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Ron Paul on whether Trump can ‘drain the swamp’

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Former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) on whether President-elect Donald Trump can ‘drain the swamp’ in Washington, D.C.
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BlackSmith (18 days ago)
Handcuff wave is coming.
J b (20 days ago)
If Trump really wants to drain the swamp start with (LUCIFER) GEORGE H.W BUSH 1991 AGENDA 21 treason speech THE NEW WORLD ORDER OF THE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT AGENDA 21 then move from there to reopen 9/11inside job INVESTIGATION outher wise lieslieslies and he is part of the swamp give me the authority to go direct the ones to do this job. Outher then that this is nothing but a side show and smoking mirrors of the 1%ERS that owns 90% of all wealth in the world and where nothing but under salve labor woarst then African slaves 150 years ago
John Tatum (3 months ago)
With the help of heroes like Nunes...the swamp will get drained.
antonio volpe (4 months ago)
Please drain the water on his brain
Marton Steve (4 months ago)
Elodia Pedraza (4 months ago)
What are you talking about Ron Paul ,Our President is doing a fantastic job of draining the swamp 🇺🇸♥️👍🏻. Keep on draining Mr. President 👍🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸♥️👍🏻. We love ❤️ you👍🏻🇺🇸 we love the NRA.
Ada Johnson (5 months ago)
Ron Paul" please you are wrong we want the Fed gone and we could use you in Gov.
Scene N. Herd (5 months ago)
yeah he can--and fill it even higher with his sociopathic narcissism. You people are idiots
g bridgman (5 months ago)
I don't think any human being can fix all the ills of DC in one lifetime. But it's a good start.
John Devine (5 months ago)
Skeptics are the losers in our lives.
JoJo C (5 months ago)
conservatives aren't as dumb as you think we are we know the swamp is deep and we know that if anyone can do it right now president Trump Ken we also know everyday his life is at risk because he's trying to drain that swamp and before it's all said and done president Trump is going to need us a regular Americans the back him up cuz anybody that things one man can drain is government swamp is a fool if you voted for Trump you damn well better have the balls to stand up behind him cuz the swamp is connected throughout the world they are going to do anything and everything they can to destroy president Trump is standing for they are angry because he has put a light on their corruption he is trying to get rid of it they don't want it to be over they like their money they like their power be ready to back your president folks
Blackops Catspy (5 months ago)
Oh, just forget draining the swamp. Just pave it over.
luis quinones (5 months ago)
we are going to help him to drain the swamp we are sick  of all this bull shit
Gayle Miller Round (5 months ago)
the rooster (6 months ago)
Very disappointed. Just found out ron paul has close ties to George soros. Glen beck youtube
luis quinones (8 months ago)
ron paul is so full shit
luis quinones (8 months ago)
we are going drain the swamp for him
Nick Sofialakis (9 months ago)
Great Trump versus F/Reserve is like St. George versus Satan's army.
Jon Cavanaugh (1 year ago)
Ron Paul should have been President.
Trump is my President (1 year ago)
It was one of the VERY FIRST THINGS TRUMP DID. If your too stupid to understand that The president can not outright FIRE elected officials. He CAN and DID however impose term limits on them via executive order. MOST congressman will be ineligible to run in this very next election (Congress has elections every 2 years) Senators serve 6 year terms, BUT 3/4 of the current sitting senators are up for re-election on this very next election cycle, or at least they would have been. But not anymore because about 490 of the 535 in the house are ALL already past the term limit. Meaning ineligible to run for public office again. They wont even be a choice to vote on, on the ticket. Mark my words 90% of current congress and senate will be GONE (Meaning Swamp will be Drained) BEFORE the 2020 presidential election.
haumāna o nā akua (1 year ago)
It is so unfair... The republican Ron Paul being as he said "hesitant" and bashful toward the 2016 republican elected president. The respected mister Ron Paul wants an Amsterdam America, when obviously knows near to nothing about Amsterdam. The public wants fairy tales from him, and he is not delivering anything else but utopic and unmotivational speeches. Why would any decision factors would even think twice about this no doubt inteligent but misplaced political guru? He was not truely invested in anything, with the convenient excuse: I am only one person, I cannot do more than that!
ssfuk (1 year ago)
Drain the swamp with Betsy Devos LMAO!!! At least I can rest easier knowing everything he said was full of shit
kinglou480971 (1 year ago)
THEE only way the SWAMP can be Drained is at the VOTING BOOTH ... PERIOD
Mario Capistran (1 year ago)
some draining of the swamp it turned out to be Hahaha bunch of handicaps
Escape Velocity (1 year ago)
I may not agree with everything Ron Paul says, he's like Bernie in that you get the feeling he's sincere, the real deal.
Liz Clegg (1 year ago)
Donald Trump needs to drain his own swamp.  He doesn't strike me as having a clean government mindset.
ThornlingHS (1 year ago)
ron paul and his son are total losers who have accomplished nothing lol even bernie sanders had a more successful movement
GamerZapocalypse (1 year ago)
...maybe Ron Paul should have run as an Independent if he is so concerned about the two-party dictatorship.
z .mn (1 year ago)
Since when does a country function like a business?! What about the priciples that Ron Paul announced and earned him such a great support in 2012?! Trump is a deadbeat. Nobody in the world trusts him but his business partners.
Speedy (1 year ago)
Lots of respect for senator Paul. I'm afraid that he's right about it being a monumental task to try and drain the swamp.
Vince SC (1 year ago)
Trump is doing what is part of the plan
lazan arndt (1 year ago)
Fuck You Ron Paul! You help re-elect obama when you ran against Mitt.
Imagine369hz (1 year ago)
Ron Paul. Please visit #FreeEdandElaineBrown
larryjohnny (1 year ago)
00:55 to skip the intro..
Ronin Lord (1 year ago)
ok lets up date this story since he is NOT draining the swamp but has made it bigger then any in American history.
Ronin Lord (1 year ago)
ok 10sec in over Trumps left shoulder is a person animal print shirt her face is green.
David Herrera (1 year ago)
can We get on Twitter and ask trump to hire Ron?
Aaron Zweig (1 year ago)
Trump isn't half the man Ron Paul is...
Curiousnessify (1 year ago)
ur right, Ron is half his size
Aaron Zweig (1 year ago)
+Emily Zweig Triggered.
Emily Zweig (1 year ago)
+Aaron Zweig I can see you through your window
Aaron Zweig (1 year ago)
+Emily Zweig Who are you...
Emily Zweig (1 year ago)
+Aaron Zweig not until you stop stealing my quotes
Jeanne O'Mara (1 year ago)
His cabinet is filled w Wall St and Hedge fund mgrs. Thats the real swamp and he wants to rebuild the military. We already spend too much on the Military. It will kill us.
Eve Lynn (1 year ago)
Wow, that guy sure didn't want to talk about the "Shadow Government".
HandyMan101 (1 year ago)
Drain the swamp by filling it with more swamp water.
rivieracar1992 (1 year ago)
YES YES YES Trump absolutely needs Dr Paul to advise him. The good Doctor knows Washington well and is the best man to help him out with the Feds.
Joel 7 (1 year ago)
Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul!
Shahram Sareminouri (1 year ago)
the folks voted for him really are so stupid they have no idea what swamp he was talking. about ...the same bullshit all over again
mrsparex (1 year ago)
Will not happen with Mutt Rmoney as Secretary of state! (get Gowdy, Rand or somebody)
Many of his picks are Wall Street bankers, billionaires, and same Washington politicians. Very skeptical that we will have good changes needed like lower tax, efficient government, reduce deficit, build/invest modern infrastructure(rail, high speed trains), renewable energy,low/zero college, reduce war spending, climate, clean up Wall Street too big to fail(and bailouts by tax money), tax reform, promote worker cooperatives, prosecute Wall Street criminals, audit the fed etc.
Randal Altemus (1 year ago)
Donald Trump ain't draining no swamp if he makes Romney his Secretary of State. We knew Hillary was going to the same old shit. Maybe we will at least get some decent jobs and wages. Democrat for Trump !!!
endisrael now (1 year ago)
no matter what topic, Ron Paul responds valiantly. you go boy
Kit Carr (1 year ago)
The first thing is to recognise that there IS a swamp and that it needs to be drained ! The next thing is to recognise the SIZE of the swamp And then you have to understand that many people are heavily invested in the swamp and in keeping hidden that which is hidden in the swamp !
Justin M (1 year ago)
yep keep him from talking about the shadow government
mike patterson (1 year ago)
If Voting Mattered ...They Would Outlaw It. Deep State Runs Your Ass... You Are Trained... You Obey... And Never Even Know It. Peace Is With-In..... Everything On Tv is There ... Just For You;-)))
dongszkie (1 year ago)
STRONG MILITARY? Are you sure that if can defend against China or Russia who are both showing a bullying attitude and reckless assertiveness on their neighbors and against America???
oneyaker (1 year ago)
Ron Paul is well meaning guy and also completely ineffective.
mark jones (1 year ago)
Trump has already proved that he is better at this than Ron Paul. Can you say, sore loser? The FBI exposed the shadow government on the seventh floor to the world, the people in control of Hillary's investigation. Trump knows enough and what he doesn't know, people like General Flynn and others know. He doesn't need Ron Paul, the guy who's butt hurt because Trump put Jr. out of the primary's. Ron Paul is Clinton lite. He is going to be on the sidelines criticizes everything Trump does.
Jeff Strange (1 year ago)
Don't worry Ron, when he throws the plunger over the drain, you'll see how the crap goes down. Since everyone else lost their careers, I could care less who loses their's over on the Hill....let em work over at McDonald's, it's a good experience.
James Tan (1 year ago)
Mr. Ron Paul is a straight guy. I like Ron of his sincerity and experience. But I believe the swamp can be drained as much as Mr. President-Elect will do.
Selena Beaulieu (1 year ago)
Ron Paul would definitely be assassinated if he ever had the opportunity to end the Federal Reserve. JFK tried to do that with Bill # 11110 and we see where that got him yup their not ever gonna cede that kinda power over to many hands involved it's easier to simply eliminate the threat..
Eisen J Eisen (1 year ago)
of course i always said that it'll keep going until it crashes then start over no minimum wage no tax on companies they all come back for cheap labor
ron sheppard (1 year ago)
Draining the swamp has to come from the top. If Trump is on the hunt for swampees , he should be effective. There is no one above him to squash his efforts.
Wayne Mickel (1 year ago)
He can fire and hire and if we remove the Zionists out of the military we will drain the swamp and Trump is Commander in Chief you Ron should become Secretary of State we do not need to do anything for the military. Get rid of the Fed and create our own currency.
Test Channel (1 year ago)
he should be secretary of finance
Dear: You (1 year ago)
With names like,, Mike Pence Reince Priebus KT McFarland Nikki Haley And that Jew son in law of his. I dont see exactly how the swamp is draining yet..
dadfud4869 (1 year ago)
Na na na na na na na na na heeeyyyyeeeyyyee good bye !!!!
robsteries (1 year ago)
so, it is very clear that it is not about the vote of the people anymore, if I understand correctly?
TD052 (1 year ago)
he could not drain his own bladder.
funkyfiss (1 year ago)
Ron Paul would be prefect for a cabinet position!! He can help allot with draining the swamp!!
Bill Hileman (1 year ago)
Remember the Alamo !!!
Crush (1 year ago)
Ron Paul is the only honest politician I have herd.
Keeping Calm (1 year ago)
He just want's his swamp to win.
Jordan Brock (1 year ago)
Now they put Ron Paul on the news. Why not put him on when he ran in 2012? Instead they gave him a media blackout.
Konstantin Gr (1 year ago)
plz guys ron paul is charismatic but he is freaking one of the major lizards crawling around that swamp ..
Konstantin Gr (1 year ago)
damm i have to correct my comment ,, i didnt mean ron paul , but paul ryan my bad
Greg Cunningham (1 year ago)
Demoraliz3 2016 Idiot.
stephen leger (1 year ago)
Fuck yeah ..Ron Paul would flush the toilet on those fricking crooks
Milton Williams (1 year ago)
The "Little Dictator" with his appointments is polluting the "Swamp" more with his "Deplorable's".
ron hanish (1 year ago)
President Trump needs Ron Paul in his cabinet of advisers !!
James Crothers (1 year ago)
After you "drain the swamp" and get rid of the "big" critters, you still have all those dammed bugs, and there are a hell of a lot more of them, then the "big" ones. They also bite, and some even are poisonous, as well as deadly.
funkyfiss (1 year ago)
Looks like we need bug spray!!
amommamust (1 year ago)
Oh, hell yes! I am ready to see Ron Paul be the last Fed Chair!
▶▶▶ Ron Paul's List via Wikileaks ▶▶▶ http://www.ronpaullibertyreport.com/archives/revealed-the-real-fake-news-list Mainstream Media is Finished
Jack Hyatt (1 year ago)
By saying that he would not prosecute Hillary Clinton, then he sure as hell won't drain the swamp because he is a creature in the same SWAMP!!! He is a fake and a joke. America is dead. Thanks you elitist fucks!
cats meow (1 year ago)
D Barb. Your's is one big Supposition. Sounds like your very negative...you don't know anymore than anyone else...You may be surprised!
cats meow (1 year ago)
Jack Hyatt Trump announced that he will no longer press Hillary's case...Just think about it! It's not the President's responsibility to pressure Hillary or any suspect. Nor does the President investigate crimes; doesn't interrigate suspects either..Crimes are the responsibility of the FBI and the AG, of the State Dept.Their duties are investigation, interrigation and indictment of any person that has committed a crime and will be charged quilty. Congress does their oversite investigation. Head if The FBI provides his recommendation to the AG. If The suspect is found quilty the case is passed to the President for indictment. The president reviews, approves and signs the indictment.. Viola! President doesn't handle an entire case. Of course that makes Trump correct 👍. He therefore made the following announcement. Trump will no longer press Hillary Clinton
mick champion (1 year ago)
hes playing them at their own game,as he wont do anything until hes in office, and evan then I expect the decision would be up to the chief prosecutor, so he is being honest, just economical with the truth.
Meow (1 year ago)
well conway just said he's not gonna prosecute clinton...so.........?
Auldz Basunillo (1 year ago)
I respect your opinion Dr. Ron Paul, but I am not totally buying it. Moreover, I can't wait for the time when you will be having the hardest time swallowing your pride because of this skepticism you spew today.
Mark Schellin (1 year ago)
Auldz Basunillo (1 year ago)
only crybabies and butthurt people won't be able to understand a pragmatist. #MAGA !!!!
Dear: You (1 year ago)
Trump has been saying -he will be a big government /spender..
Hunam (1 year ago)
D Barb IKR, already backpedaled on Hitlery4Prison... Let's see how he'll fuck up economy with tariffs and increased spending...
Hunam (1 year ago)
Oh, Obama's electorate optimism..... Where did it get ya?........
John Moonitz (1 year ago)
I love and deeply respect this man
Holy Harlot (1 year ago)
Ron Paul as Secretary of Treasury and auditing the FED might be too much to hope for
strong foot (1 year ago)
Ron and Rand Paul are only farts and no facts. No wonder they never made it to the White House.
Hooptie Hamburger (1 year ago)
Trump is appointing big government career politicians to "the swamp."
oplix (1 year ago)
ron paul still peddling his own agenda. he has no opinion except his own.
Jews Traveler (3 months ago)
MrSlaide he is correct.
MrSlaide (1 year ago)
Except that he is correct, idiot. The majority of the government is corrupt. Getting rid of all of them is almost impossible.
General Lee (1 year ago)
lindowan123 (1 year ago)
Ron Paul's  "swamp"  was full of money therefore that's why he and the others wanted to drain it.    Trump doesn't need to line his pockets over the next 4 years for his  "retirement"  fund which is fundamental to how politicians have viewed the swamp.
David Spicer (1 year ago)
dude all these people being negative and trump isnt even president yet
+TheInfamousCanadian Who do you want? Ralph Nader and Wavy Gravy? He's got to be practical about his position of power. I think he can still reach his goals with those people--they have to answer to him. And Trump has to answer to Congress. 
I love Tea (1 year ago)
Look at all his advisers so far, all establishment candidates!
sean jokela (1 year ago)
trump is a liar and an idiot and republican theories have been tried and tested and have failed already...but i still agree with you. im 35 and u gotta be 35 to be president..this shoulda been my year lol
cats meow (1 year ago)
David Spicer. that's also my point of view...Give the man a break...Trump is smart, knowledgeable with good insite
Jamey Summers (1 year ago)
Yeah, "drain the swamp". He is already using and appointing Washington insiders and lobbyists.
greg ballard (1 year ago)
Jamey Summers he needs insiders to dismantle the system he can't do it alone
Jabar Galaroza (1 year ago)
if Trump really wants to drain the swamp, make sure the water stays in because the poor alligators might die.
cpetch10 (1 year ago)
Give him a chance come on!
jan jop (1 year ago)
Trump is appointing lobbyists and it's only a week in. How are lobbyists anything more than swamp monsters?
jug gernug (1 year ago)
Trump please for rhe sake of America...Drain the damn swamp!!!!!
Junk Booger (1 year ago)
This is the best opportunity we have had in years to get some of the corruption out of Washington, and Ron Paul wants to squeal about "if he can do it completely"....... I never thought I'd say this.... But he needs to retire..... This is part of the problem with conservatives and libertarians. Liberals will accept any candidate, no matter how corrupt, so long as he moves one of their regressive balls backwards for them. Conservatives will eat their own if they disagree on one of 100 items.
RebelPrizes (1 year ago)
Ron Paul is right. Unless the establishment tries to use Trump like a puppet, the establishment will not allow Trump to move far. And if he does, then they will try to get rid of him... just like John Kennedy.
cats meow (1 year ago)
mick champion (1 year ago)
What your saying is the establishment is the Mafia proper and needs to be treated accordingly, seeing they are behaving like the mafia, if this requires the prosecution of the executive of a political party so be it.
Devorah Epstein (1 year ago)
Ron Paul has to consider that the majority of the American people listen and believe what Trump has to say and they are not listening or believing career politicians or the main stream media with good reason.
ardaorhan (1 year ago)
This dude should have been the president of the USA. Ron fucking Paul.
L C (1 year ago)
Dr. Paul for Treasury Secretary position.
Eisen J Eisen (1 year ago)
The big words are self destruct the economy that can happen before Trump drains the swamp, its heart breaking thats how is has to happen, or first get rid of the Fed,reserve, bring back all our troops, cut military spending limit government cut departments and cut the income tax
Paul Smit (1 year ago)
He better start drain his own corrupt swamp, Donald Trump is heading to the White House with numerous private lawsuits. The president-elect has been party to some 4,000 lawsuits over the last 30 years and is currently facing 75 active lawsuits.
Paul Smit (1 year ago)
Trump's proposed tax cuts for the wealthy will not stimulate growth; have not done the Bush tax cuts (the growth is not inhibited by high taxes for the rich, but by the lack of purchasing power of the middle class). Tax cuts will probably contribute to a higher budget deficit and an accelerated increase in the national debt. President Trump will Congress and former President Obama this blame.
Canteenboy117 (1 year ago)
Paul Smit I think Obama will go down as the worst president of all time economically speaking. He increased the debt more than any president in history, which is really sad because he came after that piece of shit George Bush. America couldn't roll with Obama's or Hillary's plans any longer. We will still have debt problems, but just another politician in the White House, to me, was unacceptable. And don't try to bring up any of the standard, he's racist, sexist. I do not care, I am worried about the debt. I will tell you I'm damn wrong if Trump doesn't nothing about the debt, I just know Hillary wouldn't have done anything about it. If Obama was able to be president for 25 years total, the debt would exponentially increase and the government couldn't even lie about being able to play it off eventually. Inflation would run rampant and America would be a shell of itself for a long ass time, maybe forever. If you aren't from America, which I don't think you are, don't worry about our elections. All you will ever hear from our mainstream media is about how Hillary was so great and it's such a tragedy she lost! It's fucking laughable.
Paul Smit (1 year ago)
I do not trust him. I personally think that Hilary has a better plan for America. Remember that Obama could have done more, but he has always worked against the Republicans. They have blocked many of his plans. You are blinded by empty promises and lies. He mixes his lies almost always with truth or with anything resembling truth. A strange way of doing business.The Democrats should never spend money as they are in power, but when the Republicans are in power they hrow money with no problems. So they are the good guys, and the Democrats Always have to fix there spilling of TAX dollars when they are in power. Trump wil make his inperium great again and don't give a fuck abouth annybody else. It's all abouth Trump & Trump alone. He will not be serving four years by coruptie and conflict of interest, and it will all be fine promises.There comes a time when you will regret that you did not choose Hillary. it was the way forward, instead of backward with Trump & his swamp. He say what you want to hear, not what he thinks himself and his real plan. Beware of whats coming with this monster. May God keep you safe from what will come.Donald Trump Building Team of Deplorable Racists              
Canteenboy117 (1 year ago)
Paul Smit I do. People were so sure Hillary was going to get prosecuted too. I voted for Trump though so I am biased.
Paul Smit (1 year ago)
I don't think so :o))))
Ricardo Santos (1 year ago)
Ron Paul would be ideal for head of the Federal Reserve. Precisely because he does not like it.
Dear: You (1 year ago)
He would be great to head the FED cause he would end the FED
Konstantin Gr (1 year ago)
i would be the ideal president , precisely because i dont like it
Hunam (1 year ago)
He could be perfect secretary of state if he wasn't that old (travels and such).

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