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Bill Maher roots for recession to get Trump out of office

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Fox News contributor Karl Rove on Bill Maher hoping for a recession in an effort to get President Trump out of office and President Trump's summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
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James B. (1 day ago)
Trump.is winning!
America countryball (2 days ago)
What pisses me off is the asswhole tried to weasel his way out of it saying it was a joke it didn't really sound like a joke he sounded like he meant it you can usually tell the difference between a joke and being serious by body language and tone of voice if it was a joke he sure didn't try to make it sound like one
NC Styles (3 days ago)
The average American household income is $56K a year. He makes that in two days! ($54K)
Paul Charles (4 days ago)
exham akanoa (4 days ago)
Bill Maher dont even care about middle America lol He's got that much money he could use some to wipe his azz lol
junekid629 (4 days ago)
[email protected]# maher. I damn near lost it watching that episode.
Patrick Bateman (5 days ago)
Another Hollywood elite living in a bubble
Donald Castleberry (5 days ago)
I didn't realize until now that all the liberal millionaires don't care about the people that work to keep them going are we allowed to move in with the millionaires when the recession hits ?!?!?!?!?
Bigheadtf (5 days ago)
Democrats Admit Why They Hate Donald Trump And Alex Jones https://youtu.be/KoYZxEenKuc
Angelawuong (5 days ago)
Ohhh, with your stupid asshole president doing now and continues, yes, it will happen. How many stupid idiots assholes don’t understand that? Any policy will has outcome in 2-3years!
Erin Michelle (5 days ago)
Trump will do a good job of driving the US economy to bankruptcy...Doesn't need Maher's hopes.
Tommaso Votino (5 days ago)
why would u pay this idoit bill , liberalism is a load of shit and full of them its the one world order asslickers and bill is an asslicker and a big on at that, what they do for the devil promote there genda and fuck u people and they hope u die have use got it yet?
shean7890 (5 days ago)
Common brothers. It’s comedy
itscork (5 days ago)
I don't even LIKE Trump but scumbags like Bill Maher make me kinda root for the guy.
rissanortonkn (5 days ago)
Dumb ass trumpards never going to be rich trump not draining the swamp head is the swamp and thank Obama for economy 😒
Cyber Bully (6 days ago)
LOLOLOLOLOL. Karl Rove and this token COONING for the white man. WHAT A JOKE. FAUX News.
JustLouIt (6 days ago)
He wants America to fail?? Fuck that nigga.
Longrider (6 days ago)
Hopefully if there is a recession HBO will lose so much money they cant afford to pay Bill Maher
John Pliskin (6 days ago)
what did he actually say? where is the clip?
Larry Aldama (6 days ago)
Get that orangutan out of the White House soon as possible
Larry Aldama (4 days ago)
President Donald J Trump you are prejudice you are another George Wallace 😂
Larry Aldama (4 days ago)
President Donald J Trump you better quit masturbating about your daughter stormy Daniels might get mad 👍Hahahaha
Cat Cat stop masturbating, you might go blind.
Cat Cat (4 days ago)
Larry Aldama don't even bother replying to him. He he has only one brain cell and it's not working very well
Larry Aldama (4 days ago)
President Donald J Trump make America great again impeach you get you out of the White House 👍😂
MrBank325 (6 days ago)
Bill Maher doesn't give a damn if people go hungry and lose their jobs. He will still be rich and have no real worries.
William Calhoun (6 days ago)
Steven Galindo (6 days ago)
so let me get this right: the Dems want companies to fail, and people to be laid off, and families to suffer being out of work and out of money so hopefully enough angry voters will throw Trump out and a more reasonable, likeable candidate will be installed. I.e., hurt as many as it takes to get rid of this one man. That's progressive thinking? If that is tolerance, I'd hate o see your intolerance!
reefcreep (6 days ago)
thats right folks democrats love to use poor people!.
Addison DeWitt (6 days ago)
Maher's not out of touch with middle America , he simply doesn't give a shit about middle America. They're the ones who got Trump elected in the first place so let 'em suffer.
Cat Cat (4 days ago)
Addison DeWitt bm, that's funny
Cat Cat (4 days ago)
Addison DeWitt bm works for the dimokratts
Hooptie Hamburger (6 days ago)
The left has been showing their true colors in recent years. It is who they always were, but now it's getting really obvious.
Canes 4Lyfe (7 days ago)
I used to really like Maher as he’s a straight talker BUT when it comes to the POTUS he’s got terminal TDS. And for that reason I stopped watching the fool a long time ago. You just can’t reason with an illogical person.
Bad Company (7 days ago)
Well they are all paid by the CIA which of course is going down in flames.
marty one (7 days ago)
Dozie D (7 days ago)
It’s like when Trump wished for a recession so that he would buy up more property. Both Maher and Trump are wrong on this.
Evenstevens (7 days ago)
Perfect !!! I love it when these assholes keep shooting their mouths off. The American people are waking up and soon” very soon these assholes will be few and far in between.
Joseph Selkow (7 days ago)
Bill Maher = shit bag.
Beth (7 days ago)
THIS IS MISLEADING. What Bill Maher said was he was rooting for a recession TO SAVE DEMOCRACY. HE WOULD RATHER HAVE A RECESSION THAN A DICTATORSHIP.. This was at a time when trump and his lawyers were saying that Trump is above the law. That he cannot be subpoenaed and that if he murdered Comey, he will not be indicted. That is a dictatorship.
ScentlessApprentice7 (7 days ago)
So essentially, Liberal Democrats would rather have this country in economical shambles and on the brink of total destruction than for it to be in control by the opposing political party??? Sounds exactly like something Adolf would say if he were still alive.
John Singer (7 days ago)
Bill Maher: "It's either root for a recession or you lose your democracy." News Flash: We don't have a democracy to lose. We live in a republic. South Africa has a democracy. I hear they really like light skinned people there. Maybe Bill Maher would rather enjoy the true democracy that South Africa has to offer instead of living in a republic.
freewillobjector (7 days ago)
Why does anybody listen to the guy who was an extra in DC Cab?
gemcan54 (7 days ago)
Bill is a coke head and stinky smoker. Bill should be the first to lose his job in a recession.
gdiamond (7 days ago)
Daniel Kleinmeier (7 days ago)
Throat-punch that nappy Jew...
Syd (7 days ago)
Bill Maher wishes for economic disaster to have Trump fail;  so he wishes for retired people who have worked their tails off all their lives to lose there 401ks?,  people hustling to pay bills and put gas in their car to get to work, trying to put food on the table for our children?, he wants them or us to suffer?   Why would he care, it wouldn't affect him since he is already filthy rich.  The most selfish, arrogant thing I've ever heard.
Black Mamba (7 days ago)
That is not being out of touch, that is being a MONSTER!
Zdenek Niederle (7 days ago)
Maher is an idiot.
Giorgio Cooper (7 days ago)
Even Bill has gone completely insane ..... with a little bit of luck, he will loose his job during the next Dem created recession ......
Charlysteen Stevens (7 days ago)
I'll send Bill Maher a few boxes of kleenex and some soothing music. We, the poor, have struggled to make ends meet while elitists like Maher have lived high on the hog. Make no mistake, we see what's going on.
Charles Smith (7 days ago)
Bill Maher was, is, and always will be a total asshole! Libtard thinking...no logic, just childish emotions!
VS30131968 (7 days ago)
Bill Maher is scum. Typical commie Democrat . Awake yet America. The Liberals and Democrats are commies who do not give a shit about the people of this country. Do yourself and your children a favor and vote out the traitor Democrats.
Pete W. (7 days ago)
Rolando Macatulad (7 days ago)
People of America, please do not patronize bill maher and robert de nero so they go bankrupt and beg in the streets of America for food. That's what they want to see happen to you just to get rid of trump. Look what jealousy will do.
Falcon Eddie (7 days ago)
The silent majority is watching and waiting to strike again in 2020, we are repulsed by the liberal media and celebs.
joe 90 (8 days ago)
Maher is the Village Idiot Twat
shedd45 (8 days ago)
Bill Maher for President.
Bo Miller (8 days ago)
Now that Bill Maher has said it, more leftists will say it. They are so frustrated by their loss of power that they now want Americans to suffer financially so they can get it back.
Dennis Vance (8 days ago)
This guy has $100 million and the only way he can be happy is for the rest of us to end in abject poverty. Nothing says liberal Democrat like blind hatred.
Patriot of Justice (8 days ago)
Truly despicable. Libtards would rather the country go down in flames if it meant they weren't in control.
Ernesto Ybarra (8 days ago)
Self-righteous peckerhead and " N" word using Bill Maher worth hundred million I'm sure he would feel the impact of a recession!
Art Burgos (8 days ago)
Bill maher.hope you read this message Your show sucks !!! .You are a peace of shit.  Hope someday you get ass fired.!!
Raz Ram (8 days ago)
the average American has no money to save and invest in the stock market
Kathi S (8 days ago)
Sad to say, but where Bill Maher falls with his opinions & comments, you just can't fix stupid . . . He's part of that elite group who really doesn't give a crap about the lives of the people who don't pull down the same salary he does. Shame on you, Bill, grow a heart (& a brain while you're at it).
Roman44 (8 days ago)
Must be nice to root for a recession when you're a multi millionaire
LD Y (8 days ago)
Bill Maher,is a lunatic and a gross Moron.
Wild1 P (8 days ago)
SHEEPLE= Leftists with Trump Derangement Syndrome
Steel Here (8 days ago)
Fox News: "Bill Maher was born in Kenya."
Complete Controll (8 days ago)
Fuck him. His pathetic followers cheered. He’s a multi millionaire, recession doesn’t hurt him or Hollywood. His fake ass fans cheered America failing for personal reasons. Let me show you the complete shadiness of the left and everyone missed it. If we go through recession, Maher is ok, Hollywood is ok, but Trump is ok too. Trump is rich. People from the left are willing to watch us face financial ruin, not Trump, but regular people, so they can make an ideology point, and that would never hurt Trump, except votes. So their hatred for him is so deep, they are comfortable with him being rich, and us being broke, all so they can say I told you so. And they’ve been wrong the entire time!!!! They can’t say I told you so, and for that all Americans should suffer? Think about that shit. Think about that if you ever see these people in real life, think about how they really see you, and respond accordingly.
John K (8 days ago)
No matter what ...why would you want us to suffer ....this kinda crap is why people can't stand the libs
Veda C (8 days ago)
How evil to you have to be to wish a recession on your own country.
Bruan Hardrada (8 days ago)
Him saying he knows people will suffer and die if he gets his wish and saying he doesn't care that will happen.
joe ramone (8 days ago)
And why would you not want to see a certain person in the white house if the country is doing well under him.
John Phillips (8 days ago)
That's why if a Dem is elected Prez I will pull all my money out cf the bank and stock market
VenAvien (8 days ago)
Wtf?! Why would you want a recessions! Bunch of traitors!
jacqueline russell (8 days ago)
People in the audience who actually applauded are truly sick pathetic and sad Trump Derangement syndrome is alive and well
Cat Cat (4 days ago)
TDS so bad so bad so bad so bad so bad so bad so bad
Cat Cat (4 days ago)
Glenn Lego sorry lot of mistakes in there I know you get what I'm saying though. you're not a basement dweller
Cat Cat (4 days ago)
Glenn Lego it could have been a last track it was kind of stilted. cuz nobody hardly clapped and then I will send somebody claps. I think they held up one of those signs that says clap clap clap
Glenn Lego (4 days ago)
As I said I wonder if the audience reaction was real or was it a laugh track?
Cat Cat (8 days ago)
jacqueline russell BM wants president Trump to fail because he has TDS so he is hoping for a recession. BM needs to find a cure for his problem. Karma is a funny thing.
rrmndtqrg8 q (8 days ago)
What a communist pos I hope Wayne Brady beats his white privileged sissy ass
Al Tay (8 days ago)
Bill Maher is a freaking retard
Andrew Sinclair (8 days ago)
Doesn,t matter what meher says !      The economy is going to tank when these tarriffs hit !     TRUMP WILL RUIN THE U.S.A. AND POSSIBLY THE WORLD  !     NORTH KOREA WILL NEVER CEDE TO TRUMPS BELICOSE DEMANDS !
Cat Cat (4 days ago)
Andrew Sinclair TDS so bad so bad so bad so bad so bad so bad so bad. if you don't go to the doctor and get your problem cured or get a shrink or whatever, hide in a coroner...
cybertec69 (8 days ago)
Some in Hollywierd, you mean ALL.
Donna McDonald (8 days ago)
Use common sense swamp peoples American already have one foot in the depression pool with Trump try to get russian back into the G-summit and not handle American business in Canada that why he went there for American first not Putina first ? when did russian become part of American and what tax do they pay ?.
kt cool (8 days ago)
Drumf's economic policies will bring a recession.
Tom Quinton (8 days ago)
You were all rooting for Obama to fail, so please kindly shut up!
Randy Simmons (8 days ago)
Bill spoke his very own future of recession!
Christopher Dieudonne (8 days ago)
1:30 Yes! The applause when he said that was super phucked up. How people could wish for the economic collapse of our country just to prove a so-called point is beyond me.
steveninthe (4 days ago)
i wasnt kidding... there can be different values and morals, but pure progressive liberalism has no rationality, no logic and no coherence, its madeup bullshit... liberals want to tell me there are 71 genders (google "facebook 71 genders"), and biology says 2
Christopher Dieudonne (4 days ago)
steveninthe You know, I'm really starting to think it really is a mental disorder. There's just no way in hell libtards *truly* believe their own hype.
steveninthe (4 days ago)
liberalism is a mental disorder , that's why
Christopher Dieudonne (4 days ago)
Glenn Lego I watched the segment and unfortunately, it sounded like real audience applause. A laugh track would have definitely softened the moment. It was awkward.
Glenn Lego (4 days ago)
Christopher Dieudonne Was the applause real or was it a laugh track like they use on sitcoms?
Gina Kay (8 days ago)
Australians cannot have an opinion in America. 1788 Botany Bay criminals are useless. #FUXHIRESOREOCOOKIE TO SPREAD LIES
Micha EL (8 days ago)
Trump is the best President of this century. Boycott HBO !
marty one (6 days ago)
Micha EL (6 days ago)
marty one lmao gotta have a crime chumps !
marty one (7 days ago)
Paul Sommerhalder (8 days ago)
Bill's remark was tongue-in-cheek. It was like saying you wished Japan had won WW2, so the movie Pearl Harbor starring Ben Affleck would never have been made. He is a Comedian after all. Pearl Harbor was an awful movie. The audiences were contemplating Seppuku half way through it.
Cat Cat (8 days ago)
Paul Sommerhalder it was not tongue in cheek. Watch the clip. He really meant it and you know he did.
Chuck Taylor (8 days ago)
Paul Sommerhalder and you are an awfully big moron
Chaos odds Ow CBC (8 days ago)
Interesting spectacles sir
mark belluo (8 days ago)
hes a kike
Sam Iamm (8 days ago)
You hate the president so much that you’re willing to hurt everyone else in this country as well 🤨 When will this civil war commence..? 🇺🇸
Bill Riser (8 days ago)
How do you comment on that
desi derata (8 days ago)
That faggot.
davmanx (8 days ago)
Never before USA is so divided
dobbins2550 (8 days ago)
Karl Rove, we have not been here 4 times. This is the first time we are having real talks, face-to-face. Don't act like this isn't a big deal.
dobbins2550 (8 days ago)
The left is a violent, hateful group of people.
Robert Travers (8 days ago)
The average American worker does more for this country in one day than lil Bill has done in his "career". Democrats...please wake up! The libs want, demand, this country fail. The rich and the lazy are the ones that hate our country and it's economy. Vote for Republicans that support Trump!! MAGA
Lori Mahoney (8 days ago)
The Democratic system being in danger was the back story.
Mary Fowler (8 days ago)
Stupid liberal thinking Bill Marr is what liberalism is all about it about themselves every liberal are selfish that’s why there Believe in abortions so they don’t have to give their careers up or have the responsibility to raise a child. Liberals would rather see somebody fall for they agenda or gain. Just so they can say I told you so. A liberalism is toxic.
pipercat10 (8 days ago)
Thanks for your honesty , and proof positive that no matter how much money you have you can still be a total IDIOT !
Land of Giants (8 days ago)
Democrats..the Party of Rapists,Child Molester and Murderers..They become orgasmic when they bath in American blood.....The Day of Reckoning is nigh for you and your kind Maher .
Jason Franklin (8 days ago)
Maher let his hate for Trump destroy himself from within.He wants Trump stopped by any means necessary which is crazy.Look I hated obama but I didn't let him ruin my day.I was hoping Obama would make America great again.But he didn't! And thats why we voted TRUMP to do the job!And now we are witnessing history!
Chris Conger (8 days ago)
The people applauding are useful idiots. Fucking anti-American scum
Bad Company (8 days ago)
He also said even if Hillary had Jon Benet in her basement he still would have voted for her. This guy is clearly hiding something
ScentlessApprentice7 (7 days ago)
Maher goes much further than just kissing ass. Maher licks the inside of Hillary's toilet bowl.
Chuck Taylor (8 days ago)
Bad Company he cant hide the fact that hes a fucking idiot
Corey Lemonier (8 days ago)
Lol this guy just described the Iran deal ..
Martin Decamerone (8 days ago)
Yes trump know how it feels or all the other billionaires he put in officeXD a recession is coming, ask any economist. Why do u think all countries want their gold back they stored in the US banks, and u can’t even show it to them;) because it’s already gone.

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