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Can Tron TRX Hit $1? - Should You Buy Tron TRX? - Tron TRX CryptoCurrency News

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Can Tron TRX hit $1 in early 2018? Is it too late to buy into Tron? Should you buy TRX? TRX Tron CryptoCurrency news! Make Money Mining Bitcoin Here: https://hashflare.io/r/774D78A6 Great Crypto Products: Get the Best Crypto Wallet Ledger Nano S: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/d0ea Online Crypto Wallet: http://cryptopay.me/join/04dc8786 Start Trading CryptoCurrency: Coinbase (BTC ETH LTC BCH): https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a1e15a67c77270157a476e1 Binance (ALTCOINS): https://www.binance.com/?ref=11785856 If you'd like to donate some XRP to support us! Deposit Address: rEb8TK3gBgk5auZkwc6sHnwrGVJH8DuaLh Destination Tag: 107556119 Follow Our Instagram: https://goo.gl/AuKUDn Follow Our Twitter: https://goo.gl/TZf4YS All ICO reviews are paid reviews. All opinions are our own. Do your own research before clicking any links in the description and investing any money.
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Crypto Coin News (5 months ago)
Tron is on the come up, it's very possible that Tron TRX could see $1 in 2018! What do you guys think?
Duane Norris (5 months ago)
this is very simpple methood https://bestgamesserver888.wordpress.com/2017/07/03/get-free-hit-gems-2/?yFc Can Tron TRX Hit $1? - Should You Buy Tron TRX? - Tron TRX CryptoCurrency News - YouTube
Alex Sin (5 months ago)
Interstellar: Aion current marketcap: $500 Million only ICON marketcap: $3 Billion EOS marketcap: $7 Billion TRX marketcap: $13 Billion ADA marketcap: $30 Billion ETH marketcap: $100 Billion x6 from today puts Aion at $3b (same as ICON) x14 from today puts Aion at $7b (same as EOS) x26 from today puts Aion at $13b (same as TRX) x60 from today puts Aion at $30b (same as ADA) x200 from today puts Aion at $100b (same as ETH) $100 Aion here we come 🦄👨‍🚀🚀🚀🌚
DrinkwithaMexican (5 months ago)
I bought 12500 shares at $.03 each. I'm excited.
PingPanda (5 months ago)
No way it can go $100
maxwell smart (5 months ago)
Crypto Coin News tron will go to $100 by June....just wait and i already have 20,000 coins
trx 0.6-2$ 2018
Did all of you manage to participate in airdrop TRON? tron-airdrop.info
football fans (2 months ago)
Everybody commends TRON highly) I decided to add it to my investment portfolio. I bought a few tokens on the exchange and I also received them free of charge in their airdrop tron-airdrop.info
Трон был неплохой tron-airdrop.info десантный вчера 2300 жетонов в кошельке) Thanks’ огромное)
anti social social club (2 months ago)
Oh I have sensing that it is time to buy TRON and to participate in their airdrop tron-airdrop.info
ТРОН, я тебя обожаю! Вчера 400 токенов пришли из airdrop tron-airdrop.info Не этак немало, однако это приятно) Я буду ожидать роста до 10 баксов.
Я ставлю на это в этом году!
LZ Martin (4 months ago)
I have tron...
Prax Knows Freelance (5 months ago)
can you mine trx?
jay pal (5 months ago)
A few month back i bout 60 litecoins for 60 bucks each. Took my profit and bout tron at 10 cents. Hodling 150,000 tron.!
Akhlad Raof (5 months ago)
so I guess after the market crash, we will hope if Tron can reach 50c in best cases
VC Films (5 months ago)
where do we see FUN end 2018??
ketan Sahu (5 months ago)
I bought 25000 tron
TittySprinkles (5 months ago)
Guys what's a HODL?
astandet (5 months ago)
Did you hear rumour TRX is changing name to VPW (for Vapourware). Alternative suggested names were: DGP (Dodgyproject) and SWC (StayWellClear)
Rob Fsociety (5 months ago)
STRONG support for TRON $TRX .. CEO announced they're opening an office in San Francisco (got approved) on twitter this crypto is going to boom! BUY BUY now as it is on sale for the weekend. Great video thanks
cefrio (5 months ago)
great vid, check out Flixxo too its been preparing well and already mooning
Honor4thoseb4 (5 months ago)
Tron explained: https://medium.com/@theprodigiez/tron-trx-coin-actual-potential-or-just-another-shill-coin-i-offer-a-perspective-5b13bd280d1
Got in .00000370
Raul Cota (5 months ago)
where can buy TRX and XRP some on places to buy are over whelm ,,Binance,Bittrex,,
Aaron Evans (5 months ago)
bnb coin going to 300$ IN 10 WEEKS BINANCE COIN,NO STOPPING 2000% IN LAST Month LOOK
Shniedelwoods (5 months ago)
i spend around 150k € in cryptos. i doubled the money in last couple of days, why am i still not satisfied with the money earned. i guess people are all to greedy and it all ends in a bubble :( greetings from austria :)
Nikolas X (5 months ago)
Holding TRON Got in around 2cents:) At 20 cents now
TheD3adlysin (5 months ago)
https://discord.gg/aPrcvkS Join our Pump and Dump group! The best in all of China. We are the best!!! Really....
Honor4thoseb4 (5 months ago)
NawazKhan9317 (5 months ago)
Man i wished i bought it more. I bought it at $0.04 for about $40. It went upto 0.29... i make like $400... I’m buying it more...
tri tai (5 months ago)
Next pump will be in 2 days, 3 hours and 3 minutes. Sun, Jan 07, 6:00 PM GMT (London) Sun, Jan 07, 1:00 PM EST (New York) Mon, Jan 08, 3:00 AM GMT+9 (Seoul) link join group McAfee 56.000 members https://discord.gg/skPwxnb
dennis dfdfgdss (5 months ago)
Bought 15k TRX for 0.04 cents
Aaron Patterson (5 months ago)
i got in on trx at 0.02 and bought multiple thousands , so its looking good on my end !
Wakari (5 months ago)
@Crypto Coin News, you should look into the XP coin. It went from 186 to 39th in Coinmarket cap in a week. It's still under a penny.
Woodland jark Jarkwood (5 months ago)
I'm an elderly gentleman, closing in on 68 years of age. My son introduced me to Crypto in late 2012. After doing a lot of researching Btc I felt strongly that It had a lot of growth and potential ahead of it. So my son and I built my 1st rig and I started mining in January 2013, pulled $5,000 from my IRA and bought Btc at $13.44 and have never looked back since. The sweetest sound that I've ever heard was the clink of my 1st mined Bitcoin way back when. That was as satisfying a note as there ever was on any musical scale. Nothing but happy days ahead since. Don’t get me wrong, there have been bumps in this Crypto highway, the demise of the Silk Road, Mt Gox, DAO hack to name a few but as a HOLDer (holding on for the long duration) not a HODLer (hanging on for dear life) and not day trading, has rewarded me with quite a decent profit. It just takes a lot of patience (Sisu) and doing your research with due diligence. I have since invested in Ethereum (Dec 2015), Monero (Jan 2016) and lately Omisego (July 2017) all purchased from some of my profits from Btc to go along with my newly acquired free Bch and recently free Omg. I'm currently operating 3 rigs equipped with 6 gpus each. 2 mining Eth and 1 Monero for now, all of which will be re-evaluated after Metropolis kicks in to see which direction I go from here. So I ‘m back to doing more research in order to help with my next moves but I'll always be a strong believer in Ethereum which is where I've made my money so far. HOLDing on to the rest for now. Btc $5,000-10,000, Eth $2,500- 5,000, Monero $200-400, Omg $100-1,000 no one ever really knows but MY research says yes and so far MY research has not proven me wrong. Bought Btc at $13.44, Eth at .80, Monero at .48, Omg at .43 Bch for free. No where to go but up for me. Just biding my time. It's taken me over 4 and a half years to get here but I've made over $4,000,000 so far with just my original investment plus the cost of my rigs and I’m still sitting on a lot more. Taking a position and HOLDing is where the real profit is and it isn't going to happen overnight. So if you want aggravation and ulcers go ahead and day trade, try and beat the Market I wish you luck but the real money comes with Research, HOLDing and Patience. Hope this advice helps because in the long run what it all comes down to, its just Eths, You and Me hopefully making the right decisions, feel free to get in touch with me via [email protected] com, i will surely guide you on how to invest wisely in cryptocurrencies that will make you more profit at the moment
santana (5 months ago)
I have 40000 tron i will get $40,000. Soon. Very ☺
ddandridge10 (5 months ago)
TRON will hit a dollars, a second chance at Bitcoin highs!!
Stephen Baker (5 months ago)
Its 7th now lol
Freskim Duraku (5 months ago)
You can buy TRON at www.binance.com/?ref=16666989
Ray Jones (5 months ago)
dam whats with the commercial radio voice. omg a bit over the top. lol
Fuck Google+ (5 months ago)
0.20$ fuck me
C J Brookfield (5 months ago)
What is the best platform to buy Tron (TRX) quickly? Coinbase doesn't offer it. But, I think I can buy Ethereum.
C J Brookfield (5 months ago)
Binance is not accepting new registrations. There has to be a better option.
Rajat Shrestha (5 months ago)
Gary Pick binance
Whiskey Leaks (5 months ago)
you were right..tron about too take litcoin spot and then take stella and poised to take nem after that shortly for spot # 6
Chris Sang (5 months ago)
Just buy for .18 cent Let see
eric viloria (5 months ago)
I remember when TRON was $.03 a token.
Johnny Veritas (5 months ago)
In a month ?Do you mean in 1 day? It did 150% in 04/01/2018 lol
junglefever8750 (5 months ago)
Buy Tron ASAP it's mooning very soon. Cheaper to buy alt coins on this website www.binance.com/?ref=12122227
Chris (5 months ago)
i got in at $0.0045 *almost half a penny* and ive held since then *December 7th lol*
DrinkwithaMexican (5 months ago)
How many did you buy?
Axanthics One (5 months ago)
I bought over 1,500,000 TRX @.002 sold off some but still hold a nice amount. FACT: Justin Sun (Fortune Asia 30 under 30) founder of Tron has a deep network with Feng Li (initial investor in both Coinbase and Tron) and Jack Ma (founder of Alibaba and mentor of Sun). This strongly suggests that this token will go a long ways on the relationships alone. This is why I jumped in so early based upon a dossier I made on Sun. Here are my thoughts: Credible Propositions/Speculation: TRX and XRP will be on Coinbase really soon. Human intel from the Ripple X-mas party and potentially leaked screenshots of developer boxes showing XRP and TRX on local development systems in pictures on the web support this too. The screenshots may be faked on social media to pump the speculation and price. E.g., I can easily create and distribute such propaganda as there is a profession dedicated to this craft in which I was trained in both the military and federal civil government side. Both coins regardless of Coinbase will do really well. Intermediate to long-term speculation: Both TRX and XRP with large coin/token supply can each independently support the internet titans of Alibaba (TRX) in the East and the western counterpart Amazon (XRP) in the west. Think about it! There is speculation around both now. The fact that lead developers and data scientists from Alibaba are going over to TRON supports this position in addition to the fact that Ma and Sun are already personally linked. As a former federal investigator (#1 in my training class decades ago), I see this sticking out like a sore thumb, and I'm batting 1000 since jumping in this wild wild west. Just make sure to pay your taxes guys once you all become millionaires. :) If you find this useful, you can tip me in Litecoin (it has cheap transport fees): LTC: MDyR35ZpHSapSSDgx8exzPgDY6kNDfc4gG
Kojiro silva (5 months ago)
Tron number 8 , 21hours later lol ...... to the moon baby haha
maxwell smart (5 months ago)
Im selling my Tron when i have a million dollar profit. Should be a few months
Dennis Kim (5 months ago)
Join the pump group on discord!!! https://discord.gg/USvUv4z DAILY PUMPS OF UP TO 200% WITH 100,000+ MEMBERS!!!! JOIN FOR FREE NOW UPCOMING PUMP SON!!’
maxwell smart (5 months ago)
David st. clair (5 months ago)
so true will explode - I agree looking at bitcoin and XRP http://bit.ly/2C53UDC
Kevin (5 months ago)
i got in about .075 !!
Mustafa Ahmed (5 months ago)
Are you pinching your nose? Lol
Powaup (5 months ago)
a lot of winners in this comment section
Hristiyan Dyankov (5 months ago)
Got it at 0.08!!! 4k trx !!! Im holding till it reaches 8$ even if it takes 5 years!!!!
Hristiyan Dyankov (5 months ago)
DrinkwithaMexican or ot can go to 40$.. no1 knows these things..time will tell
DrinkwithaMexican (5 months ago)
Or it can go to zero.
Cinematic Visuals (5 months ago)
in 1day its #8 im excited
Enrique Felix (5 months ago)
I keep loading up on Tether but it doesn't move much ,, can it make it to $2 soon??
D IY (5 months ago)
yes just buy more it wil moon soon sure to hit 1000usd soon
Jason Hney (5 months ago)
Where can you purchase the most alt-coins?
Tim Melton (5 months ago)
There are a few exchanges Binance (china), Cryptopia (NewZenland), Bit Stamp (Slovenia) just to name a few.
Mechabite (5 months ago)
Its number 8 right now.
Aerohk (5 months ago)
Binance gave away 500 TRX to each user when it was worth 100 times less. Too bad I didn't signed up for Binance back then.
faceballbat (5 months ago)
#9 already lol
Shannon Hutcheson (5 months ago)
This is exactly what happened last night! #TRX on the move!!!
Sean Blizzy (5 months ago)
I heard you can mate your dog with somebody else and sale the puppies 🐕
Fareed Abdelhadi (5 months ago)
I love tron my best coin
Sway 1179 (5 months ago)
Bought in at 436 satoshis!
Jamaul Smity (5 months ago)
in @ 3&5 cents
Evan Walsh (5 months ago)
Tron will reach a $1 sooner than I thought, probably march and $2 by December 2018 ... all the coins will rise so don't say market cap this and that... I see total market cap going to trillions in 2018 for all coins together, plenty room for everything to grow with many new buyers entering the market
Rian (19 days ago)
Evan Walsh your calls were just a little short
Noah (5 months ago)
I invested 300$ into TRX Tuesday at.08 and have made 500$ profit so far but I plan to keep it
Rumen Doggett (5 months ago)
try top 8!!!!!!!
Rumen Doggett (5 months ago)
21 cents!!!
Lpd 98 (5 months ago)
got in at 3 cents last week
Eric Manso (5 months ago)
Please make it reach $100 by the end of this year I will have 300,000 I'll be a nice little graduation gift from college, i'm still going to hold but at least I can pay off my car and try to get into med school worry free
bay trx 0.077 sell 1$
Siege (5 months ago)
300k is not little gains dude.
Tj Cunt (5 months ago)
Please give me your $300,000 it will make a nice white elephant give for my next Christmas
Dim Jong Un (5 months ago)
Eric Manso you're high lol
Brandon Brandon (5 months ago)
Sold at .14 lol... not sure what to think. Hoping it drops back lower
C.D. B. (5 months ago)
TRX was my first crypto purchase ever. I am a nerd and bought it for the name. I looked at their website and thought "yeah ok its probably a piece of crap, but Ill buy it anyways". WOW what an introduction to crypto. Yes I still hold. DENT is my 2nd largest purchase and Im still holding that as well
Honor4thoseb4 (5 months ago)
Exact same story minus the nerd factor. Started in crypto Jan 1 2018. All in TRX
Pwat (5 months ago)
I got both of those coins as well!! They both seem to have bright futures. Tron right now is down on a huge dip but I know it'll go back up. I'm HODL bigtime.
Connor Baker (5 months ago)
Don't be one of those cunts.
Jamaul Smity (5 months ago)
Brendan Koh (5 months ago)
50,000 at $0.03 very happy!
Kapil Patel (5 months ago)
Brendan Koh Wow nice profits man!!
Rafita Newaz (5 months ago)
i got around 45000trx lol
Nick (5 months ago)
Tron makes me rock hard
samuel choe (5 months ago)
Not EYO. it already passed DASH &reached top 10 in 3 days
Eric Gonzalez (5 months ago)
can you guys help me amend a mistake I made transfering some trx to the wrong acc, having as a consecuence losing 200 trx :( if somebody could actually help me I would infinitely appreciate it 0xba2aae0851bb59478d7abea6c9c8636401df1762
squeegeedee (5 months ago)
Got 500 free TRON on Binance. I knew almost nothing about it. Bought another 20K under a penny as a goof (I said, WTF, why not?). It just hit $.16 and I can't stop laughing.
anthony (5 months ago)
squeegeedee are you rich now?
TheCorgiK9 (5 months ago)
I got in at 0.04 I’m going to hold it for a while
S Ritchie. (5 months ago)
TRX has way more legs than XVG, just look at the team , no comparison, just my opinion.
Richard Pasquier (5 months ago)
Well, that's double in a day, not in a month :p
Honor4thoseb4 (5 months ago)
seansurfn2 (5 months ago)
im literally in shock right now.. i bought some at 3 cents like thousands n thousands of shares.. if it hits a dollar im literally buying a home cash this is crazy
sby1076 (5 months ago)
Just this morning, $0.05, 26550 TRON and was shocked with the rise!!!!
Nick (5 months ago)
sby1076 it's given me a rise in my pants
Digital Dash (5 months ago)
.005 Its my baby lol. Hodling 350k 🚀
Kapil Patel (5 months ago)
Digital Dash wow huge gains man, goodjob.
what what (5 months ago)
fck my 15k tron is waiting . lets go tron to the moon !!
frat boy (5 months ago)
TRON. TRON. TRON. Got 16000 TRX. Have them student loans paid off in no time!
Vincent Smith Jr (5 months ago)
If you need a BINANCE account TO BUY TRON please use my referral code... My Referral ID: 13092581
Vincent Smith Jr (5 months ago)
If you need a BINANCE account TO BUY TRON/TRX please use my referral code... My Referral ID: 13092581 THANK YOU!  LET'S MAKE MONEY :)
Nelson Iraheta (5 months ago)
tron dogs!
Jam Rock Wild (5 months ago)
tron is at 17 cents
Jam Rock Wild (5 months ago)
Silence 3000 (5 months ago)
Jam Rock Wild .12 cents this morning lol great waking up to a dip and buying more :)
Linus Gerhardsen (5 months ago)
30 fuck
R00ster (5 months ago)
25 cents
JONATHAN TOUCHTON (5 months ago)
Bought at $0.28 @ 1858.888 TRX SITTING AT #10 NOW. TRX has been ahead of all predictions. Keep it going up!
CalypsosCrypt (5 months ago)
I just bought 19939 train
Eric Gonzalez (5 months ago)
CalypsosCrypt i'm thinking about buying 1000$ worth on trona but idk if is too high, i already have 4800 what do you think
CalypsosCrypt (5 months ago)
WhoIsTheRoach (5 months ago)
I bought 175K at 3 cents. HODL is going to be huge. I believe in this company.
Chaos D. Emperor (5 months ago)
Ive been in TRON since 1,7 cents. Yes it will hit $1 in 2018.
Gravel Pit (5 months ago)
When Im rich, Im gonna buy a used car. Ninja number one son!
현실 세계 (5 months ago)
현실 세계 (5 months ago)
Gravel Pit actually all. Over world this phenomenon is going on lumen just enter in top 8 graph so this will easly give you 200 % growth with in 1 month.... If you like this growth then you can buy it or their are lots other options we all have.... Actually when any currency cross 40 cents mark then it is safe to invest.... This currency is in top 8 this will grow man.... Do not take tension of 5 to 10 cents drop.... Buy it now or after some hour it is on stable condition....
Gravel Pit (5 months ago)
I was hoping no one would fogure that out before I could buy a ton of Lumens but the lil bastard jumped to a buck now, dammit this shit doubles while you sleep

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