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Binance Vs Coinbase Vs Bittrex Vs Bitfinex 💰 Where & How To Buy Bitcoin & Altcoins

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Binance http://bit.ly/2krss1M -Fast, No ID required, Easy to withdraw funds -Based in China Coinbase http://bit.ly/2hJwa4Z -Most trusted exchange, excellent rates -Slow, Difficult to verify ID -Based in the US CEX.io -Not accepting new customers -Prices are always above market value -Based in London Bitfinex -No longer supporting US Customers -Fast, low fees & margin trading Coinmama http://bit.ly/2vCwq8B -Supports US customers -Rates higher than coinbase Paxful -Allows purchases of bitcoin using Amazon gift cards LocalBitcoins.com -Escrow service, typically higher rates. In this episode of crypto riot I talk about the different ways I've used to buy bitcoin in the past and then change that bitcoin into the different altcoins.
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Alex Tuan (1 day ago)
Sell domain bittrex.asia
I Am Intractable (9 days ago)
Crypto is not investing. Trades on nothing more than exuberance. Hence the massive rise at the time of this video followed by the massive fall.
Poloniex Bittrex Bot (23 days ago)
Thanks man! Great presentation!
HVTGamer (1 month ago)
Is it safe to store my cryptos in Binance for short term or long term because fee are a bit high I need a good answer please...
Mohamed Musharaf (3 months ago)
Bittrex is best
PharbZ Lee (3 months ago)
Carly Medina (3 months ago)
Use Paxful.com instead
Giuseppe crypto (4 months ago)
We give 6-10 signals daily, daily 50-70% guaranteed.We have 6 professional traders,join now for free in our telegram channel https://t.me/tradingsignalss
M Mitchell (4 months ago)
Hello David, Serious newbie question. I have YOYOYOYOW Total Balance 0.85000000 Available Balance0.85000000 Orders 0.00000000 BTC Vaule 0.00001388. I also have Some TRXETH. My question is this. When I try to sell my .85 YOYO to ETH I get a big ZERO. Is it because my YOYO value is so small that is doesn't convert to even one ETH?
BTC MAKER (4 months ago)
Buy bitcoins on this exchange https://goo.gl/QD3Kbx In addition, there is the possibility of trading.
TheInnerOrchestra (4 months ago)
How can you feel safe and secure broadcasting to the internet that you may have close to you your wealth in a presumably tiny usb stick?
BREAKING DOGMAS (4 months ago)
People should start looking for Huobi exchange. It is a smaller one, but very easy to use, good security features, runs smooth, and they have a lot coins that some bigger exchanges, like Bittrex, do not have. I had to go there to buy Theta and Icon, couldn't find them on Bittrex. Those two have a great future, maybe it's better that people need to look for them before it goes high.
Sue the SEC !!! (4 months ago)
What kind of 'hardware wallet' is good to use but not too expensive?
Sherwinator (4 months ago)
Thank, I'm newbies in chrypto and this is very informative. 0x21c2B4A5c8343A8ecaD3634518dA4ce02CfdE1B6
Al Becker (4 months ago)
Good information; but when I go to the Binance website it is in English. Could use some help.
david somogyi (4 months ago)
What site do you suggest for long term invest??, I dont want to trade daily, there a few crypto currency that I would like to buy and Hold. Binance is good for that?
Jorge Sancho (4 months ago)
Thanks for being so clear. 0x3eB2cc6eBecD42899C3E95d2020Bb8a92Ef7510a
Chan Kit (5 months ago)
I have a quick question hope someone can answer it, all these platforms have different price for BTC, why doesn't everyone purchase BTC from a lower price platform and transfer to the platform with higher price then resell it? It's arbitrage oppotunity isn't it?
Brent Richman (5 months ago)
David, you have to check out this new startup! Better than Covesting by far, works great with Bittrex--- Maybe you could reach out and do and interview with DEV's ? https://www.copyme.io/follow
Taleeb Elewonibi (5 months ago)
A killer New exchange coming. More robust looking than binance. Sign up here for $500(you can only use it to pa fees while you trade). upcoin.com/?ID=64cb8e28
Justin Ho (5 months ago)
Nice to see you use LastPass as well!
this guy right here (5 months ago)
KuCoin. A LOT of alt coins and bonuses. https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=7ytN5R
Johan (5 months ago)
Update! Binance is closed for new registrations. KuCoin is a better alternative atm due to their low fees, good interface and service. See for more info https://goo.gl/AQPSJf
Thander CRYPTO & MORE (5 months ago)
Bittrex is a shit holy. I use 2FA with Bittrex and it suddlenly started not accepting my 2FA numbers then (I do not know why) I asked them to remove it (then I would get a new one) which took more than a week. They removed it and when I logged into my account all my Enigma coins were gone. Someone accessed my account yesterday and took all. The transaction page is showing the withdrawn :-(
CryptoTrucker (5 months ago)
what the best wallet to store coin?
Wretched Knave (5 months ago)
Binance has the worst interface ever. No customization
Mitchell (5 months ago)
Did you have the btc in your margin account on Poloniex or was it just bugged?
Joe (5 months ago)
New to this, tried opening an account to coinbase but have problems with id verification and other bs, customer service is not available, can you tell me another alternative, is Binance ok for me to use, only want to use one exchange.
Jesus Arzola-Vega (5 months ago)
Which one of these markets offers the most options?
Jesus Arzola-Vega (5 months ago)
First half of the video covers how to buy Bitcoin; second half (9:37) covers how to buy alt coins with bit coin you're welcome :)
Loc Duong (5 months ago)
Thanks for the ETH 😉 0xf299D34434fF08236a1A87CA49632C622E8ec668
pitbull329 (5 months ago)
Binance was working today. I think they do small windows where they allow registrations. https://www.binance.com/?ref=13855099
Jordan Blaine (5 months ago)
Hate binance... The hoops you have to jump through just to withdraw or buy and sale. I had to put my btc into tether. Buy ethereum and trade it for verge just to avoid fees...
ZiMRA (5 months ago)
damn soooo.... GDAX any thoughs? its a coinbase .. based exchange.. 0xBFdab3De8b715663E4303A603589233DaB05fd11
Kelley Bennett (5 months ago)
I'm really new. This has been a great help. A little overwhelming at first, but it seems to be the same process once you get your BTC. Buy BTC in coinbase, send it to your wallet and then buy what you want. With everyone locking out new accounts, who is still allowing new accounts? 0xe5907293523dCF6483fdd5555B02E94423671674
Zoom Vu (5 months ago)
Thanks for the tip. I brought some COSS crypto and it's going to the moon. Best value for exchange coins.
steve kinuthia (5 months ago)
BITTREX IS THE WORST!! I bought 2.66345037 ETC at 0.00225313 and the total cost of purchase was 0.00601612 BTC. I sold the same 2.66345037 ETC at 0.00226088 but was credited with only 0.00600671 BTC. Note the SP is higher than the BP yet I apparently got even less than I bought. I raised this issue with Bittrex support but haven't received any response in 5 days, despite multiple attempts to contact them. This may seem like a small amount, but consider if it happens on a much larger scale (multiple times/accounts) or on much larger sums.
zacjac99 (5 months ago)
0xEE5EdFFDBC1632ffb04E6130C5aD55a5917c63e6 Thanks!
Farhan Farhan (5 months ago)
Binance currently not allowing new sign ups, but this link still works! https://launchpad.binance.com/register.html?ref=16668502
Alessandro Di Paolo (5 months ago)
now go and water the bloody pots :D
Mike Rae (5 months ago)
With Binance and Bitfinex closed to new customers could you do another video on some new exchanges as I'm stuck in Bittrex hell as they revoked my "Enhanced" status and can't remove any tokens? Luckily most of my tokens are in a hardware wallet but I'm jammed at the moment with no exchange that will allow me to withdraw my crypto...Give up the great vids!!!
Thiago Silva (5 months ago)
great video! 0x5aa764fff2b487f7e0d41a19f8e2fb2d0dcf5f9d
sanjay singh (5 months ago)
Coinbase charges are very high ETH address: 0x99137f4cD8caedD71B706bd30d942ABd31D4b451
John Nathan (5 months ago)
Someone can use my Binance referral id if they need one :) 12285818
Soldier957 (5 months ago)
Come again!? EOS at 50 or 60 dollars??
Joe Di Pietro (5 months ago)
Good intro (even the issues) as it shows the slight current difficulties of exchanges and getting into crypto to start with. 0x0dE6B5641bE7C169172f44Bd512f08f893281605
Vuduman (5 months ago)
Is Binance based in Japan?
FullMetal1717 (5 months ago)
I like Bitfinex! Most volume and liquidity. 0x1B4d753DA433bF3D224DdF1C45190354Eeff12f5
Marcin B (5 months ago)
Is that right Bitfinex doesn't allows new traders now? https://forum.iota.org/t/bitfinex-or-binance-for-trading-iota/6368/19
Arnaud (5 months ago)
Awesome info!
Charlotte Z. (5 months ago)
Is there any concern with using Binance that the Chinese could simply make a decision to confiscate any cryptocurrencies on their exchange? I've used Coinbase to get my feet wet, and have now come to realize how much higher their fees are than, e.g. GDAX or Binance. If Binance doesn't share user account records with the IRS, then doesn't that translate into not having any recourse or protection if they decide to take my coins? (Have not yet got around to using a hardware wallet.....guess I need to learn) 0xff8B8fdB85eC4f43343c609861Ec853BcCE249aA
Chris Raines (5 months ago)
Hi David, I am debating on which exchange to go through. I am based in the US and have a Coinbase account, however I want to dive into buying altcoins, what is the best exchange to go through? Please assist brother! love your stuff! 0x31559dE415d7BAF2aBB0441D5d5317ecb3a313d7
Jamie Manley (5 months ago)
Very helpful video. Thanks 0xDbf39bE0cE126873306000387D8Aa77f1b98eb8d
Elizabeth Strickler (5 months ago)
Thanks for the great information on this confounding part of the process. Unfortunately, BIttrex and Bitfinex have stopped taking new customers. 0x683d0d0ce2a5290be8b12cf3218e3adef7e02b06
Forrocsiki (5 months ago)
Do you believe in ripple?😇happy new year🙌0xcD493c8A43633C8dfFF3f64C5f18DeebDb42ad76
Damilare Ogunmola (5 months ago)
Your videos are always amazing and insightful. Thank you. 0x109B35FBaD5D2B6b32E5EC13E6484A4aAD2CD893
damnright4 (5 months ago)
Welcome to crypto exchanges We will need your full name, full address, drivers license , passport, utility bills, social security number, proof of residency, political views and sexual preferences.  : )
Lifeismyprofession (5 months ago)
Dont forget to put in a referral ID so you get 50% discount on fees. It works, I filled in a random referral too :) https://www.binance.com/?ref=17220136
yamaman69 (5 months ago)
Hey where do you see bitcoin in 10,15.25.50 + years? 0x267984bc281bf5cb8e31c3a57a047eed7891020e
paul venneman (5 months ago)
you forgot about litebite ...
Richie in GoogleWorld (5 months ago)
Excellent breakdown as usual. Keep up the good work. Had to laugh at you balking using a Kiwi exchange lol ;) I think you lose your citizenship for that :) (Pommie humour). Also loving Crypto vs Chronic: It's like an hour with your mates at the local over a beer or two, just chewing the fat. ETH: 0x06a28afE96Da5e414C0b4C596227639E8359EcD6
Paul Berlin (5 months ago)
I dont like exchanges. 0x498a82f05ab44ae5c539e3418f0f6b0783dd69ca
3silawasmen X (5 months ago)
Will Hernandez (5 months ago)
do you hold any xem or xrp? 0xDbA05574A1fFC71F0B8bF600F000109e46Cc09c2
Dean Preiser (5 months ago)
I am a noob, have made a few transactions in several coins but recently i bought BTC on coinbase to xfer to gatehub to buy XRP and the cost was outrageous, was this correct? I transferred BTC to ETH on coinbase and used ETH for the transaction which was almost free. Is it really becoming too expensive to actually use BTC?
Einstein Mania (5 months ago)
What is the potential of verge? 0x9AF7F8151Ab51e1935Cc0426949a7d309e43d1b2
Pedro Suarez (5 months ago)
Bittrex all the way exept GDAX i like it more
Lfc Scouser (5 months ago)
Great vid! 0x4605b9B45BCB8b926d39320C5c07728CdA37B55D
Crypto_Maverick (5 months ago)
hi Everyone, is anyone out there willing to help me trying to start the btc journey? any donation would be really appreciated..I'm a student and i would like to finish my studies despite my family's financial problems...here is my bitcoin address god bless you... thank you 19oACt9h32TnKNLWHwMEFhA8kbdYpabSbr
rattle 99 (5 months ago)
Nice video! Would be great to see a video where you explain trading of cryptos on exchanges. I mean with chart reading, understanding trends, etc. I know people who have made lots day trading cryptos, on the other hand I missed the LTC pump, BURST price rise and even DeepOnion rising from 1$ to 6$ in a mere 60 day period. 0x155a5D409dfd2dE36D551EeB7595C9F4464db19d
My1usernamewastaken (5 months ago)
My personal favourite exchange is Binance, Bittrex has let me done over the past few months and Binance has been the perfect replacement. However, I find that a lot of my real money-making buys have come from smaller exchanges on coins that are yet to breakout, which have not yet received the support to list on larger exchanges. This is something for those interested to take into consideration, if the buy looks good enough it is worth going to a smaller exchange, as long as it's trusted. Cryptopia is one example, seemingly good exchange which is quick to list new, decent coins, but unfortunately just can't build enough volume to mess with the big boys. This is another thing to look at when looking at potential growth in Altcoins, a coin on a smaller exchange can explode when it is listed on a larger one and trying to calculate the timeline for the bigger listing can be an easy way to make quick returns without much risk. DeepOnion is one example, it has grown 10x in just over a month and has a daily trading volume of $1 Million, yet isn't listed on any of the exchanges addressed in this video. People have made 1000% profits already by messing with smaller exchanges and they are very likely to see another 1000% when it goes to larger exchanges. So if your making all your investments based on being listed on 3 large exchanges, you are likely already missed a big profit by the time it reaches your exchanges.
jannej (5 months ago)
Is here any other fucking way to buy or purchase bitcoin or eth with a credit card other than to use this dogshit of a website Coinbase? Stupid fees and delays absolutely everywhere, weeks and weeks pass and prices change. How do people even possibly work in this market.
Lennart Hansen (5 months ago)
Great VID! One of the best ones on youtube. 0x693BA25389b703D501479F2D1aCB016D6A96de83
VokAin (5 months ago)
Oh man! I had my BTC transaction stuck on Coinbase since 22nd! This is not normal! The 3tx per second? Thats not great! New coins are much much faster than that. I've been looking at privacy coins - always been a fan of Dash but now its bit pricey. What is your view on some of the upcoming coins like Verge, DeepOnion? They are based on TOR network and have seen some good volumes lately. Would love to get your opinion! Keep it up David!
rsracrs19 (5 months ago)
VokAin binance glitched and stole 112 dollars! Not even showing up in the history I should have screenshot because it took the money and said succeeded smh look this up others have lost hundreds of thousands apparently
Nick Cedillo (5 months ago)
VokAin ok.
VokAin (5 months ago)
Thanks, had a look and it has too big of a supply IMHO... 11 is already too much for that (not a lot of room to grow)
Nick Cedillo (5 months ago)
VokAin Hi, check out XRB they are a privacy coin with no transaction fee's. 11.00 each. Fastest coin on the market ATM.
Pon Inthathirath (5 months ago)
great video 0xf655150458F5bB76d551d4871bBAD3357908d592
Emily (5 months ago)
I've been using Binance because I got tired of Bittrex's issues 0x2bC6e42008f4112AEAc9b942c33b0cF3BdaDC6e2
R Z (5 months ago)
thx david! 0x605DcC7b91e9C41C36C1C1770369AdB8f1ff85BC
4aLse (5 months ago)
Rado (5 months ago)
Thanks for the videos! ETH: 0xdE9C3287D923D02D57E01e6a99D1c0406fc1936c
timothygerritsen (5 months ago)
wabi sucks, why buy wabi when there is wtc and ven
deonmadeira (5 months ago)
What are your thoughts on OTN tokens... Eth Address: 0x5fcf36f0c3a550d93a11fa5c5fbaa0323f256af1
Danial Hosseini (5 months ago)
thank you for your great video 0x9dd73ca112f8320f816526cd147c0e89e5c88b4f
C.A. Thomas (5 months ago)
You gave out a lot of good info but I think it may be important to mention that people can also send litecoin over to an exchange because it has been cheaper and faster to confirm on the other end. I started doing that because Bitcoin clearly has been slow and expensive to send. Sometimes I also may transfer money from Bittrex to Binance for example using Cardano. I have found that it is quicker just to send an alt coin sell it for BTC then continue with a new transaction. 0x480C1e99214571c49435749477809F6352347Bb5
david taylor (5 months ago)
Thanks! 0xF646fA5a9073089c24Aac23BcF72c1De13df5132
Jonathan Häußer (5 months ago)
I mainly use Bitfinex 0xAfCB247249Cf570E0d58C31e64c67697F2F81367
Bravo (5 months ago)
Nice Video 0xA405Fd586acC0b91A45861C6292c504a05412660
Andrew Megaris (5 months ago)
trying to get in contact with you concerning your need for a research collaborator. highonbikes at gmail.com
Wilma Sayson (5 months ago)
Binance 0x469a253f3546cebe239c4b3eafd849940d245396
Nikos Pappas (5 months ago)
so you recomend some money for lending through bittfinex ? how will it work with taxes ? 0x7EDFD14182cADf9306A5982B462d777221bD51b3
Chris Vasquez (5 months ago)
Thanks for everything you do! 0x15D2808c749dDaF358789c368B8F30a8A165036C
Alejandro Blanco (5 months ago)
Thank you very helpful 0x198909b9Af832DE128f18C3b8c4e8aBC8fB72915
Florian Willemot (5 months ago)
Great vids! Any opinion on zephyr? Thanks! 0xb9505c59521dc5e719dfb391e8c028a97de92546
something of everything (5 months ago)
Make a video about verge
Ravi Mall (5 months ago)
I'm using Bitfinex at the moment. Thanks for the useful information in your videos! 0x84339B73c19039036eA811D3790E2cFD6fDB3B65
even nicestpeople (5 months ago)
nice man keep it up 0xc254950aEf0b463084319cEfC2a5bDA6e99a6b18
Dwayne Beagley (5 months ago)
G’day David, I’ve been watching you videos since I got into crypto and I respect your opinion so I wanted to ask you your thoughts.. I believe that bitcoin is backed by some big players.. here is a link of an interview with Quinn Micheals who claims bitcoin and blockchain was created for the main purpose of creating and running Artificial Intelligence.. very interesting theory.. please watch and share your thoughts? https://youtu.be/YSn7Iomisyc
Vinswalla (5 months ago)
Watching intently. Do you have any comments on the latest coinspot banking debacle? ETH: 0x3C128898faf1aa4e263F5AC4044Ef7f625bc848e
Samy Omar (5 months ago)
0x8330D21972703936191Ef19f972e4576F6271c75 thanks a lot!
Frederick Vesseur (5 months ago)
Thanks for making this video.
Fatal Fury (5 months ago)
I love Binance and its coin BNB coin ....

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