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3 Things NOT To Do When Bitcoin is Dropping

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What are the 3 things which every investor should know before they buy into a market? What 3 mistakes can we avoid? We reveal in the video. For more visit: https://www.leadingtrader.com/bitcoinwebinar/
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Text Comments (692)
Not sure when u hit 100k but congrats on the milestone brother 👌🙏
Aventador Ghost (6 days ago)
Alessio Rastani let’s go 200k!
Leonardo Sanchez (6 days ago)
I thought the same thing lol.
D C (6 days ago)
Great videos, one of the most informative channels!
Alessio Rastani (6 days ago)
Thank you. Yes it was a few days and a surprise to me as well. :) Cheers!
Red Phoenix (2 days ago)
@5:37 Investment is gambling. The only difference is the approach.
Alpha (2 days ago)
Sunday is almost over. Waiting for your video which explains timing your entry in a trade. Cheers
Michael Fechko (2 days ago)
Another word for timing is luck.
iG W (3 days ago)
Hi Alessio, could you make a video about major currencies (not crypto) and which setups seem to have most potential atm? appreciated !
Joseph Lawrence (3 days ago)
Hmm this is trading not investing. Too close to gambling for me. Too many smart people with lots of money play these games all day.
The New Gold Rush (3 days ago)
It's also next to impossible to catch the bottom especially in crypto, even tho the timing might seem right it could plummet the next day especially being paired to BTC. The thing about altcoins​ is you have to be right and on time with 2 coins...
I owe you a beer (3 days ago)
Average Perch (3 days ago)
This book Market wizards is this about Crypto or Stock trading ?
Blah Bleh (3 days ago)
"Only the best investors know this secret and now so will you!!" Yeh right.
Leyla Denim (4 days ago)
well if someone bought bitcoin for 20k or 10k and now it goes below 5k, why would he think to sell? the loss downsize is limited to 5k. The basic question is; do you believe in bitcoin or crypto in general long term? if yes, no problem, buy more when price declines. This is actually what I am doing. Bitcoin is not comparable to stocks; If stocks decline, this may be due to declining profits and even increased risk of default. With regard to bitcoin, there is no default risk. If bitcoin was deemed riskier than other coins, would they correlate that much? Of course not, therefore you can ask yourself, if you believe in crypto or not or if you believe in blockchain or not, if the answer yes, buy in, if not do not touch them.
compte mobile (4 days ago)
So when will be the good timing ? When the price increases back a lot ? That doesnt make any sens, you need to give more details please of your theory than repeting for 8 min that the timing is the key. Why the time wouldnt be great when the price is at its lowest ?
rhyno M (4 days ago)
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banai stone (4 days ago)
helped me pay my sons tuition
lucas moreea (4 days ago)
I really hope more people get into this. My wife invested some of our savings into it earlier this year. And it's been a good year.
mora kelvin (4 days ago)
Does he mine ethereum?
Tarly Fris (4 days ago)
he mined 0.5btc in five days and 1.8btc in three weeks,
Carl Hilary (4 days ago)
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Jessica Walker (4 days ago)
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Koppurointi (4 days ago)
Buy Ethereum Classic. Coinbase will add ETC to their tradeing platform in a couple of months. Every other crypto going down... Check ETC price and Coinbase Twitter!
Usman Asa (4 days ago)
watched ur video 1st time Learned alot dear thanks :)
Crypto Vale (4 days ago)
great for you my friend....
chefalbino (4 days ago)
timing is luck
ThatDKGuy (4 days ago)
Subbed and Notification Squad! I love the no nonsense straight to the point content!
BILAL (4 days ago)
Eid Mubarak Mr A-R
Micheal Simon (4 days ago)
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goaley45 (4 days ago)
Awesome video. I just subscribed based on your solid analysis. BRAVO!
Micheal Simon (4 days ago)
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OCTO VENSA PURBA (4 days ago)
Thank you alessio, i already contrarian, but i think it's not enough to survive in the market, now i get number 3, timing. Happy to subscrine your channel, can't wait for your new video about market timing strategies :D
zodiacfml (4 days ago)
True. Good wisdom. Though we are aware of this, you have put this into words to remind ourselves.
lama doo (4 days ago)
Time in the market is better than timing the market - I would buy this dip 100% and hold until it up-trends. Horrible advice when you tell people to try and time a small and heavily manipulated market.
Andy Coins (4 days ago)
Perspective people, BTC was at 1800$ only 1 year and 2 months ago!! Now is your chance to get super cheap BTC, if you dont buy now you simply deserve nothing in the future. For all of you who said il buy when its cheaper now is your chance. This is were 1 desicion can change your life, do you have the guts?
Ella Kathrine (4 days ago)
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Micheal Simon (4 days ago)
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Jan Olav Solli (5 days ago)
Looking forward to your video on timeing. Pls make it perfect and release on sunday. Love your work, have a good weekend
Nachannachle (5 days ago)
Well, financial markets are no different from grocery markets. Just because the tomatoes are cheaper, it doesn't mean that each of them are of better quality. It's all about knowing what recipe you are going to make with the tomatoes and decide how much you are willing to spend for the success of that recipe. It's common sense + intuition + decisiveness, no more, no less. Also, the difference between a gambler and an investor: a gambler is a hedonist (right here, right now, no goal or real objective for his/her actions but the pleasure of bragging s/he is splurging), an investor is a realist (ups and downs, a goal and a planned objective for his/her actions beyond the day to day management of the capital). These are two worlds completely apart. :)
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interesting information
Dom Velasco (5 days ago)
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Prismatic (5 days ago)
Great vid
JERRY MICHEAL (5 days ago)
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Okafor Godswill (5 days ago)
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Carla V V (5 days ago)
I'm a gambler right now, but I'm studying to be an investor.
Drumpf Cheeto (5 days ago)
You never know when it's a good timing. You are so dumb.
Drumpf Cheeto (5 days ago)
Yes people don't buy when it's low. Buy when you know it's going high. Because YOU KNOW what's going to happen XD Dumbass video
Kumar Vishal (5 days ago)
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Chloe Lia (5 days ago)
btc still growing,i am moving to us soon,i must meet this hacker in person
Pete Wright (5 days ago)
you know about the software he hacks? that guy is a wizard
Walter Craig (5 days ago)
thanks for introducing him,i met him and got my btc fixed though it took few procedures
Memar Merto (5 days ago)
LightnignPIZZZ TM (5 days ago)
Da Cheez (5 days ago)
This video has the right idea but the reality is crypto is massively undervalued. You could of bought at the top and you're still golden. The only people who will lose money are the people who sell off now when the prices are ridiculously low. You honestly think 400b is the top? 800b? Dude, 20T won't even be the top. Your position should have been secured pre-2017. There's still huge gains to be made. Just stick to the cryptos making moves. Cryptos not making real moves are misleading you. The EOS and Ripples of the world are where you'll actually lose in the long run. Stick to Bitcoin and the few other cryptos branching out to real world use cases. Thanks. EDIT: Also, after further listening to the video you said: "Not buying, but waiting for the right time". I'd hate to tell you this my man, but the right time to buy is usually the point where you go "Oh shit, right now is a good time to buy". I personally keep most of my bitcoin as a long term hold but I do day trade to cover the bills. As soon as that price drops a few hundred i'm buying it up. The moment it jumps a few hundred i'm selling. If the price dips a significant amount, THAT is the time to buy. If you sit around scared that the price will never go back up you're too chicken shit for this type of market and you'll never last. Get out now.
Frederick Newman (3 days ago)
The fact that no one can ever agree on these things leads me to believe there is no magic formula, or everyone would know about it and be using it by now.
Blah Bleh (3 days ago)
How incredibly deluded and asinine.
ThatDKGuy (4 days ago)
Right now in the sense of litecoin is a great time to buy...unless in a few days you see it go 10 or 15 bucks lower..then your entry is that much lower and you gain that much more percentage on the up swing. However I generally wait for trend reversal confirmations before I go long long term. Ill miss out on a few percentages here or there to know that I am getting into a solid up trend position.
Donny C (5 days ago)
Thanks Alessio! I learn so much from your videos. I really appreciate all your guidance and tips.
Kevin Lindekens (5 days ago)
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DanielRichards644 (5 days ago)
just save everyone 8 minutes and fucking say wait till it starts to bounce back before buying.
DanielRichards644 (5 days ago)
holy shit that intro selling the books is so fucking scammy.
Rafael Sequera (5 days ago)
So, whats the right time to buy?... I was about to buy yesterday but your video made me think twice... Will i now regret not buying yesterday?
You Are ALL Diseased (5 days ago)
Hated?...Yes...Cheap?...Yes.....Timing?....Yes time to buy Ripple XRP
Mahesh R (5 days ago)
Chcek out $pac . Are some working project ..community and masternodes
Bill Macy (5 days ago)
Or just dollar cost average
David Méndez (5 days ago)
Alessio, your subscribtions is a market I would totally buy into. Congrats to YouTube silver! You deserve it.
clintsandiego (5 days ago)
Thanks Alessio. always good watching your videos.
Arjun Dev (5 days ago)
man my profile is a damn chaos! I made a mistake in putting all in alt coins! when it was going up! damn I have nothing left for the king coin! 🙄😓😟😒
Lacho Amaya (5 days ago)
That just work if you are a trader, but not if you are a long term investor.
Eyal Mazor (5 days ago)
Very informative. Thanks for sharing.
Dipjyoti Mech (5 days ago)
Bitcoin is going to be zero...people holding it,get out now.....u all have been made fools
FreeSoul Clasher (5 days ago)
Awsome video's
Kalyan Vasanth (5 days ago)
Hi @Alessio, I love your videos... :) Thanks a lot for sharing these videos... I would like to ask you if you can suggest any good reads for candlestick chart analysis for beginners. :)
audiovideotweaker (5 days ago)
triple bottom = descending triangle = big drop incoming....
ruan barnard (5 days ago)
My brain hurts so much... with all the research and then I hear this.. now. I am pumped up. Ready to do my homework again.. My only problem is. I am scared.. I might do the wrong thing/move then I lose. And lose momentum and passionate drive.. I guess it is life.
Glenn Gambitier (5 days ago)
I'm with you up until the point you claim timing is the factor of a gambler/investor. No one (excluding market manipulation) have enough knowledge about crypto to say they are investing in it. If you think you are not gambling (speculating) but investing in crypto, you are as blind as the people you call gamblers.
Ethan Robinson (5 days ago)
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Lo'K8T MuziK (5 days ago)
Thank you
jerry lilkrumzy (5 days ago)
I dont Invest but I like learning your ways
steve daniel (5 days ago)
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Iziegbe Ayo (5 days ago)
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Rishit Kuber (5 days ago)
You are awesome! Love the amount of value you add to the budding investors like me!.... Really appreciate the good work, awaiting your next video.....
Banana Bandana (5 days ago)
Illl just set it to auto purchase $100 a week and. Call it good
Blessing Henry (5 days ago)
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Madhu (5 days ago)
don't compare ltc with btc and you are looking at ltc usd chart not ltc btc chart
Kiet Luuv (5 days ago)
Awesome videos. Awesome knowledge. Thank you.
Ripple Net (6 days ago)
"Perfect timing" It is not that easy, Rastani...
jayc (6 days ago)
Very interesting I bought a small amount to add to holdings with this last drop, but I've been shorting as well. Hard to work out when to buy, not on a rapid recovery climb you'd think.. Can't wait for the next video and explanation of when to buy in
Darik Smit (6 days ago)
Can you describe a "good timing"?
Remco laken (6 days ago)
This is a litle bit bullshit , i dont know what im im then maybe a long term thinking contrarian, i just buy litle bits of litecoin the way down and i just dont care if it drops even lower everytime i bought some litecoin , everytime i wait till it drops even more to the extreme and then i buy some more crypto if i have some extra fiat like 50 dollars or something Im think in long term , this market can keep on going down for 2 years yet to come and i see my self completly loaded up with baggs of litecoins etherium digibyte verge eos ect in those 2 years or 1 year or several months nobody really knows , i just take that risk and will keep waiting till it will go up agian with litecoin moving 500 dollars bitcoin moving to about 20.000 agian and from that point im going to trade with the profit i go litle bits so i can collect even more coins that i will hold on to for about 10 years from now, at that point i wil cash everything out or i can use al those coins for payment because crypto has taken over and i im the rich motherfucker that has lots of baggs full of crypto 😉
Please read the article from yesterday from new york times "Bitcoin’s Price Was Artificially Inflated Last Year, Researchers Say" (and the linked "Is Bitcoin Really Un-Tethered?" in it).
Great advice, thank you!
Nicoleta Marinescu (6 days ago)
Great vid as always~! I have a confusion. What do you mean when you say "TIMING"? Can you be more specfic please. Is all about what time frame are you using to take your trades or something else? Thank you in advance.
ArthasKTLD (6 days ago)
Thanks for the wonderful video Alessio. Im glad to be a premium member at leading trader
Robert Olivier (6 days ago)
You're videos are great, thanks! And i must read the books you recommended.
v k (6 days ago)
very useful
villanese victor (6 days ago)
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Crypto Mining (6 days ago)
Great video and good advice.
Valalex (1 day ago)
Dear Alessio Rastani, I watched your videos the last 2-3 months, and by the way are great videos, with the computer programs making decisions in some part to buy or sell, are the books you recommend from people that have traded, in some way, in a different environment maybe a little outdated? (With best intentions)
Doc Wicked (6 days ago)
Who really gives a rats ass when you look at the grand scheme of things 98% of the world is not even in this stuff who cares about trying to read a chart because the charts never make sense you guys post new videos every single day about how things are going to work out and they never work out because the crypto currency market is manipulated it will pull out but is going to take 3 to 5 years she is by your coins who cares if you buy something at $.15 or $.50 in five years is not even gonna make a difference who really gives a rats ass just buy it and hold Selling anything right now is like selling Microsoft and Bill Gates came out with the first computer
Thanks for video. What you can tell about the arbitration bot bibitbot com .Whether really it is possible to arbitrage from any currency now how they speak?
G-Raff Asaurus (6 days ago)
Really really enjoy your content Alessio!! :) You have confirmed what I was already thinking (just a hunch & nothing else at this stage), and I'll be waiting patiently for your next video in the next few days ;) Keep up the great work bro!
Vincent Larouche (6 days ago)
So now, this look like a false breakdown. Close below and went back up. (9h30 (Stockholm time)) Strong buy signal. Good timing?
Al G (6 days ago)
Sawtooth all the way to $2k. Every day is a good day to sell BTC.
Vineep Panjam (6 days ago)
Great info Alesso...Thank u very much
AKS (6 days ago)
The chart tells you Bitcoin is going down. You can have all the timing you want, and be a contrarian etc......but if something keeps going down, you are hooped.
D Esoteric (6 days ago)
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Saurabh Chitnis (6 days ago)
Really A Very Nice & Informative VDO ! Thanks 4 uploading.... 👌👌👌
Shadi Zahrieh (6 days ago)
Ihab Ahmed (5 days ago)
Are people starting to lose interest in cryptocurrencies & if we don't buy how the demand will increase and the BTC value rise
Meowbang2 (6 days ago)
I wanna grow up and become a law minister and ban this stupid made up currency to the fucking ground. Wish me luck :3
CRYPTONAUT (6 days ago)
Excellent...Thank you my friend! I just subscribed because you thought me something useful.
Peter Oitzinger (6 days ago)
Don't HODL when it's crashing. Get the F out.
Tsas Tsas (6 days ago)
I stopped looking at my crypto portfolio. My stocks are doing good so it's even! Awesome advice as always! Thanks!

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