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Is BITCOIN Really a BUBBLE? Let's do the REAL Analysis!

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theroux can (4 months ago)
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Velat Emirhanoglu (4 months ago)
I don't think it's a bubble but we see some corrections on the price. In my opinion I believe in cryptocurrencies and BTC has been the leading coin so far and it'll go up eventually.
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muijny (4 months ago)
Hey fantastic videos, Oracle. Could you recommend a few news websites to know all that happens with the cryptocurrencies?
Lukas Ingemarsson (4 months ago)
When you day trade, where do you recommend to store your cryptos? I just started trading at Bittrex, and while I don't really wanna store my cryptos online, at the same time it feels annoying to transfer everything to an offline wallet after every trade. What do you think?
Chris Haan (4 months ago)
In the ocean of current vaporware, a few tokens and coins floating on this ocean will change the world in 5-10 years. Now is the embryonic stage.. good time to be in it!!!
Chris Haan (4 months ago)
Not scams...Vaporware. The developers have dreams but they are not realistic so it will fail. But that is not a scam just certain failure.
Crypto Earning (4 months ago)
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Jasper Spierings (4 months ago)
Goldman Sachs don't want crypto to grow, they are afraid because they can't control it. they have been trying for years to stop the growth from happening. The more crypto will grow the less relevant they will become, no wonder they like people to believe it's a bubble.
Gabriel Smidt (4 months ago)
Yeah also though. They created it
Chad Novelli (4 months ago)
I need help Crypto!!
TED WEST (4 months ago)
Well done
Matt Dwyer (4 months ago)
"because of the people who got in BEFORE 2017, BEFORE the market got huge" aka people unlike you, ya noob
Micah Woolfolk (4 months ago)
They weren't even alive in the 1600ds
Jeffrey Byron (4 months ago)
Do you believe the institution investors have almost complete control over the crypto market? How much influence do retail investors actually have, in your opinion? I like to think that we have more control, but there are times when I just feel like the smallest fish caught in the currents.
notmyrealnameify (4 months ago)
The Tulip Mania already started 30 years before the bubble began to grow. People already payed 1000 gulden (150 gulden was a good year salary) for a 'high quality' tulip in 1623. They were used as decorative item for proms. Around 1634 people started to sell tulips that were just planted, tulips that had yet to grow. You could call those the futures of the 17th century. The price went to the moon in 1636, the most expensive tulip sold for 6000 gulden. It was not the work of a con man though many people sold tulips they didn't really own to make a quick profit. The real use of expensive tulips was limited to showing off at parties. It had no other purpose. The number of people who really wanted them to show off was small. Most people just wanted to resell them, the supply increased because of the price. There was less demand then supply and the whole thing came down. Bitcoin creates scarcity, it can be traded worldwide without problems. It is safe and bitcoins won't turn to dust in a few years. Bitcoin appeals to a broader audience then tulips and it has purpose.
Michael Haley (4 months ago)
You shoud make a vid about paying CRYPTO TAXES in 2018
scanjet1000 (4 months ago)
He should make a vid about avoiding CRYPTO TAXES in 2018
Peter Dimsdale (4 months ago)
Thanks, always enjoy watching!
nomy23DH (4 months ago)
First dislike!
Aziz Jaab (4 months ago)
nomy23DH 🖕🏿
DennyCraneReloaded (4 months ago)
16xx is in the 17th hundreds btw mate
Tomas Kotora (4 months ago)
great vid. Man and buy S class 6.3 amg.
T. M. (4 months ago)
good explainations. that's good when newbies come and see your success, that you are aware of economics etc and not just ,,hype"
Ashish Ranjan (4 months ago)
Nice video...i was panic until i see this..
Crypto Sudaca (4 months ago)
it's not just some... I'd say MOST are scams, still most of the top 15 I'd say are good
Nicolas (4 months ago)
you're a scam guy !
Crypto Sudaca (4 months ago)
so maybe not like a scam in the sense that they are doing nothing, but in the sense that they take an age old problem that has failed in the past and they tokenize it... vechain an example... there is no need for blochain there, same thing for Substratum for example and so on.. the tokenization and blockchain of all those projects is unneded and in fact maybe it only gets overly complex, slow and inneficient by tokenization...
ComicBookGuy Henderson (4 months ago)
which ones in the top 100 are scams?
George O'Gallagher (4 months ago)
Lincoln de Morais (4 months ago)
Guy, I need your help! I sended many e-mails to Blockchain Education but they not answer me. Helpe me!!
Chris K (4 months ago)
There are a lot of support tickets in queue, this is a busy time for Blockchain who saw an increase of 1000 members over this month from less than a couple hundred. You'll need to have patience.
Jesse Shanks (4 months ago)
Do you have a subscription with them?

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