierce was chairman of the bitcoin foundation and on the ethereum team?
BTC STACKER (2 months ago)
EOS is shit... TRON will surpass EOS due to its constant burning of their coin supply which makes it deflationary. TRON is already on it's mainnet and will be officially free from it's ERC20 chain on June 25-26.
Bitcoin Bank (2 months ago)
Hodling EOS with an Iron fist :)
Bitcoin Bank (2 months ago)
or Rise to epic high's
GERGXReal (2 months ago)
Get ready to bleed to 50 cents.
driverx 36158 (2 months ago)
I do not like their shit rap music . They like gansters in the prison system. Act White if your White. Quit trying to be stupid and get attention by FITTING IN. FITTING INTO WHAT? Being a fucking moron like the masses.
Jordan Carter (2 months ago)
Will the real slim shady please stand up!!
Ken Semotiuk (2 months ago)
Jordan Carter do you mean the slime shine?
Martin Hann (2 months ago)
EOS is gonna rock ya!
tikklemeemo (2 months ago)
Ken Semotiuk stay salty
Martin Hann (2 months ago)
You have issues.
Ken Semotiuk (2 months ago)
Bitcoin Baller! Bitcoin is just another crypto crap scam that will will eventually disappear into the mist like all of the other crypto crap out there I guess bitcoin is struggling to stay above $7,700? Only 5.5 months ago it was $19,666! That's okay, just as long as some snowflake hodlers are willing to sit on bitcoin crypto crap, I guess there will still be a market for it as it continues to disappear?
Ken Semotiuk (2 months ago)
Martin Hann EOS rocks because like jeffie and his pedophile freind's, support Greek style love making with young people!
TED WEST (2 months ago)
OMG, Love it!!!!! Great job Sensi....
tomski thechamp (2 months ago)
wow they get real fucked hard in bitcoin times! hope it burns real hart :)
TON 618 (2 months ago)
Please Jeff, make a video about all the retards slandering the EOS project (mainly bix queer).
Martin Stiastny (2 months ago)
Amazing clip. I LMFAO. I found this so amusing. Loved it. Some drone of the central bank system pontificates about the failed system expecting the minions to fail in lock step.
stophypocrisy (2 months ago)
Criminal Central Banksters don't want their party to end and they could give a rats ass who suffers as a result if their criminal monetary scheme.
Vercusgames (2 months ago)
Yep. They aren't concerned about rising poverty, low wages, shrinking job markets, corruption. They just want to take all of our money; live like Kings and Queens.
TON 618 (2 months ago)
Hang on hang on Jeff, are you telling me that Greenspan is not a good guy as this retard bix says?
Stokjockey (2 months ago)
Awesome Jeff. The New EOS song is not going to go over well with BIX. That's OK though since he still thinks we Landed on the Moon in 1969...........Sorry BIX, NASA is a FRAUD
Dr. Ho Lee Phuk (2 months ago)
Bicks is an absolute fool.
A. X (2 months ago)
Let's face it, Bix is a Luddite.
PC (2 months ago)
Yea hes a complete cock, he recons $100K BTC before the end of this year and a $MILLION next year, fucking man is living in a fantasy world.
V for Veracity (2 months ago)
Ahh, I don't think bix's issue is denying a cospiracy theory
Bitcoin Baller! (2 months ago)
Keynesians suck long and hard
dastardlyman (2 months ago)
my maternal grandfather was keynes' personal assistant/secretary in cambridge university in the 1930s. my grandad did not like keynes at all. :-) not a joke. me grandad was george lambert
Sportster Guy (2 months ago)
Great work Jeff. Keep it up.
Ken Semotiuk (2 months ago)
Sportster Guy, great work jeffie? Who in the hell thinks that jeffie has a real job? Oh, we forgot about sportster guy, the lounge lizard!

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