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Here's Why Bitcoin Fell TO $6,000... & Why That May Not Be The Bottom | Daily Update 6/14/2018

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GOLD & GHOSTS (6 days ago)
Med stu (6 days ago)
Can u help us set up a proper stop loss order so we can be ready when that happens?
Darryl Strawberry (6 days ago)
It’s not the bottom. It will drop to $4800 minimum and most likely to $4k. Guaranteed 100%!!! I’ve been saying this since March and u mofos don’t listen!!!!!
kevin phan (7 days ago)
Please check this guy out before you sell your bitcoins or alcoins. https://youtu.be/_ZjNOwKi2tI
Tadgh Smith (7 days ago)
Wil, would you recommend getting into Bitmex or other shorting platform considering the bearish trend looks set to continue?
Today's Platinum (7 days ago)
Absolutely not in my opinion. Bitmex is only for people with a lot of money or a lot of experience and knowledge. Prove to yourself that you can be successful with trading before you expand your investment options.
Jeff S (7 days ago)
I am looking to see the market stay manipulated at this level to prepare for the big boys coming into the market at a huge discount then it will go up once they enter. Call it a conspiracy theory but it's looking that way.
Roger Quantrillo (3 days ago)
Jeff S the bigboys already in since 2016 slow accumulation they dump it at 20K and short the futures..that’s the bigboy game....takes us 2Years to revover..slow bleed 1200$

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