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Ripple XRP News and the Litecoin Giveaway Announced! #XRP 🔥 USE CODE "youtube" to get 10% off HERE! ↙️ https://bradscrypto.com/ 🚀Follow Me On Twitter: https://twitter.com/Brads_Crypto 🔐Ledger Nano S Crypto Wallet: http://amzn.to/2H4CDjA 🥇Link to Support Future Giveaways and Channel Projects! https://www.patreon.com/BradsCrypto?a... 🤑My Favorite Exchange: https://www.binance.com/?ref=11630516 👍🏼Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brad.crypto.39 ⛏Mine Bitcoin with Hashflare: https://hashflare.io/r/F4018C9F Thanks for watching! Make sure to subscribe, hit the notification bell, and leave any thoughts or questions in the comment section. See you in the next video!
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Text Comments (95)
BradsCrypto (26 days ago)
Arsene Daniel (26 days ago)
LVUraWXpPHPUrdbK6DdUh7JT4sS2HVTELi this is the firs time when i am participating!! :D i hope i win :D
Mark Benjamin (26 days ago)
BradsCrypto hello reasintly found your channal i hope you grow well in subs p.s have you heard of rogue money crypto trading and news rogue coin and how acurate do you tink they are . Ltc wallet / kinda poor so hope i win ether way have a good day ill put a link to a past episode in comment after this MRGiGXWoxNhhkmMZHazq1rb6H9QYeJ8HNX
Jakonfire (19 days ago)
Thanks for the updates regarding XRP LNBu7764YjEXxiNwrpk7ennqgh2WReoU2t
dj26 (24 days ago)
nice Video ;-) LZBpeG9qhdcZKraV3RGLd3nsc7EQ4RWF8i
Hector Santos (25 days ago)
Free lite coin awesome !!!!
James Wise (25 days ago)
Thanks!!! Great info! LfGBrj2S6BJtxLhdcbwoXdnMwWPusjJsCU
Yousef Nasir (25 days ago)
Garret Harrow (25 days ago)
Thanks man love your videos keep it up what is happening with bitcoin last days ? LZ8pWBMSTrPQjoG8A3mC8Cztyb4mzgHck2
Clarence Couch (25 days ago)
I was just passing, and found a superb channel :) great contents, keep on rising... what is your opinion on tron trx ? LdCogDj6nLrxDMbDFwHQeXRDw7UTFefrk7
Elliot Jarrell (25 days ago)
again a nice video from you sir, thank you so much. i believe that cryptocurrency can change a person's life LStJvvpDVcbCuVxjdtsP1gubaKjfe41FB6
Paul Michels (25 days ago)
Tremendous work, great contents... I like your videos man, do more for us please. What is your opinion on litecoin in long term ? LiLW7ZtQ2dWdkT5AgMXRTV3NZp7MpK1AXC
Robert Oliver (25 days ago)
thanks for the giveaway and nice video! I want this litecoin... what is happening with altcoins last days ? LhA9cbLFbs5umC4HneiiYY5CYQWTA39PsY
Sean Stephenson (25 days ago)
Thanks for the update. Keep it up and you will grow just like Crypto :D LXiU46b6qoHL2pjFkfhkZiNULP5UVCS89e
Ivan Sidorenko (25 days ago)
You are doing very good work keep it up bro God bless you LYeu8qPmeCt9yuvUwFwwfMY4gU8WqSkVMf
animatorsteven (25 days ago)
RIP. In a year we will look back at these prices and only wish we would of bought more. LYd8MSyVwjVd44GRNTkUwJiXy6hWBgp8BQ
Brandon Beckett (25 days ago)
congrats whoa i am the winner congrats hats of to you man LeH6azsbd1r2YMQG2Hj1Yt9ZirP8YCDGgd
Jack Sparrow (25 days ago)
congrats on 4000 subscribers man good luck to all hope I am the winner! LMwHsJGV1iQVfvNTucCsGz3mCqnWS5NHzU
JOSEPH GRANDE (25 days ago)
TheKrueman (25 days ago)
4k NJ LVnXxw51cYCjJvG9PzFmNVJFPUqKbdoaNG
Marek Wasila (25 days ago)
tks for update LTunwaCZrNoRQuEa6SfWSHSFbBAHfziS7o
Crypto PaulyD (25 days ago)
Hope to buy Lambo with $$$ from Ripple! Ltc LUwrFcntEKtpgPLgrB4SPBShBXRUU8T5MQ
satoshibobby1659783 (25 days ago)
Awesome video bro, congrats on 4k subs! LTC MDgojCCpbVgyujDnYhF4qEJDsMtaecKLEh
Ryan Lee (25 days ago)
Congrats for 4 k subs man,well done!!! LL8k1zKvNbnwqi32FJyxJc5BSAsieATRNw
basketball fan (25 days ago)
Im bullish on Ripple! LdeJivLTvQ5HWSNZDfCJgBMyQpiURxhui8
LWsEGvvzTk4R1rmHT7CLberxs8B9HLVXxA LTC
Hodl King (25 days ago)
GO GO GO Ripple to the Mooon!!! LQfEjz1UEW8AEsPiGPgovReVo8vm5sapCR
alex makis (26 days ago)
Great update,keep doing great job! LTYx6MzMrTDiTmM2chVRy859Cg3kB8djus
Tony Moreno (26 days ago)
Thats wild man def good to leave the key phrase to a loved one or in a will ltc1q2qqswm6uldsmd9vucnx3l4sr3vgknm909adx0d
chirag k (26 days ago)
thank for the news man keep it up!! LSSCrpDrJkwR1naauNWy5wwF9Fiw6P9h7v
Bitcoin Info (26 days ago)
thanks for the update and news brother good luck to all hope to win 3GQTRJmvEhZDMncDxyyXqhbSqzkQEXviEv
Alvin Qui (26 days ago)
Slowly funding my XRP Thanks for the vid! :D LVVHsYuJvxp791mD5WrpKZHB8pjxBmTtfc
Subir J. (26 days ago)
Keep going @BradsCrypto. Hoping for great returns from XRP & LTC. LVVbTXiswc8MDTrxbG9Rffav5jH6waoX2r
Surekha Jadhav (26 days ago)
Hope to get lucky this time :-P LcPqm3zmD8YMi1q3WoM8YYKw9Cyid1bub1
Shirish Jadhav (26 days ago)
I trust Rippple XRP but I'm really skeptical about its price movement. Hope to see some nice sentiments in the crypto market very soon. BTW Thanks @BradsCrypto. My Litecoin Address - LVVbTXiswc8MDTrxbG9Rffav5jH6waoX2r
Subir Jadhav (26 days ago)
Keep it up bro... Positive news are getting released day-in day-out for Ripple. LcPqm3zmD8YMi1q3WoM8YYKw9Cyid1bub1
Power Ranger (26 days ago)
How much the prize
Power Ranger (26 days ago)
Hope to win
Vipul J. (26 days ago)
Congrats Brad! Thanks for the updates regarding Ripple #XRP. I'm really bullish on #XRP. LTC - LVVbTXiswc8MDTrxbG9Rffav5jH6waoX2r
Mark Nuhn (26 days ago)
at first i did not like the centralised nature of ripple then i came to the realisation that banking will need a bridge to crypto, i hope they will use it.0xe0317A715dc8704125C717bb87345294770beECD
Crypto Vegas Style (26 days ago)
Good video MG7tQKZ671PzuL7VYLDGQkHaMG21ZhLzML
Dan Anthony (26 days ago)
Ya leave your password keys with a loved one.
kai (26 days ago)
Keep the great videos coming, finally seeing some green in the market! LSd55brWi8Ma78hm3KAy6YVdcUHE8yF5Xs
Riten Wappel (26 days ago)
Good stuff. XRP is all over the news these days. Thank you for the roundup B! LNNrTf8NsDphtv5cLN3TD15H9xMHYcpYVs
David Prado (26 days ago)
Thank you for your XRP review ! Very informative and great analysis with broad coverage! LTC address MDHUnZqWHbyxWdUVuseAjtxLgJ7GEDv4et This give away is exciting. Liked and subscribed!
Stephen Herzog (26 days ago)
Amazing video!! Hopefully xrp can get back above $1.00 sooner then later Lg8E1nsb127tmFGx7Y7BA9Nqeorru3vAtQ
mycraigslister111 (26 days ago)
Please let me win, I have No Litecoin MB6BfwPdwcaK5A69Vp8qMNVuoiw3hWwrtR
stan mcneill (26 days ago)
Ltc is the best LdYBCn7tuDZyBZT87yj3dFHuJKiJ5LcAy6
Bill Young (26 days ago)
Great video! $500mm in XRP would be nice! LTC: LKmVzDgMMGj7QnFb79TN9yujmqkpgnRreS
Sun (26 days ago)
Can I send XRP-Adress ;)
marco74361 (26 days ago)
Awesome LQhiFZikZsssdpVDpPEhqhEJECzJLBf7sQ
jay miller (26 days ago)
eletroneum!! LTC is still my favorite MCZHrDFApEgJeTsf4tAhJ2FGS8X4fpDNiL
James Martinez (26 days ago)
XRP 1000bones (26 days ago)
To the moon!!!! LPuVUcc59oWJSi7avzaFvkRQZW4BDoFaKK
Mario Tretinjak (26 days ago)
Arsene Daniel (26 days ago)
LVUraWXpPHPUrdbK6DdUh7JT4sS2HVTELi mark my words, now is growing a little and until 06 jan will fall again at ~7k$ and then it will grow at least until 11k$ until 06 july and then will fall again.
None Cents (26 days ago)
Amazing video. Great watch! Thank you 👍🏻 bradscrypto you’re a legend bud. grats LW2S4yrAp1SVi2EDCWPN3pD6XtoMATRrdh
Bianca Diaconu (26 days ago)
Hi there! Buying more XRp til it gets hurts😂😂😂👍🏼 thanks for your passion. congrats LTC: MQ8Wb2ajPPVwMVTdnWLBZxsXeCBj3X7Go2
Nathan MATMAT Vargas (26 days ago)
People need to realized no matter haters say. Ripple is unstoppable at this point. Xrp right behind xrapid, coil, spring at this point not investing it's just plain stupid (if u in this game). congrats brad LQGHW9gvEDCuvk58thztK9SwzDvLCBUPQm
MC Hod-L (26 days ago)
new prediction by john mcafee 'big money' is coming to bitcoin 🚀 buy bitcoin now! congrats bradscrypto.!! LddCc6sSrJMYomKeQs2UqKFvyqwZGJG7HL
Darth Vader (26 days ago)
Appreciate the content Brad, one thing to look for as well is a possible Bitcoin ETF this year. LbznJ8zjk4TbaaDfZ122XhsGxxdyv5N3MB
Kevin Rockwell (26 days ago)
Thanks for good update ltc Lc3mjR6pRhH79LcsHuPYUmvgPmxBZ6eMmL
SteveRCcity (26 days ago)
Thanks for the updates 👍 MATrkKGTY9G3qjVTT4hWbMnfZdSBisWodu
Romel Sniper (26 days ago)
Great content and explanation of the technicalities...keep up the good work! congrats LRZmcmvJqhVPNaf1kv5eqWSEqXC4L79KwR
Crypto Nikki (26 days ago)
Jacob Crypto (26 days ago)
love the vid and keep up the good work! LTC: LSDz2p86mhLP8G6RS8v7xSNhF48ceBaKfC
Manuel Gómez (26 days ago)
Did you ever hear the like? Pavel Durov opened one more lap of ICO Telegram on icostarter.online/gramnetwork
Martijn Vrencken (26 days ago)
Crypto Stefan (26 days ago)
Great video,keep it up! Ltc  LTGCi3CWchpyAGBR1GCCLxi1Dad6RkjqLq
Desert Dan (26 days ago)
Interesting video,thanks Brad! Ltc     LSaMpyuYzPdYhs9KFpqGDNnYSudJhgXzEr
Katelyn Schuldiner (26 days ago)
banks will wonder why they're losing customers if they're not with Ripple. I personally don't want to be with a bank that isn't using it because i know i'm eventually going to save as a consumer. It's that simple. Do yourself a favor and save! go open an account today. LgJXBxXaaA6Y8gyugQNxLTevRK44nU45T5
Crypto Moon (26 days ago)
smashed the like button and subscribed LUv4wobZLtJxYT3mcVZdEmuveGWS8MGnY2
TEBRIZ ramazanov (26 days ago)
crypto beavis (26 days ago)
Nice video as always LTC   LXDWuVPAtR7DtWxXXCcNvqgMduJL4Kk2cH
Warren Buff (26 days ago)
in kuwait! they have the strongest currency in the world. i hope they invest in xrp . LQEqhKw4JRxmrtC3jkFXpxPMsjQx92aMBQ
Neo Enthusiast (26 days ago)
Agree now is the time to buy. congrats brad LayeWKvdWTzT4gyqCxP1DFtnN6jMD6Xn2L
Vinay Bansal (26 days ago)
Yaritza Espadaz (26 days ago)
Thank you for the update! MDdUKtaUcfkCriEJuvCYtD5LiVrMZ3CD1H
Mikhail Dmitry (26 days ago)
4k subs is a huge accomplishment.. congrats Great video Shared and liked the video this is my address. LdKJH6JQox6c3aYMXtnvbBMtxLfEeAJG83
Alex Q69 (26 days ago)
All we need is for Western Union to kick start XRP and we will moon. I'm still hodling. LLcDUhgggzoqihKJEfYj9YSwX5shdwBA5L
TheKC1003 (26 days ago)
This is huge for Ripple. But im still not convinced this would help the XRP token forwards. Lc5Sy5VkkjMAnMBQDyAb4VNs4x3Y1TP6Ku
Crypto Senpai (26 days ago)
Thanks for the updates BradsCrypto! Looking forward to the big exchange news! Ripple to the moon and beyond! LfURTTAs5q8joGXmbHo54RvMgb3bvvgpP7
Ian Bang (26 days ago)
I think this will be huge for ripple people are sleeping on this underrated coin they are going to do big things starting with Kuwait grey video .    congrats   LhrigktwuMAjhhCif1o6PiiQHyQmxRMt72
Stijn de Haan (26 days ago)
Thanks for the chance, grats with 4k! Ltc: LaaHw96wxgNQCtaoxfSbnGehPtVCkTR3YN
Kiran N.S (26 days ago)
Thanks you for giveaway !! WALLET ADDRESS LbJp3JDNHv2vu58LgBRE2pKcTfM5dETHow
Froi Dona (26 days ago)
congrats, I hope for a XRP but so far price action reacting only in relation to BTC, any fundamentals not really impacting XRP :)    LXjFtzy4g6xp5ewLorsJ1t7hAGV1x3gGFH
Abhijeet Gaikwad (26 days ago)
Nice vid LT1B2r8NY7UX4ciGG1fAknhXaptJhHZdDR
Back Williams (26 days ago)
congratsRipple setting itself up for a huge future!LgXdTPw9dzaQ2NWjTtxpyJnj3QJNEWRKbi
Justin Knox (26 days ago)
ccongrats to 4k subs.when everyone loses hope and sell only then banks get into xrp.  LZzMauqHzans6Nr2TneHRCdHfryvZis5ky
Dávid Harsányi (26 days ago)
Earn free LTC daily up to 15 LTC https://ltcminer.us/597874
Austin Crypto (26 days ago)
It's time to get some XRP, at least a small bag. LY7DKJy9KG5DF6Z5iVpM2MTaGDyq3dGmi2
Sharlene Govender (26 days ago)
number100 (26 days ago)
nice info LP8GXGMqT9qMtuKTtoVUHLBmuRQ6U5x36j
Чуваки Corp (26 days ago)
At last an opened ICO Telegram is available! Now you have a possibility to change your old Toyota on Lamborghini) Personally I bought 1000 tokens on www.cryptovilla.info/icogram
Modesto Modesto (26 days ago)
Thanks from the newz Brad! :) LP9dGEHfVxQRWLZcaBeLat6xupRopPEFTY
Richard O'Brien (26 days ago)
Thank you for ripple xrp update. Great marketing and amazing long term future ahead. Just wait until people start building on its Blockchain! LhTy1pWXZaGK5NXXNiVmoi1qmq9YkTStzv
Krzysztof Ospelt (26 days ago)
Congrats on 4 k. LTC best crypto and coming infrastructure looking great LYPUp3XnBDHdggA5V9s7nG1WScH1buEWRi
Alligator Jack (26 days ago)
my bet is mainly on XRP and Electroneum
Alligator Jack (25 days ago)
chris shamoun why? XRP is for the big companies ETN is for private customers
chris shamoun (25 days ago)
man thats an oxymoron.
Marvsjo07 (26 days ago)
crypto will here to stay and this is the new revolution thank you man LTsT9gcxNwGxBmrAVfhGtAnVvAHq2yzum5
Scott Groves (26 days ago)
Trent Williamson (26 days ago)
patiently waiting for that big day to come 👏👏👏 good job BradsCrypto 👍👍👍 LSe2B8r6sA2Rom8qGeatBirDe9mf49FzLg
janice hull (26 days ago)
Great video with excellent content. Hi to everyone ...from the UK ! MDpMuguMGevwxTeWm5TzEsJD7zSk836i9t
Tyson Mock (26 days ago)
i wach everyone of your videos bro keep up the great content man!!! Oh yea i like big dips and i cannot lie lmao . I have a lot of ripple and hope it hits its all time high again i bought in at 0.67cents and with all these partnerships its gonna go up soon. I am a huge NEO and ONT fan and they just partnered up together, Im excited Lbkqh7kF3h98MTsw7e2xoFARg9nJFr3sPx

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