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How to Stop Worrying, Feel This Moment for Life, and How to Stop Hurrying Through Today!

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See how to stop worrying, how to stop hurrying, and feel this moment each day no matter what you are doing! When you understand that you have nothing better to do than your best right now, the weight of the world will drop off your shoulders! Get more at http://jerrybanfield.com/ and see the answers to these questions! How to stop worrying and stressing. How to stop worrying about what people think. How to stop worrying and take control of your life. How to stop worrying what others think. How to stop worrying about everything. How to stop worrying about the future. How to stop worrying about death. How to stop worrying about school. Tricks to stop worrying about the things i can't control. Tips to stop worrying about the future. How to feel this moment for life. Subscribe to my YouTube channel at http://jerry.tips/ytsubcription
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ROD VAN (11 months ago)
Very helpful.. Now to implement this.. Thank you
kamran Hamidfar (2 years ago)
very helpful. thank you
Jerry Banfield (2 years ago)
+kamran hamidfar Thank you for watching :)
Terkas (2 years ago)
I didnt want you to stop talking. I'm on the edge of suicide and this somewhat helped a bit.. i just wish your vid could continue just another vew minutes. Ill check if you have more :)
Jerry Banfield (2 years ago)
+Terkas Thank you for taking the time to share your story! The easiest thing I have found is to take one day at a time. I still save for the future and make sure my family will be in a good position if something were to happen to me, but I try not to concern myself with the future and things that are out of my control. It is never too late to turn your life around if you focus on moving forward!
Terkas (2 years ago)
+Terkas Well, I saw some more of your video's, and I got out of bed, and actually got an appetite. I see now that my enemy is time. I feel like I have no control, no power, cus I always have to wait for something. I can't fix something NOW, i have to wait, and that's whats making me feel so terrible. I always need to have a plan b, c, d, e, for if plan A, the thing i have to wait for, because for example, government thing and I have to wait 'till monday, fails. I feel like i just don't have time before I loose all I have. I get so extremely scared, all the time, and I can't do anything anymore. I feel like I've failed. I only see dates, and dates of the week. not today. I'm typing this 30 minutes before I have to take my next tranquilizer the doctor gave me to stump my brain so I don't kill myself, and I feel like I maybe don't need it right now. I need to calm down, breath, make some food, clean up my home, and just breath. Wait 'till monday, I don't know what'll happen then. For now, I have done all I could, and stressing over I NEED TO DO MORE OMG isn't helping me. I don't want to feel like this anymore, all I ever want in life is happiness. Thank you, you're the first person I actually feel helped me in a while.
Daniel bath (3 years ago)
Thank you Jerry for Sharing this video. I hurry alot man.

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