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Civil Forfeiture: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Did you know police can just take your stuff if they suspect it's involved in a crime? They can! It’s a shady process called “civil asset forfeiture,” and it would make for a weird episode of Law and Order. See? Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight For more on civil forfeiture, click here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/stopandseize http://www.jrn.com/newschannel5/news/newschannel-5-investigates/policing-for-profit
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Text Comments (9151)
Insert Clever Username (5 hours ago)
Soooooo.... The police are committing straight up Armed Robbery? I'm absolutely depressed.
Brandon Sharp (8 hours ago)
The Land of the Free
Apollo Ranger (2 days ago)
Who names their son Laurel?
Lone Knight (2 days ago)
...is like a bunch of children that are allowed to have Guns. wait... that is just TEXAS.
May Green (5 days ago)
Cyavash A.K.B (5 days ago)
hey is it possible to take this thing to the supreme court ? no idea how supreme court works but if anyone can do it its john
Thomas Kinkade (6 days ago)
Blue Lives Matter really pisses me off. Cops are great until they legally take your cash because you "might" do something bad with it. Then they can do whatever the fuck they want with it. My whole body hurts thinking about that FUCKER and his shit eating grin while he holds that guys money and takes a picture. Even the dog has a cunt face in the photo. Bad cops are truly worse than any thug criminal or terrorist. You know exactly what to expect from ISIS, the bloods and the crypts and MS-13. If you encounter a policeman the best thing that can happen is they do their job and protect you from crime but they could just as easily and legally give you the gang/terrorist treatment and you can't do anything about it.
Norcanex S.G. LLC. (7 days ago)
In the land of freedumb!
Robert Mac (7 days ago)
Thats fucked up. Shame.
d3u1d4e (8 days ago)
Seems like a violation of the Fourth Amendment.
Yngve Andersen (8 days ago)
This is your freedom. Vote GOP and NRA.
(Sarcasm) But! Cops should be allowed to do whatever they want! Stop the War on Police!
Average Awesome (9 days ago)
I have never been actually faced with this choice but, I think would pay good money to watch Jeff goldblum scream obscenities at inanimate objects
Misfit 636 (10 days ago)
Wow this guy is very annoying
Evan Fields (11 days ago)
I wonder if the Montgomery cops had a liquor license for those kegs of beer and that margarita machine? If not then can -seize- steal some more money and cars from people driving to place that doesn't have a liquor license.
ApollosChild (12 days ago)
last comment was three years ago. these videos are very informative but dose anyone actually do anything?
AntagonistChan (12 days ago)
Police officers being too busy raiding art gallery funk nights to properly investigate grand theft auto is just... is just Peak Detroit. Like, believe me, I was born and raised here in Detroit, this is just the most Detroit thing I've ever heard.
Rick Fulton (13 days ago)
This practice will be ending soon. Everyone is getting wise to this highway robbery.
Nemo Sundry (13 days ago)
All human beings have the need for self-determination, this is a basic need comprised of: competence- the ability to do something well; interconnection- symbiotic, authentic relationships; and autonomy- full self-ownership to make choices about your own life. It's surprising to see John Oliver casually and generically supporting the police, especially in this video. By definition of their job, they are required to disrespect self-determination. This is traumatizing. Police officers routinely get PTSD. Just like those in the military. Even people who work in slaughtering factories for cows get PTSD from it. So surely, hurting people and being hurt is traumatizing for everyone involved. Why would anyone want to participate in this toxicity? Well, in being traumatized, sometimes we completely go out of wack and misunderstand many of our own reactions, and our own needs. This starts with child abuse and is reflected in the structure of government. Many people live in fear of government and are disempowered, imprisoned in their daily lives by trying to avoid prison for being autonomous. Ironic, really. It's amazing that anyone is willing to live this way. Things will only get worse.
Robgoren (15 days ago)
"Burden of proof" is now "burden of a wild speculation of the imagination." "Due process" is now "because I say so."
Robgoren (15 days ago)
Legalized robbery.
sahil chaddha (15 days ago)
I hate you AMERICA
Lucas de Andre (15 days ago)
Funny they don’t seize guns because they will probably be used for murder
Tes Tos (16 days ago)
That is Badge robbery and you know what happens to thieves when you catch them in the act? Democracy at it's best!
MrMus TangMan (16 days ago)
....And you wonder why people want AR-15's.?!?!?!?
elisa ivelina (20 days ago)
Yrah It, s really really funny! F*ck
Daniel McGrew (20 days ago)
"A 64-year-old put his life savings in his carry-on. U.S. Customs took it without charging him with a crime."            http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/a-64-year-old-put-his-life-savings-in-his-carry-on-us-customs-took-it-without-charging-him-with-a-crime/ar-AAy4kcL?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=UE09DHP
Ulquiorra Cifer (20 days ago)
12:22 - I knew what he was gonna joke about due to his setup. I'm currently on season 8 of House, and it's great.
steven03048 (21 days ago)
Wow Guilty until proofed innocent sounds very medieval! Even if it is only property. Land of the free my ass...
ZPDev (21 days ago)
Fuck america
Yvette Quijas (21 days ago)
There needs to be organizations and more people uniting to expose this corrupt invasion of our rights.
christian macri (24 days ago)
Land of the free. This would be illegal in any country in europe or North Africa
Infinite Velocity (25 days ago)
1st video I watched after seeing a cops episode where they seized a vehicle for what I saw NO reason for it. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I'm PISSED! THIS SHIT HAS TO STOP!
Mishchievious Badger (26 days ago)
I dont know, i dunno
Eric von Wald (27 days ago)
The first step is becoming informed. The second step is...
GaOn (28 days ago)
Those corrupted police and law enforcement can go fuck themselves ... it would have been better if they were never born
SiCk SiDer (29 days ago)
Fucking pigs. God damn. They're fucking rats and pigs at the same time. Fuck em all.
Kervens Jasmin (1 month ago)
Need to start killing some of these pigs maybe
Pavel Dvorak (1 month ago)
It seems to me that American laws are written by bunch of drunken monkeys
Shane Harris (1 month ago)
America, POOR SAD America what happened to you. CORRUPT CORRUPT CORRUPT PS.GREED IS WRONG
Eowyn Gordon (1 month ago)
I’m glad that was not actual Spanish cause that means I’m not the stupid one
Brad Schrunk (1 month ago)
This is something most people don't know about where our government was dealing cocaine into East LA to fund a war. They went after the reporter who wrote about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCdvG8fzrsM Killing the messenger.
K.A. GORDON (1 month ago)
Shark finning is illegal in the US. Its like having elephant ivory in your trunk...it will be taken away and you will get in trouble.
Jon dow (1 month ago)
"Hey Fred, the guys from the Police Station are throwing a party for Robert. Where should we go?" " Don't worry, John! I'll just arrest a really nice house! "
Hugo Brutus (1 month ago)
John raises good topics , but by making them funny to this degree it deflates the outrage and keeps people passive.
Canzandridas Joe (1 month ago)
In 'Murica you can sue objects. I think I understand better that "free" in "land of the free"
Denise R. (1 month ago)
That 64,000 lbs of shark fins PISSED ME OFF! Wtf?!
orpheu08 (1 month ago)
trump is right we are all laughing at you america, but not for the reasons he thinks
Sol Zaer (1 month ago)
Shark fins, and finning in general, are actually a problem.
Bander1 (1 month ago)
hey prafacchi aint a cop anymore he wearing zerbra in rykers watch the L&O movie Exile.
Christoph Swager (1 month ago)
now I wanna watch svu civil forfeiture ...did you hear that music it was awesome
Avinash Singh (1 month ago)
So the cops are as bad as criminals
This is one of the main reasons why the world hates the Police... They despise Law Enforcement for one of these very reasons.....
david singh (1 month ago)
Joseph (1 month ago)
How could American people still think their country is "free", when people do not even have rights to their own private properties and police robbing vulnerable people on streets?
josoverthehill (1 month ago)
I'd like to hear from any of the 1500 people who thumbed down on this vid. Did they not like Oliver's presentation? Did they not believe what he was saying? Or were they all officers of the law who've used this very tactic in their duties? I'd find it hard to believe that any of these 1500 AGREE with the abuse this "allowance" provides against ordinary Americans WHO HAVEN'T BROKEN THE LAW.
Winry1423 (1 month ago)
I feel like police in my poor third world country is much better than America's one... i feel oddly proud with police in my country while cursing myself of being proud of them :P
HellStr82 (1 month ago)
Shit.. with cops like that you start praying for a good old fashion robbery :)
Do My Nails (1 month ago)
Chocolate Tampon (1 month ago)
Raymond Marquez (1 month ago)
The absurdity of the police state
nikulaye (1 month ago)
For the drugs you are lucky in other countries they take your life for less
nikulaye (1 month ago)
Have a receipt when carrying money
nikulaye (1 month ago)
You should use a card payment
edgarasyy nintendo (1 month ago)
stupid cops in usa
The Kaiser (1 month ago)
American idiots. LOL
Yichi Zhang (1 month ago)
wow.....as a Chinese, I feel soooo much better about our government now.
Police prottec Police attacc But most importantly They take your personal belongings while telling you that the items are “under arrest” which turns out is basically them legally stealing your stuff without you having much to do when it comes to getting it bacc
Yoann Diguet (1 month ago)
The more I see Last Week Tonight, the more I think this country is fucked up, and the less I want to go there visiting :/ This is sad. Good show tho !
toke thomassen (1 month ago)
What are the worst states to live in, in America, when it comes to civil rights/abuse of?
Zachary Henderson (21 days ago)
toke thomassen For Civil Rights and Liberties, Connecticut, Maryland, Utah, and California are pretty bad. Mississippi might also be up there, but idk.
dessler deslock (2 months ago)
Not even the nazis took the money of their people they just took money from jews! America is worse
Dale Boice (2 months ago)
Legalized theft plain and simple.
Michael Sanches (2 months ago)
Wakey, wakey, John Oliver. There may be an update due: http://ij.org/press-release/case-appealed-u-s-supreme-court-asks-50-states-must-comply-u-s-constitutions-excessive-fines-clause/ The case involves Tyson Tmbs.
Rosario Longoria (2 months ago)
w t f??????
Shoop DaWhoop (2 months ago)
John Oliver jokes are stupid and he is not funny at all..
Andrew Bryan (2 months ago)
If it is a live audience. Why does everyone clap at the insanity of the situation ? Its funny but its also fucking crazy cause some this is true.
farnyone (2 months ago)
Im sorry USA but you really are one fucked up country
Paul TheSkeptic (2 months ago)
"Do it look like I have mucho mucho deniro stupido gringo."
kosmosleha (2 months ago)
Very very scary.
Alex Kong (2 months ago)
Cops = Pigs
Mike Kane (2 months ago)
Let's be blunt. Republicans aren't white. All of the Republican states had a lot of mixing between whites and Indians. They're light-skinned mongrels. They have nothing to do with pure whites. Pure whites hate police brutality. Look at Europe. They don't worship cops like the hicks in the southern part of America do. The mutt Indians in America are keeping it backward. They love wars, they don't mind police corruption, and they worship evil corporations. White people tend to be left-wing and progressive. The entire continent of europe is left-wing. They believe in welfare and lots of regulations to limit corporations. The hicks in the Republican party believe that corporations should be able to get away with murder. They don't have the same values as pure whites and all of the civilized people of the world. It's time for the white man to cut off money to the Republican and southern states. That's the only way to civilize them and make them act normal. Pure whites aren't morons who worship cops and guns and call people "libtards." Mutt Indians are the ones who do that.
toxic monsanto (2 months ago)
It's unconstitutional, why are they not being sued over it? Where are the civil activists? oh, they're too busy with being politically correct to address any real criminal issues going on in this country.
Mr. Smith (2 months ago)
The nazis did the same thing to the Jews. When the elected government breaks the oath to uphold, and defend the constitution they are traitors to the people, and the democratic government. An attack on the constitution is an act of war against the people of the United States. The fact that our own elected government is doing this is the worst type of attack, but an act of war nonetheless. For decades we have chosen to do nothing, and look at what they've done to our country. As long as the top 1% are allowed to govern 1% is what the people will be left with after they've raped, lied, molested, and manipulated 99% of society without fear of consequence. People like this has brought ruin to societies throughout history. It is the people's duty to stop this tyranny, and corruption because we are all that's left.
Games Explorer (2 months ago)
just another reason why america is shit and corrupt...
Kt L (2 months ago)
Maybe in the future AI technology will be so advanced that a sofa can defense for itself.....nevermind
Greg Reilly (2 months ago)
Should have included DEA seizures on trains. You're paying to get robbed when you buy a ticket.
Mr. King Kitty (2 months ago)
If police can legally steal money, then there is a serious problem with this nation. If the courts or legislators do not ban this, then its time to kick some baggy suits out of our public buildings.
charles dortch (2 months ago)
this right here is why i do not feel bad when cops die if you are lucky scum bag like this are dead when a cop dies it is one less thug on the street
Anin Lashkar (2 months ago)
I would definitely watch that.
Wendy Alexander (2 months ago)
And now, DEA is being brought into the spotlight. Great job, John!
aalex497 (2 months ago)
It is no funny at all...
Katie Williams (2 months ago)
"Tenny mucho mucho dinero in su trucky-trailer?" I have never been embarrassed to be a Tennessean before now
Giovanni Santostasi (2 months ago)
They should do an episod on storage facilities. They do legalize crime too. Look it up. If you fall behind payment they can seize an entire household worth of property (worth 10s of thousands) and sell it for 100 dollars to anyone. It is insane.
enkilm (2 months ago)
The ghost of Reagan strikes again.
martinwettig (2 months ago)
So armed robbery is legal in the US when it's done by the cops?!
Anthony Flagg (1 month ago)
Murder is, you thought Robbery would be any different?
dessieangel1021 (2 months ago)
Isn't this a violation to the bill of rights?
Miss Amazon (2 months ago)
Is THIS the country that trump keeps bragging about? 🤔😐😮🤐😕😯😫🤒
Michael Vonschoech (2 months ago)
Civil asset forfeiture is bad here in ky iv been asked a few times if I had any kind of money on me
Jaded Old Joe (2 months ago)
Cops are the lowest form of life. #fact

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