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Blockchain Patents: Corporate America, You're Doing It Wrong

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Text Comments (135)
trew linson (2 days ago)
SOROS shill.
Richard Neal (7 days ago)
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Gustavo Monraz Durán (16 days ago)
Anarchopulco is too fucking expensive
Gustavo Monraz Durán (16 days ago)
Fuck patents
nevel _ (17 days ago)
For early tech adopters, there is now a new video on the Maidsafe channel explaining their new Consensus mechanism called PARSEC. It's open-source, so a lot of projects might implement this instead of blockchain as it is 'lightning' fast, efficient and full scalable. No patents here, they truly chose to make it public for other projects so they can improve the protocol and guarantee that's secure.
Half MT (18 days ago)
Guaranteed that corporate moguls are all into Bitcoin. I don´t understand why so many people think that Bitcoin is some type of magic money that will save us from government control.
Upgrade (18 days ago)
Patents are a waste of time. First to market gets the advantage anyway.
Jim Pratt (18 days ago)
Hi Jeff I have been a subscriber for over a year. Never thought a guy my age, 58, would believe what you have been "Preaching" for the past several years. Then i ran for Congress in SC against Krupt clyburn in 2010. My biggest opponent was the Deep State Run gop! i have been buying Gold and Silver for the past several years. I found out about a company that offers Private Issued Currency Grade Gold bullion. They also have an affiliate program that has allowed me to now Aquire Gold instead of buying it! Find out more at the link below https://www.karatbars.com/landing/?s=creativecapitol&p=2 They also created the first Crypto backed by Gold! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yISVqp5lZHE They continue to amaze. KaratGold Mine Worth 900 Million Announced At New York Stock Exchange https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GODT8xDb_aA Jimbo Pratt [email protected]
chelly balbi (19 days ago)
Hello, I know this is not the subject but I would like to know: do you use a passport to travel? How can you unplug from the system completely ?
Jeff. Interview Nomi Prins. Fed whistleblower.
Garett O (20 days ago)
Under any type of anarchy including anarchist capitalists their be no central defence and will be taken over by China and become communists also anarchy is still a system and way of life and you going to need people to defend that way of life even if it's volunteer defence etc. You know that right? And why should people fight and risk their life's and not have others fight or Pay them they might as well just let China come in/ other invaders Which they will and they won't even be able to coordinate and will lose to any enemy anarchy will just be fighting amongst different beliefs and systems and will open up the communities/ lands to foreign invasion.
Ken Semotiuk (20 days ago)
Jeffie'fake hawk'turdstick, bitcoin down 63% since December 17, 2017!
rich (20 days ago)
isn't pay pal, peter thiel(f) the one who rented out the building next to anarchapulco 16?
Eric Smith (20 days ago)
Please pump a little harder. I am still under water. We need more idiots just like I was.
Ken Semotiuk (21 days ago)
Jeffie'fake hawk'turdstick, In case you haven't noticed, bitcoin was at $19,666 on December 17, 2017, today on may 27, 2018 it is sitting at $7,333 Bitcoin has lost over 62% of its value in just a little over 5 months. Nobody with knowledge in the financial world would ever call bitcoin an investment! It is a speculative ponzi scam and nothing more! As the ponzi bitcoin mothershop falls in price all of the other crypto crap goe's down with it!
Tao Jones (21 days ago)
Those birds are awesome. Yeah defensive patents are a little contradictory in terms of blockchain.
Crypto Kotter (21 days ago)
Cynthia McKinney? smh and runnnnnn
Eddie Beer (21 days ago)
The state has the weapons and is able to pay people to use them, That is the bottom line Everything else is just fluff. Jeff and any of us live because the state allows it.
AmericaNWO NOW u OWN. (21 days ago)
WE MUST FEED THE MADNESS. so it destroy itself. Its the greatest show on earth.
asdfasdfsafdsfasdf (21 days ago)
I respect your views on this whole one world malarchy but as a trader you have to respect price action and bitcoin is going down (just look at it on a monthly chart). Doesn't matter what people want to happen, people have to pay attention to what is happening or people are going to end up very poor. Keep emotion and optimism out of investing or you are going to lose. This broadcast from sector 7g, springfield :). laterz all.
Ken Semotiuk (21 days ago)
asdfasdfsafdsfasdf December 17, 2017 was at $19,666, today may 27,2018 it is struggling to stay above $7,300? Not good for cryptos as a group!
Steve Smith (22 days ago)
Decentralization won't stop the violent Banksters and Fascist Governments who enforce their "laws" with guns. The Governments will simply outlaw private cryptos then force us to use their FEDCOIN crypto.
Ken Semotiuk (21 days ago)
Steve Smith ,dreamers like jeffie'fake hawk'turdstick believe in santa, the Easter bunny and tooth fairies, anarco poke her in the hole conferences where there are virgins, some under age, cocaine cola, rum, tobacco ,life is grand for the turdstick Oh, and by the way, bring lots of fiat paper currency with you, there seems to be a shortage of it on the islands!
Claudio Santana (22 days ago)
Wow! napolitano and paul
Shayno Howarth (22 days ago)
crypto market is already fully controlled by the 1% they have got enough money to buy the whole market 1 TRILLON is pocket change to them
Ken Semotiuk (21 days ago)
Shayno Howarth look at what happened to bitcoin, in mid December 2017 was $19,666 , today on may 27, 2018 it is struggling to stay above the $7,300 mark? When the bitcoin mothership goes down, all of the other crypto's will follow suit!
Vercusgames (22 days ago)
Patents only last 20 years and only apply to new, unique designs. If it's common place, like public domain. You can't patent it. If it's something someone else already came up with years prior, they open themselves up for patent trolling. You think these recent patents are new? I doubt it. There's probably already 5-10 year old patents sitting in the archive.
Oscar Peddiford (22 days ago)
Man! I GOTTA make Anarchapulco next year! ! !
Ken Semotiuk (21 days ago)
Oscar Peddiford anarco poke her in the hole with you're host jeffie'fake hawk'turdstick. Just think virgins, some under age, cocaine cola, rum cigarettes, you can stab yoursrlf in the stomach with c60, life is good!
Christopher Jennings (22 days ago)
I agree with you on this one. I am more of a financial utilitarian that leans more socialist but I am in agreement with the Libertarians that we do need to establish the global decentralized thought process. We should make people begin to believe that they should create, and that creativity, should be shared amongst all so that we can spawn creativity at an even faster rate than it would be if it was privatized and in corporate hands.
Ken Semotiuk (21 days ago)
Christopher Jennings the banksters run the show, you can dream all you want about you're perfect society!
Andreas Alfredsson (22 days ago)
I think you should get your channel on to Bitchute as well. Jordan Sather just got kicked out of Youtube permanently. I think it is time to leave the state-controlled media along with all the other truthers. That is where the future audience will be.
Carlos Salinas (22 days ago)
Fuck you system bitch!!!!
Vladimir Shiryaev (22 days ago)
IP must to integrate with the blockchain environment. This integration creates well secured and decentralized traceability of private property rights. Thus directing to the new formats of IP unions which will successfully compete with a governmental power machine and later to overpower it.
David Bruce (22 days ago)
“You can act now and take advantage of the BREAST price before May 31“! Jeff, I fucking love you... 🙌🏻 😉 (o)(o) 04:30
Great vid time to buy more BITCOIN Etherium litecoin
Ken Semotiuk (21 days ago)
#somelivesdontmatter sldm ,it's a great idea to buy more bitcoin now before it goes down in price again Dollar cost average until it goes down to zero. Thats called snowflake, 🐑 people, Muppet logic!
Tauheed Saeed (22 days ago)
Agreed with you The Dollar Vigilante
rockethead555 (22 days ago)
Evacuate the State !
James Maloney (22 days ago)
Anyone claiming to come in and be your saviour or protect you, is scamming you. If they come in saying I don't want to protect you I want to teach you how to protect yourself. That's a the person I would listen to and give my support to. I wouldn't give him full trust but still keep an eye on what he is doing.
Cryptobradley200 (22 days ago)
WOO Tang was there/YO bro the WOOOOOO
Marcos Sanchez (22 days ago)
Lol ur a shill pumping dash and eos
Ken Semotiuk (21 days ago)
Marcos Sanchez jeffie'fake hawk'turdstick has to pp crypto crap to survive out in the middle of nowhere. However , jeffie'fake hawk'turdstick has it good with his anarco poke her in the hole conferences, just think virgins, some under age, cocaine cola, rum, tobacco and if you have some extra $$$$,s you can stab yoursrlf in the gut with c60!
Muse tha Millionaire (22 days ago)
That B.C. A.D. reference was fucking gold
Owls in CasTle 007 (22 days ago)
Iv been following you for 2 years. Your best video was an interview Eric Dubay but now you’re seeming a bit like the corporate alternative guy. With an intro to your videos like that you must be, otherwise you would get flagged.
Ken Semotiuk (21 days ago)
Owls in CasTle 007 , I agree that the best interviews where jeffie'fake hawk'turdstick, shits the hell up and let's someone else talk for a while!
Elta Rahim (22 days ago)
As always...Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and am grateful for you..
John Lara (22 days ago)
Wtf are you talking about? The banks invested in crypto and are getting more prosperous.
John Lara (21 days ago)
Ken Semotiuk yes exactly after the influential bankers and wealthy investors got involved, they quickly drove up the price then it plummeted
Ken Semotiuk (21 days ago)
John Lara , you saw what happened with bitcoin after the whales got involved in their bitcoin futures contracts? On December 17, 2017 bitcoin was $19,666 and is now down in price to $7,300 today on may 27,2018?
M Krafts (22 days ago)
All states are backed by heavenly powers. No such thing as anarchy on the earth because it doesn't exist in the heavens either. Good leadership exists but not anarchy. Anarchy is like a beautiful woman with no husband. No woman can refuse the power of a man except through the power of another man.
Fedrico Nunez (22 days ago)
another hu sold out
Rob F (22 days ago)
Well that was brilliant
Sirius (22 days ago)
It's like they don't get why almost all crypto is open source... dumb asses
Mr Smith (22 days ago)
The old patent technique...file vague and broad-termed patent....then sue everything
Rob Hannum (22 days ago)
Patents are not defensive.. they are only offensive. You attack those who are on your turf, it doesn't defend against anything. It is a sword, not a shield.
Donald Muhammad (22 days ago)
Great job getting Ron Paul again and adding Cynthia. This will attract real freedom lovers and bring in others that will represent people of color and therefore strengthening the overall movement and mainstream adoption. Good job Dollar Vigilante!!
Mark Lane (22 days ago)
4:27 the breast price? lol
Ken Semotiuk (21 days ago)
Mark Lane, jeffie'fake hawk'turdstick is probably refering to his his next anarco poke her in the hole conference in 2019 At the conferences he has virgins, some under age, cocaine cola, rim, tobacco and for the attendees with extra fiat $$$$,s c60 that you can inject into you're stomach!
artemio vargas (22 days ago)
Keep up the good work Jeff,
rockpapaman (22 days ago)
You can act now and take advantage of the "breast" price. 4:30 LOL Cracks me up
Ken Semotiuk (19 days ago)
Big Jim word always gets out, one way or another!
Big Jim (19 days ago)
What happens in Alcapulco stays in Alcapulco!!
Ken Semotiuk (21 days ago)
rockpapaman jeffie's already thinking about his next anarco poke her in the hole conference in 2019 just think, virgin breasts, some under age!
Levi Johnson (22 days ago)
The breast price.
x y (22 days ago)
Many of these open source projects are beggining to look so not open source or public.
Blue Sky Stone (22 days ago)
Buy Bitcoin Private. It's what Bitcoin should have been and what every cryptocurrency wishes they were.
cityguyable (22 days ago)
Schmitahrds gonna Schmitarhd.
Paula Tuttle (22 days ago)
Government operates on intimidation. Unfortunately, many people will fear getting into cryptos , afraid to call the jack-boots' bluff, not aware that it IS mostly all a bluff! Much of the control over block chain they say they will install will be impossible to execute!
Ken Semotiuk (21 days ago)
Paula Tuttle face facts bitcoin is barely hanging on to the $7,300 mark and will to drop in value over time and will take down all of the other crypto's with it?
cubitknot (22 days ago)
and the state will squash crypto's and the only people who don't think that will happen are those who collect crypto's. sad but true.
Tpro 1115 (22 days ago)
Imu Lippo (22 days ago)
Jeff has reptile eyes
Ken Semotiuk (21 days ago)
Imu Lippo jeffie'fake hawk'turdstick and the queen of England both have reptile eyes!
GERGXReal (22 days ago)
Jeff is /biz/tard
Ken Semotiuk (21 days ago)
GERGXReal , no, jeffie'fake hawk'turdstick is just a tard'
Raigo Reinhold (22 days ago)
in the future patents wont matter a thing.
Ken Semotiuk (21 days ago)
Raigo Reinhold the problem with patents iis there is work around, ie, change a few things and put a new patent on the new improved idea!
Andrey Catibog (22 days ago)
So open source technology can be patented now. hmmm
Vercusgames (22 days ago)
The are beyond stupid. Patent trolls already have filed this tech. They are just opening themselves up for a lawsuit.
drx1 xym (22 days ago)
umm, no. Certain IP around blockchain - specifically tracking individuals BTC transactions on the chain is possible and any for profit enterprise will patent such technology. Also, this is why there are privacy coins... we'll see if the powers that be, let the privacy coins live, thrive or go zombie/dead & buried. .
666sigma (22 days ago)
Bitcoin is going to zero. Fortunately, it’s a real world failure. The world’s energy supply is not large enough to support this Greenhouse Gas Monster.
jesse christian (21 days ago)
Fuck off troll dream on.
Jim Big (22 days ago)
666sigma LOL username checks out, opinions in line... All the energy being thrown at bitcoin is completely voluntary. The world NEEDS at least one proof-of-work blockchain, other blockchains will be able to anchor into it.
Zhong Zhang (22 days ago)
Its called renewable energy which is supressed by oil and gas companies with the help of government.
Shaman (22 days ago)
The energy Supply in this world is endless. Not just in the world but the energy Supply in you also is Inlet. That will not be an issue
IDK christbearer9 (22 days ago)
You are correct. Consumption to it's own destruction. Bitcoin will be $0 2020 if not 2019. A beautiful start, to whats to come! Bitcoin today is Netscape, Microsoft is still to come in the fall of 2018.
Hasher Peekpower (22 days ago)
Whats a patent, and who cares anymore. haha
Luw7 (22 days ago)
So Jeff, I don't fully understand why you think intellectual property today is bad because the government's force is bad. Do you also think private property rights today are bad today because they are also backed by government violence? It would seem to make sense to calibrate your morals on an end game scenario. If your vision is for global peace without government, how do you see IP working in that type of global Ancapistan so to speak? Because it seems to me like a world without government, an Ancapistan, would create both IP and private property rights. Because IP is still a form of property. And you can do whatever you want with your property.
Jim Big (22 days ago)
Edward Agora Feenman Interesting way to put it: Scarcity. There's definitely something wrong with IP laws and the way it's applied today. That said, even with private property the govt tends to go the other way too. Take for example Hawaii where (buildable) land is REALLY scarce. So what does the govt do? Now people can only lease the land and not own it!
Joel Farmer (22 days ago)
x y - Good point!
Joel Farmer (22 days ago)
At a concert I didn't request the police and I always carry a gun on me - so I'm clear in that scenario. And if I owned couple of Manhattan skyscrapers and I paid (out of my own pocket) for security, then I would not be steeling from my neighbor. So yes, since we are responsible for our own life and properties, your solution of private police is right, and fair, and excellent!
Luw7 (22 days ago)
What about going to a concert and there's police outside. Or going to a stadium for a sporting event and the police are there. You're technically partly using their services. If you have a lot of property you're going to have to rely on the help of someone else to keep it safe. Imagine owning a couple of Manhattan skyscrapers. You need to hire security guards and in case of a major threat someone else. Can't just be you with a gun. But you can protect it by hiring the services of someone of your own choosing. A police of your own choosing. This is where competing private police forces come in. They don't exist yet, but I think one day they will, it then gets rid of the "unfair" component of upholding IP and any other law for that matter. I think one of the main reasons why IP gets misunderstood is because today it's the hand of the government that backs it with violence. But in a free market, it would get backed by your dollar. Or, more likely, by your cryptocurrency of choice.
Joel Farmer (22 days ago)
The only time that I would ever call the police is when THEY would cause me physical or financial suffering for NOT doing so. If I were to use people with badges and guns, who are funded by an organization who takes money from all the good women and good men of this country, against their will, (theft/extortion/taxes) Then I would be just as bad as the person who stole my car. And the only property that I have a RIGHT to - is property that (I) can defend and hold myself. My life and my property are not the responsibility of my neighbors/fellow countrymen. No hypocrisy here...
Represent ! (22 days ago)
the UK law for patents is different. Blockchain will fail central corps, in the USA :) lol ahahaha
pamella kelly (23 days ago)
What’s all your verdict on EOS I personally have very strong feelings it’s next to be listed on coinbase
Ken Semotiuk (21 days ago)
pamella kelly EOS, just another crypto that will come and go, just like all of its brethren!
Marcos Sanchez (22 days ago)
David Icke is a truther shill and so is bix weir who he is associated with
Marcos Sanchez (22 days ago)
pamella kelly which is why he pumps it and he also pumps dash which isn’t actually private. XMR is the best privacy coin.
Marcos Sanchez (22 days ago)
Eos will probably be successful but it’s a nwo coin
The Shadow Government (22 days ago)
T hughes Haha it's not a scam.
Ugly But proud (23 days ago)
The Talmudic satanic Jewry rules and unfortunately probably always will
Freeda Birda (22 days ago)
Marcos Sanchez Talmud is not Torah. I have great Jewish friends and I'm Christian. I thank them for giving me Jesus and the Bible.
Ugly But proud (22 days ago)
Freeda Birda ....Those who are weak and fall for the Okie doke time and time again, shall be ran off the cliff with the rest of the beta heard. Know your enemy or you shall be conquered
Bob Anderson (22 days ago)
+ Ugly But proud ... I AM taking them down as we speak. No joke. http://tomyelitefriends.blogspot.com/2017/01/this-blog-is-copy-of-my-google-page.html
Marcos Sanchez (22 days ago)
Freeda Birda he’s right tho
Freeda Birda (22 days ago)
Ugly But proud those who demonized others are demons themselves
underland (23 days ago)
I got this from dollarvigilante.com Hi You may have noticed you are getting a barrage of emails from tons of service providers telling you about their privacy policy.  If you are like me, you are finding these incredibly irritating.  Well, we also have been told if we don't send out this pointless email we will have draconian fines and more pain than we're willing to deal with. And so, at the point of a gun we are unfortunately having to bother you on behalf of a bunch of welfare-whore burea-rats. As part of the European Union's GPDR Regulations that take effect tomorrow 25 May 2018 we've updated our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service. In addition, if you live in the EU, we'll be presenting you with an annoying popup asking you to accept cookies on the site when you visit. (Hint: You can avoid these with a VPN). If you'd like to stop getting mails from us, click here to unsubscribe.  Note, this will remove you from everything -- notifications, newsletters, alerts, etc.  It will however not remove your access from the site, or stop receipts, access information, etc. In other words, clicking that link WILL STOP ALL COMMUNICATION FROM US other than site access mails. DO NOT do it if you'd like to receive emails, alerts, newsletters, or other information in the future. If you want to have all your data completely removed and forgotten, you can email [email protected] and request it or click this link to request removal from everything. Remember, sending this email or clicking this link WILL DESTROY ALL INFORMATION we store about you, including your past purchases, username, password, etc.  We'll also do our best to ban you from subscribing to anything in the future. The full removal may take a few days, but cannot be stopped. DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK unless you are 100% sure. Once again, this email was sent to comply with GPDR Regulations in the EU.  It is our only notification. And continued use of The Dollar Vigilante after 24 May 2018 indicates your approval and acceptance of our terms.  If you don't accept our terms, please stop visiting our site.  We apologize for the inconvenience... Blame the burea-rats.  We are doing our very best to rid the world of government... just give us a bit more time.
Enrike G. (23 days ago)
B.C and A.D, haha good one
Carlos Cordova (22 days ago)
Got that one from jcole. "before cell phones"
GERGXReal (22 days ago)
underland (23 days ago)
I see you bowed down to the One World government and sent out notifications to email addresses addressing privacy policy compliance didn't think they would get you to
Ron Burgundy (21 days ago)
kaosstar yes sadly Jeff is a shill, and his anarchy is nothing more than a selfish front for maketh money at the expense of "I'll show you freedom". Pay me, and I'll show you the rabbit hole... Just not how to get out of it!👍🤪 You go Jeff! You keep preaching, and keep reaping! 🙈🤡😱
kaosstar (21 days ago)
It became clear that he was compromised when he began promoting bcash
Ken Semotiuk (21 days ago)
underland ,you would bee surprised how jeffie'fake hawk'turdstick changes his toon when there is a gun pointed at his temple of his head?
IDK christbearer9 (22 days ago)
underland A One World Government powered by A.I. Blockchain technology to make it un-hackable. Ummmm Yeah! Oh boy!!! It's about to get real interesting, really SOON. Out of the chaos, will bring forth The Order.
Daniel Ekerold (23 days ago)
Scott Stankis (23 days ago)
I wish I could have profited from the last bull run. I missed it...
Jim Big (22 days ago)
Now would be a good time to start accumulating for the next bull run. You'll then be sitting pretty like the people who accumulated at 300-400 did a couple years ago, only this time IMO it won't take as long for the return. I made out with the last bull run but now I'm struggling to hold onto it as it's holding me over and I can't find a job.
Bitcoin Bank (23 days ago)
there are more on the way

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