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Bitcoin: What Bill Gates, Buffett, Elon Musk & Richard Branson has to say about Bitcoin?

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Breaking a Bubble in the digitized world, Bitcoin has emerged as one of breathtaking change in the worldwide accepted currencies. In this video, find out the opinions of Business giants about the future of Bitcoin.
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Satoshi Alpha (2 days ago)
Magnifico video esperamos más contenido y nos quedamos pendiente a su canal deveras gracias
chris claim (3 days ago)
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Bean David (17 days ago)
Bitcoin is not a real currency and has no basis for existence. The fad is here what will stop 1,000s from creating their own cryptos? Who can stop anyone from creating a non-existent IOU? Eventually someone will want to have real cash. This is a barter system. Whose members must barter with others who accept it.
LBlush (17 days ago)
What the heck is bitcoin?
Mark Green (17 days ago)
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turdfurg47 (23 days ago)
Money's backed by gold right? So that's not a currency Warren buffet I hate seeing someone be way more rich than I'll ever be and be so stupid at the same time
Lily Cohen (23 days ago)
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Earn with Faisal (24 days ago)
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Shaz Demon (29 days ago)
Buffet doesn't like bitcoin because he has invested in the cash money banking system
Fabian Diemel (1 month ago)
Honestly, I think all of the guys that were asked there dont believe in Cryptocurrencys because its beyond their times. Ask a 20 year old Warren Buffet he would go all in on Bitcoin. A 20 year old Bill Gates would be doing his own cryptocurrency. I mean look at the Vinklevosses. They did exactly the right thing they saw the trend and invested and now are richer than before and started their own coin exchange. In the end people always say bad stuff about the things they missed or the opportunities they didnt take and thats why they all talk shit about cryptos.
Kingy B (1 month ago)
Buffett followed Hillary around the campaign trail like a lost puppy. He also predicted with 100% certainty that Cankles Clinton was without a doubt going to be president...WRONG !!!
2ant1man5 (1 month ago)
I have bitcoin but why do people get so mad at people who don’t want to invest do you get mad at people who don’t want to invest in normal stocks....
Sinjin (1 month ago)
once you break the blockchain, you break the bitcoin ^^ so anybody come up with another bs function thats unsolvable like getting the "simple" squareroot, its just CONVINCING ppl that your "function" is important which it really isnt! ITS WORTH NOTHING!! so everybody in our society can live with power,water,food...and even more WITHOUT the need of any money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Darryl Lewis (1 month ago)
Here Bill Gates promotes Bitcoin and on his latest vid with Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger says he wishes he could short it. Will the real Bill Gates stand up? Probably not.
Jonathan Nagel (1 month ago)
Illegal/legal from Musty is like calling the kettle black when referring to USD. These folks are scared, when the USD crashes so do they. Our currency is called fiat money. Fiat money is regulated by the government through the Federal Reserve. Fiat money has nothing to back it but debt.
MaintenanceHandyman (1 month ago)
BTC is neither a currency or an investment, rather just a really well crafted Ponzi scheme.The early investors make lots of money and the later investors get burned. Of course, I wish I'd listened to to the IT nerds I worked with and got in with them back in 2012 - I would have rode the rocket with them. But, then again maybe I would know in my heart that it was just money taken from some foolish later investor who lost.
rich t mason (1 month ago)
Who knows who and why you'll be fighting in a BitCoin War
The Lion's Den (1 month ago)
Check out Nexty coin.. its gonna be huge!
Spencer Ntow (1 month ago)
There was a serious glitch in the second show , we also have cloned journalist here
Scott Yarbrough (1 month ago)
Branson comes out shining on this posting. The only intelligent answer giving. Thanks Sir Richard Branson
Dink Ratasouixa (1 month ago)
Gates says he would short it now if he could. He doesn't know enough about it to know that you CAN short it at many sites and with futures.
TheXgame (1 month ago)
ECA, Electra coin is the future!!!!!!!
crypto oracle (1 month ago)
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Yuri Yu (1 month ago)
seems like Musk had didn't have much to say at that time.
crypto D (1 month ago)
Lol, I just skipped the hologram guy.. Either way Ledu token is good to be scooped now, burning commencing soon
Peter Meissnitzer (1 month ago)
BITCOIN actually has REAL value , unlike FIAT currency endlessly printed , devalued daily , BITCOIN on the other hand has a limited supply and thus is similar to GOLD think of it as DIGITAL GOLD .
john Kokas (1 month ago)
yes and what you think when you get a solar storm from the sun and destroys the internet wher is your bitcoin?
William Leather (1 month ago)
Tron . . .buy Tron . . . 100 % Tron. . .
neuspeed79 (1 month ago)
many people still don’t understand the purpose of crypto currency
ravi shankar (1 month ago)
4:29 he was hitting on her.
hallfrom (1 month ago)
I'll tell you what BITCOIN is. This is a promissory note that is resold at an exorbitant price. Really why are all so stupid that they will not reflect on what these price changes are. Why earlier it was possible to produce 1 bitcoin per day and now we need 50 times more power to get 0.001? This is a good scam with debt obligations, no more insolence.
MARJA BRADE (1 month ago)
Stop deceiving people...
MARJA BRADE (1 month ago)
Anti Christ currency that's bullshit
frankie kovach (2 months ago)
Jose Tovar (2 months ago)
I was my 401 k so i did but i stop it do mater how i get ponished
Jennifer Walker (2 months ago)
I successfully do transactions with LiviaCoins. You can try it but you will have to thank me later.
Kumar Abhishek (2 months ago)
Cool Video. What do you think of SciDex btw? I've been following them for a while now- super cool project.
1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !! (2 months ago)
Bitcoin is only for dark web users who want to purchase guns and drugs online...Lol , its crux is its anonymity.
Neil Sperling (2 months ago)
Most people here commenting seem to be missing one point. "Currency is nothing more than a means of exchange, or a means of barter." Buffet being old school equates it with a comment on oil. For Pete's sake he invests in Coke making his asset a bunch of sugar flavored water that rots your gut. The value of his Coke based currency goes up and down with the buying public's addiction to sugar. His comment is totally DUMB. Bitcoins and block chain technology removes control of the monetary system AWAY from the phony Federal Reserve. Our current dollar based monetary system is the most corrupt system mankind ever adopted.
King Arthur (2 months ago)
what the heck ,,, currency is the best no can replace that ,,, are you nuts
clinton (2 months ago)
Invest in LEDU coin as a project creator in liveEdu as get paid
MadLane (2 months ago)
currency you can't touch is not currency, when everything fails is good to have phisical money in your hands, you can't do that with bitcoin.
SuperiorWare (2 months ago)
1:08 IT It IT It IT IT It . Dude, crypto currency is way better than that analog a ss sh it you pushing. Nobody wants to be stuck in u.s. currency they whole life.
Chris Rees (3 months ago)
You can't use it as money. So it's useless.
Brian Douglas (3 months ago)
hey warren buffet, you stupid fuck. Gas is 3 dollars a gallon. But whenever the dollar changes, the amount of dollars you need changes. That is your exact point, applied to the dollar = that's not a currency either, then? All money must die says the one true catcher in this rye field. Whosoever does not repent the money will not be saved by my Brother in heaven.
pr0filer84 (3 months ago)
O boi does this ages fast
AKS (3 months ago)
Few legal companies accept it as a means of payment....the list of genuine retailers is very small. Its value is based simply on what people think it is worth, and that is changing on the winds of speculation. Some gamblers will win.....some will lose.
Gregory Wheeler (3 months ago)
Bitcoin is a joke
Tristan R (3 months ago)
I’m so confused, I feel like bitcoin is the equivalent to the tooth fairy 😂😂😂
ra bA (3 months ago)
these guys must have more dollars than bitcoin. if i were them i would be saying the same thing.
True Fiction (3 months ago)
What is he really trying to say without saying 🙃
St33zY (3 months ago)
fuck BiTcOIN cash is king
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Jenny Zigrino (3 months ago)
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Roxane Hayward (3 months ago)
Does She accept beginners ??
Patrique D'limi (3 months ago)
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Lawrence Akin-Odujobi (3 months ago)
WARREN BUFFET is one of the key shareholders of the S&P 500. He pretty much owns it. Bitcoin spells the end of the US currency and the end of the S&P and Warrens little crooked cheat game.
Mac man (3 months ago)
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blarg harblarg (3 months ago)
bitcoin mining is fucking up pc gaming! miners are parasites! may their beards grow inward and their camel explode!
Daniel Daniel (3 months ago)
Hey guys, who else knows how legit Bibox Tesla promotion for LEDU coin? How legit?
Aaron Whelan (3 months ago)
yeah bitcoin has no "middle-man" (cough; bitcoin miners).....If blockchain is successful then bitcoin will be worth 0; as nations will shift to their own cryptocurrencies
tommy (3 months ago)
The smart man works for a promotion at work or does Overtime all the time, in the long run with his safe investments he comes out on top, people that go bitcoin want fast bucks and it rarely works like that.... Have fun suckers.
Li Shiyao (3 months ago)
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Li Shiyao (3 months ago)
hi Aaron
Aaron Whelan (3 months ago)
Matthew Bay (3 months ago)
Group of greedy neoliberals that want govt grants paid by tax payers while theyy work so hard to remove govt... never ever trust corporates. Their care nothing but profits and money
Jerry Malinab (3 months ago)
wow, yes to bitcoin....
D.C. Gold. (3 months ago)
CryptoCurrency is a secure, anonymous, and reliable way to transfer money for goods and services. Ethereum does the same but it's on a whole other level.
I believe this Julian Assange at 2:44, not in the description? :-p
Chip Ryan (3 months ago)
I think elon musk is retarded. Like seriously suffering from a special retardation condition.
Iready 1825 (3 months ago)
its illegal in the sense that its a way around taxes for large money transfers
Doutor Gori (3 months ago)
I'll laugh so hard when all of you lose everything you put on Bitcoin. You are a bunch of idiots. Like the idiots that brought us the Tulipmania.
Siti Zubaidah (3 months ago)
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Wesley Wells-Burr (3 months ago)
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Joel Burns (3 months ago)
bruh!? is that Nantucket portion a hologram based interview?!?!?!?
BRUCE ALCORIZA (3 months ago)
The fuck all these people commenting about Bitcoin bullshit ! They think they are all smart...but I believe majority of these people have no prior experience when it comes to bitcoin ! These motherfuckers are just a bunch of naysayers and hearsayers ! The hell with BITCOIN...! This bullshit isn't working and it won't be here to stay...so my advise to you...forget about your bitcoin bullshit...it's nothing but a FANTASY ! Because if this shit is REAL and LEGIT, then how come all this BITCOIN lovers are still not RICH and how come I've never heard of a real news about people that became a millionaire yet, with this fantasy and craziness???
Richy Bitcoin (4 months ago)
I am available for any help regarding this type of investment. Lets grow together..
A Holmes (4 months ago)
Buffett like the banks is afraid to lose their grip on the money of the common man. Make no mistake that behind scenes the rich will manipulate prices and buy in to crypto currency. My hope is banks which are owned by the rich to rob the hard working poor will be hit hardest. The powerful will put up a hard fight against crypto however the common man will ultimately decide the outcome.
Richard Hall (4 months ago)
Elon will win. Fuck you Branson.
Nonhlanhla Angel Nyawose (4 months ago)
..b caful guyz ds is a bg scam.i doznt wek.whats going on in dc wrld
Peter Meissnitzer (4 months ago)
Bitcoin terrifies Big Banks, because it threatens their centuries-long monopoly over the world. Because Bitcoin makes it possible for ANYONE, who has some brain and knows how to use the technology, to become rich and be part of the money elite. That is what terrifies them, because they DON'T want that. The Big Banks rather want us all to remain poor and in debt for the rest of our lives while they SUCK away everyone's money like BLOOD LEECHES . There is a war between them and us. We want to become well off and truly independent. They want to prevent us from becoming well off and independent , the elite want to stay in power so they can do their EVIL deeds , depopulation , vaccines , all the EVIL stuff . IT'S TIME FOR THE MIGHTY BITCOIN TO CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER.
D Ransom (4 months ago)
I am just an independent and there is no value in paper money either. Centuries ago we used metals and gold exchanged it into paper notes to back the gold by, so when someone says Bitcoin is not real it is a double irony. Once a population believes in a product it becomes real! We are the consumers the more we invest in Bitcoin and buzz the more businesses open up because fewer people are using paper or traditional banking which robs you every month for maintenance fee. I always say: "the world is what we make it". A couple of tech guys came up with a concept to change the way we view money it is up to us to support their dream for a better concept than corrupt banking! We owe the world a better way! 100+ companies, in alphabetical order, that currently accept Bitcoins as payment! 1. 1-800-FLOWERS – United States based online floral and gift retailer and distributor 2. 4Chan – For premium services 3. A Class Limousine - Pick you up and drop you off at Newark (N.J.) Airport 4. 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UnitedEarthEmpire (4 months ago)
Im ready to use bitcoin as one united global currency but those miners change it to a big ass stock market exchange... damn...
Noform Leo (4 months ago)
Noform Leo (4 months ago)
Eric Rector (4 months ago)
buffet may be a very smart guy and well invested but remember people he said (to bill gate "his good friend") that the computer or Microsoft to be exact, wasn't worth much and wouldn't be around long enough to invest in
telcoin is cool
zezu zaza (4 months ago)
i never accept bitcoin too. what buffet said is true. for me, currency must have to stick with the gold value. that something u can own, touch and feel. money is what u get because of what you did by your own effort to own it. instead, bitcoin is a virtual mining like games that used GPU to render the code on complexity. in the future, bitcoin has no value because bitcoin already is no value itself. It is the progeny or continuity from no value paper USD to steal the gold in the beginning. Remember the history back.
CORE Gaming (4 months ago)
How ironic. That's exactly how I feel about you, Warren Buffet. :'D
Karpov Liam (4 months ago)
Buffet isn't wrong. Without the U.S. dollar BitCoins would have zero value. Their value comes from the fact you exchange it for real currency.
Alexander Aquino (4 months ago)
having a bitcoins rather than having currency, is like masterbation rather than having sex
Nils Appel (4 months ago)
So if we follow Buffets idea about what a currency is, then the Euro actually isn’t one neither
knpstrr (4 months ago)
How is bitcoin reduce the cost of doing transaction? When I read it about it, it says with each transaction there are transaction fees paid to whomever mined the coin now "circulating".
Wadood Safa (4 months ago)
Elon vs. Everybody! Don't worry, he's way ahead of y'all.
Mitchell Toulouse (4 months ago)
How many hookers and cocaine can I purchase with 20 coins? Direct payments to the C.I.A in Belize too.

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