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How To Trade & Invest In Bitcoin - Trader & Investor Summit

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Get Rocky's free Bitcoin course here - https://chrisdunn.com/free-bitcoin-course In October 2015, Chris Dunn co-hosted the first annual Trader & Investor Summit in Las Vegas and gave a talk about "How to trade and invest in Bitcoin"
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Avin COPASSUS (1 month ago)
whos watch in 2018 ? ,, now $ 7600 , Bitcoin price 25x from October 2015
Eric Muller (2 months ago)
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Richard Basham (2 months ago)
nice bitcoin trading
Tai Le (3 months ago)
Scam scam scam just get a job people no such thing as get rich easy
robert williams (4 months ago)
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William Nogueira (5 months ago)
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Rio Kerr (5 months ago)
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Guillaume Chevalier (6 months ago)
Shout out to all the people that panicked and sold their $crypto yesterday only to have it bounce back almost immediately # bitcoin. I knew from the prediction of Rob beyer that it was going to bounce back and we didn't only hold o, we also traded it and I made over $3000 in 4hrs. you can join us in trading # BTC against $. the market is so predictable and MR Beyers strategy is amazing.
lorenzo Davis (4 months ago)
Guillaume Chevalier yes only lite coin so far.
Guillaume Chevalier (4 months ago)
okay, that's also cool and true. so do you trade on bitcoin or any of the Cryptocurrency?
lorenzo Davis (4 months ago)
Guillaume Chevalier I agree you have to have a system and strategy if your trading crypto that’s all I was saying instead of buying and selling off of emotions and people opinion.
Guillaume Chevalier (4 months ago)
Yea lorenzo Davis, but it is better you are informed on time before it drops or appreciates so you can know when to sell or buy. now bitcoin is $10,420. you can talk to experts to get this information ahead of time.
lorenzo Davis (5 months ago)
Guillaume Chevalier actually it dropped further
Gangi Films (6 months ago)
those prices........................
Ignotas Rimkevicius (6 months ago)
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Hyper System (7 months ago)
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Dr mojo Magagula (7 months ago)
christ,can i have your email,i need to contact you
Mikee Selvig (7 months ago)
Bit coin trader or no scam ? $250 to start
mosh scotia (7 months ago)
Lester Morillo (7 months ago)
15,000 now going all the way to 1 million dollars a bitcoin
Robert Michon (7 months ago)
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Robert James Hanrahan (7 months ago)
Which places should I go to start trading in bitcoins, anyone? Is there a good internet olatform backed up by an app?
Isaac Kendall (6 months ago)
Robert James Hanrahan, Crypto leverages is actually a great platform to invest in. I invest in a couple of platforms including crypto leverages and it’s been one of the most satisfying to me compared to others. You should go ahead to invest with them. They are totally hassle free. With a lot of daily profits coming your way, you should be glad you made that decision.
Robert James Hanrahan (6 months ago)
Isaac Kendall Happy new year to you my friend :>
Robert James Hanrahan (6 months ago)
yes Isaac, I have started trading. Soon I'm going to invest with: http://www.cryptoleverages.com/ All the best
Isaac Kendall (6 months ago)
Robert James Hanrahan, happy new year, have you started trading now??
Charles Fennell (7 months ago)
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Jorge (7 months ago)
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Bit n Mortar (7 months ago)
Dreday Renfroe (7 months ago)
what's the app he taking to long to get to it
Ron Moon (7 months ago)
where do you see yourself in one year? 14sYunjc1Cuzeo7sKEPxHYsCo3U5FwasQi
Paul D (7 months ago)
Wish I saw this 2 years ago :) late to the party
Nick_85 (7 months ago)
no you are not! this is the beginning!
Breed Skool (8 months ago)
Hi Chris ! Am Abraham,a Lawyer, passionate about information technology, everything i have learnt today is attributed to selfless great minds like you, am constantly learning from the best to keep upgrading my tech skills. i stumbled on your videos recently and was really inspired, am sincerely grateful for your investments towards educating upcoming techies like us . looking forward to knowing you more and learning lots of great stuffs from you. i would love to follow you on social media : my IG handle is at tremendouslymax. Thank you for the knowledge dispensed
Wise investor (8 months ago)
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beuman0 (8 months ago)
Fuck would love being there listening to you that day. Well I would also be rich as fuck. You're a fucking genious.
veera b (8 months ago)
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Steve o (8 months ago)
Cryptocurrency Webinar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJzewJZz6H0
coin pro (8 months ago)
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Elvin Yeo (9 months ago)
You are good Chris
David Martin (9 months ago)
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Robert Hill (9 months ago)
the trouble with cryptos is you have NO privacy ALL TRANSACTIONS GO INTO A LEDGER AND ARE FULLY TRACABLE. When some say you do they are obviously wrong. They still have your IP address
Aaron Torres (5 months ago)
Robert Hill a lot of misinformation about crypto out there. Honestly I believe most informants outright lie/omit these facts to hype up the coin: "Want total privacy?? "Crypto" coin is the way to go!"
Roester (5 months ago)
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Btgox World (9 months ago)
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Connor Ryan (9 months ago)
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Adrian McNaughton (9 months ago)
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Audrey M (9 months ago)
Bitcoin now has over 100,000 transactions a day!!! Ahahahahha! That's cute.
BENEDICT UDE (10 months ago)
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Cris Castillo (10 months ago)
Hi Chris, hope that it's ok to grab your video and help people here in the Philippines how the Cryptocurrency Trading works. Thanks!
I Can Haz Crypto (10 months ago)
Chris... Simply put.... YO DA MAN!
eivan xnvoc (11 months ago)
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Celestine Ikpe (1 year ago)
Will it cost me to be trained on bitcoin trading? Somebody should help out please.
efe onojete (9 months ago)
No it won't cost you to get trained, contact james giblin he is an account manager ,he will help you. [email protected]
silaskingiv (10 months ago)
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Ishayar ban lawaya (10 months ago)
You asked a question on this video a year ago...you still haven't figured it out?
John Boyd (1 year ago)
It's not instant any more. Its soo lagged. Takes up to 1 1/2 hours. Ethereum takes minutes. I think ETH is the future.
Nodosity YT (4 months ago)
victor joe yes please help me
Richard Lively (7 months ago)
Kittens slow down the ETH Network :)
Crypto Kevin (7 months ago)
ETH is not a currency. It's a platform. It's a different animal. Besides when you get any volume it slows down to a crawl.
AGJ (1 year ago)
and the recent high was close to 3k👌
Elmer Cuaton (1 year ago)
After WW3 the Gov't will takeover all the crypto currency who are market base. Revelation 13:16,17 and started already OBAMA CARE. is just a front. behind it is to control human race.
digitalian (1 year ago)
Chris is the first trader I saw trading bitcoins on youtube back in 2014. Those were great movies and this one is too. Keep it up Chris! I'm definitely subscribing to this channel.
Chris Dunn (1 year ago)
+digitalian thanks!
COINTEC - RHUANN (1 year ago)
It's scam, did not pay me. I already asked for several loot and never paid me.
jarg7 (6 months ago)
bit coin not mmorpg, there is no 'loot'
TheGreatslyfer (8 months ago)
You know, it's not really good to convince someone to not buy a particular product when your name is pretty much a competitor of that product.
Watchme William (8 months ago)
I think you, you are a scam lol
RobosergTV (9 months ago)
bitcoin is scam? I think you are a scam
COINTEC - RHUANN (1 year ago)
bit-moeda scam
Ya Lee (1 year ago)
What was the book on digital currency?
silaskingiv (10 months ago)
Ya Lee called digital Gold bitcoin book
DenGamix (1 year ago)
is blockchain a scam....how can i get started...I am from Kenya
efe onojete (9 months ago)
No blockchain is not a scam, contact this account manger james giblin, he will help you get started. [email protected]
silaskingiv (10 months ago)
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Slicky Queen (1 year ago)
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May john (1 year ago)
This video doesn't really explain how to trade and i can't really see what's on that screen. Do you have more basic videos to learn from?
efe onojete (9 months ago)
contact this account manager james via email, he has helped me alot and others. [email protected]
emmanuelorits (9 months ago)
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Timi David Tejumola (1 year ago)
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Zaid Alchalabi (1 year ago)
how productive this is last quarter of 2016?
ii DjDro ii (1 year ago)
Zaid Alchalabi very!
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GreatestOfTheGreats (1 year ago)
anyone smart would have bought in then and would've held onto it, Almost hit $800 past 1-2 months which it then corrected and now is at $614 and moving up slowly again.
batz carantes (1 year ago)
Chris Dunn where can I open an acct for Bitcoin?
Williams skinner (9 months ago)
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GreatestOfTheGreats (1 year ago)
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grindTIME1985 (1 year ago)
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Knight Carleen (1 year ago)
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kashii01 (1 year ago)
This is awesome. I've been trading bitcoin since 2014. But I just know the basics of it by trading tru BTC-e.com. I just wanna ask how do you bitcoin trading with your team. Thanks a lot in advance. :)
efe onojete (9 months ago)
contact james giblin, he is an account manager, he will tell you all you need to know about bitcoin investment, i have made money under is tutoring. [email protected]
cuzkita (1 year ago)
where can you trade them after buying em
alligator422 (1 year ago)
nabody has hacked bitcoin? LOL
RazzlDazzl (1 year ago)
Hahahah Im gonna remember this post in the next couple years..Yup bitcoin suckers all the way... Whats the internet? That will never take off!!!....lol
Monkey Stuff (1 year ago)
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Terence M Tesla (1 year ago)
nobody has ever hacked bitcoin; there have only been exchange companies who have stolen bitcoin or have not secured their storage facilities properly... once you get into bitcoin, bitcoin is solid if you secure your password.
Chris Dunn (1 year ago)
It's stealing, or you could call it "hacking your wallet", but BITCOIN itself has never been hacked. The media loves to pump out misinformation.
Shahab Rahmani (1 year ago)
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Celestine Ikpe (1 year ago)
I need a clear presentation on bitcoin.
Eddy Frendowski (1 year ago)
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Red Baron (2 years ago)
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R Thorne (2 years ago)
I still don't believe bit coin has intrinsic value.... no one knows where it is going.
Aaron Torres (5 months ago)
R Thorne It's hype value. You invest in faith that a baseless digital currency has intrinsic value. They claim it's an investment on block chain yet you don't own any of the shares of the block chain company. So it's hype and faith investment. You can make money in it of course... but it's very risky.
Alexandra Romero (1 year ago)
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Hari Doss (2 years ago)
very clear presentation about Bitcoin trade, hope I can learn things from you.
Munir Ahmad (2 years ago)
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Zionsign (2 years ago)
No way i'm donating to a terrorist.
Punit Kushwaha (2 years ago)
what is the app name he mentioned?? anybody??
Einstein Wallah (1 year ago)
+andrea mosca and +Punit Kushwaha ... it is zeroblock
Andrea Mosca (2 years ago)
+andrea mosca on App Store you can search for "bitcoin price alert" you will find some apps doing it, like SosoBtc but no trace of "zerobot" here
Andrea Mosca (2 years ago)
+Punit Kushwaha thank you so much... it sounds like "zerobot iphone app" but let me investigate more and see if this is the correct name
Bitcoin Kramo (2 years ago)
Bitcoin Kramo (2 years ago)
Zinhle Dlamini (2 years ago)
Chris what is cold storage for bitcoin?
Zinhle Dlamini (2 years ago)
+Einstein Wallah thanks a million times
Einstein Wallah (2 years ago)
+Zinhle Dlamini it seems that this is a technical concept ... so it may not be what i thought it was ... for more info read this bitcoin wiki page: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Cold_storage ... the words *cold storage* kept cropping up when i was reading on bitcoin so i searched on google with terms: *cold storage bitcoin*
Zinhle Dlamini (2 years ago)
thanks Einstein I have a clue now.
Einstein Wallah (2 years ago)
+Zinhle Dlamini ... it is only 3 hours ago you asked this question and i am not an expert of bitcoin so i will eagerly await for an expert to answer your question ... but regardless this is what i think he means by *cold storage*: you can create many bitcoin *wallets* and one that you use for trading is different from one you use to safely park your bitcoins ... so you will create this *safe* wallet on your personal computer just to safely remove bitcoin from the *trading* wallet ... when you want to make *trading* bitcoins safe you send from that trading wallet to your safe wallet ... the safe wallet is on your computer you own and from that computer you periodically backup the safe wallet to a usb drive just to make sure that in case your laptop crashes you can restore wallet from that usb drive
Crusniq (2 years ago)
wait wait wait, are you telling me amazon acepts bitcoin ? this would make me so happy !!!! <3
Aaron Torres (5 months ago)
Natsume lol you probably figured this out but no... amazon doesn't accept it. And probably won't for years.
Chand Doi (2 years ago)
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SPNegara Se (2 years ago)
SPNegara Se (2 years ago)
nasir kazmi (2 years ago)
CZ OS (2 years ago)
Good stuff!
Omar A (2 years ago)
Hey Chris thanks for the info! I loved this Video ! It gave me so much information. You got one more subscriber.
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Teuku Mah (2 years ago)
任五 (2 years ago)
超级MMM真的是一个非常棒的系统,只从认识这个平台后,每天第一件是就是去做平台给的一些简单的任务,然后看每天收益增长,一个月后就可以获得每月100%的高收益。而且每天会期待与它一起成长!感谢创始人给我们这么好的平台!我也希望更多的朋友一起加入我们MMM大家庭一起开心的互助 http://mmmglobal.or g/?i=whm 2015 whm @163.c o m #MMMGlobal #MMMExtra #Bitcoin #Bitcoins #BTC #‎BitcoinReview #‎BitcoinNews
Zhang zhixing (2 years ago)
超级MMM真的是一个非常棒的系统,只从认识这个平台后,每天第一件是就是去做平台给的一些简单的任务,然后看每天收益增长,一个月后就可以获得每月100%的高收益。而且每天会期待与它一起成长!感谢创始人给我们这么好的平台!我也希望更多的朋友一起加入我们MMM大家庭一起开心的互助.http://mmm global.org/?#MMMGlobal #MMMExtra #Bitcoin #Bitcoins #BTC #‎BitcoinReview #‎BitcoinNews
fhhfgj (2 years ago)
+Zhang zhixing YA! What he said...
春雷陈 (2 years ago)
+Zhang zhixing 你是怎么发表的,我加了链接后就发表不了
Rose Hunter (2 years ago)
MMM is the best make money community. Join us. https://t.co/y079ikv0D9 #MMMGlobal #MMMExtra #Bitcoin #Bitcoins #BTC #‎BitcoinReview #‎BitcoinNews
M A (10 months ago)
Hey Rose, i just heard about MMM and i am realy scared to start because i have really lost allot in this on line trading thing.

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