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Trump supporter ‘harassed’ by Cheesecake Factory employees

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Trump supporter Eugenior Joseph and his attorney Mathew Staver discuss how Cheesecake Factory workers “harassed” Joseph’s entire family over wearing a pro-Trump hat.
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Chris Gonzalez (1 day ago)
if he wear that in the streets he getting jump by the people . don't disgrace your race by supporting that pos
Chris Gonzalez (1 day ago)
uncle tom sell out you disgrace black folks
Ryan Man (1 day ago)
Leaving was a good idea, don't like spit in my food.
noel harris (2 days ago)
Scared for my life cop is never far away u selfhate mf
Caesar (2 days ago)
I would love interview this young brother and ask him this question: As an African-American, what time period or years do you consider as being great since you are wearing the hat, "Make America Great Again"? Are you referring to the 50s, 60's or 70's? I'm just curious.
Devil slayer101 (12 hours ago)
Caesar but like...he deserves this
Pretty Prudent (2 days ago)
We need more black Trump Supporters. This just shows how violent and race-baiting Liberals are. Liberals are both Pro-Islam and Pro-Mass Immigration. The ruination of our societies.
Jeff Neumyer (2 days ago)
Thank God for fox. Not all Trump supporters are white supremacist assholes. When did conservative become a dirty word?
Justin Meeks (2 days ago)
I would have never ate there after I heard all that they probably spit loogies in his food
Amal Farah (3 days ago)
Dumb dumb black kid
Robert Perez (4 days ago)
This guy is got a girl friend ?
OTISIN GREENER (5 days ago)
Justin paulson (5 days ago)
This same type of pure hatred is also directed towards librals otherwise nown as libtards by the right i am not part of either party becuse i think there both a joke im a true progresive but either way this is not cool to see in america
Peter John (6 days ago)
this is the problem since 1964 Hillary Clinton dominate black Americans people for so long, but the Bible says on Joel 2 at the end of the time, young people going to receive vision from GOD they eyes going to open to understand the darkness and the light!
My Opinion (6 days ago)
You have the right to walk around with the hat. Be prepared for other to have the right to see you as a coon ass nigga bruh.
Devil slayer101 (12 hours ago)
My Opinion Ironically enough you are bitching over his hat... Smh niggas today
Tom Hong (6 days ago)
Fuck the cheesecake factory
trina dee (6 days ago)
Good. Dumb ass you joined a cult.. deal with it
Johnny Laredo (6 days ago)
Well I won't eat at the Cheesecake Factory again , not my money there any more .
Devil slayer101 (12 hours ago)
Johnny Laredo one less bitch k
Luis Perez (10 days ago)
no , its cause you are a black man in a trump hat. That hat only belongs on lost mis informed white people.
rOY mOnster (11 days ago)
Was Matthew Staver even there?? NO! So how does he know??
NWO-Killers (11 days ago)
i hope he becomes a multi-millionaire and cheesecake factory goes out of business
New England Sports fan (12 days ago)
White privilege
keith erickson (13 days ago)
E.J. I would have stepped to your defense real quicklike. that's a promise to you and to everyone who is made to feel unwelcome or fear for their safety. I am out here liberals and there are a lot like me, who don't give a damn what you think so next time you try that weak shit, be ready to pay the price and it will be a very high price. I LOVE whoopin that ass. as far as cheeswhiz factory goes, I hope the lawsuit is in the millions. and whatever manager allowed this to keep goin on, he need to get fired immediately. ive worked in restaurants and the manager knows damn well what is going on. probably some sad little soyboy with a testosterone level of a 90 year old man.
Ibra Dawud (13 days ago)
Dude where are you come from. FUCK YOU OK
fattymoko (14 days ago)
I think that stupid liberals just have a herd mentality. If you asked any one of them for one reason a Trump hat would be considered insulting or obnoxious, not one of them could quote a real political reason against it. Liberals are the dumbest people on earth. They can't make up their minds, they believe gossip and they are too stupid to know this country's history. Liberalism is a nasty affliction to which the only cure is conservative~ism.
Clint Edison (14 days ago)
Dumb blacky what did you expect monkey 🙉
Spying Beast (14 days ago)
Oh snap I thought that guys was Sméagol, he must be related either way... Seriously guys!!!
Kemet Speaks (14 days ago)
Sell out
DarkRogue (14 days ago)
So, this guy got harassed because he's black and he's wearing a Trump hat. Hmmmm.... back in the day, they used to call that "bein' on the wrong side of the tracks". Who's sayin' that now?
The Erica Adventures (15 days ago)
This is straight up ridiculous. No one should be harassed because of their political affiliation or race. Mr. Donald Trump is the President of the United States and there are many Black Trump supporters.
Devil slayer101 (9 hours ago)
The Erica Adventures same but meh maybe some day
The Erica Adventures (10 hours ago)
Hi thank you for the clarification. Contrary to popular belief there are alot of Black people who are Trump supporters. I really thought the harassment had ended.
Devil slayer101 (12 hours ago)
The Erica Adventures He wasn't harassed because of his race but because of the hat
KAB (16 days ago)
Fuck this coon
Sam Johnson (16 days ago)
this happens everywhere ... i only wear my Trump hat in public when I can easily defend myself against a physical assault. The left is worse than Nazi Germany ....their true colors are the colors of fascism and fear.
Pro Tip (16 days ago)
BlueFireJack (17 days ago)
Well, that’s what you get for wearing a terrible hat.
mashroob (18 days ago)
Funny how this didn't get the level of media attention that the Starbucks fellas did.... Oh wait, that's right: he supports Trump... got it. Double-standards, much, media!?
Ricardo Moreno (18 days ago)
cry baby needs a lawyer
Ricardo Moreno (18 days ago)
cry baby
Redragonfly (18 days ago)
Sad experiance .Wear Trump hat proudly!
Devil slayer101 (12 hours ago)
Redragonfly Fuck you dirty bitch hope you get knocked out and.m never recover from memory loss
Mike Stanovich (18 days ago)
This is the VENOM that the democratic party promotes. Harass, insult, attack. Leftist, COMMUNIST tactics to silence an opposition. If I do not like something that you say, you are a racist, a bigot. If I do something illegal, I accuse YOU for the illegal activity to take the attention of me and make you waste your time defending yourself.
John sarab (19 days ago)
What a snowflake! Just stop lecturing other workers about your lord Trump.
Don Kanis (19 days ago)
This man is African American and wears a Trump hat?
saksmarcus (19 days ago)
You can tell he’s just wearing the hat for attention, does he ever take it off?
LilStormy (20 days ago)
i don’t understand why black ppl wear that hat.. when was america ever great for us blacks?
Jaylene reyes (20 days ago)
That's what Trump supporters deserve
Edward Hightower (20 days ago)
Did they speak with the same energy about the Starbucks and Yale University brouhahas?
Tui Vaeau (20 days ago)
yeah, they did
Haha Hehe (20 days ago)
This deserves legal suit action More than the gay wedding cake incident. Funny, In both cases the leftists are the nasty vindictive people.
Devil slayer101 (12 hours ago)
Haha Hehe No 👈 is good side 👉 just want hate on everyone including immigrants
Megan Carrington (20 days ago)
White liberals love to stand on the breaking backs of minorities to boost their agenda of being moral and fair amongst society. They thrive off the difference in culture, wealth and power granted to them from minorities voting them in. They NEED minorities to vote for them and they wish to KEEP minorities voting for them. They do this by keeping them in dire situations, degrading and victimizing them and spreading deceit amongst rival parties. It’s been 50 years and onwards of liberal votes by minorities and they have done nothing for them!
Anderson NEWS Scooper (20 days ago)
another racist Trump supporter. smh
Devil slayer101 (12 hours ago)
Tui Vaeau Bitch you know how!
Tui Vaeau (20 days ago)
Bryan Shoemaker (21 days ago)
It could be worse, you could be surrounded by fruit cakes.
Jhon Biner (21 days ago)
Please leave the retarded blackman alone
Devil slayer101 (12 hours ago)
Tui Vaeau WOW DID YOU JUST ASSUME HIS RACE? Fucking bastard hope you take trump dick up the bum
Tui Vaeau (20 days ago)
protectbodythetans (21 days ago)
I didnt see anything on the video
Wolfie Chan (22 days ago)
He wore it to get the white chicks.
youtubeyouser (22 days ago)
Eugenior you the man! Next time people threaten you call 911. A mob was forming. Not safe.
Frankie Acky (22 days ago)
Liberalism is a Sickness
Marc Perske (22 days ago)
Never ate there never will. GO TRUMP 2020 !!!!!!!!
J B (22 days ago)
No wonder it was cheesecake workers.... those dumb fucks can’t even hold a job there.
dandanthetaximan (22 days ago)
the last time I ate there I threw up
Marvin Phoenix (22 days ago)
I do I do not know what to say about this story I hope he don't ever get pulled over by cops haha
Jessica Hernandez (22 days ago)
snarbush (23 days ago)
Where is Reverand AL and Jesse rioting over this dis respect and making this a racial issue as you guys always do whether it's true or not? Liberal HYPOCRISY! Hey AL did you ever pay your fine regarding Tawana Brawly fake assault claim?!
Fon aaldan (23 days ago)
they should have shot him
Devil slayer101 (12 hours ago)
Fon aaldan Agreed what an idiot
luke smith (23 days ago)
This is the problem today. How often is a democrat harassed going outside representing their political party. Almost never. This is a courageous young man. To be a free thinking African-American in this country is an amazing thing to be. Democrats have brainwashed the black communities for decades. To force a group of people to all think and act the same is a disgusting thing to do. More than often African Americans who think for themselves and vote Republican are ambushed by white liberals calling them "Uncle Toms" and basically forcing them to be outcasts.
Meow Meow Kitty (23 days ago)
I’ve always told people that the way you treat other people is a reflection upon yourself and not on them. So if you act like an asshole towards people even if those people don’t agree with your political beliefs or religious believes it only makes you look like an asshole not them.
Larry D (23 days ago)
This massa hat
Rod Pruitt (23 days ago)
Where can I get one of those hats?
alpacinoisking123 (23 days ago)
Amazon most likely.
Edmond Huot (23 days ago)
Politics aside, why the Hell would you wear such a contentious hat at a public restaurant, your Mother's Day gathering nonetheless?? Idiot.
Devil slayer101 (12 hours ago)
alpacinoisking123 I'm gonna assume that but that's sadly the price he pays in this day and age... Not that I'm supporting this vile act
alpacinoisking123 (12 hours ago)
+Devil slayer101 Maybe he just didn't give a shit?
Devil slayer101 (12 hours ago)
alpacinoisking123 Ik but like why that hat he knows the controversy with the left and right but he chooses to wear it anyway but yeah....
alpacinoisking123 (12 hours ago)
+Devil slayer101 That's the sad thing. He shouldn't have to. And maybe he just felt like wearing the hat. There doesn't have to be a specific reason for one to do something.
Devil slayer101 (12 hours ago)
alpacinoisking123 Well he should expect this... Sad but true🙌
Kory Zap (23 days ago)
Cheese cake factory is over priced anyways. Take your mom to benihana or something
Dexter White (23 days ago)
All Trump supporters deserve to get their asses beat. They're part of the problem.
alpacinoisking123 (23 days ago)
Even the black, gay, mexican, trans, etc?
Scott (23 days ago)
20$ says they messed with their food
Androgen Idol (23 days ago)
So take your stupid made in China hat off then, broseph, why's that so difficult
Anew-Wiseman (23 days ago)
Good Job Man. Finnese that Overpriced Restaurant!
Mikey R (23 days ago)
I disagree with suing Cheesecake Factory. The lawyer left out that the users of the N word were black. This is a money grab. I loathe that shit.
Steven K (23 days ago)
Kill all hillary supporters
Steven K (23 days ago)
Ban cheesecake factory
Charles Wyatt (24 days ago)
Say my brother not one time in my life a white man turd his back on his own not ones in life i saw some shit like that they will stay together i give them that what you got some out here think there are black do all the things black people like to be out with black people have a good time they didn't turn there back on they people they love them all they people the only thing about them white people they can see now there eyes are open it's not a lie too them anymore they see like black people do now we all people nobody is better than the other and we don't say we can't see color because we can all people love to see color but when it comes to people it's no color we all just people and that's all peoples
Faux Wanata (24 days ago)
He should have called them racists n told them he's gonna file a lawsuit!!!! N get em all fired too!!! Scum sucking libtards pos all of em.
Donny brown (24 days ago)
wow.These Democrats are so phony.I remember when they spit in the girls face because she supported Trump.
alpacinoisking123 (23 days ago)
I remember when two little girls got pepper sprayed by "adults" for supporting Trump.
FockingWanka (24 days ago)
publicity stunt for lawsuit money .
Bruce Parkes (24 days ago)
Sack the manager.
BigGucci Nola (24 days ago)
He's in the _Sunken Place_ . Get out brother, get out!
Teal Razor (24 days ago)
Eugenior, you go for it man. Anyone of the Cheesecake factory who participated in this should be fired, not just the two waitresses. There were far more participating in this. Screw the Cheesecake factory and their crappy product and rude employees.
HereticVII (24 days ago)
I'm having a hard time understanding what's going on here. A person is black because they have two black parents and are born with black skin. Doctors can recognize this at birth as well as most people. Usually they stay black throughout their lives with the exception of those who have rare skin conditions. Liberals and Democrats claim to support blacks, women and gays. When a black man who is obviously black decides to wear a Maga hat at a restaurant he get's harassed. Can't they see that he is still black? What is going on?
Sounds like a hate crime to me
K G (24 days ago)
The more I look at us humans we are a bunch of ridiculous human beings always trying to find ways to separate ourselves who cares what political party you support what color your skin is, what your religion is nothing is more right than the other as long as lives aren’t being taken crimes aren’t being committed against you because of those beliefs so what. Go about your day you don’t need to vocalize everything you disagree with. I don’t have any political affiliation but I applaud this dude for wearing that hat when people clearly hate trumps supporters. Liberals and republicans can be ugly people at time we all can but just put your differences to the side and move about your day. This shits never going to change as long as we live.
Julian P (24 days ago)
Poor widdle Trumptard snowflakes....everybody hates you.
wesmont87 (25 days ago)
Don't go out to eat anymore. Simple as that. Respect the rights of private business owners or go live in a socialist country...
neftali rosario (25 days ago)
you want to be acepted by white people ?
dbsill cockney (25 days ago)
I'm confused?? Has anyone watched the Trump rallys where people actually got attacked! Both sides need just get on with it
Cult Imagery (25 days ago)
They should have just left him alone and maybe spit or piss in his iced tea instead. We’ve got to be smarter than these stupid cheeto puff chump supporters. More sneaky too. Simply bully them out of this country. That MAGA hat is a disgrace for anyone to wear and I openly support the harassment that comes along with it. If don’t like shots fired then don’t wear a target, dumbass.
Devil slayer101 (12 hours ago)
Cult Imagery yes finally someone who can see Subscribed:3
wonderful bees (25 days ago)
I am not worthy .... Joseph is the man.
Mary Lacey (25 days ago)
poor coon
TuckFrump (25 days ago)
Bitchass nigga...foh. Uncle Tom ass nigha
Tia Moore (25 days ago)
So, why didn't they call the cops and have him thrown out Starbucks style
Kevin (25 days ago)
The funny thing is no one had the balls to say anything to his face. That's generally how it works with groupthink in my experience
Todd Raymond (25 days ago)
It doesn't fit their FAKE NEWS narrative!!! MAGA!!!
Todd Raymond (25 days ago)
It doesn't fit their GAKE NEWS narrative!!! MAGA!!!
Lilly Frost (25 days ago)
I'm not a conservative, but this is disgusting. He has the right to his political beliefs. He bought his hat, and has the right to wear it. This political nonsense is getting out of hand.
Kapt Mao (25 days ago)
This guy needs his jaw broke...
Todd Raymond (25 days ago)
Yea, so do I!!! MAGA!!!
whutzat (25 days ago)
Giovanni Ramirez (25 days ago)
I've yet to be treated differently based on my skin color by conservatives, leftist however have called me every slur in the book based on my skin color. The parties switched my ass.
Double AA (25 days ago)
Let’s be honest, the hat is ugly as fuck, as a hat tho. But they can’t say shit like that, just keep it as a thought, no need to say it out loud, even though he has a very punchable face, as a face tho

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