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Stellar Lumens in a Nutshell

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http://boxmining.com/stellar-lumens-nutshell/ - The Stellar Network promises fast confirmation times (3-6 seconds) with minimal fees (0.00001 lumens). This is achieved using the a consensus protocol called "Stellar Consesus Protocol" (SCP) which is not based on proof of work (unlike Bitcoin). This video explains the basics of the Stellar Network and Stellar Lumens (XLM). Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/boxmining ♨️Social: Website: http://boxmining.com Steemit: https://steemit.com/@boxmining Twitter: https://twitter.com/boxmining Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/boxmining 🤑 Buy Bitcoin: https://www.coinbase.com/join/590c3a1c8bfa31012ffacf87 💰 Secure your Crypto with Hardware Wallets: Ledger: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/428b 💪Donations: Bitcoin : 13EvsPm3YhiCPGksQQdvQUFtsbF8FoU6Cz Ethereum: 0x58d98516363D2A5f93CE6aB4A4a909599C3EEC3a 💱Software Wallet: Windows/Mac/linux: http://exodus.io
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Daily News (2 days ago)
I like
Alexander K (13 days ago)
From what I can tell... Stellar (especially since being picked up by IBM and Maersk) is highly likely going to be the top dog from international commerce... If you visit the hyperledger site, you will also notice the extensive laundry list of other supporting banks/corporations throughout America/Europe and China<<< This is a big deal! Most notably the fact that Deuche Bank and The Bank of England (Central Banks) have interests in the success of Hyperledger and, by default Stellar Lumens. I have seen a few people commenting in various forums saying that Lumens (coins) are not necessary for this project and that is simply nt true. Lumens seem to be en route to becoming a coin that will be used to conduct large-scale international commerce... This will also likely become an entirely new platform making it easy to conduct transactions, launch ICOs and do these things without the necessity for mining (potentially). To say the least... I stongly believe XLM is wildly under valued at $00.29USD.
hi michael can u make a short video with the top 10 crypto with their highlight on their white paper
Aaron Jupp (2 months ago)
A great channel amongst a sea of mud
skippy813 (2 months ago)
Stellar web interface is a joke ! no support, memo information is sketchy to say the least, lots of people have lost coins just by not putting in the correct memo information, there are four different types of memo's that no one talks about, the wallet needs coins to work And The List Goes On !
Cory Kong (1 month ago)
skippy813 hahahah do you even read bro? Stellar's website has all the information needed. If you want some fancy stellar website, do check out lumenaut website! It's also about Stellar. Then, please read about memo once you are in there. Most of the time, it's only exchanges that require memo. If I would send you lumens, it's up to me or your Stellar wallet provider to send you a memo. There's nothing confusing here. Just read. DYOR. Plus a 1 xlm to activate a stellar wallet? Is that much? Hahahaha. Also, there is a Telegram wallet for stellar that doesn't require you a balance to activate xlm. You can send 1 or 2 or any amount, and it's already activated. That's called papayabot wallet.
AVLRECORDS (2 months ago)
A shit coin it seems. ARK will obliberate this 100%
4444 1313 (3 months ago)
Could XLM be used for exchanging cryptocurrencies?
CryptoSantaNick (4 months ago)
ur doing good - go on- i like ur keeping it all short, without much bla bla
Christopher St.Louis (4 months ago)
you're a nutshell
Michelle Hettinger (4 months ago)
Stellar lumens gets more love than it deserves. I've been trying to convince myself to buy some XLM and every time i go do some research it doesn't appeal to me at all. There's no way this is as secure as bitcoin. Only reason to invest is because people believe the hype train will raise the price regardless of how good XLM is. I'm tired of seeing "But banks". Neither of these are strong enough arguments to get my on board.
with such a large capitalization, you should not expect much growth of this coin! I advise you to look at a coins like the Enigma, WeTrust
Crypto Collector (4 months ago)
the future fo money has no transaction fee so none of them will servive !
u mudder pucker (4 months ago)
if they don't need to use the stellar token then no point investing in the stellar coin. Its worthless only the ecosystem has value. Same thing with ripple. The banks already said they only interested in the ecosystem not the coin they want to use fiat on it and bloomberg confirmed they can do that. xrp and stellar are worthless coins.
George Andrews IV (4 months ago)
Ripple is a bad thing... pretty soon I won't need a central bank... Move forward with stellar...
Walking Classic (4 months ago)
Digibyte next please!
CryptoCashReady ! (4 months ago)
Thanks man for this informative video! I have been hearing about stellar off and on for the last few months. I am just now starting to really research it. Good overview here. Keep it up! #stellar #lumens #xlm
Rsa Wrks (4 months ago)
Crypto Queen (4 months ago)
This is a great video!
Artiom Lukianov (4 months ago)
Stellar Lumens is shady thing, private nodes runs by someone, for sure is enterprise mechanism. Personally i don't trust this perspective. Andreas Antonoupols explains this sort of ledgers better than i and each one must to see his videos about closed blockchains. Andreas says that this type of consensus is new Cartel which eliminates "Clearing House" that means total control over our money and not decentralization (main purpose of Bitcoin).
David Benites (4 months ago)
XLM to $1
Deemantos (4 months ago)
Where are the 86 billion XLM not in circulation ?
jamie peay (4 months ago)
Being a trustless system is just as important as being a decentralized system. The whole point is you can trust the system itself and not have to trust people. There will be bad actors, that is just how human nature works. Which is why Stellar Lumens will ultimately fail.
Howard Jiang (4 months ago)
If people can use the Stellar network without using Stellar Lumens like you said then what's the value in holding the token XLM
Obsoletefreedom (4 months ago)
I was a xrp believer for a long time, but not anymore. I see the use of the network but there isnt any real token value, i would love for it to be but its not. Theres much better opportunities for this year both short and longterm. I see xrp at 200b at the end of the year.
M Flynn (4 months ago)
How so?  The XRP token value increases as ripple customer adoption occurs.  They seem to be leaps and bounds ahead of gaining real world traction than all others.
Mark Thien (5 months ago)
Great explanation thanks. May I know what app do you use to make this video like you video yourself and the live web browser or other stuff is your background
Mohammad Jalilian (5 months ago)
have a good future
Benjamin Foley (5 months ago)
You are the best teacher in the space. Thanks!
Being Berni (5 months ago)
Great explanation, as always. Thank you very much!
scarecrowOmicron (5 months ago)
What is the god-tier recording software you have that allows 4k recording and lets you remove the background?
Vachagan Balayan (5 months ago)
both are crap
LeVerSatiL (5 months ago)
I like this guy
Wolfgang Icarus (5 months ago)
Lumen is going up like crazy, it's superior than Ripple don't miss the rocket to the moon guys
Janet (5 months ago)
Stellar vs Ether?
Nicolas Palacios (5 months ago)
They can put more lumens to market and drop the price? how they control de amount they have until they use de
Panthera (5 months ago)
Is the SCP random like PoS is? Ca it be likened to gambling?
Jordan Urness (5 months ago)
Your videos are the best! You use the time so efficiently to give nuts and bolts explanations which is lacking from so many other crypto videos. Keep up the great work. I really appreciate it.
Danny Ye (5 months ago)
Didn't know TimothyDeLaGhetto was so knowledgeable on cryptos???
Lasse Christensen (4 months ago)
LOL a Young jackie chang!
Shaun W (5 months ago)
needs to shave his head and it be pretty spot on
foxxrider250r (5 months ago)
con-TROVERSY lol thx for the vid it was informative and educational
ThanksMia (5 months ago)
if there is ripple why stellar?
Its CloutLordPapi (4 months ago)
He just made this video to explain... watch the video u dweeb
Mark Thien (5 months ago)
you can also ask if there is google why bing or why duckduckgo
Adam Milne (5 months ago)
stellar is decentralized, ripple is sort of centralized because it has the backing of the banks
Weng Chu Con (5 months ago)
Ripple is Private / Centralized while Stellar is like Bitcoin Public and Decentralized.
Daniel Woolman (5 months ago)
Ripple and stellar charts look very similar. In day to day charts. These are tied.
Benj Milson (5 months ago)
Ummmm STELLAR is NOT a crypto currency for payment of goods like Ripple or bitcoin. Its a smart contracts token
Christian Picardo (5 months ago)
hope they published that paper..re; decentralization
non profit....weird.
Tripel 666 (5 months ago)
I have 20000 Stellar Lumens
Rugey (4 months ago)
Tripel 666 share 2 or 3 over here 😂
Aeiou (4 months ago)
Smart man, I'm a poor working schlub so I was only able to get 600. But I'm still glad I have them.
Örjan Lennström (4 months ago)
Why? Did you watch the video? XLMs might not even be needed in any large extend.
DaanV9 (5 months ago)
Is this coin goin to be big?
Mark Thien (5 months ago)
please send 2000 XLM to me
Tomas Av. (5 months ago)
theshepard22 (5 months ago)
Stellar is more about lifting up the bottom of the pyramid, not the top- like ripple. And that's a big difference. I believe Crypto Lark said it like that.
Nez Ram (2 months ago)
theshepard22 well, you answered yourself. Better go with were money is.
Henrik Wallin (6 months ago)
I was selling my Cardano today to get into IOTA. The problem was to move the money from Bittrex to Bitfinex. So I used Bitcoin Gold as it had the lowest fees. What a clusterfuck of piece of shitcoin! It took hours and hours, and the block explorer didn't work either, so I had no idea when the shit-gold would arrive. But I managed to get it to Bitfinex (and then Bitfinex was not working for some hour....) in time to buy IOTA before the raise to almost $4. Compare this shit with transferring XLM: It transferred from Bittrex to Kraken before I managed to look at the other tab, and it cost $0.002 (raising to $0.003 now, I guess...). When people realize how awesome Stellar is, I think that Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin X and similar coins will have a problem. They just can't compete.
Henrik Wallin (5 months ago)
Ripple is on more exchanges and has more liquidity right now though, so it's more useful for me than Stellar. Stellar obviously has a better wallet though.
Jean-Paul Teitu II (5 months ago)
Stellar is the future! The future is Stellar!
The Snake Pit (6 months ago)
Good vid. . Since it was made Stella hitting for coin base . Gonna take ripples place rumor has it. . And if you look at the past week. Well? Someone knows something we don't , it looks like.
caroly smith (6 months ago)
Kello hey (6 months ago)
heard "fork of ripple" and exit the video and interest for Stellar right away
jamie peay (4 months ago)
"Decentralized" ... It isn't truly decentralized if it isn't truly trustless.
Brandon The Gamer (5 months ago)
who wants easy hodl money amirite?
StuffsToConsider (5 months ago)
Kello hey a decentralized version of ripple by the Great Jed McCaleb
Miguel Alvaro (6 months ago)
How can I withdraw my Lumens it in the future without using all these exchange sites, which have lots of issues at the moment?
GOD (6 months ago)
One is for banks, one is for the people. Both use generally the same technologies. I don't see why there's competition when they're targeting different demographics. It's just petty politics.
polyxene panoussis (7 months ago)
hi Michael.. how can i convert stellar lumans into bitcoin?...basically i want to convert stellar lumans into cash.....
adrian peirson (4 months ago)
shapeshift dot io
MrDePENDERble (5 months ago)
polyxene panoussis how did you get the stellar lumens? Think about it. Now do the opposite
robert j mcgregor (8 months ago)
will stellar lumans increase in value like bitcoins?
JCeePoker (6 months ago)
Bitcoin University Your fundamental economics is shoddy and in need of some logic. Nobody can say for certain right now what supply of a crypto means for the future because we don't know what the demand is and therefore we have no market equilibrium for what we actually value any crypto. The only thing driving prices right now are speculation. The world of currencies is changing as I type and the evaluations we place on them the same. Nobody thought bitcoin would be 2k or 5k or 10k so please don't say this isn't possible for any other coin by repeating someone else's illogical statement disregarding the demand side of supply.
Dan Watson (6 months ago)
Bitcoin University every time a transaction is complete using ripple the amount of ripple in circulation decreases. The amount for ripple will increase once more and more people get onboard
Magic11 (6 months ago)
LoveliAngelVibes (6 months ago)
Bitcoin University (6 months ago)
No because Bitcoin's market supply is decreasing over time while Stellar's is increasing. It is not designed for investment, same with Ripple. Too many units. It's a utility coin.
Tim McGirl (8 months ago)
HodlersWeekly (8 months ago)
Ripple and Stellar are built for payments, that's why you need fast "block confirmation" times.
Michael Koller (8 months ago)
Fyi, SCP allows nodes to choose whom they trust. Not everyone will trust the same nodes, so quorum slices and quorums form dynamically. This decentralizes the network.
blockTorque (8 months ago)
Sacrifices a "little" decentralisation?? You meant to say "all"? There is no half decentralisation
timkug (5 months ago)
Centralization and Decentralization is a sliding scale depending on how many people are voting. If everyone had a vote then it would be 100% decentralized. As Bitcoin miners become large company clusters, it becomes less distributed and therefore more centralized, ...but overall still quite decentralized. Ripple is very centralized and Dash is in the middle.
TheMage00000 (8 months ago)
In short: it has no use case, for it provides something that every crypto currency already has.
Mark Ford (8 months ago)
Ripple has individual and global freezes https://ripple.com/build/freeze/#freeze-features
C C (5 months ago)
Wow.... that's fundamentally anti crypto ....
Boxmining (8 months ago)
aye, centralized currency
Krisztián Kőrösi (8 months ago)
so in order to use the network you need 20 coins? amazing. do a quick math: how many people are living on this planet, if any of the has to just own 20 per person in order to use the network how much will we need? also consider there are always differences in wealth or account amounts name it as you wish, but this key point and the questionable distribution (9 billion out of 100???) are making this token/coin for me pretty much worthless.
Kurnia Wandhana (4 months ago)
1 lumen for now.
Mr. Jose Rubio (5 months ago)
20 for now, after some adoption that number always decreased. for ripple it was 50 at a time.
Bit Poppa (8 months ago)
IBM just bought them moon time
hummm (8 months ago)
Mojaloop by Gates Foundation with Ripple's ILP is going into Stellar territory (African markets)
J (4 months ago)
Evelyn Stone (8 months ago)
thank you for this video
Trunks9000 (8 months ago)
So won't IBM or other firms using the network need the tokens to accomplish their cross-boundary payments? If not, what's the token valueable for?
Finance With Robel (7 months ago)
ibm will be using lumens ... with such a large supply i dont know about the value .
Michael Koller (8 months ago)
Trunks9000 IBM announced they will be using Lumens.
Noureddine Younes (8 months ago)
Stellar Lumens is GREAT!
ANTI HERO (2 months ago)
jamie peay hey i can tell you know what you are talking about by the way you wrote all this.....i would like to listen/read anything more you have to say about cryptos......
jamie peay (4 months ago)
Now let me ask you the same question.... Do you understand the technology? Or is this all just a game of chance in your mind?
jamie peay (4 months ago)
Can I see the future? That is the wrong question... Do I understand the technology? That is the right question. And the answer is yes.
iTz GNik (4 months ago)
jamie peay ^ Can you predict the future or something? No. Do research
jamie peay (4 months ago)
No it is trash. Maybe good for corporations and banks, but not a solution for decentralizing the economy. It is not trustless, therefore it is trash. Only truly decentralized and trustless cryptocurrencies will be relevant in the future.
Best Flirting Tips (8 months ago)
no video about this? https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-altcoin-exchange-bittrex-eyed-with-suspicion-due-to-thousands-of-mysterious-account-closings
C C (5 months ago)
The list of countries of suspended accounts matches all the non central bank/moneylender controlled countries (that have not succumbed to debt enslavement... ref: John Perkins. Economic Hitman......"Coup to come" countries... KYC should be KYCountry.? Bittrex is US based so is beholden to Fed /Gov control policies. Anyone who has signed up through KYC is on the banker list.... Makes me wonder who is behind crypto to start with.... basically Crypto boom = Bernanki helicopter money for the economies...
Best Flirting Tips (8 months ago)
Jónatas Valério (8 months ago)
very very strange !!!!! :|
Boxmining (8 months ago)
I talk about it in my Daily which should be posted soon!
Med Otaku (8 months ago)
Soooo... Moon-time? :-D
Kevin Tn (8 months ago)
Found your lost brother at timeline 12:27 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMJmd_tNhlM
Boxmining (8 months ago)
lol, I can see a slight resemblance
John Locke (8 months ago)
mooning now, don't miss out
R Janzen (8 months ago)
A "WAR" between any two or more market competitors always improves both. Can't go wrong with either. Much better than a big fat lazy coin that has a monopoly.
BIG GUY (5 months ago)
Exactly , we have mastercard and visa. Why not same with xlm?
William Savage (6 months ago)
The Decentralized, Smart Contract applications specifically. (Ethereum,Cardano, EOS, etc...). These four seem to share a common end-goal service, however they are each jockeying their way towards becoming the premier or better service. I really believe that only one will win, but predicting ‘whose going to win’ is anyone’s guess. Competition in the marketplace is “good,” but this is subjective. This is a bit like Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, etc. all competing to be the internet search engine, however we all know who the winner is today. The decentralized smart contract service is most likely going to endure the same fate. I enjoy these “coins” as a short-medium term speculative investor standpoint, however in the long term, I am skeptical. I like Bitcoin and Litecoin because they are not “at war” with each other, nor are they out to supplant another crypto project (besides, arguably, the banking system).
JCeePoker (6 months ago)
William Savage dismantle each other from what exactly? World supremacy? Market space? The crypto world? Once you figure out which it is exactly then ask yourself is this even possible. Then realize that we have always lived in a world with multiple currencies. The us dollar was not invented to compete with gold.
William Savage (6 months ago)
No one is trying to build a tower. Everyone trying to dismantle each other… this is not a recipe for success in the long term. Outside of the opportunistic speculative investor there is no objective benefit… fluctuations in market caps are the only measures of “rank” been Dapps and SCs
J. Spencer McConoughey (6 months ago)
Imaging Bitcoin as the big fat lazy coin that charges high transaction fees to get off the couch, and even when you get him off his rear end, he takes like 35 hours to get you what you asked for.
Dylan T (8 months ago)
junk. yes, a bridge between the old and the new, but eventually junk.
Dylan T (8 months ago)
yeah, and they might push it to a level but a true crypto will out perform it at some point and make yet another attempt at financial centralization obsolete.
Tyronie balonie (8 months ago)
Junk? IBM isn't junk so the fact they partnered with them shouldn't be ignored. I'm in no way promoting/supporting it but to call it junk is a bit harsh imo. IBM have a market cap of about 137billion. More than bitcoin lol
Teng Wang (8 months ago)
Please talk about Digibyte!
Crypto Koala (8 months ago)
Heard IBM using Stella now, good video mate
André Knudsen (4 months ago)
Yea and Mærsk from Denmark.. and together with IBM this is a big deal!
Man Aap (5 months ago)
ADA is my bomb not so much stellar
_ (5 months ago)
Man Aap Lol, are you rich yet?
Man Aap (8 months ago)
HOLD !!! 15 cents end off the year
Max's Cognac Review (8 months ago)
You're late buddy
Boxmining (8 months ago)
Yeah needed this BEFORE that announcement right?
Crypto Chan (8 months ago)
it's like dash coin.
RobCruz (8 months ago)
crushing it as always, thank you bro
Boxmining (8 months ago)
Thanks for watching Rob!
AFINO (8 months ago)
Boxmining (8 months ago)
Thanks AFINO!
John Smith (8 months ago)
Stellar seems to have two ticker symbols? XLM and STR? Check out 'markets' tab on coimarketcap..
Boxmining (8 months ago)
yeah , is like how BTC has XBT as well . depends on the exchange
André (8 months ago)
Thanks for this, I changed my mind on buying with this info. Rather wait for a drop maybe...
connor mckit (8 months ago)
Boxmining Stellar Vs Tenx? whats your winner?
Henrik Wallin (6 months ago)
Stellar vs Raiblocks (and Ripple) would make more sense.
Med Otaku (8 months ago)
Totally incomparable.
Jack Y (8 months ago)
Apples and beef are delicious
Boxmining (8 months ago)
not really comparable. very different projects and objectives. its like comparing apples and beef
denis black (8 months ago)
how it is better than iota?
Henrik Wallin (6 months ago)
Stellar is rock stable and as a sender, you don't have to do a proof-of-work. IOTA hasn't gotten their new wallets and the Tangle really started yet, and Binance and Bitfinex don't handle IOTA withdrawals at the moment. On the other hand, I'm not sure how far Stellar scales, and then there is also Raiblocks that is sort of a PoS blockchain-Tangle. Raiblocks is better than Stellar, but Stellar seems good enough. And then you have privacy coins like Verge and Cloakcoin that also are PoS and fast. Zcash? Monero is an expensive PoW-coin though, so I don't see that working out in the long run.
func (8 months ago)
They fixed the issues immediately. It is still new tech ofcourse. Iota is also still technically in beta c:
denis black (8 months ago)
iota is in beta now. bugs are normal in this stage. as for seed bugs - i had it. fixed it simply by installing new wallet version.
func (8 months ago)
They didn't fail at making their protocol, it actually works very well. The code found I believe was just there to trap people who were trying to copy iota code. Lets not forget that coins like monero also has ground breaking bugs early on and is still doing fine now. Iota has a much bigger potential than monero so you can only imagine the market cap in a year from now.
Med Otaku (8 months ago)
denis black Better? Totally different use'case. Not really comparable in any way. Especially since we now know that Iota attempted to create a proprietary cryptographic protocol and failed in the process. Thus placing their entire platform in a state of unknown vulnerability, which has already been found to be exploitable.
Me Me (8 months ago)
I'm still waiting on my Lumens that I sent from Bittrex to Blackwallet  over an hour ago... :O
Me Me (8 months ago)
they all showed up about an hour ago... finally! Woot
Denis &nbsp; (8 months ago)
I'm still waiting (2 weeks) my Lisk that I sent from Bittres to Polo... (Polo issue)
Me Me (8 months ago)
Yup...still not there. #pissed
Oscar 1st Instant (8 months ago)
asantecrypto (8 months ago)
Insightful video as usual! Thanks Boxmining, caught that $XRP slip up at 2:57 with a nice smirk. Ripples on your mind, might as well do a video on that too since updated news is continually being released. Do you believe that Coinbase may potentially place Ripple on its exchange?
John Doe (8 months ago)
No, Ripple is a Central Bank Jew Coin
Boxmining (6 months ago)
Buy Stellar (XLM) on Binance: https://www.binance.com/?ref=10192887 For more information on Stellar check out http://boxmining.com/stellar-lumens-nutshell/ Stellar Website - https://www.stellar.org/ Stellar Key Features - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1428573.0 Original Whitepaper - https://www.stellar.org/papers/stellar-consensus-protocol.pdf

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