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EOS Is Gonna Rock Ya

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Liberty Block: http://libertyblock.io The Dollar Vigilante: http://dollarvigilante.com Anarchapulco: https://anarchapulco.com Directed by Luis Eduardo: https://web.facebook.com/StudioLuisEduardo
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Ralph the Rock (2 days ago)
Iike that song!! Old school!!
Andrew Hoffman (2 days ago)
*Screw Gold & Silver - I'm riding Bitcoin to the moon babies!*
John Paul (4 days ago)
lolol this is too fkin funny
userpike (4 days ago)
...this make it hard to take EOS seriously.
Jessy James (4 days ago)
Where's the mule? C'mon Jeff....can't have a dadgum crypto vid without some equine.
yeswehavethetruth (4 days ago)
very coooool ! ;-)
Carlene Spiteri (5 days ago)
Hi, can you provide a video, showing us how to vote for Liberty Block for EOS..
wife says no (5 days ago)
I take my previous assumption back cuz I keep coming back to listen..this is a banger! Jeff what's the name of your block producer team so I can vote?
Default Operation (5 days ago)
This is just disrespectful to The KLF. Your cover sucks ass.
Dj PriMo (6 days ago)
Lol you're a trip whats the price target?
Tac Robinson (6 days ago)
Sooo cringe.... I love it.
Mitch Mahoney (6 days ago)
Jeff Berwick; the pioneer of "Block-Hop"
stick to finances... lol
Rich Burnau (6 days ago)
there's other options circulating on EOS. What's TDV opinion on this type of info? http://markets.businessinsider.com/currencies/news/blockone-pays-hacker-120000-to-expose-flaws-in-eos-source-code-ahead-of-blockchain-launch-2018-6-1026819666
Rich Burnau (6 days ago)
I mean almost anyone who's been following knows there were a number of bugs identified before the launch and were addressed once identified which is awesome. but what about other issues it may have? anyone know about what has been done to "fine tooth comb" eos to secure it better?
Somnium (6 days ago)
Takanami (6 days ago)
🎉🎉🎵🎵🎉🎉🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽 Going to have this playing every week when I top of with more EOS
mrtvicovek (7 days ago)
i guess buy eos ? yeeeees i will
TheAldawg77 (7 days ago)
The bulldogs face at the end!
Pat G (7 days ago)
Yes and Eos was dumped, it’s down double percentage wise of BTC.. sell The news, always
Andre Zunde (7 days ago)
We got in EOS at 60 cents means EOS has already Rocked lots of us! YEAHBOI💯😎
Filmmaker (7 days ago)
Jeff, looks like your song rocked EOS in the wrong direction
Fight For Truth (7 days ago)
Filmmaker Haha
Stephen Clement (7 days ago)
Bitconnect flashback. Whatyagonnadoo!!!!!!!
G-Raff Asaurus (7 days ago)
HAHAHA!! :D And the best part is at the end with all the dogs getting in on the action, and the look on your pugs face in the last shot ROFL! :-P
CRYPTO AF (7 days ago)
You know that was really bad right?
joe barile (7 days ago)
WTF I guess your hip as well Jeff. I never would have expected that. Well done.
Nashty74 (7 days ago)
That brick phone 🤣
JL Wolf (7 days ago)
Love it!
Pavol Pocatko (7 days ago)
Blk Wolf (7 days ago)
That was real cool man nice video and we all know that CRYPTO RULES
hahah Jeff you a wild boy!!! 🤣🤣 Cant wait to see everyone again 2019 !!
Richard Neal (7 days ago)
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TheDragonflyDoji (7 days ago)
now that's a PUMP vid!
gabriolinari (7 days ago)
ehm no comment on this one....
Giuseppe Cramerotti (7 days ago)
Why does TDV think that images with lovely ladies will make his message more appealing (truthful)? He is using the same propaganda techniques he so shouts against.
Chris San Andres (7 days ago)
Bought 5K EOS and planning to Sell EOS on all time High, it would just be like BCH eventually Hype and Pump then Dump. Practicality it is, dont be a fanboy like the others did on BCH before. Look at them now...
SAILERMAN (7 days ago)
Jeff does not care if EOS is controlled by a criminal cabal, Jeff wants more money, dam with the morality. so sad
Big Daddy Films (7 days ago)
Why you shilling EOS so hard?
Michael Alpine (7 days ago)
Love the video. EOS is destined to be the number one coin.
frogthefrog (7 days ago)
Justfor Youtube (7 days ago)
This arrived late EST on a Friday night... Gee, one click of a mouse and one got totally swooped away to a very unexpected place... I am sure many will attest that they lost touch with all else for 3:41 minutes except their own racing thoughts and emotions about how they personally felt about it all.. With this adrenaline rush also being invested with personal money and/or individual opinion of EOS, it was/is intense for all, in one way or another... Although I have long term doubts about EOS, I thought this was fantastic... Thanks for the momentary trip outside myself... Granny
Michael Scott (7 days ago)
Vigilante Posse in da house, rocking the blockchain massive! Big-Up the Badass Berwick, smashing it dude.
Michael Cecere (7 days ago)
Grab this domain now www.eosdomination.com
tgcoder (7 days ago)
Can't stand RapCrap music.
Bullish Buffalo (7 days ago)
Come on.. I mean EOS might be one of the best cryptos out there , yet it's only a software..with critical vulnerabilities. And it's already valued more than most succesfull companies on NYSE.. Are dapps that big of a market ? But I still love ya Jeff x)
ARCstudiosTV (7 days ago)
Rockin man nice work lol. Shoot me your music next time for mix down, I'll get it slammin for you.
Steven Foo (7 days ago)
I'd rock that girl. She is THICCC. I'd lie her down on mah bed.. and rock the hips back n forth.. n watch those melons sway like water waves
LitecoinMichael (7 days ago)
Liberty block!
michael penfold (7 days ago)
Radiant Lunatic (7 days ago)
Looks like everybody had fun creating this - love the dogs at the end - LOL! ❤️
mickymidnight1 (7 days ago)
Those dogs though.....funny
2fer one (7 days ago)
WASA WASA WASA.. Wait, I can vote? Well that changes everything. LOL no. On the flip side if EOS has some success it will increase the value of btc in the long run. Win win. Thanks and good luck EOS!
Ryan Miller (8 days ago)
That was 3:41 of cringe....
Music List (8 days ago)
Wtf iz dis?
Obi-Wan Kenobi (8 days ago)
Gosh EOS is goooing doooown
Relient Kid (8 days ago)
So good it's bad or something
Jamaa L (8 days ago)
LOL this is so bad it's good.
Rob Sky (8 days ago)
Soooooo terrible :D
Cryptocoin Express (8 days ago)
can't watch it .. so lame. One of those moments when you feel embarrassed for the participants. ...
Taketheride23 (8 days ago)
Hell yeah! EOS is gonna rock ya!
Bob Sacamano (8 days ago)
Soooo nauseating !
the gods at the end...lol!
James Hernandez (8 days ago)
Ryan B (8 days ago)
XRP is gonna rock ya
MySthOz NameLand (8 days ago)
#EPIC! Love it, good flash back. Took me back bro! 😂🤣😜 LAME AS FÇK CRINGES CAN ONLY TROLL AS NO CREATIVITY OF THERE OWN And with no balls to get off their own ass and risk putting it on the line. Hehehhe
ej2much (8 days ago)
I'm going to bump this in my Lamborghini when eos hits $100 in brought a load at .68😎😎😎
Ben G (8 days ago)
T hughes (8 days ago)
Again with this Eos crap.
Selim Bisevac (8 days ago)
Great 👍 👏
Alireza Zamani (8 days ago)
EOS ganna rock ya!
Jon Johnson (8 days ago)
EOS stole all of my tokens because I didn't register them in time... FU EOS! That's theft!
Brock pierce is a pedofile. Google it people! Brock pierce is in control of eos, eos is centralized Blockchain. You invest in pedos, you deserve to go down with them.
SAILERMAN (8 days ago)
Jeff .....anarchy = non aggression principle = freedom... Brock Pierce/EOS = pedophilia = child rape = sex slavery
Peter Domuzov (8 days ago)
hahahahaha pure fuckin' gold man love it
Eric (8 days ago)
EOS has way too many problems in their code. XRP Codius will easily outperform.
Eric (6 days ago)
mrunconventional ...but it's fact. Have you read EOS terms and conditions? No thanks.
mrunconventional (7 days ago)
lmfao... yeah, you keep telling yourself that. :D
Jeromy Schall (8 days ago)
Great beatz.. Lets do this..!!
ixaeon (8 days ago)
Too funny 😂
Chris Dew (8 days ago)
just puked a little bit
scotty19581 (8 days ago)
Funny Jeff, but white boy can't rap........
The Bob Saget (8 days ago)
I love you Jeff bro! You should reach out to Eddie bravo and have him speak at anarchopulco!! He is a 1000% truth seeker jiu-jitsu coach. He owns well over a hundred jiu jitsu clinics around the globe and is a hard core liberty minded brother. Please!!!
Jorge Saragoca (8 days ago)
Brilliant !!!! love it
Rowan Clifford (8 days ago)
Anarcheos. Love it.
Moad Dafir (8 days ago)
moriartyb (8 days ago)
WOW. CLASSIC. Hilarious!
Robert S (8 days ago)
Haters gonna hate on EOS! Their loss our gain!
wife says no (8 days ago)
I can't tell if this is the ultimate shill, or all time low for jeff...love ya regardless berwick, I will disregard this one
Russian Bot (8 days ago)
Couldn’t finish this one. Liked the other one Going Up better.
XPopCornX (8 days ago)
You love centralized coins.
William Leather (8 days ago)
Tron and Ripple are better. . . .oh well ...time will tell ...
Kyle MacDonald (8 days ago)
KLF burnt 1 million pounds of fiat money in a fire. Google it. The question is: Will EOS have the balls to literally burn $1 billion dollars of fiat paper money?
Dog chaser (8 days ago)
So cringy but I love it!
Jordan G (8 days ago)
Jeff back on drugs
Gabriel Vincent Moon (8 days ago)
Brock Tokar (8 days ago)
Love ya, but I couldn't even get through that. Yikes.
Hello I love you (8 days ago)
Loved seeing your dogs in the video, sweet!
SwishaMane420 (8 days ago)
Oh no...
trattface (8 days ago)
This is mad weird
V for Veracity (8 days ago)
So cringey it's funny. Gotta hand it to Jeff, he truly gives no fucks. He is one of the very few on earth who have mastered freedom. Props.
ashman 11 (8 days ago)
haha, ur very versataile - i love it :D
ice man (8 days ago)
Love the K phone mic!!
Brad Blackmon (8 days ago)
LOL 😄 😂

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